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The following is a transcript of Episode 3: In Harm's Way of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2.


Clementine watches a moth on a tree.

Clementine reaches out to touch the moth, but it flies away.

Clementine watches the moth fly away.

Troy: You about done over there?

Sarah: Yeah, one second! Thanks for coming with me. It's scary out here. I know they made you... It's still nice that you came.

Clementine: They told me to. You think I want to stand here listening to you pee?

Sarah: Yeah...still. You could've said no.

Clementine: They've got guns. I don't think I could have.

Sarah: Well, I'm done. We can go.

(If Clem agreed to be friends.)

Clementine: We're friends...friends look out for one another.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: We are, aren't we...? Well, if you need to pee, let me know. I'll keep lookout for you, too.

Clementine: Uh...okay.

(If Clem didn't agree to be friends.)

Clementine: Why wouldn't I? We're all in this together.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: Yeah, I guess so...it's nice to have a friend, you know?

Clementine: Yeah, I know.

Clementine: We're safer if we stick together. It's gonna be dark soon.

Sarah: Yeah... I know. But it's cool you came. I thought they were gonna tell my dad to go with me. Thanks.

Clementine: You're welcome.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine and Sarah return to the truck.

Troy: Everything come out alright, girls?

Carver: Troy. Get 'em tied up.

Troy: Will do...

Carver: (on radio) Well, we're on our way, probably thirty minutes out. Make sure everyone's prepped. Emotions might be running high. Carver out.

Troy grabs Sarah's hand to tie her up.

Carver: If I find out you've been wasting fuel to keep that fuckin' heater going, I'll make you walk back.

Troy: Nope. Froze my ass off...just like you told me to.

Carver: It ain't polite to listen to other folks' conversations. Has anyone ever taught you that? Where's your manners?

Clementine: I used to have a walkie-talkie like that.

Carver: Oh, really? And what happened to it? 'Cause you can't have this one.

Clementine: It caused trouble. People got hurt because of that stupid thing...people died.

Carver: Well, if you try and take this one, honey...I'll hurt you myself.

Clementine: I used it to talk to my parents.

Carver: Is that why you're lookin' at this one? You wanna call Mommy and Daddy?

Clementine: I don't need it anymore...my parents are dead.

Carver: Everybody's parents are dead. That don't make you special.

Sarah: My dad's alive.

Carver: And we're all grateful for that.

Clementine: None of your business.

Clementine doesn’t reply and stares back at Carver.

Clementine: I know.

Carver will remember that.

Clementine: I'm sorry.

Carver will remember that.

Carver: It's okay, honey. We'll chalk it up as a lesson learned, alright?

Clementine doesn’t reply and stares back at Carver.

Carver: Get the girls in back with the rest of 'em. We got a bit of a drive ahead of us.

Carver slaps Clementine.

Sarah: No! Stop!

Sarah: Don't hit my friend!

Carver: You don't want to test me, girl. I'll pass every time.

Sarah: Leave her alone.

Carver: Tie her up and throw her in with the rest of 'em.

Bonnie offers her hand to Clementine and helps her up.

Troy ties Clementine's hands and opens the back of the truck.

Troy: In.

Sarah and Clem enter the truck, where the rest of the group is. Carlos' broken fingers have been put in a splint.

Sarita: Are you guys okay?

Kenny: The hell did he do to you? Hey! Did he hurt you? Hey. Hey!

Troy closes the door.


The group rides in silence for a while.

Kenny: Alright, we gotta do something. Come on. Anyone got anything sharp? Anything? We need to get these bindings off! Hey! Clem, help me find something to get these off. Anything sharp that could cut these...

Rebecca: And what good is that gonna do?

Kenny: The hell is wrong with you people? We gotta get out of here.

Clementine: Why bother?

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: What? How can you say that?

Clementine: I just don't see how it's gonna help.

Clementine: Like what?

Kenny: What do you mean, "like what"? Something sharp. Anything that can help! A fuckin'--I don't know. Anything!

Clementine: The truck's empty...

Kenny: First off, we're in it, so it ain't exactly empty. If you don't wanna help, then just say so, okay? I'll do it myself.

Kenny: Hey! Are you listening to me? What's the matter with you?

Kenny: We're in a fuckin' precarious position here. We gotta do something about that!

Carlos: Settle down, Kenny. They took everything. We have to keep a level head.

Rebecca: He's right. You don't know Bill like we do.

Kenny: Bill? This whole time it's Carver, Carver, Carver, now he's fuckin' Bill? Oh, I see what it is. Y'all are just gettin' a ride home, aren't ya? That's what's goin' on here.

Nick: Say that again.

Kenny: I'd stay out of this, boy.

Nick: Mister, I ain't a boy.

Kenny: No, right...you're a man.

Rebecca: You don't understand. He's different...he's worse.

Kenny: The fuck are you talkin' about?

Rebecca: He wants to punish us.

Clementine: You could've warned us.

Kenny: Yeah! You didn't tell us he was a fuckin' psychopath!

Clementine: What d'you mean, "worse"?

Kenny: He's a fuckin' psychopath now!

Clementine: Is he...is he gonna kill us?

Rebecca: I--I don't think so.

Kenny: He ain't gonna get the fuckin' chance!

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos: You have no idea what you're dealing with!

Kenny: Oh, he gave me a pretty good goddamn idea back at the lodge, and I don't intend to sit around here and let that happen to the rest of us! I'm tryin' to help!

Carlos: I'm sure Walter really appreciated your help.

Rebecca: Like you helped Alvin?

Sarita: That's not fair! You're blaming him for the actions of a madman.

Carlos: I am pointing out that, regardless of intent, there are consequences to rash actions. Something that he seems to be misreading as capitulation.

Kenny: I dunno what the fuck you're saying, but I know it's bullshit! We have to do something!

Sarita: Kenny...

Rebecca: You can't reason with him.

Kenny: (notices broken piece of pipe) Oh, shit. Jackpot! (gets up)

Carlos: Sit down. You're going to get us all killed!

Kenny uses the jagged edges of the broken pipe to start cutting through his ties.

Kenny: Y'all don't know what you're talking about. We get cooped up in some kennel like a buncha fuckin' dogs, it's over.

Rebecca: You don't know that.

Kenny: Yeah? Well, I been in this situation before. You ever been a prisoner?

Carlos: We've all been prisoners. Why do you think we left?

Clementine: Kenny's right...we have to do something. We can't just sit here.

Kenny: How is it the kid is the only one that sees what's goin' on here?

Carlos: Clem, the adults are talking.

Clementine: Is that what this is?

Clementine: Kenny, please...calm down. I think everyone is just tired and cranky.

Rebecca: She's right. We should all take it down a bit.

Clementine: Stop fighting! Please...

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny successfully cuts his ties.

Kenny: Alright, now we're talkin'.

Carlos: Carver will be on the other side of that door with ten people.

Sarah starts sobbing.

Rebecca: There, there, baby. It's okay. Everything's gonna be fine.

Carlos: At this point, maybe Luke is the only hope we have.

Kenny: If he was gonna do something, he'd've done it by now.

Rebecca: Who knows what he's dealing with. Anything can happen out there.

Kenny: I'll tell you what happened: he abandoned us.

Nick: You don't know that.

Kenny: I know he ain't here.

Rebecca: He may not be around, but he wouldn't just leave us behind.

Kenny: That guy is a flake. I could tell the second I set eyes on him.

Sarita: Kenny, please calm down. Please.

Kenny: I'm calm, Sarita! I look angry to you?

Clementine: Luke will help us.

Kenny: Oh, yeah? When? After that crazy fuck's killed us all? Hey, look, Clem...

Clementine: Kenny's probably right. He would've helped us by now if he was going to.

Rebecca: You don't know what he's been going through since we left the lodge. None of us do.

Carlos: We don't even know if he's still alive. Or that he knows where we went.

Kenny: Right. All we do know is that he ain't helped us.

Clementine: We'll have to wait and see. It's all we can do.

Rebecca: She's right. There's no way to know what's happened to him.

Kenny: I told you already. He's gone.

Clementine says nothing.

The truck shakes as it drives over uneven ground.

Carlos: We're close.

Kenny: Okay. Let's do this.

Rebecca: They have guns. What exactly do you expect to do?

Kenny: I'm gonna punch the first son of a bitch I see. Then I'm gonna take his gun and use it to shoot the NEXT son of a bitch I see.

Carlos: Just sit down!

Kenny: Shut up, Doc! This ain't your call. Hey, just...if something happens, just help out, okay? Don't, you know, get yourself hurt or nothin', but any help'd be good. Hey. Clem. Look at me. You trust me, right?

The truck starts beeping.

Sarita: Kenny! Please, just... Just listen to them. They know him...what he's capable of.

Clementine: Yeah, okay... I trust you. I'll...I'll do what I can.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Alright. It's okay to be a little scared. But we gotta do this.

Clementine: Maybe we should wait...maybe come up with a different plan. I--

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Okay, hon. That's okay...that's okay.

Clementine: I...I'm scared, Kenny.

Kenny: Okay, hon. That's okay...that's okay.

Kenny: Alright. It's okay to be a little scared. But we gotta do this.

Kenny: Alright...everybody re--

The truck shakes. Kenny hits his head against the door and falls down.

Sarita: Kenny! Kenny, are you okay?

Rebecca: Is he okay?

Sarita: I think so.

Kenny: Oh...what hit me?

Carlos: It's probably for the best.

Troy: Goddamn brakes ain't workin' for shit.

Tavia, Bonnie, and Troy open the door.

Tavia: Alright, up and at 'em.

Everyone stands up and steps outside.

Troy: The fuck? How'd you get your restraints off? C'mere.

Troy closes the door.


Bonnie, Tavia, and Troy escort Clementine's group through Carver's camp.

Carver: (over PA system) We've got some familiar faces back with us tonight. Now, I understand some of you are confused as to why we'd bring these people back when they left us as they did.

Tavia: I think I've got an idea.

Carver: (over PA system) It might not come all at once...but time will heal these wounds...so be patient with them until it does...and take solace in knowing that they're here to help us make our home a better place. All these feelings you have of anger...betrayal...hate. They're all valid. No one needs to forget what they did...but we do have to find it in our hearts to forgive them.

Clementine: Look how much food they have...

Kenny: I hope you ain't saying what I think you're saying.

Carver: (over PA system) As many of you already know...a large herd of lurkers gathers just south of us...we've kept an eye on the movements, and, well, with any luck, it's just passing through. But rest assured that if it does turn our way, it's nothing we can't handle.

Troy: Come on, we need you for something.

Carlos: Can it wait until morning? We're all exhausted.

Troy: Just come the fuck on.

Sarah: I need him. I need my dad. I can't...he's...he looks after me.

Vera leads Carlos away from the group.

Carver: (over PA system) So ?? concerns about the need for an expansion ?? the looming threat. And they have been taken into consideration. However, this is not up for debate. The expansion project will move forward.

Clementine: Grow up, Sarah. You're gonna get us in trouble.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: I don't care. And don't tell me to grow up. You're just a little kid. I'm older than you.

Sarah: You're the one that got hit.

Sarah: And I never got into trouble before.

Clementine: It's different now.

Sarah: I'll be fine.

Clementine: I'm sorry. I know you're scared.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: I thought we'd never come back here. My dad said we wouldn't... I wish I could talk to him.

Clementine: You will.

Sarah: Thanks, Clem.

Clementine: He'll be back.

Sarah: When?

Clementine: I don't know. But he will come back.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: Thanks, Clem.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: (over PA system) And with the added manpower joining us this evening, I have no doubt that we will continue to grow and prosper.

Bonnie: (unlocks door) Make sure y'all stay off the fence. Bill can see if you're messin' with it.

Carver: (over PA system) It's no longer enough just to survive...it's our obligation to make this community a beacon of hope...

Bonnie opens the door.

Nick: Thanks, Bonnie.

Bonnie: Yup.


Carver: (over PA system) To provide a light...a bright light. Bright enough to shine in all this darkness. So that is what we'll do.

Troy and Bonnie take off the ropes around everyone's wrists.

Troy: Y'all best get some rest, 'cause there ain't gonna be much for you tomorrow. You're gonna be workin' hard.

Bonnie: That's for you.

Rebecca looks at a cot in the corner.

Rebecca: Yeah, it would be. Fuckin' Bill. Keeps me out in the cold, but at least I'll be comfortable.

Reggie: Hey, guys.

Rebecca: (gasps) Reggie?! (hugs him) I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. What did they do to you...?

Reggie: This could've been worse, trust me. I'm lucky to be alive.

Nick: It's my fault.

Reggie: No, it's really not. I would tell you if it was. This happened well after you guys left.

Reggie: I guess I should say it's nice to see you, but ??

