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This house is a location seen in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this house before the apocalyse.


Season 5

"The Distance"

Rick observes from afar, with Michonne sitting by his side. She tells him that he needs to let go of his worries, as their battles are over. Rick says that he still does not believe Aaron and Eric, before saying that whatever were to happen, he wants to make sure, because it is his family who is at stake. Before leaving, Rick stops at an old shack, grabs a blender cup and hides Aaron's confiscated gun inside of it, taking it with him as a safety measure.


Rick goes outside the gate to examine the perimeter wall. He backtracks to look for the gun that he stashed outside the abandoned house, but discovers that it's missing. Carl runs into Rick as a group of walkers approaches. Together, they take down the dead.


Rick, Daryl, and Carol are at the abandoned house where Rick lost Aaron's gun after hiding it in a blender. They start scheming to steal back the weapons that were taken from them when they arrived. A walker creeps up on them, and Carol shoots it repeatedly with a silenced pistol. She explains to Rick and Daryl that she had to empty the magazine in order to back up their claim that they were "going shooting". The trio notices the letter "W" carved in the walker's forehead.

Thenext day at their meeting spot in the woods, Carol hands Rick and Daryl a gun, which Daryl refuses.


TV Series

Season 5