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Maybe we're the same that way, broken until the world ended.
―Isabelle to Daryl Dixon.

Isabelle Carriere, also referred to as Izzy or Isa, is the tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. A drug addict and professional thief from Paris, she lived with her boyfriend Quinn and her younger, pregnant sister Lilly when the outbreak began, during which Lilly was bitten. Upon arriving to a safe house at the Abbey of Saint Bernadette, Lilly died and reanimated before they removed her son and Isabelle's nephew, Laurent. Due to the nature of Laurent's birth, Isabelle and the Union of Hope believed Laurent is the key to saving humanity. Isabelle raised Laurent and became a nun at the Abbey.

Thirteen years after the outbreak, the Isabelle and the Abbey took in Daryl Dixon. A survivor from the United States of America, he was brought to France against his will by Power of the Living, a paramilitary organization. After the group attacked the Abbey trying to get to Daryl, Isabelle agreed to help Daryl get home if he could get her, Laurent, and Sylvie to safety.


Isabelle is a smart, kind, headstrong nun capable of protecting herself and the people she loves. Before the outbreak, she had a rocky life. She was a drug addict and heavy partier, who would steal in order to fuel her life style. In addition, she also struggled with self-harm and suicidal thoughts even acting upon the urges. Despite these flaws, she did care deeply about her sister Lily, and started taking care of her child when he was born. After her sister's death, she would repent of her ways and become a nun joining the Abbey of Saint Bernadette, but never told Laurent that she was his aunt. She is shown to have good relationships with her allies and is very welcoming to Daryl upon meeting him.

In "Deux Amours", she would start to relapse, attempting to cut herself again.


Paris, Île-de-France[]

Before the outbreak, Isabelle lived in Paris and was a drug addict and a professional thief who would pickpocket club patrons. She was also in a relationship with a man named Quinn who saved her life after a suicide attempt by slashing her wrists. Her parents died at some point and Isabelle helped take care of her younger sister Lily.

She also had a neighbor named Aimée.


Paris, Île-de-France[]

When Monument Day began, Isabelle was partying at a Paris club and robbing patrons. Moments after Isabelle left, the club fell victim to a walker attack and Isabelle herself nearly fell victim to the chaos engulfing the streets of Paris before being rescued by Quinn.

Abbey of Saint Bernadette[]

Isabelle refused to abandon her sister Lily, even after learning that she was 7 months pregnant and being warned by Quinn that she couldn't join them where they're going. In order to protect her sister, Isabelle steals Quinn's car and flees, but Lily is bitten while they are trying to get help at an abandoned ambulance. Isabelle took Lily to the Abbey of Saint Bernadette for help where Lily died and reanimated, but the nuns and priest were able to deliver the baby safely via an emergency C-section. Isabelle named her newborn nephew Laurent after the saint.

Over the next 12 years, Isabelle became a nun at the abbey and raised Laurent together with the nuns. However, she never revealed that she was Laurent's aunt to him and lied about his parents. Isabelle and the nuns joined the Union of Hope who believed that Laurent was the Messiah who would lead humanity to a revival and Isabelle would often go out and leave messages of hope around the area near the abbey.

Season 1[]

"L'âme Perdue"

As Daryl continues his journey, he stops to treat his burn wound, observed by Isabelle from a nearby hill. In the window of the car that Daryl stops next to is a small sign reading "dieu vous aime". Although Daryl spots his watcher, he chooses to ignore them and continue with his journey, stopping by a sign that shows that Lourdes is 15 kilometers away while two other locations, partially faded away, are 28 and 55 kilometers away respectively, also with a small sign below the town names. Using a French to English dictionary, Daryl translates the sign out loud as "God loves you" and, with a final look at Isabelle, he resumes walking. Isabelle posts another sign and then departs herself.

As Daryl passes out, Isabelle enters and scares off the thieves with a gunshot.

Daryl awakens tied to a bed and Isabelle, now dressed in her nun's clothes, introduces herself and reassures Daryl that he's a guest, having only been tied up for his own safety. Isabelle tells Daryl that he's lucky to still have his arm as Daryl had a wound from a burner and cauterization is the best way to prevent the spread of it and that they call zombies "the hungry ones" in France with burners being just one kind. As she checks on Daryl's wound, Isabelle explains that they're a small community of nuns, very small now after 12 years of the outbreak, which survives by farming, gardening and scavenging. Having found Daryl's tape recorder, Isabelle knows that he's from the Commonwealth in America and asks how he came to be in France, but Daryl only tells her that it was "a bunch of bad decisions." With the cauterization holding, Isabelle tells him to clean up so that he can avoid infection from the wound. As Isabelle leaves to get more bandages, locking him in, Daryl tells her that she can call him Daryl rather than Mr. Dixon. Looking out the window, Daryl observes the nuns playing around with a young boy who is dressed up pretending to be a knight. Daryl falls asleep in the bathtub and has a nightmare of floating in the ocean.

When he wakes up again, Isabelle brings Daryl some new clothes and uses honey garlic to treat his head wound in order to fight infection. Looking at the wall decorations, Daryl quips that the nuns have kept all of their options open, and Isabelle explains that, over the years, the abbey has become a part of a group called the Union of Hope which is open to all messengers of faith and perseverance. The Union believes that humanity is enduring a test from which they will soon be delivered. Daryl admits that he's never put much stock in God, but Isabelle tells him that God has put stock in him. Isabelle asks about the scars on his back, and Daryl tells her that his father was a smoker and he used to have a brother with Isabelle in turn revealing that she had a sister. Daryl notices scars on Isabelle's wrist, and she tells him that the "parish priest used to say our scars show that we have suffered, but more importantly, that we have healed from our suffering."

Isabelle shows Daryl around the abbey, and he asks about the little boy that he saw. Isabelle explains that Laurent grew up there, having been orphaned. The other nuns are afraid of Daryl, but he reassures Isabelle that he'll be gone soon. Daryl comes across the abbey's armory and Isabelle explains that medieval churches often had weapons rooms because they were often needed back then and the nuns have trained themselves to use the medieval weapons stored there, just in case. Daryl is impressed by the killer nuns with Isabelle confirming that they can defend themselves if they need to. Daryl notices a medieval gun collection and Isabelle explains that Père Jean was a collector as his grandfather fought in the Marquis with the missing gun being the one that Isabelle uses. Daryl checks out Père Jean's office behind the armory and asks if the nun knows how to use the CB radio inside. Isabelle admits that it's been awhile since she's been able to reach anyone on it and agrees to let Daryl give it a try once he gets better. Locking the door, Isabelle offers to try reaching out to a Spainard that she had spoken to a few months ago who speaks a bit of English. Isabelle's own English is good as her parents worked for Médecins Sans Frontières and they traveled all over including to Bosnia, Chechnya and Rwanda. Isabelle and her sister finished up their schooling in Paris and she ended up at the abbey because of a bunch of good decisions.

Continuing the tour, Isabelle explains that the abbey was already being modernized before she came with the hope of converting the land into an agricultural property that would support them and fund their mission which has been enough to keep the nuns going. Seeing Véronique signaling her over, Isabelle tells Daryl to take a seat while she talks to the Mother Superior. Sylvie brings Daryl a tray of food and he observes the goings on of the abbey with Laurent watching and mirroring Daryl's actions from across the way. Véronique berates Isabelle, telling her that Daryl doesn't belong here, but Isabelle defends asks what good are they if they can't offer shelter to a wounded pilgrim. Véronique realizes that Isabelle thinks that Daryl might be "the one" which she confirms, having seen Daryl fight the guerriers and how strong he is. However, Véronique believes that Daryl belongs out there with the faithless and the violent and not with them, calling Daryl a person who lives without God. Isabelle simply retorts that so was she once.

Daryl tries to pick the lock on the priest's office before hearing a walker growling and Laurent talking. Daryl is shocked to find Laurent reading to a walker locked up in a cell and the boy explains that the walker is Père Jean, and they are waiting for him to rise again. Isabelle joins them and she orders Laurent to wait for her in the garden and attempts to explain to Daryl who is uninterested, telling her that "you've got a lot of witchy shit going on around here. Dead priest in a closet and a creepy kid? No thanks."

