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Issue 112 is the one-hundred-twelfth issue of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead and the fourth part of Volume 19: March To War. It was originally published on July 10, 2013.


Denise stumbles upon the corpse of Spencer Monroe with his guts hanging out; Negan standing next to the body. He coldly says he is dead and asks where his house is, as he wants to play pool.

Hours later, Rick and his team arrive back at Alexandria, only to find the gates locked and no one on watch. Locked outside, Rick yells for someone to open the gates, while the group is ambushed by walkers. Olivia quickly arrives and apologizes, and reveals that Negan arrived earlier than expected. Denise then arrives and explains what Negan did to Spencer.

"I thought we had an agreement?!" Rick confronts Negan, who simply gets up and says Rick should thank him, the latter, however, doesn't budge. The two start a very heated conversation. Negan mentions that he's been more than reasonable, citing Carl's incident back at the Sanctuary.

Eventually he asks about the supplies, but, change his mind and says Rick can keep all of them. Rick firmly denies: "A deal is a deal", and gives half nonetheless.

After packing up the supplies, Negan and his eight man crew leaves. Rick rushes to his house and orders Andrea, who is upset over Spencer's death, to get a rifle and run to the bell tower. This is their chance to kill Negan.

The driver of the truck is shot in the head by a sniper; Andrea. Negan curses, evading the gunshots. The Saviors are surrounded by Rick and a few more armed Alexandrians. Rick, filled with rage, asks Negan if he ever heard about a story of someone who brought a baseball bat to a gunfight.

A gunshot sounds. Rick's pistol flies away from his hand: Savior snipers. The surrounding buildings are filled with them. Negan faces Rick holding Lucille, explaining how he always have a backup team for supplies runs, and taunts Rick by saying that, being Alexandria's leader, he should've learned something.

"You're fucking fucked, you stupid fucker."




  • Last appearance of Spencer Monroe. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Seth (Alive).
  • This issue reveals that Negan has his Saviors hidden in the area nearby the Alexandria Safe-Zone where they are collecting supplies to spy on Rick and his group.