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This hunting area was a source of food for the survivors at Ericson's Boarding School.


Prior to Clementine's and AJ's arrival to the area, the kids from Ericson's Boarding School used the area right of the school as a hunting ground due to its proximity in the 'safe zone' for many years after the outbreak.

"Done Running"

Marlon gives Clementine and AJ the choice of either going hunting with Louis and Aasim or fishing with Brody and Violet. If Clementine chooses to go hunting, Marlon will give Clementine a map of the area so they are able to make their way there.

Clementine and AJ walk towards the hunting area along with Louis and Aasim. Eventually they make it towards some traps when Clementine is alerted to the sound of a walker, growling nearby. She alerts the others as she looks to locate it. They walk over to the walker as it has hangs, upside down, from a tree as it has been caught in one of the traps previously been set up. Whilst Louis wants to have fun with the walker first, Aasim wishes to kill the walker and continue hunting as quickly as possible.

Help Louis: Clementine is offered a swing at the walker with his bat which she either accepts or declines. Her first swing surprised Louis to the power she is capable of although only giving Clementine a sliver medal for it. She swings two more times, being awarded a gold medal on the next by Louis and killing the walker on the third. Louis tells Clementine to find Aasim as he re-ties the trap.

Help Aasim: Aasim wants help with hunting which Clementine can join in with or help out else where. Aasim passes his bow to Clementine as he attempts to scare a rustling animal out of a bush. A rabbit runs out as Clementine shoots at it, killing the rabbit.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

AJ alerts Clementine to another snare which has caught a baby rabbit but hasn't killed it. Clementine can choose to snap its neck and have a bit more food for the group now, or let it go and let the baby rabbit grow for more potential food further down the line. Either way, Aasim tells Clementine and AJ to go with Louis to see if Brody and Violet have caught any fish whilst he takes the rabbit(s) back to the boarding school.


  • Dozens of rabbits


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