Daryl begins packing up, but Isabelle insists that he can't leave without them and that the nuns have been waiting for him. Isabelle calls Daryl the messenger to deliver Laurent and shows him a crude drawing of Daryl on the beach, something that the boy had drawn three weeks ago, before Daryl ever came to the abbey. Daryl is dubious of the importance of Laurent having drawn a guy on a beach, but Isabelle has seen Daryl fight the gurreiers and she knows that Daryl can get Laurent there safely. Their leader is a Buddhist monk who came through on a pilgrimage some years ago and recognized something in Laurent which the nuns believe to be an answer to a prophecy. The Union of Hope has a base up north with a community that will raise and nurture the boy to be who he was born to be. Six months before, Lama Rinpoche said that it was time and Père Jean was supposed to escort him, but he died and reanimated with a disgusted Daryl noting that the nuns think that prayers and poetry is gonna fix him. In the armory, Daryl gathers more weapons including a crossbow, a knife and a morning star while Isabelle continues trying to convince him. Isabelle insists that Laurent is special, having lost his mother in childbirth which he shouldn't have survived, but he did. Laurent has shown abilities, perception and compassion beyond any child and he sees into people. Daryl sarcastically remarks that he knew a kid like that in grade school who got his ass kicked a lot. Isabelle tells Daryl that Laurent needs teaching and guidance that the nuns can't provide, and he'll be safer with the Union and nurtured until he's ready to be the new Messiah and lead the revival of humanity.

Entering Père Jean's office, Isabelle tells Daryl that this is why Daryl is here, why he washed ashore, why she was on the road that day and why Daryl was saved, stating that everything happens for a reason. Daryl tries to get the radio working, but Isabelle admits that the tube broke a month ago and she has been trying to get a replacement. Daryl accuses Isabelle of fucking with him, and she tells him that there's a port up north that might still be active, Le Havre, and she shows Daryl it on a wall map. The nuns have heard rumors of ships that come and go, but it's just rumors. Daryl asks about a route that's marked out on the map leading to Paris and Isabelle explains that it's Père Jean's plan to get Laurent up north showing stops, places where they have friends who can help connect them and radio frequencies. Isabelle warns Daryl that it's a treacherous path north and hard to find your way, especially for someone who doesn't speak French. Without a word, Daryl grabs his weapons and leaves the room.

As Isabelle continues to try to convince him to stay, Daryl makes his way out of the abbey, telling the nun that it's going to be fine and Laurent like it here, noting that the kid is safe, and he got lucky. However, Isabelle counters that Laurent is lonely, having grown up with no friends or father figure. Laurent needs other children and teachers, but Daryl thinks that staying alive is more important. Isabelle insists that Laurent has a greater destiny than just surviving, with Laurent calling out a goodbye to Daryl from nearby, promising that they will meet again. Isabelle admits that Laurent doesn't know about any of their plan as he's too young and it's too much to put on him. However, Daryl has already made plans and he isn't looking to make any more. "The world is lost. We know that. Hope fades gradually, and then all at once. If we're wrong, at least you will have helped a boy get to a better place. But if we're right... why not bet on hope?" pleads Isabelle. Stating that it's not his problem, Daryl leaves and Véronique tells Isabelle that there's no shame in wanting it to be so, but Daryl left so he's not the one. A short way down the road, Daryl is forced to take cover as vehicles carrying guerriers from the Power of the Living drive towards the abbey. Realizing that the nuns are in trouble, Daryl hesitates to go.

At the gate, Stéphane asks Véronique about an American at large, but she tells him that they're in afternoon prayers. Stéphane makes it clear they're coming in one way or another and Véronique reluctantly orders two nuns to open the gate, but she instructs Isabelle and Sylvie to hide Laurent and be ready. As the guerriers are led into the abbey, Isabelle hides Laurent in Père Jean's office, ordering him to stay there and to not come out, telling the boy that they will protect themselves from the guerriers. Giving him the keys to lock the door behind her and a reminder not to come out, Isabelle leaves and Sylvie and the other nuns begin gathering weapons from the armory.

Isabelle joins the nuns and gurreriers, telling Stéphane that there is no man at the abbey. Stéphane shows Isabelle her sign that was found where two of their men were murdered, including his brother, but Isabelle simply tells him that she puts them up wherever she goes. Stéphane instructs Martin to keep watch while Richard and Philippe go left and the rest come with him. Inside, Stéphane has Jèrèmie come with him as his other two men spread out. Hearing Stéphane and Jèrèmie in the armory, Laurent belatedly locks the door which Stéphane hears. Stéphane prepares to shoot the lock off, but is distracted by shouting from Philippe.

Stéphane, the other men, Isabelle and Véronique join Philippe who has discovered the zombified Père Jean. Véronique explains that they are keeping him because they have certain beliefs about the redemption of souls, even the wicked and the hungry ones. Stéphane orders Philippe to aim his bayonet at Père Jean, but the young man is reluctant as he recognizes the priest. Knowing that Isabelle was there when his men were killed, Stéphane demands that she start talking or the guerriers will start doing what they do. When Isabelle refuses to answer, Stéphane orders Philippe to finish it. Véronique recognizes the young man as Philippe Poulin whose family worshipped at the abbey, and who was taught the catechism by the Mother Superior and had his confession taken by Père Jean and she pleads with him not to do it. After some hesitation and asking the priest to forgive him, Philippe stabs Père Jean in the right eye with his bayonet, putting him down. Drawn his curiosity and the ongoing commotion, a horrified Laurent runs up, exposing his existence to the Power of the Living. As Isabelle comforts Laurent, Stéphane demands to know who the boy is and where his parents are, and Isabelle explains that Laurent's parents died, and the nuns took him in. Stéphane orders Laurent taken with them to be made a guerrier for Genet.

Laurent and Isabelle struggle with Martin as he tries to drag the boy away. As Martin prepares to hit Isabelle with the butt of his rifle, Daryl suddenly throws an axe into his back, killing Martin, before running away. Isabelle flees with Laurent and Stéphane sends Richard, Jèrèmie, and another guerrier after them and the sisters while the rest go with Stéphane after Daryl. In the courtyard, Sylvie and the eight other nuns confront the three men armed with a variety of weapons. In the battle that follows, Sylvie stabs Jèrèmie to death and attacks the other guerrier, but most of the nuns are downed by the men's gunfire. Inside, Stéphane, Philippe, and another guerrier split up to look for Daryl, but Daryl manages to ambush and kill the third man while Stéphane and Philippe are elsewhere. Outside, Isabelle grabs the axe from Martin's back to join the fight after having hidden Laurent away.

Daryl and Stéphane engage in a brief fight that ends with the guerrier viscously kicking Daryl and retrieving his gun to shoot him. However, Isabelle knocks Stéphane's gun from his hand with the axe and he flees.

That night, Daryl and Isabelle join Sylvie and Laurent by a fire and Isabelle tells Sylvie that they've buried the nuns. Stating that the nuns are with the angels now, Laurent wonders if they're lost now, but Isabelle reassures him that they're never lost. Accompanied by Laurent on guitar, Sylvie begins singing. Recalling that she'd asked him how he got here, Daryl explains to Isabelle that "I left home, looking for something. I figured there had to be something out there worth finding. And I ran into some bad people. They put me on a boat. That didn't go well. And I washed ashore here, and I ran into a nun." After Isabelle confirms that she can take him to the port, Daryl agrees to take the group where they need to go.


In a flashback, Isabelle stands on a rooftop outside of a club looking out over Paris. Inside, Isabelle briefly dances with another patron and has a drink with an older man before snorting cocaine and returning to dancing with various men. Throughout all of it, Isabelle appears listless and unhappy. Leaving, Isabelle goes through the things that she has stolen from club patrons, including a couple of credit cards and watches. As Isabelle stares at her reflection for a moment, there's suddenly the sound of screams and walker growls coming from the club. Isabelle down some pills to relax herself and leaves.

Outside, Isabelle smokes a cigarette while looking out at the Eiffel Tower. Hearing more screams, Isabelle spots a man nearby being attacked a walker and bitten in the arm as screaming bystanders flee. Another man is hit by a car and injured in the chaos and Isabelle leaves, but she finds walkers attacking frightened commuters in a Paris subway train. A few more walkers enter the platform and Isabelle flees onto the streets where chaos has erupted: Monument Day, the start of the Trials, has begun. Seeing a man who was hit by an upside-down car, Isabelle goes to try to help him, but the man reanimates and chases after her. Quinn suddenly hits the walker with his car and drives off with Isabelle just before two can close in on her.

