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"In This Life" is the tenth and final episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the tenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 29, 2020. It was written by Matt Negrete, Ben Sokolowski & Maya Goldsmith and directed by Magnus Martens.[1]


A divided group struggles to reunite. Others set their sights on the greater good.


At the CRM research facility, Dr. Bennett describes Iris and Hope to Dr. Belshaw, his new girlfriend. Dr. Belshaw asks what he would be doing with Iris and Hope if they were all together. Dr. Bennett guesses that Iris would be helping someone and that Hope would be getting into trouble.

Hope aims her gun at Huck and demands to know Huck's real identity.

Silas cooks meat on a grill outside an abandoned building. The grill tips over and starts a fire.

Silas takes refuge in a warehouse and sees Elton outside.

Silas reunites with Elton. Elton reveals unconscious Percy in a wagon.

Felix and Iris speculate about why Hope and Huck left without saying good-bye. Iris tells Felix that she doesn't trust Huck and recalls the room that Huck had warned her away from.

Huck admits to Hope that she works for the CRM. Hope tells Huck that she decoded the CRM book and guesses that she is the "asset." Empties appear nearby.

Dr. Bennett asks Dr. Belshaw if she ever heard from their colleague, Dr. Abbott, after his sudden departure. Dr. Belshaw says that Dr. Abbott went to visit a sick sister.

Hope and Huck fight the empties. Huck reminds Hope of the fighting lessons she taught her back home.

Felix and Iris enter the room that Huck had warned them away from and find it filled with supplies. Iris notes that they could have used the supplies to treat Felix's ankle and fix the truck.

Percy tells Silas and Elton that he fled from the group after Huck killed Tony. Silas says they need to save Iris and Hope from Huck.

Hope and Huck kill all the empties. Huck tells Hope that she faked the urgent messages from Dr. Bennett to lure Hope away from the Campus Colony. She says that her mission was to show Hope that the world is worth rebuilding.

Dr. Bennett describes Hope's genius to Dr. Belshaw and says that when Hope was six years old, she disassembled a computer and reassembled it all by herself.

Huck and Hope continue their journey to a CRM rendezvous point. Huck explains that the CRM needs people with Hope's genius to rebuild the world.

Silas, Elton and Percy strategize a plan to find Iris and Hope. Percy vows to avenge Tony. A truck with CRM soldiers parks outside.

Felix and Iris fix the truck. Felix teaches Iris how to drive a manual transmission car, since his ankle injury prevents him from driving. Iris lurches down the road.

Hope and Huck take shelter in a house. They hide when they see Felix and Iris park outside.

Felix and Iris search the house and find Hope and Huck. Iris accuses Huck of lying about the supply room. Huck insists it was a simple miscommunication and asks for the truck keys to move the truck off the road. She asks Hope to join her. Felix pulls his gun on Huck and demands to know what she's doing with Hope.

Dr. Belshaw privately rehearses a dialogue in which she informs Dr. Bennett that he will be reunited with Hope in 24 hours. She reveals that she told the CRM about Hope after learning about her genius. She predicts that Dr. Bennett will hate her for involving Hope.

Dr. Belshaw sits with Dr. Bennett in front of a fire. Dr. Bennett asks what's on her mind.

Hope tells Felix and Iris that Huck is with the CRM and urges them to leave if they want to live. Huck grabs Felix's gun. They fight and tumble down the stairs. A lantern tips over and starts a fire.

Silas, Elton and Percy presume that the CRM came to search the area after hearing Elton's radio call to Huck. Silas says he knows a way out.

Huck and Felix fight each other. Felix slashes Huck with his weapon. Hope retrieves a gun from the floor.

Elton, Silas and Percy start to sneak away from the CRM soldiers. Percy worries his injury will slow them down and urges Elton and Silas to leave him behind. Silas decides to stay behind and insists that Elton and Percy continue without him.

Outside the house, Huck overpowers Felix and is about to kill him when Hope threatens to shoot herself unless Huck stops attacking Felix. She tells Felix and Iris that the CRM needs her help with research and begs them to return home.

Silas tells Elton and Percy that he can buy them some time by surrendering to the CRM. He makes his way toward the CRM soldiers. Elton and Percy escape.

Felix and Iris say good-bye to Hope.

Silas surrenders to the CRM.

Felix and Iris watch Hope and Huck drive away in the truck.

Dr. Belshaw starts to tell Dr. Bennett about Hope's arrival but decides against it at the last minute. Dr. Bennett reveals that he is suspicious about the CRM and worries that Will's scouting expedition has been gone for too long. He asks for Dr. Belshaw's help with a plan to find out if the CRM is deceiving them.

Huck and Hope arrive at the rendezvous point.

Elton and Percy continue their journey to find Hope and Iris.

A CRM helicopter arrives at the rendezvous point. Elizabeth disembarks. She tells Huck that the CRM is searching for Hope's friends and already captured one of them. Huck insists she was going to escort Hope's friends back home, but Elizabeth says she wanted no loose ends. She welcomes Hope to the CRM and escorts her to the helicopter.

Felix and Iris walk through the woods. Iris vows to take down the CRM. She recalls Hope's parting words, predicting that Iris would dismantle the CRM. In a flashback, it's revealed that Iris assisted Hope in her moments of genius.

Hope looks out the helicopter window.

Iris and Felix run into Will in the woods. Will embraces Felix and says he thought they were all dead. He is shocked to learn that Felix is unaware of the massacre at the Campus Colony. More people emerge from the surrounding mist.

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  • Last appearance of Kari Bennett. (Flashback)
  • The title of the episode, "In This Life", refers to Huck's line to Felix: "In this life... sometimes you gotta do bad to do good."
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on November 26, 2020.
  • This episode was aired alongside "The Deepest Cut".[2]
  • This episode marks the halfway point in the 20 episode run of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
  • It's revealed that the distress letter sent to Hope by Leo in "Brave" was actually sent by Huck in order to get Hope to leave the Campus Colony. Huck had thought that Hope would come to her after Iris tried to talk her out of it and didn't anticipate that Hope would go with the Endlings instead.
    • It's also revealed that Huck is unaware of the massacre of the Campus Colony.
    • Percy reveals that Huck had shot both him and Tony, exonerating Silas. Huck explains that with Tony and Percy's truck and the CRM Maps, they were two days away from "knocking on the CR's door" which would've caused them to kill everyone. Huck insists that it was the only way to save everyone else.
    • Leo is shown to be unaware of Dr. Samuel Abbott's death, simply believing that he had suddenly returned to Portland due to his sister getting ill.
  • According to the CRM's models, if progress isn't made in the next 30 years, human life will be gone from the planet.
  • This is the first episode this season where a new named character is not introduced, whether that be seen or mentioned.
  • Zach Ball, a recurring Savior extra from the main show, makes an appearance in the end of the episode as one of the survivors in Will's group.

Episode Highlights[]



  • The gun that Hope uses during the fight at the house is clearly Felix's gun equipped with a silencer. However, Hope had dropped that gun earlier on the road and it's supposed to be Huck's gun that she's holding. After the silencer is removed, it's Huck's gun again.