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"Those are raiders, murderers, rapists, and a few cannibals. All of them sat in the same seats you're sitting in right now. Most were wolves dressed as sheep. All of them meant my people harm. So, Mr. "Head Wolf", if you know where I live and I don't know where you live, how dumb would that be for me to let you go?"
—Ian to Aaron, Gabriel, Jesse and Toby about his shelf of skulls.[src]

Ian is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is the leader of Riverbend.


Ian is shown to be a ruthless leader. He is very untrusting to others due to his traumatic experience with past groups. He seems slightly unhinged and mentally unstable, as he keeps the skulls of his past enemies on a shelf and believes Aaron's group to be cannibals. He seems to have a dark sense of humor, making many sarcastic quips as Aaron's group tries to recruit his community. Even when being held at Toby's mercy, he doesn't show any fear and merely laughs. Despite his questionable actions, he does seem to care about the safety of his people. Though hostile, he is not unreasonable and was willing to let Aaron's group go until Toby shoots him.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Ian's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 11


Ian meets with Aaron, Gabriel, Carlson, and Jesse and orders them to sit. Aaron describes the Commonwealth and invites Ian's group to join them. Ian shows them a collection of skulls from raiders who came to kill his group. He shoots his gun and orders them to kneel, worried they've come to eat his people. Aaron insists they aren't cannibals and offers to leave if Ian lets them go. Ian agrees, but Carlson grabs his gun and shoots him and kills his men. Carlson interrogates Ian and demands to know where the guns and cargo are located. Ian says he has no idea what Carlson is talking about. Carlson beats him up. Gabriel punches Carlson, prompting troopers to handcuff him. Carlson shoots Ian dead.


Killed By

Despite being talked down by Aaron, Ian has his gun stolen by Toby and is shot in the shoulder before two other members of Riverbend are killed. After interrogating Ian over the location of the Commonwealth's missing guns and failing to receive an answer, Toby shoots Ian in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ian has killed:

  • Billy Johnson
  • 19 unnamed raiders, murderers, rapists and cannibals (Caused or Direct)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


TV Series

Season 11


  • In the Memoriam on Talking Dead for "Warlords", Ian is credited as "The Warlord".

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