Rebecca: I know. I feel the same way.

Sarah: Reggie helped us. When we ran away.

Clementine: What happened to his arm?

Sarah: I don't know. We were all running out together... But then he fell...and everybody kept running. I know he had both his arms then.

Clementine: Why didn't he go with you guys...when you left?

Sarah: I think maybe he was supposed to... But then he fell...and everybody kept running. I know he had both his arms then.

Clementine: Do you trust him?

Sarah: I don't know. He's nice, if that's what you mean.

Clementine: It's not.

Sarah: Oh. Then, I don't know.

Sarah: He's nice. You should meet him. I guess you will, actually.

Reggie: They got me working outside. Lurker snuck up on me while I was hammering something. Luckily, they took the arm off quick. Saved my life.

Rebecca: That's awful... I'm so sorry.

Reggie: Look, it was my choice to help you guys.

Tavia: Alvin. Carver wants you in his office.

Alvin: What? Why?

Tavia: Don't make this difficult. It's too late for that.

Rebecca: No! Please!

Alvin: It's okay, Bec. Just get some rest. If he wanted to do somethin' to me, he'd have done it already. I'll be fine. Let's see what he wants.

Alvin and Tavia leave.

Troy: Hey! Reggie!

Reggie: Oh...hey, Troy.

Troy: Don't go fuckin' up now. Bill's real close to lettin' you outta here. You make sure things stay nice and quiet out here tonight, and I'll be sure to let Bill know just how helpful you were.

Reggie: Yeah, you can count on me. Thanks, Troy.

Troy: Don't mention it.

Troy and Bonnie leave, closing the door behind them.

Rebecca: Oh, right. Let me introduce you. We were with them when we got caught.

Reggie: Hey, I'm Reggie.

Rebecca: That's Sarita...

Sarita: Hello.

Rebecca: And that's Kenny.

Kenny: Heya.

Reggie: Hello! Who are you? This freaks you out. It's okay. Freaks me out too, sometimes.

Clementine: My name's Clementine.

Reggie: It's very nice to meet you, Clementine. (shakes her hand)

Clementine: What's it to you?

Reggie will remember that.

Reggie: Why is this kid being shitty?

Kenny: Clementine...her name's Clementine.

Reggie: Wow. You're a pretty tough kid.

Sarita: Sorry, she's had a rough few days.

Reggie: It's fine. I'm sure she's just traumatized. All kids are these days.

Clementine: It doesn't matter.

Reggie will remember that.

Reggie: That is a very depressing response to a simple question. I'm sorry I asked.

Sarita: Sorry, she's had a rough few days.

Reggie: It's fine. I'm sure she's just traumatized. All kids are these days.

Rebecca: Clementine...it's okay. He's a friend.

Sarah: She doesn't trust you. (Clementine glares) You said so yourself.

Sarita: Sorry, she's had a rough few days.

Reggie: It's fine. I'm sure she's just traumatized. All kids are these days.

Reggie: Hey, where's Carlos?

Rebecca: Bill's already got him lookin' at some folks.

Reggie: Oh...okay. Good. What about Pete?

The group looks sad.

Mike: Can you guys save it for the morning? Some of us gotta be up early.

Clementine: Who's that?

Sarah: I don't know.

Rebecca: I don't recognize the voice.

Clementine: What a jerk.

Sarita: Clementine, please. You haven't even met him yet.

Reggie: Oh, she's not wrong.

Clementine: Sorry about that.

Reggie: Really? You apologize to the guy you haven't even met yet, but you give me the cold shoulder?

Kenny: She can be...tough to read.

Reggie: No kidding.

Reggie will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Reggie: No problem. Sorry about that.

Mike puts his pillow over his head and turns around.

Reggie: Okay, that's Mike. He's kind of a dick when he's tired, but...like I said, he saved my life, so...I put up with that shit. Bill put him to work outside the wall with me.

Rebecca: I'm so sorry.

Reggie: Stop with all the sorry. It was my choice. Besides, he said once you were all caught, he'd let me rejoin the group, so...I'm glad you're here. I'm just joking.

Rebecca: I know.

Reggie: I mean, he did say that...but I'm not happy about it. It's probably bullshit...

Clementine notices a woman sitting at a picnic table and watching them.

Clementine: Who's she?

Reggie: Hmm? Who?

Clementine: The girl over there.

Clementine: Why is she off by herself?

Reggie: Hmm? Who?

Clementine: Her, over there.

Clementine: She's watching us.

Reggie: Hmm? What's that?

Clementine: The woman over there is watching us.

Sarah: Who's the weirdo?

Reggie: Hmm? Who?

Sarah: The one staring at us.

Jane gets up and walks away.

Reggie: Oh, yeah, right. Okay, so she's fuckin' weird. They found her sneaking around outside the camp covered in guts and just, like, the grossest shit.

Rebecca: It's probably best not to stare.

Reggie: I know how it must look, but...it's really not that bad here.

Rebecca: Reggie...

Reggie: No, I'm serious. Where else are you going to find food like we have? We've got the canned stuff, and now with the greenhouses coming along, we've got fresh food. The building's getting more and more secure all the time...mostly through forced labor, but that's only temporary. They've even got the solar panels working...when was the last time you had electricity, huh?

Sarah: Well, we just came from a lodge with a wind turbine and--

Reggie: It's not a competition. I'm just saying, it's not as bad as you think. We're building something great here, guys. A real community. Bill is making it happen. Look, I've made mistakes, and he's forgiven me.

Rebecca: That doesn't make up for what he's done, Reggie.

Reggie: I know that, but I'm starting to see what this place offers... I didn't before, and with the accident...it's just that much more important now.

Clementine: Carver killed my friend Walter.

Reggie: Okay, I don't know what happened, but...maybe he had his reasons--

Kenny: His reason is he's a crazy piece of shit.

Rebecca: He killed Alvin too...

Clementine: Are you serious? You're joking, right?

Clementine: It feels more like a prison.

Reggie: Well, that is a very negative attitude.

Rebecca: She's right, Reggie.

Kenny: Listen, you seem like a nice enough guy, but Carver is a fucking maniac. We're bustin' outta this place as soon as possible.

Reggie: Listen, I'm really close to getting let back into the group. Once that happens, I can do a lot more to help you guys be more comfortable.

Kenny: Comfortable? What do you think this is?

Reggie: I just don't want you to mess things up for me. I've worked really hard to get to this point. Will you please just try not to cause any trouble? At least until they release me. Then, once I'm out, I could help you more. Maybe even help get you out.

Clementine: No way.

Kenny: Fuckin' A, no way.

Reggie will remember that.

Clementine: Okay. Sure.

Reggie will remember that.

Reggie: Thank you. It means a lot.

Kenny: She don't speak for all of us.

Sarita: No, but if she doesn't want to cause trouble, she doesn't have to.

Clementine: We won't get you in trouble.

Reggie will remember that.

Reggie: They're expecting me to keep things in line out here.

Kenny: Well, if Carver's such a "great guy", I'm sure you've got nothing' to worry about.

Clementine says nothing.

Reggie: We can at least talk about it more in the morning. Just have a quiet night and chat again tomorrow.

Rebecca: I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Reggie: Look, the fact is, Bill had every reason to kill me when I helped you guys...but he didn't. Obviously, I don't know what happened while you all were gone, but he's given me a second chance, and I know he'd do the same for you.

Rebecca: Reggie...I don't want a second chance.

Rebecca: I want to leave with my family. That's it.

Reggie: Your family is safer here.

Rebecca: After what he did to Alvin...I want him dead.

Rebecca inhales sharply and grabs her stomach.

Rebecca: I need to sit down.

Sarita: Yeah, come on. Sarah? Can you go see if there's something for her to drink?

Sarah: Okay.

Reggie: Yeah, there's water over by the benches.

Sarah, Rebecca, Sarita, and determinantly Nick walk away.

Reggie: That didn't go as planned...should've actually made a plan.

Reggie leaves. Rebecca sits down on one of the lawn chairs around the fireplace.

Kenny: Man...fuck that guy. I don't think we can trust him. I mean, clearly he's already drank too much of the Kool-Aid.

Clementine: I think he's just scared.

Kenny: Everybody's scared. It ain't an excuse to sound like a nutcase.

Clementine: I like him.

Kenny: He's a weirdo.

Clementine: I don't trust him, either. He acts...strange.

Kenny: Yeah...guess gettin' part of your body chopped off can do that to a fella.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: You gotta take a look around. We gotta know if there's anything we can exploit to get out of here. We're in a tight spot. Gonna have to wriggle our way out.

Clementine: Sure. I'll have a look around.

Clementine: Well...what should I be looking for?

Kenny: Stuff that they don't want us to know about.

Clementine: But then Reggie will get in trouble.

Kenny: If you don't make a bunch of noise, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: That Troy asshole's gone for now. This is our chance. Don't worry about Reggie. I'll go help run interference on him.

Reggie and Kenny's conversation

Kenny: Walker just snuck up on ya, huh?

Reggie: Yup. I was, uh, distracted. Just wasn't thinking, there's all kinds of noise, hammering and stuff. I saw its shadow; it moved in front of one of our work lamps down here and knocked it over. Couldn't even see for a second. That's when it got me.

Kenny: Can't believe you survived.

Reggie: I can't either, honestly. Mike killed the walker, then took off the arm really quick. Like he'd done it before. Took him two or three swings, but...still alive. I still think he cut it higher than he needed to, but what are you gonna do?

Kenny: I saw a fellow try that a few months ago. Stinted up, bleedin' out, ended up turnin' anyway.

Reggie: Yeah, like I said, it felt like Mike had done it before. He had a tourniquet on me real quick.

Kenny: So, how'd you end up with a name like "Reggie"?

Sarita: Kenny!

Kenny: What? I'm just askin'.

Reggie: No, it's okay. It's not my real name. On my first day in the U.S., I stopped and got a coffee, and the girl behind the counter asked me my name, so I told her, "It's Rajeev," then I just stood there while a guy yelled "Reggie" for five minutes. And that's when I thought, "I should really get out ahead of this."

Jane glares at Clementine.

Clementine shakes her head.

Clementine: Guess it's better than the ground.

Nick: It's not.

Clementine: Hm...looks rickety.

Clementine warms her hands.

Clementine: Reminds me of the jewelry store.

Clementine tries and fails to open the door.

Reggie: Clementine, please. I asked really nicely. I don't want to--

Troy: (opens door) Hey! What the hell is she doin'?

Reggie: Oh, uh, nothing. You know kids...they love...not listening.

Troy: You had one job, Reggie. This is real disappointin'. Gonna have to tell Bill about this.

Reggie: Please...come on.

Kenny: Hey, don't be like that, man.

Troy: You shut your fuckin' mouth! I don't know you!

Reggie: Hey! Clem. Come on. Don't be like that.

Kenny: She ain't doin' nothin' wrong, Reggie. Just relax.

Reggie: How can I relax when she's walking around touching everything?

Clementine tries and fails to pull on it.

It leads to the roof.

It's broken.

Clementine: Ouch.

Clementine: Looks kind of crappy.

Clementine looks through the gap.

Clementine: This place seems pretty secure.

Clementine pulls on the fence.

Reggie: Clementine, please. I asked really nicely. I don't want to--

Troy: (opens door) Hey! What the hell is she doin'?

Reggie: Oh, uh, nothing. You know kids...they love...not listening.

Troy: You had one job, Reggie. This is real disappointin'. Gonna have to tell Bill about this.

Reggie: Please...come on.

Kenny: Hey, don't be like that, man.

Troy: You shut your fuckin' mouth! I don't know you!

Reggie: Hey! Clem. Come on. Don't be like that.

Kenny: She ain't doin' nothin' wrong, Reggie. Just relax.

Reggie: How can I relax when she's walking around touching everything?

Talk to Mike

Clementine: Hello?

Mike: Get lost.

Talk to Mike again

Clementine: Will you please talk to me?

Mike: No. Get outta here.

Talk to Nick (Nick is alive)

Nick: Hey, Clem.

Clementine: Nick.

Nick: Just thinking about Luke. Just...there's no way he's gone. That he left. How about it? 'Cause me, I known him for damn near twenty years now and I can't buy it. Course, I can't say the thought never crossed my mind. Things change. The whole damn world changed. Yeah. Yeah, he's still out there. You watch.

Clementine: Why wouldn't he help us before we got here?

Nick: I don't know. I just know he's out there still. He's smart. Smarter than me, that's for sure.

Clementine: I...I don't know.

Nick: Well, I do. He'll show up. You can count on it.

Clementine: I think you're right. He'd never leave you guys behind.

Nick: Us guys, you mean.

Clementine: Yeah. Us guys.


