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"Honey" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the seventy-fourth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 8, 2020, the same night as "Shadow Puppets", the sixth episode of the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It was written by Ashley Cardiff and directed by Michael Satrazemis.[1]


Dwight and Sherry team up with a mysterious faction of people to take down Ginny. But when Morgan unexpectedly offers to help, a power struggle ensues.


Sherry is lying on and looking over the letters Dwight collected, and is soon joined by her husband, who prepared scrambled eggs for her. He jokes that even the bubonic plague couldn't keep them apart. They start making out, when Dwight notices the letters Sherry took out. Sherry says that she can't remember many of the places in the letters, and Dwight adds that her letters kept him going, even if they were one-sided. He observes the first one, where Sherry claimed Dwight was no longer the man she fell in love with and how she was sorry for this. He tells Sherry that he always kept this in mind in order to be the man Sherry once loved when he met her again, so she wouldn't need to be sorry about anything, and claims that this is why he kept all of the letters. They start making out again, but are interrupted by Hill, who radios Dwight via his walkie and asks why he and Al missed the check-in. Dwight lies that they ran into a herd, an excuse which Hill accepts but demands that they head back immediately, as per Ginny's request. Dwight says that they wanted to check out some off-map spots, and that it will be worth it. Hill gives them 48 hours to do so. Dwight supposes Al, who was supposed to cover for him, must have gone out of range. Sherry asks if they should look for her, but he says he will go in the morning and doesn't want her mixed up in his mess. Sherry points out she already is, until they can figure out how to get out of it. Dwight reveals his plan of faking his death and running away together, but Sherry asserts that she can't run away, before heading to the kitchen to fetch a fork. Dwight waits for her when he hears something clink on the floor and a door creek. Dwight arms himself with his hatchet and slowly approaches the now-open back door. When he pulls back the curtain, he is startled by a masked individual. Dwight turns around to run, but is confronted by two more masked survivors and held at gunpoint, before a bag is put over his head.

Dwight wakes tied up inside an empty swimming pool with one of the masked members standing guard over him. He yells for Sherry, before charging the masked man, breaking free of his restraints, and holds the man at gunpoint, demanding to know where his wife is. Soon enough, more members surround the pool and hold Dwight at gunpoint in turn. Before the situation can escalate further, Sherry arrives to calm Dwight down, revealing herself to be a member of the mysterious group. Dwight is understandably confused, Sherry explains that the group is made up of outcasts that Virginia didn't think were good enough to join the Pioneers. Dwight asks why Sherry didn't tell him about the group, but she replies that she didn't believe Dwight wanted to be a part of their effort, which is to bring Virginia down. Dwight realizes that this is the reason Sherry didn't want to run away, and she confirms, since not all of them could get away. The man Dwight tackled, Oswald, demands Dwight tells him where Virginia will be next. The latter doesn't know, but Oswald doesn't believe him and holds him at gunpoint. Another member shows one of their video tapes, implicating Dwight as a member of the Pioneers. The group also reveals they have captured Althea. Ozzie threatens to have Althea killed if Dwight doesn't cooperate, and starts to count down from five. He is, however, stopped by Rollie, who is revealed to have joined the Outcasts after the demise of his group. Oswald protests that Dwight works for Ginny, but Rollie points out that he did too at one point, and orders Althea to be released. Rollie invites them to join him, as they're preparing to head out. The group arms up, with Rollie and Oswald revealing they plan on ambushing and destroying the S.W.A.T. van. Al warns them against this, as the van is designed to withstand explosives. Instead, she suggests they steal the van, which they agree to.

