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The homeless man is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Los Angeles, California

Nothing is known about this homeless man's life, however many protesters claimed he was just a peaceful man who did nothing wrong before his death.


Season 1

"So Close, Yet So Far"

This homeless man at an unknown time is bitten on the throat by a zombies. He quickly turns, and attacks an LAPD officer who shoots him about a dozen times without any effect before the LAPD officer shoots the homeless man in the eye, killing him. Many protesters begin to overwhelm the few officers as they state that the man did nothing wrong. Chris Manawa sees the homeless man's body under a body bag. This man's death begins a large riot within the streets, which leads to many deaths, the destruction of shops and brings many riot officers to stop the riots.


Killed By

Somehow, this homeless man he is attacked and bitten by a walker.

  • Police Officer (Zombified)

After reanimating, this homeless man attacks the LAPD officer. The LAPD officer shoots the homeless man in the eye, killing him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the homeless man this man has killed:

  • 1 officer (Caused, Infected)


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1