Nick: (yawns) Guess I oughta try and get some sleep. You should too. They're gonna ride our asses tomorrow, for sure.

Clementine: Okay.

Nick: 'Night.

Talk to Sarah

Sarah: I'm trying to be good.

Clementine: What?

Sarah: Reggie asked me to be good, so I'm being good. I don't want him to get in trouble. I'll talk to you later.

Talk to Rebecca

Rebecca: I didn't treat him very well these last few weeks...things got so complicated so fast...it became all about getting through each day... I'm trying real hard to remember the last time I told him that I loved him... I've been wracking my brain...but I just can't remember...

Clementine: I'm sure he knows...in his heart, I'm sure he knows.

Rebecca: I hope that's true.

Clementine: That's why it's better to be nice to people...just in case...

Rebecca: I suppose you're right.

(If Alvin is alive.)

Clementine: You'll be able to tell him real soon.

Rebecca will remember that.

Rebecca: I hope that's true.

(If Alvin is dead.)

Clementine: He's watching over you, so he sees you now and he knows how you feel about him.

Rebecca will remember that.

Rebecca: I hope that's true.

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca: Alright, get going. I'll be fine. I appreciate you checking up on me.

Talk to Kenny

Kenny: Well, out with it. D'you see any way outta here?

Clementine: Not really.

Kenny: Damn... I was hoping you'd catch something these old eyes missed...they're gettin' more and more useless.

(If Clementine didn't interact with the fence or ladder.)

Clementine: I think we're gonna be the only way out.

Kenny: Well...we've done it before.

(If Clem looked at the ladder and didn't interact with the fence.)

Clementine: There's a ladder, but they cut it.

Kenny: Saw that too. Damn.

(If Clementine looked at or pulled the fence.)

Clementine: The fences seem pretty strong.

Kenny: Yeah, they do. Alright. A whole Howe's full of building supplies, I guess it oughta be.

Clementine: Did you?

Kenny: Not really. Place is pretty secure... A whole Howe's full of building supplies, I guess it oughta be.

Kenny: Aw, don't get down on yourself. I didn't find much either.

Troy and Carlos enter.

Sarah: Dad! (hugs Carlos)

Troy: Y'all fucked up now! Bill's gonna hear about this shit.

Reggie: Troy, please.

Troy: Fuck you, Reggie! This is settin' you back a few. Get comfortable, asshole.

Sarita: He was trying to help. She's just a kid.

Troy: No one's talking to you...Indian lady!

Kenny: HEY!

Sarita: It's fine. I AM Indian.

Troy: Alright, go the fuck to sleep. I'm shootin' the first one of y'all I see up wanderin' around before sun-up.

Rebecca: Troy! Where's Alvin?

Troy: Everybody get to bed! (closes door)

Everyone gets into one of the cots.

Kenny: Some of these folks ain't too keen on leavin'...it's up to us to figure out a way outta here. You up for it? It's your decision...

Clementine: I'm ready. Of course I am.

Kenny: Good...good. Confidence is good. You gotta have the right attitude.

Clementine: I'll try.

Kenny: You'll do just fine.

Clementine: Do I have a choice?

Kenny: Of course.

Clementine: Really?

Kenny: Nah, not really. You gotta do this one.

Kenny: I believe in ya, Clem. You'll do alright.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Now, get some sleep. We'll need it.

Clementine falls asleep. In the morning, Troy kicks her to wake her up.

Clementine: What?

Clementine: Don't kick me. It's rude.

Troy might remember that.

Clementine says nothing and stares at him.

Troy: Get up. Bill's gonna have a word.

Clementine gets up and joins the rest of the group. The door opens and Carver enters. Jane walks across the roof.

Carver: There's been increased walker activity along the fence, so be mindful when outside the walls. The herd's moved a little closer as of this morning, but that still doesn't necessarily mean we'll be hit. Know we're monitoring the situation. Now... There are some folks might be sore about what happened...at how things went. Well, that's all in the past now. Some of you are new to our community. Some of you are members who went astray. But know that you can find redemption here...forgiveness...by proving your worth through what will undoubtedly be hard work.

Carver: Yeah, Reggie slipped up last night, but...that doesn't mean he should lose hope. Today will be a test for him, so let's all wish him the best of luck.

Carver: Reggie, you're nearly back in. Keep following the path, and we'll welcome you back with open arms.

Sarah: How'd you sleep?

Carver: (glares at Sarah) I'll let Reggie be an example to you all. Salvation is available, but it must be earned.

Sarah: I was so tired. I didn't even realize it.

Clementine: Shut. Up.

Sarah: Well, you don't have to be rude about it.

Clementine: Fine.

Sarah: Cool. That's good.

Clementine: Pay attention... We'll talk later, okay?

Sarah: Okay, yeah. Sounds good.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: Kenneth will be taking over Reggie's duties outside the wall. Michael will continue on showing his value.

Sarah: I just thought it was nice to finally--

Carver: Carlos!

Carlos: Yes?

Carver: Your child seems to be in need of correction.

Carlos: I'm sorry, I--Sarah, a--apologize to Mr. Carver.

Sarah: S--I'm...sorry, sir.

Carver: No, no. That ain't gonna cut it. I can't have this kind of behavior on day one of your reform. You discipline her now, Carlos.

Carlos: How do you propose that I--

Carver: One good smack across the mouth should do it. It'll make her think twice before opening it up again. Go on, we'll wait.

Carlos: My... I'm not sure with my hand that I could--

Carver: Well, that's why you got two hands, Carlos. Come on. And not some namby-pamby thing, alright? A good hard smack. Otherwise, Troy here will do it for ya. I don't think you want that. He can be...overzealous. Is that the word?

Troy: If it means I'll slap the shit out of her, then, yeah.

Carver: Go on, Carlos. Just get it over with.

Clementine: No, you don't need to do that. She's already scared. She won't do it again.

Troy: Hey! No one's fuckin' talkin' to you.

Carver: Unless you want one of what she's about to get, I'd pipe down, missy.

Carlos will remember that.

Clementine: It's my fault!

Troy: Hey! No one's fuckin' talkin' to you.

Carver: Unless you want one of what she's about to get, I'd pipe down, missy.

Carlos will remember that.

Clementine: No! Please don't! She won't do it again.

Troy: Hey! No one's fuckin' talkin' to you.

Carver: Unless you want one of what she's about to get, I'd pipe down, missy.

Carlos will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarah: I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry.

Carlos: Close your eyes, honey. It's only going to sting for a second.

Carlos hesitates.

Carver: Do it.

Carlos smacks Sarah hard, and she falls to the floor, sobbing.

Carlos: I'm sorry, Sarah.

Carver: Stop! You're not coddling that girl anymore. Let her sit there and think about what she's done. Troy, get Carlos to his post. Everyone else should have their assignments. It's time to get to work.

Troy: Goddamn, you really knocked the shit out of her, Doc.

Carver: Everyone get to work.

Tavia: You're working in the armory. Follow me.

Jane: Soil coming up!

Clementine follows Tavia, but stops when several bags of soil fall from the roof.

Hank: Goddamn this thing.

Jane: Oh, shit...

Tavia: Clementine!


Clementine walks through the store.

Becca: Who is this?

Shel: She's one of the new people. She was with Carlos and Sarah and--

Becca: Ugh. Sarah? I wish she'd stayed gone.

Shel: She's had a hard time, Becca.

Becca: So have we. We're not sitting on the ground like babies.

Tavia opens the armory door.

Tavia: Go on inside. Bonnie's waiting.

Clementine enters and Tavia leaves, closing the door behind her.

Bonnie: Hey... I guess you're startin' your day with me.

Bonnie motions for Clementine to have a seat, and she does so.

Bonnie: We're loadin' magazines.

Clementine picks up a magazine and fills it with bullets.

Bonnie: That's it, you got it.

They continue working.

Bonnie: I suppose I owe you an apology... I wasn't truthful when I came across y'all at the lodge...and I was shown a kindness I never would've expected from a group of strangers. But...now folks are dead...and I can't help but feel I'm to blame. But the plan was for no one to get hurt. I truly believe that was the intent... At least, it was mine, goin' into it.

Clementine: Carver's the one who pulled the trigger...he's to blame.

Bonnie: Yeah, but...I surely didn't help matters. I thought if I was the one that found everyone, I could control it. Keep everyone safe...but that ain't how it went.

Clementine: That's because it was your fault. You lead them to us.

Bonnie: If I could change it, I would. I promise you.

Clementine: And I should believe you now? All I know about you is that you're a liar.

Bonnie: I understand you're mad at me, and you've got every right to be...but I wanted you to know I regret my part in all this.

Clementine: It was just a bad situation...that got worse. A lot of people are to blame.

Bonnie: That's big of you, but...I know what I done...but I wanted you to know I regret my part in all this.

Bonnie: I understand you're mad at me, and you've got every right to be...but I wanted you to know I regret my part in all this.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: I apologize...which don't account for much, but it's all I can offer right now.

They continue working.

Bonnie: How was your first night in the yard? I know it ain't so comfortable...but it's safe... Which is more than I can say about a lot of places out there.

Clementine: It was cold.

Bonnie: Well, you got them skinny arms, and you ain't wearin' a jacket...

Clementine: You mean my first night in prison?

Bonnie: It ain't a prison. More of a...work release.

Clementine: Didn't they do those in prisons?

Bonnie: I...probably. I don't know... I never been to prison. Don't tell no one. Tryin' to keep a tough reputation.

Clementine: I was hungry.

Bonnie: They didn't feed you? Bill said you'd eat every night.

Clementine: I haven't eaten since yesterday.

Bonnie: I...I don't have anything. I'm sorry.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: I was supposed to go...when Luke and Carlos and all them left. I was plannin' on leavin' too. When Luke approached me about it, I--I thought he was crazy. I mean, we're safe here. We got power. We got food. And Bill, he...he wasn't always like this.

Clementine: Why didn't you? Leave, I mean.

Bonnie: If I'm bein' honest...I guess I chickened out.

Clementine: They never mentioned you.

Bonnie: No? Hm. Not even Luke?

Clementine shakes her head.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Well, I m--that's to be expected, ain't it? You don't know me, do ya? What're they gonna say? "Bonnie ain't here"? You wouldn't know what he was talkin' about.

Clementine: I guess that could be it.

Clementine: But you attacked them instead?

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Hey, I didn't attack anyone. Bill did all that. I didn't want... I wasn't expectin' any of that to happen. I just wanted everyone to be safe. Out there ain't exactly all flowers an' rainbows.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: I justified not goin' by tellin' myself it's easier to try an' change somethin' that's broken than start all over. Take this situation with the herd...that's the type of thing that rips a community apart. He keeps things in line...he's got a lot of this stuff figured out. I don't know... I guess I just wanted to be somewhere comfortable for a while.

Clementine: Herds have come through before?

Bonnie: Yeah...it's happened a few times. We've always come out on the other end alright. It's something I think about whenever I consider leaving.

Clementine: What changed?

Bonnie: I don't know... I've been tryin' to figure that out myself.

Clementine: Nobody's safe here with Carver around.

Bonnie: You're safe if you stay on his good side.

Clementine: I would if I knew where it was.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: I mean, it ain't easy keepin' a group this big fed and protected. I don't envy that position. Figure that'd make anyone a little stressed. I'm not defendin' what he did. That was... I'm alive because of him. That's just a fact. And there's somethin' to that.

(If Alvin is alive.)

Clementine: He killed Walter!

Bonnie: Only to protect his own people. Kenny could've killed us all.

Clementine: But he didn't.

Bonnie: Bill overreacted. He was in the heat of the moment and he overreacted.

(If Alvin is dead.)

Clementine: He killed Walter and Alvin!

Bonnie: Only to protect his own people. Kenny could've killed us all.

Clementine: But he didn't.

Bonnie: Alvin killed George when he escaped. He might not have meant to, but George died all the same. Ain't no saints in all this. Bill overreacted. He was in the heat of the moment and he overreacted.

Clementine: I think he's crazy.

Bonnie: He's...he's overstressed.

Clementine: It's easier to just say crazy.

Clementine: It sounds like you really respect him.

Bonnie: It's not that... I just have sympathy for the man...even though sometimes it's hard for him to do the same.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Luke had ideas about how things should go, but they didn't line up with what Bill was thinkin'...they butted heads, then Rebecca started showin', and that only made things worse. Maybe Luke was right about him... I wish he was around, but... I just hope he's safe.

The radio on the table crackles.

Tavia: (over radio) Hey, Bonnie, is that girl down there? I need to come get her.

Bonnie picks up the radio.

Bonnie: (over radio) Yeah, she's here.

Tavia: (over radio) Okay, I'll be right over.

Bonnie: I'm sure it's fine. Oh, almost forgot. I grabbed this for ya.

