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Issue 108 is the one-hundred-eighth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the sixth and final part of Volume 18: What Comes After. It was originally published on March 13, 2013.

Plot Synopsis

Negan plays another savior in a ping pong game, beating him by a large margin. Negan then challenges Dwight to a game of ping pong, to which Dwight declines, saying that he should be leaving. Negan says the game was getting boring anyways and proceeds to grab Sherry by the arm, making a rude comment towards Dwight about how he is going to have sex with Sherry. Dwight glares at Negan.

Carl and Michonne fight a group of zombies, and he is surprised by one zombie, which falls on top of him. While Michonne is taking Carl to the Safe-Zone, Carl says he's useless because of his blind spot. Michonne assures him that Rick does just fine without a hand and he will too.

Rick and Jesus are traveling when they are stopped by two men with horses, who lead them to the Kingdom where Ezekiel resides. Jesus explains to Rick that the Kingdom is a school, where the residents stay for winter. In summer, the school sets up tents across the Kingdom. Ezekiel is happy to see both Jesus and Rick. Jesus tells Rick he forgot to mention Ezekiel has a tiger, named Shiva.

In the Safe-Zone, Michonne reveals to Andrea she cannot talk normally to anyone anymore including Heath. Meanwhile, Spencer wants to borrow Gabriel's altar to pray to the Lord to give him the strength to do something that must be done.

Back at the Kingdom, Dwight appears and attempts to convince Ezekiel, Jesus, and Rick he can help them defeat Negan. Rick tells Ezekiel he cannot be trusted, as he was the one who killed Abraham and is serving Negan. Dwight responds that he never fully trusted Negan, but, Rick doesn't believe him and hits him, calling him a liar.

Dwight tells them how Negan treats his wife Sherry and that his face was ironed by Negan after catching them together. Dwight is ready to reveal all of Negan's secrets and weaknesses, and convinces them that he can make Rick's plan possible. Ezekiel starts to smile, as Rick and Jesus stare at each other, unsure.



  • None


  • First appearance of Ezekiel.
  • First appearance of Shiva.
  • First appearance of the Kingdom.
  • Originally, Negan was supposed to be killed in this issue.
  • It is revealed that the survivors were supposed to find the prison in #7 in this issue's Letter Hacks.
  • This issue marks Gabriel's 25th appearance.


  • Rick punches Dwight with his left hand, but Dwight's head flies in the opposite direction (i.e. as if Rick punched him with his right hand)