In the present, Laurent plays in a field while Daryl and Isabelle go over their route to Paris on a map. While Daryl wants to take a route that's a straight shot to Paris, Isabelle wants to detour to Angers where there's a man with a radio who can connect them to the Union of Hope's people in the north. Daryl argues against it as Paris was the priest's plan and going to Angers will take longer, but Isabelle simply tells him that the plan has changed.

In a flashback, the next morning Quinn tells Isabelle that Paris is bedlam, but his friend Olly has a place in the Dordogne where they can stay as long as they want. However, Isabelle isn't willing to just go, claiming that she needs to go home and change her clothes, which Quinn agrees to, giving her 10 minutes once they arrive.

In her apartment, Isabelle frantically collects a hidden box of cash and calls for her sister Lily who is unaware of the chaos going on. Isabelle informs Quinn that she won't leave her sister behind, and she speaks with her young neighbor Aimée as Quinn helps Lily get her stuff into the car. The little girl tells Isabelle that her father didn't come home last night and her mother's crying on the phone. Isabelle tells Aimée to go back to her apartment, promising Aimée that her mother will look after her and making the little girl promise to stay inside. Isabelle, Quinn, and Lily leave as Isabelle looks around at the unfolding chaos in Paris.

In the present, Daryl, Isabelle, Laurent and Sylvie ride a mule-drawn cart through a village where Laurent rather morbidly answers Sylvie's attempt to get him to guess what person she's talking about by stating that it's a dead person since everyone else that Sylvie knows is dead. When Laurent asks what kind of a death he would prefer, Daryl sarcastically suggests a quiet one. The mule suddenly stops in the middle of the road and refuses to go any further. Astérix's whining draws out a herd and Daryl wonders how to shut him up, but Laurent tells him that the mule is very stubborn. With no other choice and over Isabelle's objections that Laurent loves the mule, Daryl unties Astérix and fires his gun into the air, scaring the mule into charging straight through the herd, drawing it away. Isabelle lies to Laurent that Astérix will be fine as he's faster than the walkers, and Daryl has everyone gather their belongings and move out in the other direction.

On the road, Laurent continues to express concern for Astérix, but Isabelle reassures him that the mule is too smart to get lost and that he probably went to the apple orchard that they had passed. However, Daryl urges Isabelle to tell the boy the truth as he has to learn sometime. Recognizing that Daryl doesn't have children of his own, Isabelle tells him that the truth can wait. Suddenly, the sound of whistling surrounds the group before an arrow flies into a pole in front of them. Daryl chases the shooter into a nearby building where he's ambushed and captured by a group of masked children armed with makeshift spears.

Having captured the entire group and their cart, the children lead them to a fortified preschool where they chant and howl as their leader Lou comes to join them. Isabelle explains that they're religious people whose mule broke down and they got stuck. After Isabelle clarifies that they're nuns, Lou challenges them to be able to recite St. Joseph's prayer for mothers and fathers which Isabelle, Sylvie and Laurent immediately do, although Daryl, unable to understand the conversation, doesn't. When questioned about Daryl, Isabelle claims that he's an American priest named Father Daryl who was sent to France on a mission long, but he doesn't speak French, even after all of this time. Satisfied, Lou has Daryl released and his weapons returned, announcing to the children that they will practice their English out of respect to Daryl. Daryl is unamused about being dubbed Father Daryl by Isabelle.

Lou shows the group around the classrooms, explaining that there's 18 children now. The day that the outbreak started, the older children were dropped off at school, but while some of them were picked up at the end of the day, the parents of the rest never came. After briefly stopping to admonish Criquet who is supposed to be helping to cook dinner, Lou tells Isabelle that the younger children, two of whom attach themselves to Daryl, are orphans that they've found over the years. Carine was left at the school in a basket and Dmitri was found lost in the woods. They survive by hunting, growing food and fixing old clothes as well as keeping up with their lessons. Daryl compliments that they're "not bad for being little road bandits."

Lou takes them into a room where an old woman, Madame Dubois, lies in a bed. Lou explains that she is their parents and nurse and taught them everything before she got sick six months ago. The children read to Madame Dubois and sing and recite a prayer from Isaiah for the sick and dying, although Lou believes that their prayers will be answered, and Madame Dubois will be saved. Although Daryl and Isabelle don't say anything, the grave look that they share with each other shows that they know that Madame Dubois won't survive.

Everyone sits down together to a dinner cooked by Aline, the children's chef. Laurent tries to sit next to Moof and make conversation with him, but Moof angrily rejects Laurent's overtures, telling the younger boy that the chair is for his brother. Lou apologizes, explaining that two of their brothers are off on a mission right now. Lou asks "Father Daryl" to lead them in a prayer of thanks which he awkwardly does: "um, Lord... I'm sure you have your reasons for turning the whole world upside down. Maybe we deserve it, for being so mean to each other. We probably do deserve it. But not tonight. No. Tonight is good. And if this isn't good enough for you, I don't know what is. Amen." The kids are impressed as Daryl sounds like Madame Dubois who says that their manners are like a mirror that shows their portrait. Daryl proceeds to just slurp his soup with the kids following suit with a laugh.

That night, everyone gathers to watch Mork & Mindy which is powered by Sacha pedaling on a bike. Initially excited, Daryl slowly gets more somber as the show goes on which Isabelle notices. Lying in bed later, Daryl admits that he lied, and medicine won't help Madame Dubois, but they just need that horse. Daryl quotes Isabelle about how the truth can wait, but Isabelle tells him that it was a mule before while this is the children's teacher. Daryl states that they just need to get to the radio, which is too far to walk, and Isabelle recognizes that it's so that he can go home. Isabelle feels sorry for the children who don't know what the world was like before, but Daryl sadly points out that you can't miss what you never had. Daryl reveals that he had used to watch Mork & Mindy with Merle when they were young. Daryl and Merle had loved that show which used to make everything just a little bit better for them. Isabelle admits that she understands wanting to escape.

In a flashback, Isabelle, Quinn and Lily drive through the French countryside. On the radio, an announcer orders people to stay in their homes and not to horde supplies, no looting and robbery won't be allowed. Isabelle makes them stop at a gas station after Lily feels sick and Quinn hides a gun in the back of his pants. Quinn offers to get Lily to a doctor, but she refuses, insisting that she only needs a minute. Lily throws up, hitting Quinn, and admits that her stomach hurts. Looking at Lily's enlarged stomach, Isabelle realizes that her sister's pregnant and Lily admits that it's been a few months, and she apologizes for not telling Isabelle sooner because she was scared. Pulling Isabelle aside, Quinn tells her that they can't take Lily with them in that condition because they're going somewhere secluded where there's no baby hospitals. They have to stay mobile as it's not safe and they can drop Lily off somewhere safe along the way such as a clinic. Reminding Isabelle that he always takes care of her, Quinn tells her to trust him. Under the guise of a hug, Isabelle steals Quinn's car keys from his pocket and pretends to agree with him. While Quinn goes to make a few calls and find Lily somewhere safe, Isabelle steals his car and drives off with her sister.

Watching through a window, Sylvie tells Isabelle, who is tending to Madame Dubois, that Laurent is playing with the other children which she is pleased about as Laurent is making friends. Sylvie warns her that Laurent wonders about who he is, where he comes from and how he fits into the world. Isabelle asks if Sylvie wondered the same things about herself which she confirms. Isabelle promises her friend that up north, the two of them and Laurent will all know how they fit in to everything which is why they're going: to find their purpose. In a flashback, Lily panics that something is wrong with her baby because she's in pain. Spotting an ambulance parked up ahead, Isabelle decides to stop in the hopes that the paramedics can help them. However, walkers appear from behind the ambulance, and the two women are quickly forced to flee.

In a flashback, during a thunderstorm, Isabelle drives up to the abbey, confident that the nuns have to take them in. Véronique greets them at the gate along with a young Sylvie, explaining that Sylvie is her student who believed that they were her parents coming to pick her up. Père Jean introduces himself and notices that Lily was bitten on the arm by one of the walkers on the roadside. The nuns treat Lily's bite and Père Jean tells her to get changed into a gown. Isabelle is upset that her sister is 7 months pregnant and kept it from her, but Lily explains that she was afraid that Isabelle would be mad at her. Isabelle asks who the father is, but Lily is interrupted by a contraction and Isabelle soothes her sister by singing Alouette which their mother had used to calm them down at bedtime. Isabelle helps Lily change into the gown, and Lily acknowledges that her sister has taken good care of her ever since their parents died. Lily makes Isabelle promise to look after her baby for her.