Dwight, Sherry, Al and the outcasts wait for the S.W.A.T. van near the road. The S.W.A.T. van rolls by, en route to Lawton after a refueling. The outcasts chase the van on horseback. Dwight hops onto the moving van and sneaks inside. He kicks the driver out of the van and gains control of the steering wheel. Dwight and the outcasts start searching for the driver. Morgan shows up on horseback with the captured driver in tow. Morgan, Al and Dwight catch up with each other. Morgan explains that Virginia shot him and left him for dead at the gulch, but that someone saved him. Morgan tells everyone that he's building a community where Virginia won't find them and invites them all to join him. Sherry says that her group is intent on killing Virginia. Morgan warns that it's too early to strike against Virginia and that any botched attempts would endanger the lives of loved ones who still work for Virginia. Dwight asks Sherry to delay the attack on Virginia and instead join him in Morgan's community. Sherry refuses to abandon the mission to kill Virginia. Dwight interrogates the S.W.A.T. driver and demands to know Virginia's whereabouts. He punches the prisoner and threatens to unleash the guard dog. Morgan puts an end to the interrogation. Morgan pulls Dwight aside and begs him to delay the attack on Virginia. Dwight refuses to back off from his plan and points out that the last time they followed Morgan's advice, they all got captured at the gulch. Sherry suggests that Dwight lure Virginia out to them. Dwight checks in with Hill via walkie and says he found a location with over 100 living people. Hill tells Dwight they'll arrive by nightfall. Dwight shows Sherry how to operate the gun in the S.W.A.T. van. Sherry observes that Dwight's dark side is reemerging and suggests he sit out the ambush. Dwight instead vows to kill Virginia himself.

Morgan and Al plot to steal the S.W.A.T. van from the outcasts to sabotage their plan. Dwight and the outcasts catch Morgan and Al in the act. Dwight locks up Morgan and Al. Sherry tells the outcasts to lock up Dwight, too, so that he can sit out the ambush. Sherry and Rollie park the S.W.A.T. van near the meeting spot with Virginia. An outcast radios Rollie to report that Virginia's caravan is ten minutes away. Dwight admits to Al and Morgan that they were right about delaying the attack on Virginia. He starts cutting the ties around his wrists and vows to stop the outcasts from ambushing Virginia. Rollie radios Sherry to alert her that Virginia's crew has arrived. Sherry reaches for the gun lever. Dwight escapes and jumps into the S.W.A.T. van with Sherry. Rollie alerts Sherry that Hill came without Virginia. Hill radios Dwight and Al to ask where they are. No one answers. Rollie tells Sherry to gun down Hill's crew. Dwight warns Sherry that Virginia will probably kill their loved ones. After receiving no response from Dwight or Al, Hill and his crew get back in their cars and drive away. Sherry lets them go but screams at Dwight for changing her mind. Dwight tries to console Sherry. Sherry explains that she wants to kill Virginia because of all the missed opportunities she had to kill Negan. She tells Dwight to leave her. Dwight releases the guard dog back into the wild. Morgan urges Dwight to join his community. He insists that they eventually plan to take down Virginia. To fake their deaths, Dwight and Al dress two walkers in their clothing and set them loose for rangers to find. Dwight, Al and Morgan return to a truck where survivors from the office building have been hiding out. The group starts traveling to Morgan's community by foot. Dwight draws a symbol on the truck for Sherry, with an arrow pointing her to the path they are taking.

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  • First appearance of the Outcasts.
  • First (and last) appearance of Oswald. (Unknown)
  • First (and last) appearance of Reg. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Nora. (Unknown)
  • The title of the episode, "Honey", refers to Dwight's nickname for Sherry.
  • The sixth episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is played directly after this episode.
  • This episode marks the return of Rollie, who has been absent since "Leave What You Don't".
  • Dennis Fitzgerald (Reg), who previously worked as a stuntman on the show, is promoted to "Co-Star" in this episode.
  • Althea's CMTV is successfully hijacked by the Outcasts.
  • Negan, Dwight, and Sherry's pasts as Saviors are mentioned.
  • Dwight and Sherry are separated once more when Sherry decides to stay with the Outcasts and sends Dwight away.
  • Dwight and Althea fake their deaths in order to rejoin Morgan.
  • Nora and her group resettle at the Valley Town with Morgan.
    • The group is noticeably smaller than it was when it was last seen, indicating that several of the office workers went their separate ways after the events of "Alaska". Eleven survivors were seen in Nora's group in "Honey" compared to the approximately fifteen survivors seen at the office building in "Alaska".

Episode Highlights