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Hudson River is a location that appears in AMC's Dead City.


New York[]

It's a 315-mile (507 km) river that flows from north to south primarily through eastern New York, United States.


Season 1[]

"Old Acquaintances"[]

Maggie Rhee observes Manhattan through a large monocular, seeing that the buildings have been partially reclaimed by nature and are ruined in places. On the streets is a massive herd of walkers, the sight of which causes Maggie to stop and check a map of Lower Manhattan which has a large dot in one particular spot. Hearing a small herd coming, Maggie quickly hides, but she is surprised by a walker that comes up from behind her. However, Maggie manages to overpower the walker and bash its head in with her monocular, continuing on in a rage even after the walker is dead, utterly destroying the walker's head. Splattered with walker blood, Maggie lets out a scream before catching her breath.

From across the river, Negan observes the large plume of smoke from a fire in Manhattan, and Maggie explains that she camped out for three days watching the city and she saw the smoke show up like that every morning at the same time and then again at night. Negan realizes that Maggie thinks that it's a cooking fire for breakfast and dinner, but he suggests that "sometimes a building on fire is just a building on fire." Before they can leave on a nearby boat, Maggie and Negan hear a vehicle pulling up.

As Jano takes a piss, he's captured by Maggie and she and Negan use Jano as a human shield against Perlie as they take off in the boat. The two marshals quickly begin untying a boat of their own from the roof of their car.

On the boat, Maggie orders Jano to empty his pockets and turn over his gun, but Jano doesn't have one as marshals aren't given guns until they've been in the service for three months. Jano shows Maggie a bottle of pills for his sick grandmother, admitting that they're not related, but she had looked after the young man when he was little and Jano is all that she has left. However, Negan stops the boat and prepares to throw Jano overboard, telling him that it's a short swim back to shore and he's not coming with them. Maggie protests, but Negan states that Jano is a junior marshal and that every second he stays, Jano is a threat and a liability, but Maggie suggests that he could be insurance too, "either way, it doesn't matter what you think."

Negan points out that Maggie has been sticking it to him in every way that she can since they hooked up again. Negan gets that Hershel being kidnapped has her spinning out, and stirring up emotions, memories and a lot of other stuff, and the vengeful thoughts that Negan had thought Maggie put to bed she has clearly woken up. What Negan doesn't get is that, after all of these years, Maggie still thinks that he's the bad guy, "I'm not. No one is. Or maybe everyone is. But you know what, Maggie, maybe everyone is. Ask yourself one question: how many husbands and fathers have you killed?" An emotional Maggie tells Negan that something like what he did to Glenn can never be put to bed. Relenting, Negan releases Jano and Maggie drives the boat through the walker-infested river towards Manhattan which the fog parts to finally reveal to them. "Fuck me," mutters Negan, looking at the city.

At the dock, Jano notices that the only thing that's around is a few dead bodies and he wonders where all of the walkers are while Negan looks at a destroyed bridge in the distance.

"People Are a Resource"[]

In the present, Ginny arrives at the shore of the Hudson River where she finds two corpses, one missing a head, surrounded by ransacked equipment, suggesting that they had been murdered for their supplies. Ginny begins paddling her way across the river to Manhattan in the large yellow cooler that's amongst the equipment.

Elsewhere, Ginny reaches Manhattan and heads into the ruined city.


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Dead City[]

Season 1[]