In the present, Isabelle and Sylvie find Astérix's body and Laurent angrily accuses them of lying to him. Laurent walks off, chased by Sylvie.

Daryl, Lou, Moof and Hérisson triumphantly return to the school where the other children celebrate the return of their lost friend. Isabelle notes that Daryl's lie worked and Daryl quips that "well, I ain't a nun" as they watch the celebration. Sylvie comes out with the news that Madame Dubois has died of her illness, and Daryl apologetically admits to the devastated Lou that the meds were never going to help her and that he had lied to get a horse. Lou wonders what they're going to do without her, and Daryl tells the girl to keep doing what they've been doing. The other kids look up to Lou and that's a good thing. Daryl offers to take care of putting Madame Dubois down, but Lou decides to do it herself as she owes it to the old woman. Daryl, Isabelle and Sylvie leave Lou alone as she draws her knife and says goodbye to Madame Dubois before stabbing her in the head. The children build a memorial to their beloved teacher and Laurent comforts Hibou, telling her that his teacher is also with the angels and then leads the kids in doing "nanu-nanu" from Mork & Mindy.

Daryl boards the group's now horse-drawn cart, but Laurent wants to stay at the school with his new friends. Laurent reluctantly agrees to leave, complaining to Sylvie that Isabelle never listens to him and deciding to walk instead. The children see Daryl's group off as they leave and resume their journey to Paris.

On the road, Sylvie tries to get Laurent to get in the cart, but he refuses as Isabelle treats him like a baby. Laurent states that some adults speak the truth and some children don't need to be treated like that, but Sylvie argues that he's not like other children and Laurent is special. Giving Isabelle the reins, Daryl joins the boy on foot, telling Laurent that no one had ever called Daryl special when he was a kid, at least not in a good way. However, Laurent doesn't want to be special, he just wants to be like other kids which Daryl knows. Laurent wonders what it is that makes him so special anyways.

In a flashback, Lily goes through labor, assisted by Isabelle, Père Jean, Véronique and another nun. Lily dies in the middle of it from her bite and Père Jean prepares to perform an emergency C-section on her in order to save the baby while Isabelle desperately calls out to her sister. Lily suddenly begins moving again as she reanimates and Véronique restrains Lily as the priest performs the C-section. The baby is successfully delivered, albeit not breathing at first, but Jean, Véronique and the other nun manage to revive him which the priest declares to be a miracle. As Père Jean begins to perform what appears to be an exorcism on the zombified Lily, Isabelle carries her newborn nephew past the awed nuns. Finding a statue of St. Laurent, Isabelle decides to name her nephew Laurent after the saint.

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"

Daryl's group arrives in Angers where Isabelle tells Daryl they can radio for directions on where they should head next. Stopping in front of a theater, Daryl leaves the reins with Laurent and a rifle with Sylvie to protect the horse.

Inside, Isabelle explains that her contact in Angers is a musician who has been living in this theater for years. The Conductor joins them, revealing that he speaks English, and leads them to his radio which has some parts missing. The Conductor explains that he used some parts for amplification. The Conductor puts on a record, and he leads Daryl and Isabelle into the main part of the theater where he excitedly conducts an orchestra made out of mutilated walkers tied up to various instruments, having clearly gone insane.

Outside, Laurent and Sylvie listen to the music with confusion as a walker, dragging a corpse that's been manacled to it, approaches. A frustrated Daryl states that they should've stuck to the plan, calling it a stupid detour, but Isabelle believes that it was worth a try. As Isabelle struggles to shoot the walker, Daryl and Isabelle emerge from the theater, arguing about going to Paris which Isabelle believes to be too dangerous. "It's too dangerous everywhere. We did it your way. Now we're gonna do it mine. We're going to Paris," Daryl proclaims, taking the rifle from Sylvie and shooting the walker in the head. The group rides off in their cart as a herd approaches, drawn by the music and the gunshot.

Walking alongside the cart, Laurent asks Daryl if there will be walkers in Paris which Daryl confirms is likely to be the case. Laurent notes that Daryl is good at fighting them, but Daryl dismissively tells him that everyone is good at something. Daryl brings the cart to a stop as Laurent looks out over Paris from a nearby vantage point and Daryl welcomes the two women home. The group makes their way through the walker-infested streets of Paris with Isabelle and Sylvie pointing out various landmarks to Laurent, including the Panthéon and the ruins of Notre-Dame. Daryl notices the word "Pouvoir" and a crest written on a car and Isabelle explains that it's a movement that started after the start of the Trials. Most of Paris is under the control of Genet and her guerriers which Daryl recognizes as the guys who had attacked the Abbey of Saint Bernadette. In desperate times, people turn to order or to God.

As the group makes their way through the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Laurent tells Daryl about the famous people buried there and about a fable that one of them had written about a weary woodsman who wanted to die, but had a change of heart when death came, instead asking for help carrying his burden so that he can keep going on. Daryl stops to pay his respects to the grave of Jim Morrison, an American rock star who had died in Paris. Noticing Daryl's worried look, Laurent reassures Daryl that he won't die in Paris too. A little further on, the group spots three bodies in the process of being buried and are confronted by the survivors burying them. Isabelle tells Fallou Boukar, the man in charge, that truth is hope and that Père Jean had sent them. Fallou realizes who Laurent is and asks after Père Jean, but Isabelle admits that he isn't with them. Noticing Fallou's suspicious look at Daryl, Isabelle identifies Daryl as a friend who had helped them to get there and who only speaks English. Fallou introduces himself and his companions, telling Laurent that they've been waiting a long time to meet him.

Fallou leads the group to his community living on a greenhouse roof where Daryl asks for a radio that he can use. Fallou explains that they take turns at the daily tasks and had welcomed their 64th member a few months before who is a baby girl that was born. As Fallou shows them around, Emile asks Sylvie if she had always wanted to be a nun, and she admits that she's never imagined anything else. Emile comments that Sylvie has never been to Paris before and it's a good place to imagine. In the garden, the group observes the Eiffel Tower in the distance with Laurent telling Daryl how many rivets were used to build it and Daryl noticing that the famous landmark got the tip knocked off of it. Fallou explains that a military helicopter had crashed into it at the start of the outbreak and Laurent muses that "it must be magical, to stand under it and look up at the sky."

At Daryl's prompting, Fallou leads Daryl and Isabelle to Antoine who is in charge of the community's homing pigeon method of communication, leaving Daryl incredulous. Antoine sends a message written by Isabelle out, but admits that it could be anywhere from a few days to a month to get a response factoring in bad weather. After confirming with Isabelle that the Nest will take her the rest of the way for the last part of the trip, Daryl declares that his part of the job is done as a pigeon can't help him and without a radio, they can't help him. Fallou tells Daryl that there are people trading all kinds of things in Paris and he can take Daryl to them. However, they will need currency as even information is a commodity. Daryl is willing to steal something if that's what it takes, but Isabelle thinks that she knows where to find something, and they'll go there in the morning. The three observe people presenting Laurent with gifts and Daryl is worried that it's a lot to put on a kid, but Isabelle feels that God chooses our burdens. Laurent approaches Sonia whose husband had died a few days before and has refused any food or comfort since. While Sonia has been inconsolable to everyone else, she accepts a hug from the boy, causing Fallou to declare that Père Jean was right about him.

Daryl and Isabelle make their way through Isabelle's old apartment building which is filled with its zombified residents. The two find Isabelle's old apartment wrecked, but clear of any walkers. Daryl notes the "noisy neighbors" and Isabelle identifies them as the Garniers who had lived next door. Mrs. Garnier had always been trying to set Isabelle up with her son. Daryl finds a photo booth strip of Isabelle and Quinn in one of the books and Isabelle identifies Quinn, stating that she was young and very stupid, and Daryl suggests that she upgraded with God. Isabelle retrieves a picture of her sister Lily standing near the Eiffel Tower that was taken on Lily's 16th birthday and Laurent has never seen his mother's face. Stating that they're here so that she can keep her part of the bargain, Isabelle retrieves the box full of her stolen merchandise from the fireplace, including drugs and a gold watch, which they can use as trade to get them information on a boat. Seeing how surprised Daryl is by her loot, Isabelle quips that she wasn't always a nun.

