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This hotel is a location that appears in the Here's Negan.




Here's Negan

Dwight's Group finds a hotel, which as Negan remarks to Sherry, could help them get through the cold season. At a later time, the group is escaping a place full of walkers, with Negan leading them out. Negan then exclaims that they can survive if they all work together. "Nobody has to die today!", he says before commanding them to fight.

The group manages to escape the overrun hotel, but Negan is nowhere to be seen. He is shown struggling with a large number of walkers on his way out and barely escapes them. The group then opens fire on the dead. After they've gotten rid of the walkers, Tara asks Negan if they should clean the place out and stay, but Negan says that they'll find a better place, reassuring his leadership and asking the group to follow him. Dwight, however, looks concerned.