Bonnie gets up and retrieves a puffy blue jacket, which she then hands to Clementine. Clementine puts it on.

Bonnie: Huh? What do you think? I found it at the lodge y'all were at. Think it might be for skiing. Had to wait for no one around to be around to get it to you.

Clementine: It's cool. I like it.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: I'm glad. I thought it was cute, but I didn't know what you'd think.

Clementine: It's kinda ugly.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Really? I thought it was kinda cute... Well, this ain't a fashion show. It'll keep you warm.

Clementine: I don't know...

Bonnie: (sighs) You don't like it...

Bonnie will remember that.

Clementine: I--it's not that...

Bonnie: I thought it was kinda cute... Well, this ain't a fashion show. It'll keep you warm.

Clementine shrugs.

Bonnie: You better watch yourself. I think some folks might be jealous of that cool jacket of yours.

Tavia enters.

Tavia: Oh, there you are. What's with the ugly jacket?

Bonnie: Tavia!

Tavia: What?

Bonnie: Never mind. I'll see you later, Clementine.

Tavia: Come on.


Tavia leads Clementine to the roof.

Tavia: Follow me, come on.

Tavia takes Clementine into the greenhouse.

Tavia: Stay in here for a minute, I'm gonna radio down and find out what you're doing. Don't touch anything.

Tavia leaves and closes the door. Clementine notices Sarah huddled in the corner.

Clementine: Hey...

Clementine: Are you okay? I know it's...it's gotta be hard.

Clementine: You have to be tough, Sarah. Everything is harder now, but...you have to be tough to survive.

Clementine: You...want a hug? Okay...well, I owe you one for later, then. You might not know it's coming, though, but...I could just sneak up on you when you're not expecting it.

Clementine says nothing.

Sarah: My dad's never hit me before... Even when I was really bad...he never hit me.

Clementine: Yeah...you can kinda control it sometimes...how much it hurts. It takes practice.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: Really? I don't want to practice that.

Clementine: I don't think anyone does.

Sarah: Thanks...for trying to help...

Clementine: Troy would've been way worse. Your dad had to do it... Carver made him. So, in a weird way, Carver's the one that hit you...not your dad. He didn't want to do it, Sarah. Carver made him. He's the bad guy, not your dad.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: I guess so... Well, then Carver hit me super hard, 'cause it still hurts like crazy.

Clementine: Yeah. It looked like it.

Sarah: Thanks...for trying to help...

Clementine: He didn't want to do it, Sarah. Carver made him. He's the bad guy, not your dad. So, in a weird way, Carver's the one that hit you...not your dad.

Sarah will remember that.

Sarah: I guess so... Well, then Carver hit me super hard, 'cause it still hurts like crazy.

Clementine: Yeah. It looked like it.

Sarah: Thanks...for trying to help...

Clementine says nothing.

Sarah: I don't know why people have to be so mean... Like, even when I'm really mad, I still don't want to hurt anyone...

Tavia brings Reggie into the greenhouse.

Tavia: Don't mess this up.

Reggie: Yeah, I get it.

Tavia: Reggie's in charge here, okay? Listen to him carefully.

Reggie: Yep. No problem, Tavia.

Tavia leaves and closes the door.

Reggie: Okay, we gotta do a good job, guys. The camp is counting on us. Come on, I'll show you what to do. It's super easy.

The group goes over to one of the tables of plants.

Reggie: Oh, and just so you know, Bill yelled at me this morning for what you were doing last night. I'm not mad, but please, please, just listen to me today. I'm on, like, the thinnest ice with that guy.

Reggie: Pick up a pair of those shears.

They pick up the shears.

Reggie: Okay, so we're picking these berries, right? Just pick them, put them in the basket. Simple. While you're at it, if you see any dead branches, take those shears and cut them off, and stack them neatly for composting. Got it?

Clementine nods and goes to the other table. Reggie approaches her.

Reggie: Hey, so...is she gonna be okay? 'Cause what happened down there...that was straight fucked up. I don't want her freaking out and getting me in trouble.

Clementine: I talked to her...I think she's okay.

Reggie: Good...good. 'Cause I'm awful at that stuff.

Clementine: I'll take care of her...you don't have to worry.

Reggie: Good...good. 'Cause I'm awful at that stuff.

Clementine: She's a baby...there's no helping her.

Reggie: Whoa...that's harsh, kid. I think if Bill did that to me, I'd cry a little too.

Reggie: If you don't have an opinion, you should just say so...instead of making people wait for an answer. Just, like, shake your head "no" or something.

Reggie: Look... Bill's had it out for me ever since I helped those guys escape, so I gotta concentrate on my work. (pats Clementine's head) That was awkward. I won't do that again. I'm gonna go work now.

Reggie walks away. Clementine begins doing her work, but notices that Sarah isn't doing anything.

Clementine goes over to Sarah.

Clementine: Hey... Here, watch me.

Clementine shows Sarah what to do. Sarah collects many berries and shears off the dead branches.

Clementine: This isn't that hard, Sarah.

Sarah: I know, I'm just afraid I'll make a mistake.

Clementine: It won't be the end of the world if you do. Just keep going.

Clementine continues working. Sarah collects few berries and shears off both dead and living branches.

The group notices Carver outside.

Reggie: Oh, shit.

Sarah: Oh, no...

Reggie: You didn't do any of your work, Clem.

Reggie: What...what did you do? These are only half-done! Are those live branches? Clementine, I asked you to help her!

Carver enters.

Carver: Just checking in...see how the new girls are working out. (notices missing/poorly done work) Reggie.

Reggie: Yeah, Bill. Hey.

Carver: What the fuck happened in here?

Reggie: Look, Bill, they're new, and me with my arm, it's just not the eas--I just ha--I have one arm, so--

Carver: Shut up, shut up. Shut the fuck up. You better have an explanation for this. And I mean now.

Reggie: Bill, please, just, ju--

Carver: Sounds like you're about to give me an excuse when I asked for an explanation.

Reggie: We'll get it done, just give us some more time, we jus--

Carver: Time's up, Reggie. You had a task...and you didn't get it done. Looks to me like you failed.

Clementine: R--Reggie, he...he didn't show us.

Reggie: Bill, hey, look... I didn't have time, okay? I was--I was afraid, okay? I wanted to do well. I know how close I am, I know, and I just wanted to do the best I could!

Carver will remember that.

Clementine: Sarah...she didn't understand.

Carver will remember that.

Carver: Nah, this ain't your fault.

Clementine: It was my fault. I didn't show Sarah well enough, I guess...

Carver will remember that.

Carver: Nah, this ain't your fault.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: We talked about this, Reggie. Didn't we? But you just don't get it, do you?

Reggie: Get what? I...I...

Carver: Why don't you girls wait outside? Reggie and I have a few things to talk about.

Reggie: Thanks for the help, girls.

Clementine and Sarah step outside the greenhouse.

Carver: Well, that's where you're wrong. I shouldn't have to hit people. But I do know plenty of people who need to be hit. It's ?? up already.

Clementine: What's wrong, Sarah?

Carver: It's ?? and somewhat annoying.

Sarah walks to the edge of the roof. Clementine reaches out to her.

Clementine: Are you okay?

Carver pushes Reggie through the door.

Carver: I gave you plenty of chances!


Carver advances on Reggie as he moves backwards. Carver grabs Reggie and pushes him over the edge of the roof. Reggie screams, then hits the ground, his blood and brains spilling onto the concrete.

Carver: Weakness...incompetence...it puts us all at risk, and it won't be tolerated. You think about that the next time you're asked to do something. Get downstairs... Bonnie's got some stuff for you to do. Go!

Clementine leaves. Carver puts his hand on Sarah's shoulder and presumably speaks to her. Clementine enters the store.

Clothing Store

Bonnie adds nails to a bucket, then picks it up.

Bonnie: Oh, hey. So, they want you to run some supplies out to the guys workin' at the expansion. Real simple. Just take this over to 'em. (hands the bucket to Clem) That jacket looks real nice. I don't know what Tavia's talkin' about... What's wrong? Clem? You alright? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Clementine: Reggie...Reggie's dead.

Bonnie: What? What're you talkin' about?

Clementine: Carver killed him...he pushed him off the roof.

Bonnie: Maybe...maybe it was just an accident. Listen to me. Take this stuff out to those guys and come straight back. Just... Be safe. Okay? Now ain't the time to be callin' attention to yourself. I need to go find out what happened.

Clementine: Reggie...Reggie fell...

Bonnie: What? What're you talkin' about? Is he okay?

Clementine shakes her head.

Bonnie: Listen to me. Take this stuff out to those guys and come straight back. Just... Be safe. Okay? Now ain't the time to be callin' attention to yourself. I need to go find out what happened.

Clementine: I'm fine...

Bonnie: You don't look it. Look, I know it's hard, but...things'll be alright...it's never as bad as it seems. Just take this stuff out to the guys and come on back. I' gonna go check if there ain't somethin' easier you could be doin'.

Bonnie: Look, I know it's hard, but...things'll be alright...it's never as bad as it seems. Just take this stuff out to the guys and come on back. I' gonna go check if there ain't somethin' easier you could be doin'.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie opens the door for Clementine.

Bonnie: Hey, Troy! Clem's just gonna take them boys some nails.

Troy: Alright.

Bonnie: Go on.

Bonnie closes the door. Clementine looks through the fence at Reggie's corpse.

Troy: Hey! That ain't your concern. Get that stuff over to them boys. Just follow them cables.

Walkers pound on the outside of the fence. Clementine enters one of the buildings, a clothing store. She drops the bucket and runs over when she sees Kenny slam Mike against the wall.

Kenny: I ain't nobody's laborer. Fuck that! Let 'em do this shit themselves if it's so goddamn important.

Mike: Get your fuckin' hands off me, man.

Kenny: You ain't gonna force me to do this bullshit.

Mike: I said get your hands off me!

Kenny: Or what? You gonna go tell on me?

Mike: I'm trying to help you, asshole.

Kenny: Yeah, this is a real help! Why don't you just worry about yourself?

Mike: Get off me!

Kenny: You're one of them, aren't'cha?

Clementine: Reggie's dead! Carver killed him!

Kenny: What?

Mike: You sure? Well, did y--

Clementine: Stop fighting!

Kenny: I want to, Clem...but this son of a bitch keeps testin' me!

Mike: I just wanna get the work done and--

Clementine: Kenny! Calm down!

Kenny: I want to, Clem...but this son of a bitch keeps testin' me!

Mike: I just wanna get the work done and--

Kenny: Just another brainwashed--

Walkers break through the window of the store.

Mike: Shit!

Kenny: Fuck! Grab something!

Kenny picks up a hammer and Clem picks up a plank. She continually hits the walker approaching her, eventually getting backed into a corner. She dodges the walker and moves through the gap behind a shelf and the wall as the walker follows her. The spiked edge of the shelf blocks her escape; she pushes it backwards and runs out, and the spike impales the walker's head. More walkers approach.

Clem knocks the ladder onto one of the walkers, trapping it.

Clem hits the knees of one of the walkers, dropping the sledgehammer.

Clementine runs into the room behind her, tripping on a cable.

Clementine impales a walker's head with the screwdriver. As the second one approaches, Troy shoots it with an arrow.

Clementine untangles the cable, knocking the work lamp over. She struggles to push the walker away. Troy kicks the door open and shoots the walker with an arrow.

Troy pulls the walker off Clementine.

Troy: Get up! Get outta there, come on! Make me save your ass. Jesus.

Clem gets up and returns to Kenny and Mike.

Kenny: Oh, thank god, you're okay.

Troy: Alright, enough mushy shit. You get back inside right fuckin' now. I'm sure they got shit for you to do in there. Now! Think I'm fuckin' around? Now I gotta sit down here and babysit you assholes. Can't do a simple fuckin' patch job without me here crackin' the whip?

Clementine leaves.

Comic Store

As Clementine is walking back, Luke grabs her and pulls her into a comic book store, covering her mouth.

Clementine bites his hand and he lets her go.

Luke: Aaaargh! Stop! Hey! It's me!

Clementine: Luke?

Luke: Yes! Man...bit the hell outta me. Think you drew blood.

Luke lets her go.

Clementine: No! Stop!

Luke: Hey! Hey! It's me! Luke. Okay? Just calm down.

Luke: Come all this way... This is--this is the welcome I get.

Clementine punches Luke's shoulder.

Luke: Hey! Hey, what was that for?

Clementine: You scared me...

Luke: Well, I'm sorry about that.

Clementine: And it's about time you got here!

Luke: You have any idea how hard this was?

Clementine: What are you doing here?

Clementine: I'm glad to see you. I was worried. We all were.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: Aw, it's good to see you too, kid.