Isabelle changes into some of her old clothes while Daryl enjoys the view from her apartment which beats the view from his old house. Isabelle recalls how there was a bar at the end of the street where only the regulars, which included artists, musicians and students, were allowed to stay when the owner pulled the curtains. They thought that they were reinventing the world while never imagining how it would get. Daryl points out that Isabelle at least thought about while Daryl himself didn't do much thinking back then. While Daryl seems like someone who is always thinking to Isabelle, he admits that he's not, things happen, and things change. "Maybe we're the same that way. Broken until the world ended," suggests Isabelle which Daryl agrees is a possibility. Isabelle is glad that their paths crossed and Daryl, seeing a walker in an apartment across the way, decides that they should get going.

However, the two find the stairwell to be filled with walkers and Isabelle leads Daryl out through a service entrance in the back which is overgrown with vines. Outside, the two find a zombified young girl tangled in vines and missing her nose. While Daryl draws his knife to put her down, Isabelle stops him, recognizing the young girl as her former neighbor Aimée. The two skirt around Aimée, but the girl's attempts to reach out to Isabelle knock over some flowerpots, drawing attention to them. Zombified residents crash through their windows to get at Daryl and Isabelle as Daryl desperately tries to open a door which is blocked by more vines. As Isabelle is caught between a burner and a small herd of at least five walkers, Daryl suddenly impales the burner in the back with a makeshift spear and holds it up against the vines, using the burner to melt through them. Once the door is open, Daryl stabs the burner in the head, recovers his dropped knife, and he and Isabelle make their escape just as the small herd closes in on them. Isabelle stops to take one last look at the still trapped Aimée, remembering driving away from the little girl on Monument Day along with Quinn and Lily.

Waiting for the others to join them, Daryl expresses his condolences to Isabelle about Aimée and Isabelle sadly admits that she had left Aimée behind when the outbreak started. Sylvie, Laurent, Fallou and Emile join them, and Isabelle gives her nephew the picture of his mother which Laurent shares with Daryl. Fallou leads the group to the Paris Catacombs where the guard lets them in in exchange for the group putting their weapons in the freezer. Fallou explains to Daryl that the catacombs are where the 6 million people who died in the Black Death are buried. "America is an infant. But here, we survived many apocalypses. We will survive this one too," states Fallou.

The group reaches the Demimonde nightclub where Fallou tells Daryl that people find all sorts of things there and since Daryl helped the Union of Hope, they will help him in return. Fallou goes looking for some friends who might be able to tell something, while Isabelle explains to Laurent that it's a nightclub and that they used to have a lot of them. Coco welcomes to the stage Anna Valery and Laurent, Sylvie, and Emile enjoy her performance while Daryl and Isabelle admire a painting hanging on the wall that was saved from a museum. Sylvie and Emile dance together and Emile explains that his grandmother was an Argentinian refugee who had taught him two things: to dance and to fight for freedom.

Fallou calls Daryl and Isabelle over to Bernard where they explain that Daryl wants to go to America and, since Daryl came by sea, there must be ships sailing. Bernard acknowledges that they hear things and Rodo has Isabelle show them what's in her bag as someone watches them from a nearby balcony. Bernard is impressed with Isabelle's stash, and tells Daryl through Isabelle that he knows people that can help him. Once Daryl pays him, Bernard promises to take Daryl to a connection who can hook him up. Daryl refuses after seeing the looks that Bernard and Rodo are exchanging with a man across the room, suggesting that they're about to double cross him, and a fight breaks out between Daryl and Bernard after the latter pulls a knife on Daryl. Daryl quickly subdues Bernard before they are interrupted by Quinn, much to the shock of Isabelle. Reminding Bernard of the rules against weapons, Quinn slices the man's face in punishment before giving the knife to Coco.

Quinn greets Isabelle, admitting that it's strange to see her again after so many years and she tells him that her life took some turns. Isabelle identifies Daryl as her friend that she's traveling with, and Daryl explains that he's looking for a way back to America. Quinn reveals that it's not impossible to do and that he's heard things, while Anna finishes her performance and is complimented by Laurent on her singing. Laurent shares the picture of his mom with Anna and admits that he wants to see the Eiffel Tower in person himself some day like Lily did on her birthday. Anna gives the boy her Eiffel Tower necklace to remember his mother by.

Quinn agrees to ask around and see what he can find out for his old friend and rejects Isabelle's offer of bartering with him. Laurent shows them the necklace that Anna had given to him, drawing Quinn's attention when Isabelle reveals that he's Lily's son. Quickly pulling her friend aside, Isabelle orders Sylvie to take Laurent back to the rooftop with the others, promising to explain later. Daryl asks if his friend is alright, but she just tells him that they made a deal and she'll keep up her end of the deal since Daryl kept up his end of it. Daryl was right: it turns out that Isabelle does have connections in Paris.

Quinn brushes off Anna's romantic advances and leads Daryl and Isabelle to his office, explaining that the nightclub was originally a bunker in World War II that was occupied by both sides of the conflict. Isabelle refuses a glass of champagne and reveals to her former boyfriend that she became a nun, much to his surprise. Isabelle admits that Lily had died giving birth to her baby which Quinn appears to be genuinely upset by. Much to Daryl and Isabelle's shock, Quinn reveals that he's actually Laurent's father and he's angry that his son was kept from him. Isabelle admits that Lily had never told her and accuses Quinn of being responsible for her sister's death. Becoming aggressive while Isabelle becomes more nervous and submissive, Quinn reminds Isabelle that he'd saved her life after Isabelle had slit her wrists in the bathtub. Quinn makes it clear that he'll only help Daryl if Isabelle and Laurent stay with him, but Daryl refuses to abandon the two to Quinn for a boat.

Leaving, Daryl tries to reassure Isabelle that they all have bad things in their past that they're trying to run from, but Isabelle angrily tells him that she was wrong earlier about them being the same. However, Daryl knows that he's not the one that she's really angry at. Isabelle reminds Daryl that they're in Paris because Daryl had wanted to come and she's only trying to help Daryl keep his promise, accusing Daryl of only caring about that. Isabelle asked for his help because she needed it, but she doesn't and never did need a hero.

That night, lying in his bunk at Fallou's community, Laurent asks Sylvie what it will be like at the Nest, and she reassures him that it will be safe like it used to be at the abbey and there will be more people like them who believe the same thing. Laurent tells Sylvie that Sonia had told him that he had made her feel loved, and he doesn't know why. Sylvie explains that it's because Laurent gives people hope and leaves while Laurent studies the picture of his mother.

Stéphane arrives at Demimonde with two armed guerriers and Quinn reminds Stéphane of his arrangement with Genet that leaves the nightclub off limits to her people. Stéphane reveals that they are looking for an American named Daryl Dixon who has been there.

Daryl packs up his belongings and Isabelle apologizes for her earlier behavior, telling Daryl that she doesn't believe in coincidences and Isabelle believes that she had to come back to Paris to see Quinn again and find out the truth. Daryl brushes off Isabelle, telling her that she's got Fallou's people looking after her now and she doesn't need him anymore. Isabelle tells Daryl that Laurent will be sad to see him go, but Daryl just tells her to make something up since she's really good at that. Isabelle explains that she had never told Laurent the truth about his birth because everything about it was horrible such as the way that Lily died and the way that Laurent was born. Daryl asks what Isabelle will tell Laurent about Quinn because she needs to stop lying to him. Laurent deserves to know who he is, and he can then make up his own mind about what he wants to do. Isabelle accuses Daryl of not accepting how special he is, but Daryl tells her "he's a gift from God, right? Maybe that's something you need to believe, 'cause the world's so fucked up. Or maybe, he's just a regular kid. A regular kid that got lucky and lived. Maybe that's your miracle." Having overheard their argument, a furious Laurent tells Daryl and Isabelle that he hates them both and storms off.

Guerriers led by Stéphane burst in, demanding to know where the American is. Laurent escapes down some scaffolding while Stéphane spots Daryl and chases after him and Daryl orders Isabelle to get Laurent and meet him back at her apartment. Daryl reaches the edge of the roof and pauses after spotting a herd below before jumping across to the next building. As Daryl makes his way across the adjacent rooftop, Stéphane orders his men to track Daryl and follows Daryl across. Daryl ambushes Stéphane, knocking the man's feet out from under him with his morning star and then trying to stab him. The two men engage in a vicious fight that ends with Daryl strangling Stéphane from behind. However, before Daryl can kill the man, the guerriers open fire on him, forcing Daryl to grab his weapons and flee. Isabelle runs through the building, calling for Laurent. As Daryl hides, the roof beneath him suddenly gives way and Daryl falls into the building below.

"La Dame de Fer"

Isabelle will appear in this episode.

