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Houston, Texas is a location seen in AMC's The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.


Houston is a city in Texas, and has a population of 2.196 million. It is the state's second largest city.


The Walking Dead: Season 5

"Self Help"

In a flashback Abraham Ford is seen surviving with his family in a grocery store in Houston and later meeting up with Eugene Porter.

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 6

"The Beginning"

Victor Strand rides his horse through Houston when he finds an office building and seeks refuge inside. After meeting Howard, they look out into the Houston cityscape and witness a nuclear explosion in the far distance, but Houston is left unscathed from the blast.

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 7

"The Beacon"

The Houston cityscape is seen as Will and Strand look out into the distance from the rooftop of the Tower.

"Breathe With Me"

Sarah Rabinowitz, Morgan Jones, and Josiah LaRoux travel through Houston to the Tower to speak with the leader in search of Wendell.


  • Will - Pushed off of a tower by Victor Strand (Alive), later stabbed in the head by Alicia Clark (Zombified).
  • Ali - Strangled, later thrown off of Strand’s Tower by Howard (Alive).
  • Howard - Thrown off of Strand’s Tower by John Dorie Sr. (Alive)
  • John Dorie Sr. - Sacrificed himself via being devoured by a walker horde after being bitten.
  • Wes - Stabbed in the chest by Victor Strand with a sword.
  • 3 unnamed Tower Residents