"Home Sweet Home" is the sixth episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


A vicious enemy pays a visit to our camp with deadly repercussions for everyone involved.


Members of a group, known as "The Brigade" appear at Anderson Camp, telling them "join or die". It's revealed their the reason the Family has been attacking the Anderson Camp. Heather, refusing to bow down to the hostile group, is murdered by their lieutenant, Hurst, in front of her fellow camp survivors. They thought that would break them and make them beg for their lives, however all it did was make them angry and seeking revenge with Reina officially joining the group.

The Brigade try to destroy the camp, the survivors have a minute to set up defenses. The Brigade break in, refusing to give up, the survivors kill any Brigade member that gets inside and stop them from planting bombs. If bombs are planted, the survivors have two minutes to disarm them. After repeatedly doing this for a few waves, Anderson, see how they just keep coming, decides it's time to evacuate and orders the survivors to find Caleb and Peggy Ann. When the survivors find them, they have to escort them to the gate, after both are save, the survivors are ordered by Anderson to save him. After he is found and saved, the survivors escape the burning camp.



  • Heather Campbell
  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade
  • Several unnamed members of Anderson Camp (Off-Screen)


  • First appearance of Hurst.
  • Last appearance of Heather Campbell. (Alive)
  • Starting from this episode, Reina replace Heather as a playable character.
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