"Deux Amours"

In the present, Laurent fishes off of the back of Azlan's boat as Daryl and Azlan tie it to a tree on shore. After retrieving some old cans from a nearby structure to act as a warning system against walkers, Azlan checks an old pocket watch and explains that it's almost time for prayer for him. Laurent brings Daryl a fish that he caught, and Daryl offers to show the boy how to gut the fish. Laurent refuses as he had made a promise to God not to eat animals, but Azlan backs Daryl up that it's alright. Daryl tells Laurent that he needs to learn how to take care of himself and Laurent admits that he misses Isabelle and asks about Daryl's friends that he misses. Daryl lists Judith, R.J., Connie, Ezekiel and Carol, but brushes off further conversation and kills the fish. Laurent tells Daryl to not worry as they will all be together again.

Isabelle wakes up in a lavish mansion and finds Marie setting out food. Marie tells Isabelle that she was having bad dreams, and they gave Isabelle something to soothe her and Quinn will be by soon. Isabelle prays for the others to be guided safely before Quinn joins her, bringing the food and showing Isabelle the clothes that he had brought her. Quinn has a warehouse full of things that she can take her pick from, but Isabelle refuses as it's not for her. Isabelle confronts Quinn about drugging her, but claims that he had wanted Isabelle to rest while he took care of things so that Quinn could prove to Isabelle that he was going to keep his promise which Quinn did: he was just with a couple of Power of the Living people who assured Quinn that Laurent had made it out of Paris. Laurent is headed north now with Daryl, which is what Isabelle had wanted, so Quinn wonders how long it's going to take for Isabelle to see him differently and want him again. Quinn asks if everything happening for a reason isn't what God is about, and guesses that there's hope for him yet when Isabelle states that God loves the sinner. However, Isabelle locked that part of herself away a long time ago and she needs to pray on it and Quinn leaves her alone.

Daryl attempts to teach Laurent how to put a fish on a sharpened stick, but the boy is more interested in watching Azlan pray, noting that he has read the Quaran and finds it interesting that there are many different names, but only one God. Daryl admits that he doesn't pray to anyone and instead believes in pulling your own weight. Laurent refuses to try what Daryl showed him, but Daryl tells the boy that sometimes you don't have a choice but to do things that you don't want to do, and he finally agrees.

Isabelle frantically searches through her room for a weapon before breaking a piece of metal off of her mirror and sharpening it, asking God to forgive her for what she's about to do.

In the present, Quinn and Marie bring Isabelle a cart full of food while Anna arrives at the mansion. Anna is upset to learn that Quinn is busy for the evening. Over dinner, Quinn acknowledges that he's made mistakes, but Quinn insists that everything is different now and he can be a better man for Isabelle. Pretending that she's about to have sex with Quinn, Isabelle prepares to kill him, before Quinn quotes scripture how Abraham sacrificed his only son, but Isaac was saved, and Abraham was redeemed in the end. Quinn claims that he believes in redemption, and he knows that Isabelle believes in it too. Stunned, Isabelle breaks the kiss and relents in trying to kill Quinn, claiming that she's not ready as it's been a long time, and Quinn promises to be patient for her. It's just the two of them now, and they have all of the time in the world. When Quinn leaves the room, he finds a furious Anna who breaks a wine glass and storms out without a word.

Sitting in front of a mirror, Isabelle almost cuts herself in an act of self-harm, but she is interrupted by the arrival of Marie with breakfast. Isabelle refuses, but Marie tells her that the eggs are fresh and that they were specially delivered by a friend. Specifying that it's not her friend, Marie reveals a message for Isabelle hidden under the plate and leaves her alone to read it.

As they continue on their journey, Daryl tries to reassure Laurent that there's probably going to be a bunch of good people at the Nest, pointing out that Azlan was from the Nest, and he was nice. While Daryl told Isabelle that he'd drop Laurent off at the Nest and she come looking for her nephew there, Laurent wants to go with Daryl instead. Laurent insists that he can help Daryl and promises to listen to him and to only have to be shown things once, but Daryl tells him that it's not about that. The two are forced to hide as Guerriers approach, but Laurent accidentally drops some of his stuff out of his bag on the road.

Isabelle and Quinn arrive at Maison Mère where numerous people are gathering for Genet's celebration. In the crowd, Isabelle notices Emile, Sylvie and Fallou who discreetly nod at her as Isabelle passes by her friends. Guerriers lead Quinn and Isabelle to Genet as a man is dragged into a cell and beaten to death by two other Guerriers. Quinn introduces Isabelle to Genet who explains that the man was one of her Guerriers charged with securing the city, but he accepted a bribe to let out people that the Power of the Living had wanted to keep in. Genet leads them to a cell area where Anna and Stéphane are waiting and Daryl is locked up, revealing that Anna had betrayed them to Genet. Quinn warns Anna that she's got no idea what she's done, but Anna just kisses him on the cheek and leaves without a word. Genet locks Quinn in with Daryl and leads Isabelle away as Daryl apologizes to her.

In Genet's office, Laurent greets his aunt and Genet explains that they've been getting to know each other and she sees why people fall for a special child, born from a walker, life from death, comparing it to Mother Mary and a Phoenix from the ashes. Genet wants for Laurent to make an appearance before her people, stating that he only has to smile. Some people think that the Union of Hope is against her, but they must show them the truth, that they are all one French people which Genet has been trying to make clear to Laurent. Isabelle tries to convince her nephew to do what Genet wants, but Laurent refuses as he knows that it's a lie. Genet tells Laurent that he's making her angry which isn't a good idea, but Laurent states that Genet isn't angry, instead, her heart is broken. Upset, Genet tells Laurent that he'll do as she asks as there's no other choice before she storms out of the room.

In the present, Guerriers take Daryl from his cell while Genet leads Laurent and Isabelle into the gallery of a fighting pit, telling the boy that there will be a few words and a show, but it won't last long and then Laurent will come out and meet everyone. Genet makes a speech before the gathered crowd who sing an anthem during part of it: "Welcome brave friends. Brave, because you have ventured out. From Saint Denis to the Rive Gauche, Montmartre to la Chapelle. Today we celebrate our rebirth and the rise of the 6th Republic. Today, and ever after we will be free, and strong, and unafraid! We have all felt lost at times, far from the life we knew. Deprived of the people we loved. In a hopeless world, it would have been so easy to give up. But we did not give up. In the name of all those we loved. In the name of all those we lost. As we must continue to do... Not for ourselves. But for the future. Years from now, you will tell your grandchildren that you were here. Now. The day we ushered in a new France! A France free of the tyranny of the elite, that welcomes in all friends. With hope for a future... Because, yes, the world is simple now, there are friends. And there are enemies. The enemies want to go back to the way things were, when the few controlled the many. They took everything, bringing pain and suffering down on those who could least bear it, profiting all the while. Finally, out of greed and hubris, they unleashed this plague on the world. They made up pay for being poor, vulnerable, meek. But remember what the Bible says about the meek. We're not meek anymore! The world is ours, now. So today, we will make our enemies pay! We have all felt the anguish. We have all suffered loss. Loss blinds us! Loss gives us power! They gave us this disease! But I want you to see today the power our future holds. Because their disease can also be our cure. Power to the living!"

In the present, Daryl is led into the fighting pit during Genet's speech and untied. Seeing Daryl, Isabelle and Laurent exchange concerned looks. As the crowd chants Pouvoir at the end of Genet's speech, a man tosses an axe at Daryl's feet and a walker is led into the pit. A Guerrier shoots the walker in the neck with a dart which causes the walker to mutate, developing black eyes and the veins of a burner. The crowd cheers, a horrified Isabelle tells Laurent not to look and Stéphane yells at Daryl that he dies today for his brother. Daryl raises his axe as the walker breaks free of its restraints and charges at him.

"Coming Home"

In the present, the walker test subject mutates into a hybrid variant while Stéphane Codron yells at Daryl that he's going to die today for Stéphane's brother. Daryl dodges the hybrid's first charge, sending it into the wall, and knocks its feet out from under it with his axe when it charges the second time, but the hybrid gets back up both times. The third time it charges, Daryl impales it with his axe and traps it against a pillar, but he is forced to let go as the hybrid's acidic blood burns his hands. Genet is pleased with these events while Isabelle prays for Daryl while she holds Laurent. Laurent reassures his aunt that Daryl will win, having confidence in his friend's skills. The hybrid is able to pull itself off the axe and charges Daryl again who grabs a French flag while dodging the hybrid's attacks. Using the flag as a makeshift spear, Daryl impales the hybrid mid-charge, flips it to the ground and finally finishes it off by planting the flagpole in the hybrid variant's head.

