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Issue 107 is the one-hundred-seventh issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fifth part of Volume 18: What Comes After. It was originally published on February 13, 2013.

Plot Synopsis

After Rick hears that Negan has done something to Carl, Rick reacts by head-butting Negan. Negan's Saviors are about to break up the fight, but Negan commands them not to. Rick kicks Negan down while asking repeatedly, "Where is my son?." Negan starts to strangle Rick and says he will not let a one-armed man beat him in front of his own men. As Negan strangles Rick, he says he will regret it, and commands The Saviors to take the boy out. 

Rick surprises Negan by biting him. Negan tells Michonne to stand down and Rick to calm down. Just then, Carl calls for his father. Carl and Rick hug and Negan explains he can be reasonable and that he doesn't like killing people.

Eugene, Rosita, and Holly are at an ammo manufacturing location. Eugene explains to Holly the equipment's purpose, but, Holly does not understand most of what he is saying. Eugene summarizes that bullet production will be a lot easier than they thought. Rosita commends Eugene which causes him to smile as Holly looks at them enviously.

Rick announces to the community that Carl is safe at home, and is happy that Negan spared his life. He tells Olivia to help Andrea catalog all the supplies they found earlier. Rick tells everyone Negan can be trusted, and hopes it stays that way. Rick also tells everyone to be optimistic. Andrea asks Rick if he will keep his secret plan from the rest survivors, and Rick responds that he doesn't care what they think and not telling them will help keep them alive.

Michonne tries unsuccessfully to seduce Heath, who reveals that Maggie told him about her and Tyreese and that he doesn't want to cheat on Denise. Michonne apologizes and leaves, asking Heath to pretend that this moment never happened.

Paul and Rick talk about the Saviors and the layout of the Sanctuary. Rick asks if Paul knows anything about Negan's wives, but Paul says he didn't even know where the place was until recently, let alone what goes on inside. According to Carl the Sanctuary did not have many soldiers and had families, women and children. Paul concludes that most of the soldiers are stationed at the outposts. Carl also didn't see many guns, which doesn't surprise Paul. Paul suggests Rick and the others should meet Ezekiel.



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