Clementine hugs Luke.

Clementine: I was worried. We all were.

Luke: Aw, it's good to see you too, kid.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Alright, listen, we ain't got much time, okay? I followed y'all here best I could. Haven't had a night's rest since y'all got nabbed and...well, this is the first chance I got to talk to somebody. They're everywhere, okay? They got guards. Watchin' everything. Shh--sh. Shh.

Footsteps are heard outside the store.

Luke: There's a herd'a lurkers just south of us. It's bigger than I ever seen around these parts.

Clementine: Carver mentioned that. Said he hopes it passes us.

Luke: Yeah, I heard folks talkin' about that, but that ain't so, okay? It's gonna hit this place, I know it is... I don't know when, but it's comin' and it's gonna be soon. See, I've been lookin' for places to...to get y'all free...but haven't been able to find anything yet. They plugged up all the holes we used when we got out.

Clementine: When do you think the herd will be here?

Luke: I don't know...it's hard to say, really, but I--I reckon it'll wash over this place when it does. See, Carver? Oh, he ain't dealt with anything like this before.

Clementine: It seems dangerous.

Luke: Well, the whole situation's dangerous, but, well, we're in it now... It's what we got.

Clementine: Are you feeling okay?

Luke: No...no, I mean...yeah, yes, sorry. I--I just could use some sleep, you know? Hard to rest when you think a lurker's about to get the jump on you at any--any moment, but, yeah. Yeah. I'm fine, okay? Don't worry about me.

Clementine: It seems dangerous.

Luke: Well, the whole situation's dangerous, but, well, we're in it now... It's what we got.

Clementine: I have to go. Troy will be looking for me.

Luke: Uhh, what?

Clementine: Troy...he's expecting me back.

Luke: Oh. Oh, yeah...right, right. Okay. Just...just one second.

Luke: My head, y'know, is just spinnin'. Could...could use a couple hours of sleep here.

Luke: We just...we just need a plan...y'know, a way to get you and...and everyone...

Footsteps are heard outside.

Clementine: Luke...

Luke: Oh, sorry, sorry. Shit...okay. Troy ain't gonna like you bein' late. Listen, Clem, I need you to meet me here tomorrow, about this time, 'cause I--I need you to get me one of those radios, okay? Do you think you can do that? Just--just one of those walkie-talkies. I just need to be able to tell y'all what's goin' on with them guards...you know, I'll figure out the schedule their patrols are on. I mean, they're--they're all over the place, but I can keep an eye on 'em for y'all from out here. Look, we ain't gonna be able to shoot our way outta here, so we gotta be careful. W--we just gotta be smart, 'kay? We gotta plan. That radio is crucial to that.

Clementine: I'm not sure I can... I think they're really strict about that stuff.

Luke: Well, you gotta try, Clem. Okay? It's really important that I get one of those.

Clementine: O--okay. I--I'll get you one.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: Thanks, Clem. I'm so glad I can count on you.

Clementine: Where do I get one?

Luke: I think they keep 'em in the stockroom. I ain't completely sure, though. Just...keep your eyes out for the charging station. They put most of 'em back on there at night.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Remember, you meet me here tomorrow. I'll try and be here around this time, but if I ain't...just wait as long as you can, 'cause I really need one of those radios. Just let everybody know I'm alright, okay? I'm worried they, uh--

Troy: Clementine! Get out where I can see ya!

Luke: Go on! Get outta here.

Clementine leaves the store.

Troy: The hell were you doing? Huh? Answer me!

Clementine: I was looking at comics...there's a whole store full of them.

Troy: Yeah? No shit. You best not dawdle, girlie. Pull somethin' like that again and you'll be meetin' the back of my hand.

Clementine: I was hiding from walkers.

Troy: Don't go in there, you hear me? That is off fuckin' limits to you.

Clementine: Nothing.

Troy: The hell you mean, "nothin'"?

Clementine: Nothing. I wasn't doing anything.

Troy: Jesus Christ, you're as stupid as Sarah.

Troy will remember that.

Troy: Bill radioed. Wants a word with you up in his office, so get on up there. Now.

Clementine goes back inside.


Wyatt: Dude, you better go up and see Bill. He doesn't like to wait. So...you should probably go.

Clementine walks up the stairs to Carver's office. Rebecca leaves the office, sobbing.

Clementine: Rebecca?

Rebecca walks away.

Carver: She's a strong woman, surrounded by weak men. I ain't lettin' my kid get raised around that. Get in here.

Clementine and Carver enter his office.

Alvin lies unconscious in a chair, covered in blood.

Clementine: Alvin! Alvin!

Carver: He passed out hours ago. He can't hear nothin'. No point in making a racket.

Clementine: Let him go! Please!

Carver: Why would I do that?

Clementine: Why are you doing this?

Carver: Me and him, we got history. Understand? A couple things we had to...get worked out.

Clementine: You're a bully...

Carver: Come again?

Clementine: You're just a bully... I know it wasn't a fair fight.

Carver: Yeah, I suppose it wasn't. But life ain't fair most of the time.

Clemetine says nothing.

Carver: I wouldn't be so concerned about his well-being if I were you. Not with you being so close to the fire yourself. Now...

Clementine sits down.

Carver: You make sure you tell me the truth when you're sittin' where you are...and you won't end up over in that chair. You might not believe this after what happened earlier, but...I liked Reggie. He was a funny guy. He kept things light. You need folks like that...it's easy to let depression sink in during times like this. But he was weak. And I don't mean just 'cause he was maimed, that wasn't his problem. He was weak of will. Weak of character. And we can't have that around here...not anymore. Not with what we got at stake. You have to be able to contribute...

Clementine: You're a murderer! You can try and call it something else...but I know what it is. What it really is.

Carver will remember that.

Carver: Listen, Clementine... It ain't murder.

Clementine: I understand.

Carver: I knew you were a smart girl.

Clementine: He didn't deserve that...even if he messed up, he didn't deserve to die.

Carver: Oh, he certainly did.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: You see, Reggie put us at risk with his incompetence. He's had a string of screw-ups lately. Killing one in order to save many is part of survival. It's one of the tough decisions that a weaker person couldn't make. It's why it falls to people like us to lead them to safety... Do you understand? Well, I wish it was different, I do. But they are weak...and we are strong. That's why it's our responsibility to shepherd the flock...to keep them safe. It's their nature to follow...not to lead.

Clementine: I'm not like you.

Carver: I know it when I see it.

Clementine: I know... I have to do everything for them. It's exhausting.

Carver: Of course it is. But that's the role you're meant to play.

Clementine: You know what I wish?

Carver: What's that, honey?

Clementine: I wish Kenny had killed you.

Carver will remember that.

Carver: And there's all the proof I need, right there. You think anyone out there'd have the balls to say somethin' like that?

Carver: Oh, he did, but...look where he landed.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: And we're more alike than you think. In fact, I think you realize it...but you're not comfortable with it yet. There's no way you could've lasted this long otherwise. I realized it back in that cabin. You were scared...but you looked me straight in the eye. Kept your nerve. That's what we need if we're gonna get through this. The next generation has to be stronger than the last to...lead us out of this. Kids like you, raised the right way. The way my child'll be raised. It ain't this herd that keeps me up at night. We can handle that. It's not knowin' if I got anyone to hand all this off to...but I ain't worried about that anymore.

Clementine: It's not your baby. It's Alvin's.

Carver: Well, even if that was true, it's mine now.

Clementine: What if it's not yours?

Carver: Well, even if that was true, it's mine now.

Clementine: I'll help you...whatever you need. I know I'm just a kid, but...I'll do my best.

Carver will remember that.

Carver: Well, that's all I can ask.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: Alright, now--

Tavia: (over radio) Bill? You there?

Carver: (over radio) Yeah? I'm here.

Tavia: (over radio) The loading bay door is jacked. Troy really knocked the shit out of it.

Carver: (over radio) How bad is it?

Tavia: (over radio) Rails are tweaked so it won't shut all the way. I don't think it's an emergency or anything, but it's somethin' Stan should take a look at when he can.

Carver: (over radio) I'll get him on it. Out.

Carver puts the radio away.

Carver: That fuckin' idiot. Herd on its way and he puts a goddamn ding in my door. Go on back out to the yard...it's almost supper time.

Clementine leaves the office.


Tisha escorts Clementine back to the yard. The group sits in the lawn chairs around the fire.

Kenny: 'Cause we all know what happened this morning! I don't know what that son of a bitch is gonna do next!

Mike: So you wanna ring the dinner bell for a herd of walkers to show up? How is that better?

Kenny: 'Cause this place'll be fucking chaos when that thing hits. No one'll be payin' any attention to us. And that's when we go. That's our opening. We just gotta figure out a way to draw 'em to us.

Clementine takes a seat. She notices Jane sitting alone in the corner of the room.

Rebecca: Your friend here wants to get us killed by lurkers before Bill can do it.

Kenny: What is it with you?

Rebecca: That's what it sounds like to me.

Sarita: You know that's not what he's saying, but...it does sound dangerous.

Kenny: This shit is all dangerous!

Sarita: Kenny! Do not speak to me like that.

Kenny: Okay, okay. Sorry.

Clementine: Maybe Luke could help us...he's outside. He wants a radio to help keep an eye on the guards.

Rebecca: Thank you! That's the plan I vote for.

Clementine: Sound draws walkers...there was this girl, Molly...she used bells to control where they moved.

Kenny: Yeah, that's right. She had em' runnin' all over Crawford. We just need somethin' loud.

Rebecca: Well, unless you've got a megaphone tucked in your pocket, it doesn't help us much now. I still vote we get Luke the radio and wait for an opening.

Kenny: Oh, come on...

Clementine: I'm not sure this is a good idea. It puts us all at risk.

Kenny will remember that.

Rebecca: Thank you. The kid's the sensible one. I still vote we get Luke the radio and wait for an opening.

Kenny: Oh, come on...

Rebecca: I still vote we get Luke the radio and wait for an opening.

Kenny: Oh, come on...

Clementine: You know about Luke?

Mike: He flagged us down when Troy wasn't lookin'. Told us his plan...mentioned he'd talked to you.

Rebecca: If Luke can tell us what's going on with the guards, we can use that to pick a good time to escape.

Sarita: That seems reasonable.

Kenny: Who knows when that'll be?

Kenny: Look, Clem had it right. We just need something loud to get their attention.

Kenny: There was a girl back at Crawford that used church bells to send walkers all over the city. We just need something really loud.

Sarita: The PA system Carver is always using is quite loud.

Mike: There's some speakers outside the building...pointed toward the parking lot. I saw 'em when we were walking out to the work. Troy's always standing next to one of them. There are a few along the roof.

Clementine: He's right. I saw them too.

Kenny: Really...?

Clementine: I saw the controls. They're in Carver's office.

Rebecca: She's right...

Clementine: Do they work? I've never heard them on.

Mike: Actually, neither have I.

Rebecca: They're turned off, but...

Clementine says nothing.

Rebecca: It's all controlled in Bill's office. There's a switch in there that'll turn them on.

Mike: How do you know that?

Rebecca: I used to make a lot of the announcements back in the day... I had it flipped on once...luckily there wasn't much around at the time to hear it. It was plenty loud, though.

Kenny: That's perfect! We just gotta get into his office. Why didn't you say something sooner?

Rebecca: 'Cause it doesn't change anything. This isn't a discussion about how to do it, it's a discussion about whether it's stupid. And it's still stupid. The sensible thing is to get Luke the radio and wait for an opening.

Kenny: You're real difficult to deal with sometimes.

Sarita: Kenny...

Rebecca: No, that's alright. You ain't exactly a peach, either.

Kenny: Luke's in no shape to help us. You wanna put our fate in that guy's hands? It's not happening.

Mike: He did look pretty rough.

Rebecca: You guys should take a look in the mirror sometime.

Clementine: We should get the radio to Luke. It doesn't hurt to have more information.

Sarita: I agree.

Kenny: Fine! Fine. We can do that, but the herd is still what's gonna get us outta here. Maybe Luke can tell us where it's hittin' from.

Clementine: We need to get out of here soon...and the herd is right there. I'd rather take my chances with them than Carver.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Atta girl.

Mike: Look, it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Gettin' Luke the radio is helpful, whatever we end up doin'. It doesn't hurt to have more information.

Kenny: You know what? Fine. I can get behind that.

Clementine: Why can't we do both? Even if we bring the herd to us, it's probably good for Luke to be able to tell us where they're coming from.

Kenny: You know what? Fine. I can get behind that.

Mike: Look, it doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. Gettin' Luke the radio is helpful, whatever we end up doin'. It doesn't hurt to have more information.

Kenny: You know what? Fine. I can get behind that.