Genet is furious at Daryl's victory while a pleased Laurent tells Isabelle that he was right that Daryl could it. Dr. Lafleur reassures Genet that that's not the best that he has, just the first. Men enter and remove the corpse and the axe, placing the flag back where it belongs before a shackled Quinn is led in. The two men are shackled together at the wrist with a chain of a few feet between them and a new axe and a weapon for Quinn are brought in. The two men initially believe that they are being pitted in a battle to the death against each other before the lights go out for a moment and, when they come back on, spotlights illuminate four chained walkers around the fighting pit and Laurent begins desperately praying for Daryl's safety. Genet orders Dr. Lafleur to give the Power of the Living crowd a show and, on his signal, all four walkers are darted with his mutation solution. However, while three successfully mutate into hybrid variants, the head of the fourth explodes, just like one of the doctor's previous experiments. In the gallery, Fallou orders Sylvie and Emile to go around while Fallou stays in his current position and Isabelle notices her friends moving through the crowd.

Daryl orders Quinn to follow his lead as one of the hybrids breaks free only, much to the shock of everyone, another hybrid to rush in and rip apart its head. Dr. Lafleur nervously reassures an increasingly angry Genet that there are still two left. The final hybrid breaks free and charges, but Daryl and Quinn use their chain to clothesline it to the ground and do the exact same thing to the second hybrid as it breaks away from the one that it had killed and attacks as well. Daryl chops off the leg of one of the hybrids, but their attempts to take out the other one are deflected by the metal headband that it's still wearing. Daryl's efforts to finish off the downed hybrid are interrupted by Quinn's fight with the one that's still standing and the chain that's connecting the two men and giving them a limited reach from each other. The hybrid tackles Daryl to the ground and he uses his chain in its mouth to hold it at bay as Quinn tries unsuccessfully to strike its brain with his weapon. The other hybrid drags Quinn away, inadvertently pulling both Daryl and the hybrid that he was fighting along by the chain. Knocking the hybrid off of him, Quinn manages to bash its head in which is unprotected, unlike the other hybrid. As the surviving hybrid attempts to kill Quinn, Daryl wraps the chain around its neck and, working together, the two men use the chain to decapitate it, winning the fight.

Excited by the victory, the crowd turns from chanting "Pouvoir" to chanting "Dixon," cheering Daryl on. Furious, Genet reminds Dr. Lafleur that the whole point of the fight was to win these people over their cause, and he admits that there's still some work to be done. Holding the zombified head up to the cheering crowd, Daryl tosses it at Genet, landing near the feet of her chair, although Genet quickly moves out of the way of any danger. As men enter the pit to remove the bodies, Genet orders Capo to get this over with. Capo signals one of his men to kill Daryl and Quinn, but Fallou shoots him in the head before the Guerrier can open fire. The crowd panics and flees while Genet, Isabelle and Laurent are escorted out by the Guerriers. Seeing that the fleeing men in the pit had left the door open, Daryl and Quinn grab their weapons and make their escape.

A furious Genet orders Capo to find out how many of the Union of Hope people there are, how they got in, and how they got weapons past the guards. Genet asserts her authority over Capo, warning the man that she's the one giving the orders while he's the one following them. If Capo can't, she'll give the orders to someone who can. After confirming that Daryl killed Stéphane's brother, Genet orders Capo to find and kill Daryl and to take Stéphane with him as he's motivated to kill Daryl. "You want your revenge? Go get it," Genet orders him. Hiding from searching Guerriers, Daryl notices a wound in the back of Quinn's left shoulder which Quinn insists is just a burn from the hybrid and he's fine and doesn't even feel it, but Daryl is unconvinced.

Isabelle and Laurent are led back to the cells where Isabelle tries to get answers about what's going to happen to them next, but Genet tells her that all that she knows for sure is that God is not coming for them. Laurent tries to escape, but is recaptured and forced back into the cell. Once they're locked up, Genet scoffs at the idea that Laurent is the Messiah and leaves. Isabelle demands to know what her nephew was thinking as he could've been killed, but Laurent explains that he was thinking about what Daryl would do. Laurent mournfully suggests that Genet is right, and God has abandoned them. Telling Laurent that now is when they need faith the most, Isabelle reveals that she had used her skills as a thief to pickpocket the cell key from a Guerrier while she was struggling with him to help Laurent. After checking that they are alone, Isabelle unlocks the cell and she and Laurent escape.

Running through the halls, a weakening Quinn is forced to stop due to his wound. Daryl refuses to die here, but Quinn asks what it matters when you have to die somewhere. Daryl attempts to break the chain without success and a remorseful Quinn admits that he was terrible to Isabelle and that his attempts to get it right the next time only made things worse. Daryl calls Quinn out on using his own kid to get her back, and Quinn admits that he didn't see it like that. Quinn thinks that it's too late to matter now, but Daryl, recognizing Quinn's genuine remorse and that Quinn doesn't have much time left, suggests that it doesn't have to be, that Quinn could buy him some time and help to save both Isabelle and Laurent. Agreeing, Quinn tells Daryl to cut his hand off at the wrist so as to free them from each other. Daryl promises to tell Isabelle what Quinn did for her and, after making a torniquet with Quinn's belt, cuts off Quinn's hand with his axe. Rounding the corner, the two men encounter three Guerriers who had heard Quinn's cries. As Daryl escapes, Quinn attacks the Guerriers, killing all of them.

Isabelle and Laurent sneak through Maison Mère, avoiding the searching Guerriers. Outside, Daryl recovers his knife and morning star from the backseat of the jeep that had transported him to Maison Mère. Following gurgling sounds, Daryl finds a Guerrier with a slit throat choking to death on his own blood in a nearby garage and, much to his relief, Fallou, Sylvie and Emile hiding inside. Daryl guesses that Isabelle and Laurent are in one of the cellblocks which he knows how to find and asks Fallou, who reveals that his uncle ran a garage, to get one of the trucks running. Using some of the tools in the garage, Emile breaks the shackle off of Daryl's wrist.

Making their way through the tunnels, Daryl, Isabelle and Laurent find each other, with Daryl separated from the others by a locked gate. Daryl instructs Isabelle to get a pipe to break the lock, but a zombified Quinn enters and charges at Isabelle who hits him in the head with the pipe. Recovering from the blow, Quinn attacks Isabelle who struggles to keep him off of her. A zombified Guerrier enters the tunnel, but Daryl draws him over to the gate and stabs him in the head with his axe. Unable to help Isabelle himself, Daryl hands Laurent the axe and tells him to use it to save Isabelle. The frightened boy approaches Isabelle and Quinn while Daryl yells encouragement at him to save Isabelle. When Laurent continues to hesitate, Daryl reassures him that "God'll forgive you." With a yell, Laurent axes Quinn in the head, putting him down and saving Isabelle's life.

Having escaped from Maison Mère, Laurent sits in the back of the group's stolen truck looking at Azlan's pocket watch while Emile tells Sylvie that he and Fallou must go where they are most needed, and he hopes that she will join them one day. Emile and Sylvie kiss while Laurent reassures Fallou that they know where the Nest is. Fallou wishes them good luck and he leaves with Emile who briefly stops to exchange one last smile with Sylvie. Daryl hangs the pocket watch on the rearview mirror and the group - reunited at last - drives off to finish their long journey to the Nest. Daryl tries to reassure a worried Sylvie that Fallou won't let anything happen to Emile, but he doesn't respond to her question if Daryl has ever been in love. Isabelle tells Laurent that she's always protected him, but this time he protected her, and Isabelle is sorry that Laurent had to do that. Laurent tells Isabelle that it wasn't Quinn anymore and he was never Laurent's father. "Sometimes you have to do horrible things, and no matter how bad you feel, if there is no other choice, God will forgive you. Like with my mother." The truck suddenly begins experiencing engine trouble, forcing Daryl to pull over and check it out.

As Daryl works on the truck, Sylvie and Laurent sleep in the back and Isabelle stands outside with him. Isabelle tells Daryl that her father had once tried to teach her how to change a tire, but he gave up after two hours. Daryl reveals that his father used to have Daryl and Merle take apart engines and if they couldn't put them back together, they got no dinner. Daryl admits that it was hard when his father was around which was hardly ever. Daryl's father grew up without a father too and he guesses that history repeats itself if you're not careful. Daryl's grandfather had died in France during World War II, enlisting, leaving his pregnant wife back home, and never came back while his family fell apart back home. Daryl thinks that it hardly seems worth it as his grandfather didn't put up much of a fight for what he believed in, never even making it off of the beach.

