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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the Fear episode of the same name.

Humbug's Gulch refers to a chain of locations in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is a Western-style theme park franchise of several parks of the same name in the state of Texas.


Prior to the outbreak, these locations served as theme parks, imitating Western frontier towns. John Dorie worked in one of these parks as a trick-shot artist.


Season 5

"Humbug's Gulch"

Dwight, June, and John encounter one another here while fighting off a herd of walkers.

"Channel 5"

At night, a walker wanders into the Caravan's camp and is put down by Dwight. On the walker, the group finds a Sheriff's badge reading Humbug's Gulch. John Dorie realizes that they are closer to the original Gulch than he thought and suggests that it would be a good place for the Caravan to settle as the Gulches were set up to be run as if it was a time before modern amenities. The Gulch even has a bison fence that they can use to keep walkers out. Without a better idea, the decision is made to head for Humbug's Gulch.

After a long and dangerous journey, the Caravan finally arrives on a nearby hillside. However, to their horror, they find the town surrounded and filled by a massive herd of walkers. They have surrounded all possible ways in for the Caravan, making it extremely difficult for them to even get inside. Dismayed by this outcome, the group sees no other option but to call Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Humbug's Gulch will appear in this episode.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Five or six weeks after being shot, Morgan is still alive although he has gangrene in his wound. Morgan explains to Isaac that as he was about to be overwhelmed by walkers, an unknown savior shot the walkers and he passed out. When Morgan woke up, his wound was stitched up and he had a letter telling him that his savior had heard Morgan's message and he needed to live as Morgan still had things left to do.

"The Key"

Morgan drives back to Humbug's Gulch with Rufus in an attempt to find answers. When they are nearly there, Morgan is ambushed by two men, stopping the trip.

"The Door"

Dakota reveals that she had been the one to save Morgan's life, having followed Virginia and her Rangers to Humbug's Gulch in secret and heard Morgan's radio broadcast. Dakota reveals that she had saved Morgan because she believes him to be the only one capable of killing Virginia and stopping her reign of terror.


  • Shelby (Alive)
  • Many unnamed Humbug's Gulch survivors (Alive, Confirmed Fate, Zombified)


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 5

Season 6


  • John Dorie used to work in one of these parks, although this was a different park than the ones appearing in the show.
  • Humbug's Gulch is a real world Pioneer town in Wimberley, Texas.[1][2]
    • The second Humbug's Gulch is in Manor, Texas and is a ghost town museum.[3]