Kenny: Okay, so we get that turd a radio, he keeps us posted on the herd's movement. We fire up the PA thing and bring the walkers to roll over this place.

Mike: And then what?

Kenny: Get some guns and shoot our way out. I don't know! Whatever we can! We improvise.

Mike: Then that's not a plan. You don't plan to improvise.

Rebecca: I figured out what your problem is...you don't think this stuff through. If the end of the plan is just to stroll through a herd of walkers, then you should know from the jump that there's no way it's ever going to work.

Jane approaches the group.

Jane: Actually... I do it all the time.

Mike: First words I ever hear you say, and it's just some crazy, stupid shit.

Sarita: Hush. What do you mean exactly?

Jane: When you cover yourself in their smell, rub the walker guts all over you...they can't tell you from one of them.

Rebecca: Now I don't know who's crazier.

Jane: Trust me, I've walked through herds before. It works. You just have to keep calm, and make sure you're good and covered.

Sarita: You seem to know what you're talking about.

Mike: This is nuts.

Kenny: No, it's not. It's perfect.

Clementine: I've done it too.

Kenny: What?

Clementine: It's how we got out of the Marsh House. Lee covered me and we walked right through.

Kenny: Really? Holy shit. Good one, Lee.

Clementine: Lee figured that out.

Kenny: What?

Clementine: It's how we got out of the Marsh House. Lee covered me and we walked right through.

Kenny: Really? Holy shit. Good one, Lee.

Clementine: That's gross...

Jane: Bein' dead's gross too.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Alright! What are we waitin' for? Let's get that stupid radio!

Rebecca: We still have to find a way to get in the stockroom.

Jane: I got a plan for that, too. Come on, kid. Gonna need your help.

Kenny: Where the hell'd she come from?

Jane leads Clementine to the corner of the room, where a rope hangs from the roof.

Jane: We just need to use the winch...she can just climb up from there. Then just drop into one of the skylights over the stockroom. There are shelves and stuff for you to land on, so...you probably won't fall to your death.

Clementine: Great.

Rebecca: That thing breaks all the time. Unless something's changed, it won't support much weight.

Kenny: Come on, up and at 'em.

Sarita: Don't push her, Kenny.

Kenny: She's our best bet. I mean that, Clem.

Clementine: Now or never, I guess.

Kenny: That's my girl.

Clementine: It seems pretty flimsy.

Kenny: This plan? Yeah, I agree with that. Clem, it's you or nobody, so you're nominated.

Clementine: Do I have to? I'm not sure I like this.

Kenny: Clem, it's you or nobody, so you're nominated.

Kenny: Clem, it's you or nobody, so you're nominated.

Kenny: We gotta get that rope down. Mike, you wanna boost her up?

Mike: Come on, kid.

Mike picks up Clementine.

Clementine: Don't let go.

Mike: I got you.

Clementine grabs onto the end of the rope and lowers it, and Mike sets her down. Clem steps onto the hook attached to the rope and holds on; Mike pulls on the other end of the rope, raising Clem higher.

Mike: Try to hurry, alright? I don't think they're the sharpest guards in the world, but they're no idiots, either. They see you not in your bunk, we're all done. Shit, he's coming back! I gotta let you go, I can't stand here. Grab something!

As Mike drops the rope, Clementine grabs onto the ladder.

Clementine: Oof!

Clem climbs up the ladder, noticing the herd outside the walls.

Clementine: We're in trouble.

Clem reaches the roof.


A guard patrols on another roof nearby, talking on a radio.

Hank and Tavia's Conversation

Hank: (over radio) Man, you're not gonna believe what I'm looking at. There's gotta be two or three thousand of 'em out there.

Tavia: (over radio) In the parking lot?

Hank: (over radio) No, not in the parking lot. I can't see 'em all, but...I see the dust they're kicking up.

Tavia: (over radio) So you're not sure?

Hank: (over radio) What, about how many there are?

Tavia: (over radio) Yeah.

Hank: (over radio) How can I be?

Tavia: (over radio) Fuck...I hope they pass by us.

Hank: (over radio) God, yeah. You think we're ready this time?

Tavia: (over radio) I don't know. Bill thinks we are.

Hank: (over radio) Course he does, but he thought the same thing last time.

Tavia: (over radio) We learned a lot since last time.

Hank: (over radio) Is it enough, though?

Tavia: (over radio) We'll find out if they turn this way.

Hank: (over radio) Yeah. Yeah.

It's padlocked.

It's locked.

Reggie's body is gone, but a pool of blood remains.

Depending on which skylight she looked at, she either sees the stockroom or Carver in his office.

Clementine opens the skylight and jumps onto the shelf below.


Tavia is speaking on a radio, and several more on a table nearby her. Clementine maneuvers across the shelves.

Hank: (over radio) It's crazy about Reggie, huh?

Tavia: (over radio) Yeah.

Hank: (over radio) You think Bill...

Tavia: (over radio) Go on.

Hank: (over radio) No, I was just...I was wondering if you thought Bill maybe...

Tavia: (over radio) Spit it out, Hank.

Hank: (over radio) I don't think Bill was gonna let him back in.

Tavia: (over radio) Huh. You don't?

Hank: (over radio) No. Do you?

Tavia: (over radio) I don't know.

Clementine jumps down onto a stack of pallets.

Tavia: (over radio) So, really, no bullshit, you think we're ready?

Hank: (over radio) I think so. The homestead, at least. I'm not sure about the "expansion". They're out there, just...moaning.

Tavia: (over radio) That's what they do.

Clementine jumps down to the floor and hides behind a stack of planks.

Hank: (over radio) It's driving me crazy. It's really unnerving.

Tavia: (over radio) I know what you mean. You figure we'd be used to it by now.

Hank: (over radio) I wouldn't figure that.

Tavia: (over radio) You never got used to a light buzzing or anything?

Hank: (over radio) Little different when it's dead human beings walking around.

Tavia: (over radio) I'll give you that one.

Hank: (over radio) So what're you doing tomorrow?

Tavia: (over radio) Bill wants me to start getting this bay door fixed.

Hank: (over radio) That why you're down there?

Tavia: (over radio) Yup.

Clementine runs to the table of walkie-talkies.

Hank: (over radio) What happened to it again?

Tavia: (over radio) Troy backed into it when we brought the prisoners--the new people in.

Hank: (over radio) See? It's hard not to call them prisoners.

Tavia: (over radio) Anyway, I'm looking at it now... I don't think we have what we need.

Hank: (over radio) Jesus, really?

Tavia: (over radio) We repurposed a lot of shit to get this place built. I can't say for sure if we even had the materials before we started expanding.

Hank: (over radio) I don't know about you, but it seems like we really shouldn't be doing this yet. Shouldn't we just wait until we need more space to make more space?

Tavia: (over radio) I don't know, Hank. Bill's got a plan. Look, let's say we call it for now. We'll talk later.

Hank: (over radio) Alright, talk to you later.

Tavia: (over radio) Yup, later.

Hank: (over radio) Out.

Tavia: (over radio) Out.

Clementine grabs a pair of radios when Tavia isn't looking, then climbs back up the shelves.

Tavia pulls out a pack of cigarettes.

Vince: You can't be smoking back here.

Tavia: Vince, come on. Don't give me that.

Vince: If Bill smells a whiff of smoke back here, he'll flip. What're you thinking? Ya know, what, I'm just gonna tell him. I'm not letting someone else get blamed for this. That's bullshit.

Vince walks away and Tavia tosses the pack to the ground.

Tavia: Vince. Vince, come on. Vince!

Clementine reaches the roof and climbs back down the ladder.


Mike stands near the wall.

Clementine: Psst!

Mike: You get 'em? (Clementine nods) Okay, jump down. I got you.

Clementine jumps down, and Mike catches her.

Mike: We best get in bed. Troy'll be back any minute.

Mike goes to his cot. Clem approaches the bunks.

Kenny: Well?

Sarah: Come on, Clem, don't keep us waiting.

Clementine: Got 'em.

Clementine: Well, what?

Kenny: Did you get--

Clementine shows the radio.

Kenny: You little devil.

Clementine: You guys seem worried.

Kenny: You kiddin'? I just about kneeled over.

Clementine shows the radio.

Kenny: You little devil.

Mike: She got it.

Clementine lies in the bottom bunk, beneath Sarah.

Kenny: Everybody stay where you are. No need drawin' suspicion.

Sarah: That was so cool.

Kenny: Thank you, Clem.

Jane: I told you you probably wouldn't die. Nice job.

Clementine: It was nothing.

Jane: Sure it was.

Clementine: Thanks.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Yep.

Clementine: I was pretty scared.

Jane: Nothing wrong with being scared. It's how you handle it that matters.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Anyway, get some rest.

Kenny: I thought about Duck today, about his dumb little face...first things that come to mind are always the dumb things he was doin'... Kid was always runnin' in circles. Every damn place we went he'd just run. Couldn't stop him...makes it harder to remember he was a good boy. Well, long day tomorrow. One long day.

In the morning, the group gathers around the radio they've placed on the table.

Kenny: Alright, we're all here.

Rebecca: Someone's gotta get the radio out to Luke. What's the problem?

Kenny: We should probably figure out who's doin' what before we--

Tavia opens the door, and Kenny takes the radio.

Tavia: Time to get up. Daylight's burnin'. They let you sleep in, all things considered.

Sarah: Where's my dad?

Tavia: He's where the rest of you are goin'. To work.

Tavia: Rebecca, Nick, Sarah, Jane...

Tavia: Rebecca, Sarah, Jane...

Tavia: ...if you gotta take a piss, do it now. The next break won't be for a while. Troy'll be comin' up for the rest of you.

Kenny: Why just them?

Tavia: Like I said...Troy's comin' for the rest of you.

Tavia, Rebecca, Sarah, Jane, and determinantly Nick leave. Hank closes the door.

Kenny: Alright, look. If we're gonna do somethin', we have to do it NOW, and if Luke's all we got, then we pair up with him.

Mike: I can do it. Where's the meetin'?

Kenny: Mike.

Mike: Yeah?

Kenny: Clementine should do it.

Mike: Are you fuckin' kidding? No offense, but--c'mon, that's crazy, she's a kid, why would--

Kenny: There's a million reasons. She knows Luke, she can hide, she got the damn radio for us in the first place...

Mike: Who cares?!

Kenny: And I'm sorry, Mike, but I don't know you from fuckin' Adam, alright? And if I'm trustin' someone to do somethin' this important, I'm trusting her.

Mike: You don't trust me to get a radio to someone?

Clementine: Kenny's right, I should do it.

Kenny will remember that.

Mike: Don't do somethin' stupid just to get some respect.

Kenny: She doesn't need your respect.

Mike: Give me the radio.

Clementine: Kenny, no. Mike should take it.

Mike will remember that.

Kenny: Clem...

Mike: Why are you pushin' her into this? I can do it, it'll work.

Clementine: Why can't you do it, Kenny?

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: For the same reason Mike shouldn't do it. They'll notice.

Mike: Give me the radio.

Kenny will remember that.

Mike: Why are you pushin' her into this? I can do it, it'll work.

Troy enters.

Troy: Alright, little chickens, let's get to peckin'.

Mike: Alright.

Troy: And don't think today's gonna be like yesterday. No way. No shenanigans. This rooster's gonna be surveilling your ass every second of the day, you hear? Got that? I'm afraid I need an answer, girl.

Clementine: Yes, sir.

Clementine: I heard you, okay?

Troy: Good.

Clementine: Whatever.

Mike: We got it, alright?

Troy: Come on.

Kenny: You have your pockets all out. Gonna get your tags all snagged on somethin'.

Kenny puts the radio in Clementine's jacket pocket.

Troy: Let's go.


Bonnie: Hey. She's with me.

Troy: Oh, shit, I almost forgot.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Troy smacks Clementine with his gun, making her take a few steps forward.

Troy: Well, take her then, I don't care.

Kenny: Wait, wait. What's goin' on?

Troy: Never mind.

Bonnie: Just chores of a different sort. Come on, city mouse.

Kenny: Can't you cut her a break? She'd really rather keep with us...people she knows.

Bonnie: It's nothin' that'll hurt her.

Clementine: Okay. (to Kenny) It's okay.

Clementine: Won't they need my help?

Bonnie: Well, today I need it more.

Clementine: What...what're we doing?

Bonnie: Don't worry about it.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: C'mon.

Troy, Mike, and Kenny leave.

Bonnie: I just wanted to make sure you were alright.

Bonnie: I didn't believe you...when you told me about Reggie. I ran and found Bill once I left you. Figured even if he had done it, he'd make up some sort of excuse, but...

Bonnie; I found out why you looked so shaken up...about Reggie.