Isabelle notes that Laurent has changed greatly since he first met Daryl, but Daryl denies having much to do with it, telling Isabelle that kids grow up. Isabelle states that Laurent has never had a fatherly influence in his life, although she guesses that growing up with no father was better than growing up with Quinn. Daryl reveals that Quinn had thought of Isabelle before he died, and Isabelle reveals that she was afraid of Daryl at first as there's something in his eyes and Isabelle could tell that Daryl's been through stuff. With his scars, Isabelle could tell that Daryl was dangerous and that he could get them where they needed to go. Laughing, Daryl says that he's glad that he could help. As Daryl begins working under the truck, Isabelle confesses that she had lied to him about the picture of Daryl on the beach. Rather than it having been drawn weeks before like Isabelle had claimed, she had Laurent draw it when Daryl first got to the abbey in the hopes that it would help convince Daryl to help them. While Isabelle calls her actions stupid, Daryl suggests that it wasn't as he's here now and it's not because of that picture.

When Isabelle doesn't respond to his request for a big wrench, Daryl emerges from under the truck to find Stéphane holding it and he hits Daryl in the face with the wrench and throws him onto the ground next to the truck where Capo and three other Guerriers gather up Isabelle, Sylvie and Laurent. Daryl pleads with Stéphane to not do this, promising to go with him, but Capo tells Daryl that Genet has ordered for them all to die today, Laurent first. When Isabelle tries to resist, a Guerrier stabs her in the right shoulder and Capo hands Stéphane his gun, telling Stéphane to do it for his brother, letting the death of his friends be the last thing that Daryl sees. Daryl pleads with a visibly conflicted Stéphane to not go through with it as Stéphane takes aim at Laurent and Capo orders him to hurry up. Laurent tells Stéphane that God loves him, and Stéphane suddenly shoots Capo and the three Guerriers dead instead. Stéphane takes aim at Daryl as he, Sylvie and Laurent hover protectively over Isabelle, but lowers his gun after a moment, deciding to let Daryl go and get his revenge the next time. Picking up Azlan's pocket watch, Stéphane recognizes the picture of Mont-Saint-Michel inside and deduces that it's the Nest. Stéphane tells the group that it's not even a day's walk north and he instructs them to burn the truck as it makes them too easy to track. That night, the group watches the truck burn before setting out on the final leg of their journey, Daryl supporting the injured Isabelle.

The next day, the group finds and crosses the tide lands leading to Mont-Saint-Michel and finally reaches the Nest where the inhabitants joyfully greet them. Losang welcomes Laurent to the Nest and orders his people to get Isabelle to the infirmary quickly, reassuring Laurent that the Nest has good doctors, and they will do everything that they can for her. After Laurent reveals that Daryl doesn't speak French, Losang greets Daryl in perfect unaccented English, revealing much to Daryl's surprise that Losang is American too. Losang explains that he's originally from Hoboken, New Jersey and he came to Paris as a student in the 90's, something that Azlan didn't mention. Daryl reveals that Azlan didn't make it and Losang sadly tells Daryl that Azlan will be missed, and he was a good man, devoted and kind. Daryl warns Losang that Genet will be coming for them, and Losang promises that while they will pray that she won't, the Union will be ready if the day ever comes that she does.

Isabelle awakens in the infirmary some time later and finds Daryl teaching a class on using guns while Laurent enjoys playing soccer with other children. Laurent hugs his aunt while Daryl gives her a wave while continuing with his class. As time passes, Losang and Laurent walk with each other discuss philosophy, everyone enjoys dinner together, Isabelle and Sylvie watch Daryl playing with Laurent and Daryl watches Isabelle listening to a lecture by Losang. After finding Isabelle cleaning her wound, Daryl helps her clean it at her request. Daryl admits that the Nest isn't what he had expected, having expected to find a bunch of Amish people running around. Isabelle likes it at the Nest which feels like home to her, and Daryl admits that it kind of grows on you.

Walking with Daryl, Losang admits that he had been skeptical when Père Jean had first sent word of Laurent, but Losang decided to do the pilgrim's Camino to Santiago, so he stopped at the abbey to meet him, and he knew that Père Jean was right. Daryl calls Laurent a good kid, one who Losang says looks up to Daryl and is here because of him, although Daryl deflects that it was thanks to Isabelle really. Losang is grateful to the both of them and sorry to see Daryl go, surprising Daryl. Losang explains that Daryl kept his word and the Union kept theirs: they've found a vessel to help get Daryl home. Fishermen from Dover will give Daryl safe passage to England, and they know of boats that can get him as far as Newfoundland, although Daryl will have to figure out the rest on his own. The boat will be there in two days and Daryl will have to walk to the north coast, so Losang suggests that he set out at dawn unless he's changed his mind.

A conflicted Daryl tells Losang that he's got people waiting for him back home, but Losang points out that Daryl has people who hope that he will stay in France. Watching Isabelle and Laurent through a window, Daryl admits that it's not so easy and Losang acknowledges that they don't know what tomorrow will bring and Daryl needs to go an ocean away with the world being what it is while Losang and his people need Daryl too here and now. While the Power of the Living isn't Daryl's fight, Losang suggests that Isabelle and Laurent are the reason that he's torn, stating that "sometimes, when a person leaves home, he comes to find he belongs someplace else."

At Maison Mère, Stéphane claims to Genet that it was a lack of vigilance on Stéphane and his men's part that allowed Daryl's group to get away, that they were too confident, and the group came out of nowhere and outnumbered the Guerriers in an ambush. Genet gives Stéphane a cigarette that she's just hand rolled and notes that Stéphane has returned completely unharmed. Stéphane claims that Laurent escaped and he went after him, going back too late to help after he heard the gunshots. Stating that Stéphane did his best, Genet reveals that, before the world ended, she worked nights in a museum, night after night just her and the art, thousands of eyes following Genet from room to room. It taught Genet how to tell which eyes tell the truth and which eyes lie. Genet realizes that Stéphane killed her men himself and, after taking a drag on his cigarette, Stéphane explains that they had told him to kill the boy which is a line that he couldn't cross. Genet tells Stéphane that it means that he's not the man that she thought that he was, and the Union offers fairy tales. Every person who joins the Union makes her group weaker which is why they must be snuffed out, because the Power of the Living is building the future, not for themselves but for who comes after them. They have to do the hard, unspeakable things so that those who come after them won't have to. Genet asks where the Nest is, but Stéphane just shrugs. The two Guerriers in the room with them knock Stéphane to the ground and disarm him. Genet warns Stéphane that it's only going to get more painful and the Guerriers drag him away.

At the Nest, Daryl packs up and Isabelle confronts him about leaving without even saying goodbye. Daryl tells her that he made a promise to his friends back home, just like he did to Isabelle. Daryl kept his promise to Isabelle which she appreciates, but Daryl also told her that he had left the Commonwealth to see what was out in the world and Isabelle thinks that he found something, even if it wasn't what Daryl was looking for. Daryl reminds Isabelle that this has always been his intention ever since he first washed ashore in France, and Isabelle asks about Laurent, wondering if Daryl is going to leave without saying goodbye and abandon the boy, comparing it to Daryl's father abandoning him. Daryl insists that it's not the same, but Isabelle thinks that Daryl cares about Laurent and it scares him. Daryl thinks that he's escaping history by doing this, but he's only repeating it by abandoning the boy who has become as good as Daryl's own son over their time together. Daryl tells Isabelle that he respects her for believing what she believes and while the Nest feels like home to her and he truly hopes that it is for both Isabelle and Laurent, Daryl has his own home to get back to. Upset, Isabelle tells Daryl that she's glad that they met, and she wishes him Godspeed on his journey and leaves. Daryl visits the sleeping Laurent and after hesitating for a moment, leaves the boy with the Rubik's Cube that Laurent had given to Daryl when they first met and leaves.

Season 2[]


Isabelle will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Isabelle has killed:

  • Lily (Zombified, alongside Jean and the nuns)
  • Véronique (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • Dell (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • Köping (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • Jèrèmie (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • William (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • Richard (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • François (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • 5 unnamed nuns (Before Reanimation, alongside Daryl)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people





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