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"Okay. You have to listen to me, okay, Elton? I need you to stay inside the box and be as quiet as you can, and you can't leave, no matter what, okay? (...) I'm gonna go find us a safe way home. And I'm gonna lock that door from the outside so nothing can hurt you. Okay? And to be extra sure... This is a very special horn. Okay? It keeps anyone who's holding it safe forever. So go ahead and hold it. Hold onto it tight, okay? (...) Don't be. I'm not scared, okay? And you shouldn't be, either. It's all gonna work out the way it's supposed to, right? I love you, Elton. (...) It's okay."
—Isaac to his son when the outbreak has started, also his last words.[src]

Isaac Ortiz is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the husband of Amelia and father of Elton and the unborn Esmerelda.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Isaac Ortiz grew up with a fascination of science. When he was 10 years old, he was trying to take a photo of Mars when a meteor shot straight through the sky. The meteor was captured on film and this furthered Isaac's fascination with science, specifically paleontology and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

As an adult, Isaac became a professional paleontologist and lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. He later met a fellow scientist named Amelia and the two later married. In 2005, she gave birth to their son, Elton. In early 2010, Isaac and Amelia began to expect their second child, a girl, who Elton lovingly named prematurely, Esmerelda.


Lincoln, Nebraska

In the fall of 2010, the outbreak became global. Early in the day of the global outbreak, Isaac began to hear reports of the virus and increased police activity around the local hospital. Isaac later took Amelia, who was in her third trimester, and Elton to his storage room where he kept all of his fossils. He then showed Elton a picture of a meteor he took when he was 10 and explained what meteors were and how one killed all the dinosaurs. Amelia asked Isaac to not teach Elton that material when he was so young. While in the storeroom, Amelia got a text that her meeting at Nebraska State University had been pushed up to earlier, prompting Amelia to leave. Isaac then warned Amelia about the virus and police at the hospital. Elton then revealed that he wanted to name his little sister Esmerelda, to which Isaac and Amelia disagreed with. Amelia then left as Isaac took Elton over to his desk and helped him brush and clean the fossils.

Season 1

"Madman Across the Water"

In a flashback, Elton and his parents enter Isaac's office at the Nebraska Natural History Museum. A five-year old Elton is drawn to a dinosaur fossil, but his father warns Elton to stay away as the fossil is very, very old. Elton asks if it's older than Isaac and Isaac admits that it's older than pretty much everything. Elton looks at a large photograph of on the wall and Isaac explains that one night when he was ten years old, he was trying to take a photo of Mars and the meteor flew across the sky. While a smiling Amelia watches, Isaac explains to Elton what a meteor is and how one making to the ground had rendered the dinosaurs extinct.

As Isaac starts to go into detail, Amelia stops him, reminding Isaac that their son is only five. However, Isaac encourages his son's interest in science, telling Amelia and Elton that it is never too early for him to learn if Elton is interested. Amelia calls Elton over to her and has him feel his unborn sister kicking. Amelia gets a text notification that her staff meeting at the university has been moved up and she has to go. Isaac warns his wife to be safe due to reports of something going on near the hospital with a lot of police activity. Elton plays with one of the beads on his mother's bracelet and tells his parents that he wants to get a bracelet for Esmerelda as Elton has decided to name his sister. Amelia promises that they can talk about the name later and that a bracelet is a very sweet gift for his sister. After Amelia leaves, Isaac and Elton begin working together on cleaning up a Triceratops horn fossil.

In another flashback, as the sounds of chaos and gunshots echo in the background, Issac places a terrified young Elton into a box and tells him to stay there, be as quiet as he can and don't leave no matter what. Isaac tells his son that he's going to find them a safe way home and lock the door to his office from the outside so that nothing can hurt Elton. Isaac gives Elton his Triceratops horn fossil, promising him that it's a very special horn that keeps anyone holding it safe forever. Elton tells his father that he's terrified, but Isaac claims not to be scared and that Elton shouldn't be either, promising that it will all work out the way that it's supposed to. Isaac and Elton hug, expressing their love for each other, before Isaac locks his son in the box.

Later, after hearing the chaos end and a soldier declare that it's all clear, Elton emerges from the box and finds that the museum is now in ruins. Outside of the office, Elton discovers his father's body, Isaac having been turned into a zombie and then shot in the head by the soldiers. Grabbing a messenger bag from an overturned cart, Elton places his Triceratops horn inside of it and, with a final look at Isaac's body, he leaves the museum. Outside, Elton picks up an evacuation notice showing a route from the museum to the future Campus Colony and he begins following the path that it shows.


Killed By

Right after leaving his office, Isaac is attacked and devoured by empties.

  • Unnamed soldier (Zombified)

Sometime later, the military swept through the building and killed all the walkers, including Isaac.


World Beyond

Season 1


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