Bonnie: Bill was just so matter-of-fact about it...like he'd pulled up a weed or somethin'. Like it had to be done, and...that was just one of those moments when your blood runs cold. Goose pimples up and down your arm. 'Cause it turns out the person you thought you knew...was never there. You look anxious, Clementine. Somethin' the matter?

Bonnie motions for Clementine to enter the the armory.

Bonnie: You know you can talk to me, right? I was dishonest when I first met you, but I swear on everything holy that'll never happen again. You can trust me.

Clementine: Bonnie... (takes out radio) Luke's waiting for me to give this to him. He needs it.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Clementine...!

Clementine: And all I need from you...is to just not care where I am...for fifteen minutes.

Bonnie: If you get caught and you mention my name, Carver will be the least of your troubles. Okay? (Clementine nods) Well, what are you waitin' for?

Clementine: I...I need to talk to Kenny.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Do you now? I can understand that you're uncomfortable... I won't force you to be around me if you don't want to. Go on back out and be with Kenny.

Clementine: Bonnie, I'd--I'd rather be around people that I trust.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: I can understand that you're uncomfortable... I won't force you to be around me if you don't want to. Go on back out and be with Kenny.

Bonnie: I can understand that you're uncomfortable... I won't force you to be around me if you don't want to. Go on back out and be with Kenny.

Clementine leaves the armory.

Russell guards the exit.

Russell: You should get going. Bill don't like idle hands.

Clementine sneaks out to the fenced-in area of the store.

Comic Store

Troy is watching Mike and Kenny work in the clothing store.

Troy: Y'all better hurry that shit up. I hate babysittin' you assholes.

Clementine enters the comic store.

Clementine: Luke?

Clementine: Luke? Are you okay?

Clementine: LUKE!

Clementine: Luke? It's me...Clementine. It's safe to come out.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine opens the door.

Troy: Hey!

Clementine: Luke! Where is he...?

Clementine: That looks really old. He's...probably fine.

Clementine: Luke? If you're hiding, come out!

Clementine: Luke?

Clementine: Was he sleeping here?

After Clementine looks at five objects, Troy enters the store.

Troy: I swear to Christ you're gonna regret this!

Clementine: I was--

Troy slaps Clementine.

Troy: You ain't supposed to be out here.

Troy grabs the back of Clementine's neck and drags her along.

Troy: You people been here one fuckin' day and already you're fuckin' up. Well, you wait an' see what happens. MOVE.

Troy pushes Clementine forward to join Kenny and Mike.

Kenny: Hey!


Troy brings the group back to the yard. Carlos is attending to an injured Luke, and Carver paces nearby.

Troy: Get over there.

Carver: --and how is it that we're repaid for our trust? With treachery...? With deceit...? With theft!

Clementine: Did you know about this?

Kenny shakes his head.

Clementine: They caught him...

Kenny: Yeah...that's what it looks like.

Clementine: What's going on?

Kenny: I don't know, Clem.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: (brandishes radio) Whatever you were planning is over...it's done. You can't just run from your problems. You can't just up and leave when it gets tough...'cause there's nowhere else you can go where it ain't. Tough is all we got now. Get that through your fuckin' skulls. Luke here, he can't hep you now...you gotta help yourselves...you gotta help me find the strength to forgive you. Now, you can start...by telling me where the other one is. I'm gonna count to three. If that radio ain't in my hands by then, we'll have to make things more difficult. One. Two.

Clementine: I got it--

Kenny: I got it right here!

Clementine: Maybe you--

Kenny: It's right here. I got it.

Clementine: I found it--

Kenny: It's right here. I got it.

Carver: Thr--

Kenny: It's right here. I got it.

Kenny takes the radio and shows it to Carver. Carver holds out his hand. As Kenny steps forward, Sarita approaches him.

Kenny: It's alright.

Kenny goes up to Carver.

Kenny: Sorry about that...not sure what I was thinking. (drops the radio in Carver's hand)

Carver: Three.

Kenny: Heh. Fucker.

Carver hits Kenny in the left side of his face with the radio, knocking him to the floor.

Sarita: No!

Nick: Oh, god! Jesus Christ! Stop!

Carver continues to beat Kenny in the face with the radio. Sarita lunges forward, but is held back by Carlos.

Sarita: Stop him! Somebody stop him! Let me go!

Nick: Troy, do something!

Carlos: Stop! Clementine, help me!

Nick: You don't have to do this, Bill!


Sarita: Please! Please stop, please. No, no, no, no...!

Clem and Carlos try to hold Sarita back.

Carlos and Clem successfully keep Sarita from rushing forward.

Sarita: Pleeeassseee....!

Sarita drops to the floor.

Sarita: NO! ST--STOP!

Sarita rushes forward, but Troy hits her in the face with his gun, knocking her over.

Troy: Back! All of you, get the fuck back!

Clementine rushes forward, but Troy hits her in the face with his gun, knocking her over.

Troy: You little shit...

Sarita: NO! ST--STOP!

Sarita rushes forward, but Troy hits her in the face with his gun, knocking her over.

Troy: Back! All of you, get the fuck back!

Bonnie enters.

Bonnie: Bill! That's enough, Bill! Please! Bill, there's a breach!

Carver punches Kenny one last time, then lets him go, dropping the radio.

Carver: Alright, everyone come with me. Bonnie, you stick around. Make sure these folks don't get into any more trouble.

Bonnie: Yeah...okay.

Carver: No supper for y'all tonight. Maybe an empty stomach'll give you some perspective...then we'll try this again tomorrow.

Carver leaves. Sarita holds Kenny. Rebecca hugs Sarah.

Bonnie: Do your best with him, Carlos. You need to get him able to move, 'cause we're leavin' tonight. We're leavin' tonight.

At night time, the group huddles around the fire.

Clementine wakes up lying on a bunk, the side of her face scratched and bloody from when Troy hit her.

Clementine: Ugh. Oww...dang it.

Clementine gets up and walks over to the group.

Clementine is seen watching Carlos attending Kenny. She then walks over to the group.

Sarita is crying and being comforted by Rebecca while Carlos attends to Kenny, who is lying on the cot. Mike and Luke speak to Bonnie through the door to the yard, and then she leaves. Mike and Luke join the others.

Rebecca: What'd she say?

Mike: She said she can get us out of the pen if we can get the PA system going. Second she hears it, she'll run over and spring us.

Rebecca: That's great.

Luke: It's not great.

Rebecca: What're you talking about?

Luke: Look, I know part of this is my fault, I--I know. I was hungry, I got reckless tryin' to steal some food and I got caught...

Clementine: We can't stay here!

Rebecca: Exactly. We have no idea how long Alvin's got before Bill just kills him. We have to leave now.

Luke: Look, I hear what you're saying, but it's risky.

Clementine: Can we even trust Bonnie?

Luke: We got no reason not to trust her. I mean, if she wanted us caught, we'd be caught. But tonight...tonight is risky.

Clementine: Why isn't it great?

Luke: Because most of us are beat to shit. Or pregnant. And besides that, it's risky as hell.

Luke: ...but, and I know this is the first time I'm hearin' about this plan, but...it seems risky, y'all. It seems real risky.

Nick: It is pretty damn risky, guys.

Mike: Risky? Did you see what that son of a bitch just did? Look, the plan works. Nothing needs to change. It's all set up. The hard part is done. This guy's fucking crazy. Who knows what he'll do next?

Luke: Yeah, but now we're dealin' with a guy beat to shit, Sarita in no shape to do anything, and I'm a goddamn mess. Look, we should rest up, okay? We should bide our time, and we should wait for an opening.

Mike: Bonnie's agreeing to help us tonight.

Luke: And that doesn't mean she can't do it some OTHER night.

Nick: I don't know, guys... Luke's makin' sense. Maybe we should wait.

Rebecca: We're NOT waiting.

Luke: Ain't nothin' out there, guys. Trust me, I looked! There's no food, there's no supplies. They picked everything clean. I'm just sayin', we gotta be sensible about this.

Mike: This IS being sensible.

(If Clem tried to help Kenny.)

Clementine: Where's Kenny?

Luke: Doc's over there workin' on him. It don't look good.

(If Clem did nothing/restrained Sarita.)

Clementine: How's Kenny?

Luke: Doc's over there workin' on him. It don't look good.

Clementine: We need to leave now. It's only gonna get worse.

Clementine: We should wait. Everyone's hurt. Everyone's tired. It's a bad idea.

Nick: Terrible.

Luke: It's not terrible, it just ain't great.

Nick: Exactly.

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos joins the group.

Luke: This is what I'm talkin' about. We're in no shape to go now.

Clementine: Is he gonna be okay?

Clementine: Can I see him?

Carlos: I...don't think that's a good idea.

Clementine: You better fix him...you better.

Carlos will remember that.

Carlos: I'm doing my best.

Mike: How is he?

Carlos: His orbital is crushed... I don't think there's much hope for the eye... I got him as stable as I could, cleaned it, got some of the swelling down, bandaged it as best I could...but until he wakes up...we won't know if there's any damage to the brain.

Mike: Fuck.

Luke: Okay, look...maybe I'm just playin' devil's advocate here, but if...damn it, if y'all are serious about goin' tonight, then we're gonna have to start talkin' about maybe...leavin' some folks behind.

Sarita: No!

Luke: There is no other way.

Rebecca: This is bullshit.

Luke: Well, I don't like it either, but guess what? It's where we're at.

Sarita: Kenny and I are only here because of you people...and now you intend to leave us behind.

Carlos: So we should risk all of our lives?

Rebecca: What are you saying?

Carlos: Nothing... I'm--I'm just thinking out loud here.

Sarita: We are NOT leaving him!

Clementine: No! We're not leaving Kenny! That's not fair. We stay together.

Luke: Life ain't fair, Clem. We're just tryin' to make the best of a bad situation, here. No one wants to leave Kenny.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Good, 'cause...you won't have to.

Clementine: We'll figure something out! Okay, just... It's not fair!

Luke: Life ain't fair, Clem. We're just tryin' to make the best of a bad situation, here. No one wants to leave Kenny.

Kenny: Good, 'cause...you won't have to.

Clementine: Kenny would want us to go.

Sarita will remember that.

Sarita: How can you say that?! After all he's done for you.

Clementine: That's why I know he'd want you safe...he'd want us all safe. It's what he'd tell us if he could.

Kenny: It'd be somethin' like that.

Kenny: I can...I can make it.

Kenny slowly approaches the group. His left eye is bloody and bandaged. Sarita hugs him.

Kenny: I'm alright, hon. We leave tonight...plan don't change.

Nick: Not bad, old man.

Kenny: Thanks, asshole.

Mike: You are one tough bastard.

Kenny: Do tough bastards get their ass kicked in front of everybody?

Clementine walks up to him.

Kenny: You alright? That wasn't your fault, okay? So don't go blamin' yourself.

Clementine hugs Kenny.

Kenny: It's alright.

Clementine: I'm glad you're okay...

Kenny: Me too...if you can call this okay.

Clementine: Are you gonna be okay to go?

Kenny: Yeah, this ain't nothin'.

Kenny: We're gonna be okay.

Luke: Alright... Well, then, what now?

Kenny: We get the hell outta here.

Luke: Like now, now?

Rebecca: Yes!

Kenny: Where are we goin'? In case things get squirrely and we gotta make a break for it, we need a place to meet up.

Mike: We could meet out at Parker's Run.

Kenny: The hell is that?

Mike: It's a Civil War site just a few miles north. Tourist trap. Got signs all over. Just follow the road.

Rebecca: We stopped there after we escaped the first time. Luke and Carlos know where it is. It's not that far.

Kenny: Well, at least if a few folks know where it's at, it'll be easier to find if we're split up. Alright, that works.

Luke: Then we just need someone to go set off that PA, right? I mean, you never bothered to explain who's supposed to do that.

Everyone looks at Clementine.

Luke: Wait, wait, hold on... She's the plan?

Clementine: Let's go.

Clementine: I'm gonna need a boost.

Clementine: Why's it always me?

Clementine says nothing.

The group gathers by the wall. Clementine grabs onto the rope.

Rebecca: Be sure to remember to flip the switch for the outdoor speakers. Just the indoor speakers might not draw the herd. It's right on the microphone box.

Clementine: Right.

Rebecca: By default it's set to play music, so you should just have to turn it on, right? Then climb back up and drop into the stockroom. We'll meet you there.

Clementine: Down into the office, outdoor speaker switch, turn on PA, up to the roof, down into the stockroom to meet you guys. That right?

Rebecca: Perfect.

Clementine: Can you tell me again?

Rebecca: You gotta set off the PA system in Carver's office, then climb back up onto the roof, drop into the stockroom, and that's where we'll meet you.

Clementine: Right.

Rebecca: Do NOT forget about turning the outdoor speakers on.

Clementine: Got it.

