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This article is about the Fear character. You may be looking for the TV Series character.

Howard is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. Prior to the outbreak, he was a history professor at the University of Texas. Following the fall of society, Howard lost his wife and established a shelter in a high-rise building in Houston using walkers to keep out survivors where he started to collect many historical artifacts that can be preserved for the future generation.

Following Teddy's launching of the nuclear warheads, Howard encounters Victor Strand in his shelter on the outskirts of the blast and starts a thriving new community where he eventually became Strand's right-hand man and deputy leader of the safe-zone. He serves as one of the two secondary antagonists of Season 7 (along with Arnold).


Austin, Texas

Nothing is known about Howard's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that he had a wife and was a history professor at University of Texas in Austin.


Houston, Texas

At some point following the outbreak, Howard lost his wife and established a shelter in a high-rise building in Houston using walkers to keep out survivors. He also started to collect many historical artifacts that can be preserved for the future generation.

Season 6

"The Beginning"

Victor decides to investigate a nearby building. Suddenly, he is held at gunpoint by a survivor named Howard, who asks how Victor got past the dead he let in. After disarming, Victor asks Howard if he saw the missile, which the latter confirms and asks if it is going to hit where they are. Victor replies that it's going to hit anywhere, and reveals that he was there. Victor says that unless Howard has a place undergrounds they can shelter in, there is nothing more they can do. Howard seems resigned to hear this, and offers Victor some bourbon and asks that he turn over the record so it can continue playing. Howard also reveals that he was a historian who used to teach at UT. Victor asks if this is where he got the artifacts, but Howard says he scavenged most from museums and art galleries. He did this in an effort to preserve history. Noticing his neckless, Victor asks if Howard is a religious man. The latter denies this, but says that his wife was, and thought the neckless would protect him. Victor recounts how he gave the neckless to a dear friend once, but doesn't elaborate when Howard inquires further. Howard, however, insists Victor tell his story, so Victor obliges him.

He says how they were trying to build a future, but another group was trying to end it all. They were nearly successful at stopping this group, but ultimately failed. When Howard asks why, Victor says that it came down to two men, who had to give their lives to save everyone, but when push came to shove one of them couldn't do it. When Howard asks why not, Victor chuckles and says that the man simply wanted to survive and take the glory for himself and, in doing so, co-signed everyone to the destruction he was hoping to circumvent. When Howard asks which man Victor is, he claims he was the one who was ready to die. Howard questions why Victor is there and not with his group, but Victor simply replies that something led him there. Amused, Victor supposes this is the ending he deserved, or thought he did. The men then hear a loud bang, signaling that a warhead has dethatched. Howard wishes that he met Victor sooner, and goes on to introduce himself. Victor, on the other hand, introduces himself as "Morgan Jones."

As the warheads begin to land, Howard and Victor gaze out the window and await their fate. The warhead that detonated near Victor and Howard's location shakes their building, but ultimately leaves it intact. Relieved, Victor starts laughing, and when Howard asks why, he replies that it is because he is still alive after everything he did. Victor goes on to admit he lied about his identity, as he was the other man. His name, Victor says, is not Morgan Jones, but Victor Strand, a man who's thrown men to the wolves when necessary, and has not been afraid to cut the cord when he had to. He describes himself as a backroom dealer, a grifter, a shark, and someone who has cheated again and again without fail, if the opportunity presented itself. When Howard asks why, Victor simply replies that it is for survival, something he's done all his life. He cites this behavior as the reason why he is still here. Victor emotionally exclaims that he comes from nothing, and he had to rebuild himself from the ground up, over and over again, like a civilization. Continuing, Victor notes that they have a great future behind them, which they can use to rebuild, "with art, and books, and music, and good bourbon." It feels like a dawning of a new day to Victor.

Season 7

"The Beacon"

Howard and Strand interrogate Will as he devours a plate of spaghetti. Will says he was a senator's aide before the fall, and that he used to belong to a settlement. He says the only people he has seen have been the Stalkers who kill and strip the dead.

Howard, Strand and Will stand on the tower roof, where the beacon is shining. Walkers gather in the parking lot below, attracted to the light. Will predicts Alicia will follow the light and find them. Strand remarks that leaders fail when they are too attached to people. Will realizes the beacon is not meant to draw Alicia, but rather to keep everyone away. Strand shoves Will off the roof. Howard asks if he should send a ranger to photograph Will, but Strand says no one is looking for him. Howard says the light may draw Strand's old friends. Strand says they will have to get through the walkers.

"Six Hours"

Howard and a crew of rangers ambush Morgan and Grace at the submarine. Howard recognizes their names and tells them Strand built a community. He invites Grace to join but says Morgan is not allowed. Grace refuses to join Strand, despite Morgan's attempts to send her with Mo. Howard leaves. Morgan and Grace discover that Howard raided their pantry.

"Breathe With Me"

Howard and Strand ambush Morgan, Sarah, and Josiah when they arrive at a platform on the outskirts of Strand's tower. Strand confirms that Wendell is living at the tower, but refuses to allow Sarah, Morgan or Josiah into his community. He offers to let Wendell come out to see Sarah but warns that he would not allow Wendell to return. Worried that Wendell would leave the tower if he knew she had been there, Sarah begs Strand not to tell Wendell that she came for him. Strand agrees, then leaves.

"Till Death"

When Dwight and Sherry respond to a distress call, they are ambushed and held at gunpoint by Howard and his men. Howard tells them he was sent to look for them, before his group bags their heads and takes them to the Tower. At the Tower, Strand enjoys leisure time by hitting golf balls into the outside horde of walkers. Howard approaches him with Dwight and Sherry, presenting them as the "Dark Horses". Strand hysterically laughs in response.

"The Portrait"

Howard will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Howard has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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  • Howard shares some similarities with Luke, as both were teachers before the apocalypse and both are trying to preserve the world of what they had taught, with Luke trying to preserve the world of music and Howard trying to preserve the world of history.

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