Clementine: Yeah. I got it.

Clementine says nothing.

Mike pulls on the rope to raise Clem to the roof.

Sarita: Be careful!

Clementine: 'Kay.

Rebecca: Clem! Make sure you bring Alvin.


Clementine climbs up the ladder to the roof, opens the skylight, and drops down into Carver's office.

Alvin is still slumped over in the chair.

Clementine: Alvin!

Talk to Alvin

Clementine: Alvin? Are--are you okay?

He doesn't respond.

Clementine shakes Alvin, but he doesn't respond.

Clementine finds a pistol.

Clementine: Only one bullet...

Clementine looks at the PA system and switches on the external speakers.

Clementine: Okay, now the mic...

Clementine turns the volume knob, but music doesn't play.

Clementine: Wh--what's wrong?

Clementine tries to turn on the CD receiver, but nothing happens.

Clementine: No, no, no, no...

Clementine presses the eject button and discovers there is no CD in the receiver.

Clementine: No, where are they?

Clementine grabs the CD from the shelf below the desk, inserts it, and turns it on.

Clementine: Come on, come on... Please work.

Clementine turns up the volume.

Speakers: This Fourth of July, make sure your backyard barbecue is complete with Howe's full line of products to meet your grilling needs.

Upon hearing the recording, Bonnie runs to the pen.

Alvin starts searching the desk drawer.

Clementine: Alvin...are...are you okay?

Clementine: What...what did they do to you, Alvin?

Clementine: Alvin? Wh--what's wrong?

Clementine says nothing.

Alvin find a pistol.

Alvin: Carver talks all that tough guy shit...then keeps the tiniest gun in the universe...somethin' funny about that.

Speakers: You have the project, we have the know-how. Howe's.

Clementine sees Carver and several guards mobilizing.

Clementine: Come on! We have to go!

Alvin will remember that.

Alvin: I ain't goin' anywhere, but you are. Go on. I mean to get some payback.

Clementine: No! We're leaving. We're all leaving.

Alvin: I ain't fit to move, kid. I've...I've run outta road.

Clementine: Can I have the gun?

Alvin: (chuckles) Jesu--Jesus, d--don't make me laugh...hurts too much. I ain't gonna let my last act on this earth be handin' a firearm to a child.

Clementine: What are you talking about?

Alvin: I ain't fit to move, kid. I've...I've run outta road.

Clementine: Do you...do you think you can stall them a little?

Alvin: That's what I'm intendin'. First fella through that door...gonna be in for a surprise.


Hank: Let's... No, I'll--I'll just go up there and shut that thing off!

Alvin: You gotta get outta here. They'll be here any second.

Clementine: Thank you...

Alvin: You take care of my girls... I get the feelin' it's--it's gonna be a girl. Just a hunch. Go on.

Clementine climbs up the lockers. Hank enters and shoots Alvin in the shoulder, and Alvin shoots him in the chest before slumping over in the chair.

Clementine pushes a locker over to barricade the door.


Clementine returns to the roof.

Speakers: From charcoal briquettes to propane tanks, Howe's has all you need to make your day special.

Tavia enters the roof and Clem runs off before she is seen.

Speakers: This week only, Kennedy leafblowers are 22 percent off. How's that for a deal?

Clementine hears gunshots. She drops down into the stockroom, where Carver has the group at gunpoint, and they have their hands up. Clementine climbs across the shelves and until she is above Carver.

Carver: You wanna disrespect me, fine. You wanna throw away the life...I'm tryin' to build for us all...then fuckin' fine! You wanna run off with this dogshit group of crippled fucks, then fine! Be my guest. But I will put a bullet in you and that baby before I let you leave again with my child!

Rebecca: It's not yours!

Carver: You don't fucking know that! And until we do, you're not goin' anywhere.

(If Alvin died in the office.)

Clementine jumps down and kicks Carver, making him stumble forward.

(If Alvin died in the lodge.)

Clementine shoots Carver in the ear.

Kenny punches Carver and Luke takes his gun, pointing it at him. The group lowers their hands and picks up their weapons.

Luke: Get back.

Carver: Come on, Luke. This ain't none of your business.

Rebecca: Clem, where...why isn't Alvin with you? Where is he?

Rebecca notices the expression on Clem's face and realizes what happened.

Rebecca: Alvin...

Luke: Rebecca, I am...oh, god, I am so sorry.

Rebecca: Kill him.

Carver: Rebecca, Rebecca, sweetie, my god. How did we get here, you and me?

Carver: This is just a bit of a custody battle we got on our hands, here.

Rebecca: Shoot him.

Clementine: Just shoot him.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: What? No, I d--

Clementine: Come on. Let's go.

Luke: But--but what do we do with--

Clementine: We should tie him up.

Luke: Yeah...yeah, okay, okay, we got any rope--

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny shoots Carver in both knees, and he falls to the ground. Kenny picks up a nearby crowbar.

Kenny: Go on and wait outside.

Carlos: We have to go!

Sarita: Kenny, please.

Mike opens the door. He, Bonnie, and Jane leave.

Kenny: I only need a minute. Go on. You don't need to see this.

Carver: That girl's already seen more than you can imagine.

Luke: Shut your mouth, Bill! You're all just gonna let him do this?

Rebecca: Yes.

Luke: There ain't one part of that son of a bitch I don't hate, but that does not make this right. I don't want nothin' to do with this.

Clementine: I'm not going anywhere.

They will remember that.

Kenny: It's gonna get messy.

Clementine: I know.

Clementine: Kenny? Please, don't do this...

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: It's got to be done, Clem.

Clementine: We don't have time for this.

Kenny: I'm makin' time.

Clementine says nothing.

Carver: Look at you...you fuckin' ingrates. You don't even know how good you got it.

Carlos, Sarah, Luke, and determinantly Nick walk toward the door.

Carver: That's alright... you'll learn. Lambs to the slaughter... No shepherd to guide you. Clementine knows exactly what I'm talkin' about.

Sarita: Come on.

Luke: Come on, Clem.

Carver: Fuckin' big man now, huh?

Sarita: Let's go.

Clementine: No.

Sarita: I'm not letting you see this.

Sarita tries to pull Clem toward the door, but she shrugs her away.

Clementine: It's not your decision.

Carver: Atta girl...she ain't afraid to look it in the eye. You go with that feelin' ya got right now, Clementine. It's what makes you stronger than the rest of 'em.

Carlos: Come on. Let's go.

Everyone but Kenny, Rebecca, Kenny, and Clementine leaves.

Carver: Yeah, go on. Let the sheep out of the pen. We'll see how long that lasts.

Rebecca: I'll be right there.

Kenny: You won't see anything.

Carver: That's funny comin' from you. How's that eye? Just follow my voice...it'll get ya there. You got a thick fuckin' skull, Kenneth. Should've put you outta your misery right then...now look at ya. You're a mess. The fuck are you looking at, bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it--

Kenny smacks Carver in the face with the crowbar. He continues beating him until his face becomes an unrecognizable pulp.

Kenny: Let's go.

Rebecca takes Carver's pistol.

Clementine turns away.

Carver: Oh, come on, Clementine, don't be like that. Don't run away...you know you wanna see the show. Who do you think you're foolin', huh? I know you. I know who you are.

Sarita: Let's go.

Sarita guides Clem to the door.

Carver: Yeah, go on. Let the sheep out of the pen. We'll see how long that lasts.

Kenny: You won't see anything.

Carver: That's funny comin' from you. How's that eye? Just follow my voice...it'll get ya there. You got a thick fuckin' skull, Kenneth. Should've put you outta your misery right then...now look at ya. You're a mess.

Sarita and Clem leave.

Parking Lot

A large herd of walkers approaches the store.

Kenny can be heard beating up Carver in the stockroom. Carlos covers Sarah's ears.

Sarita: That's not the Kenny I know in there... I wish...I thought...I could save him.

Kenny leaves the stockroom and enters the parking lot. Sarita reaches toward him.

Kenny: No, no, I'm--I'm alright. Come on...we got enough to worry about.

Nick: Man, we're never gonna make it through this.

Luke: You kidding me? If Clem can handle it, you can.

Kenny: Shit. I thought they were coming from the south.

Rebecca: They did...looks like we're in the eye of it now.

Mike: Fuck...this is fucked.

Luke hands Clem a hatchet.

Luke: Here. You're gonna need somethin'.

Clementine: Thanks.

Speakers: Summer heat got you hot? Cool off with our selection of above ground pools. Talk to a friendly house associate for details. How's that for refreshing?

Clementine kills an approaching walker. The group kills a few more walkers, and Jane slices open one of the corpses. Carver's group tries to gun down the approaching herd. Jane smears walker guts over herself.

Jane: You guys better hurry up and get to smearing if you wanna live. Or you can die here...doesn't matter to me.

Rebecca: Oh, god...

Jane: Do it quick. We need to get covered before the rest of them get close, or we're fucked.

Clem cuts open the walker she killed.

Sarah: Ugh.

Rebecca: This isn't gonna work...

Clementine covers her hands with walker's entrails.

Clementine: I'll go first.

Sarah: You're gonna put that on yourself?

Clementine: We have to, Sarah.

Clementine rubs the walker guts on herself.

Clementine: Okay, now you. Turn around.

Sarah: (turns around) Smells gross.

Mike: No shit.

Jane: Everybody shut the fuck up and get covered.

Clementine smears the guts on Sarah's back. Carlos approaches them and helps cover Sarah in blood and entrails.

Carlos: It'll be okay, honey. Just stay still.

Sarah: Are...are you sure?

Carlos: I'm sure. There's nothing to fear if you remain calm. I'll keep you safe.

Jane: Hurry the fuck up.

Carlos: Turn around, I'll get your back.

Clem turns around and Carlos smears guts on her back.

Kenny: We ain't got all day here, everybody ready? They're almost on us.

Troy approaches the group.

Troy: What in the actual fuck is going on here?! What is this sick shit? Someone say something before I start--

Luke reaches toward the gun on the ground.

Troy: HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY! Don't you even fucking think about it, motherfucker. I will end you, you hear me?!

Luke puts his hands up as Troy points the gun at him. Jane picks up her pistol and hides it behind her back, slowly approaching Troy.

Jane: Troy. Troy, we talked about this.

Troy: What? The fuck you talkin' about?

Jane: I told you I wanted to get out. You said you'd help, then I'd help.

Troy: I thought you meant get outta the pen! Not whatever the fuck this shit is!

Jane: I did, but now we can leave. Troy...you can come with us.

Troy: What? Well...where would we go?

Jane: Away from here...together...

Troy: Man, you smell really bad. You gotta get a bath before we--

Jane grabs his gun and shoots him in the groin. By now, walkers have reached the group. They ignore everyone covered in guts and are drawn by Troy's screams.

Troy: You shot my dick off! You--you bitch!

Jane returns to the others. Walkers devour Troy.

Jane: Come on. Don't make any noise, got it? They might hear something they don't like. And for fuck's sake, WALK. Act like you belong and you will belong.

The group slowly moves through the herd. Carver's group continues firing at the walkers.

Tyler: Get over here!

Lowell: I need more ammo!

Luke: We got this, y'all... Is that Tavia?

Tyler: Where's Bill?! We need him up here!

Bonnie: Stay calm...

Luke: Shh...we're gonna be okay.

Lowell: They're fucking everywhere!

Jane: Don't run.

Lowell: We need more ammo!

Mike: Watch Sarah.

Carlos: Shhh. Quiet, honey. Clementine, come help me! Calm her down. Please. Just say something. You're her friend. Clementine, you--

Clementine doesn't have a chance to speak.

Clementine doesn't have a chance to speak.

Clementine doesn't have a chance to speak.

Clementine says nothing.

Carlos is shot in the neck by Carver's group and devoured by walkers.

Sarah: DAD! DAD! (sobbing) DAAAAAD!

Some walkers take notice of Sarah's screams. Sarita kills one moving toward her. Bonnie guns down several more.

Bonnie: Sarah!

Sarita: Kenny!

Mike: Man, goddamn it!

Kenny: I can't get to you, babe!

Sarah: Please, Daddy...no...

Clementine: Sarah, shut up!

Clementine: Run, Sarah!

Clementine: Sarah, get a hold of yourself!

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: Sarah, did you--

Sarah runs off. Clementine kills a walker, and dodges another one, but trips and falls. She gets back up and kills several more walkers. Clementine hears a gasp and runs over to Sarita to discover that a walker is gnawing on her wrist. Sarita tries to push it away, but to no avail.

Clementine hacks into Sarita's arm.

Sarita: Oh, my god!

Clem chops her arm again, cutting it off completely. Sarita holds her wounded arm and screams.

Clementine kills the walker. Sarita stares at her injury.

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