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Issue 12 is the twelfth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the sixth and final part of Volume 2: Miles Behind Us. It was originally published on September 15, 2004. The deluxe colored version was released on April 7, 2021.

Plot Synopsis

Rick, Carl, and Lori wake up, and Lori shows more signs of morning sickness. Hershel walks in on Maggie and Glenn sleeping together and becomes irate, insulting Maggie and threatening Glenn. Maggie defends Glenn and herself, leaving Hershel to storm out.

The group unpacks the RV in preparation for moving into Hershel's barn, now that the zombies have been cleared out. Dale reminisces about his experiences in the RV with his dead wife Erma, comforting Andrea and telling her he does truly love her.

Rick and Allen are cleaning out the barn, and Rick asks about Allen's condition. Allen says he's not doing well but genuinely appreciates Rick's concern. He will try his best for the kids and for Donna. Rick quickly gives up on clearing out the barn and goes to convince Hershel to let them stay in the house.

Rick proposes the idea of his group moving into the house, but Hershel denies and says once Carl is healed, they'll have to leave.

Carol and Tyreese are cuddled together and talking to each other, with Julie and Chris looming in the shadows, undoubtedly thinking about enacting their plan mentioned previously.

After learning what Hershel said, Lori confronts him and demands they be allowed to stay. The argument reaches a head and Hershel is about to slap her when Rick intervenes. Hershel furiously proclaims he's lost his children and tells them he doesn't owe them anything, calling them out as freeloaders. Rick and Lori continue to make the case, offering up their help to improve the farm as well, Lori breaking down into tears. As Rick goes to comfort her, Hershel points a gun to Rick's head and tells them all to leave. Otis quickly intervenes, but Hershel maintains his stance. Rick and his group leave. Otis later finds Hershel huddled in his room. Hershel informs him he would have shot Rick and that he may have lost his mind.

As Rick's group prepares to leave, Glenn informs them he's remaining with Maggie on the farm, having worked it out with Hershel.

The group is on the road once again and in dire straits, with little food, protection from the zombies and the weather and eventually running out of gas. Dale and Andrea stumble upon an incredible find and summon Rick. Over the hill, they see a prison with zombies shambling about outside. A smile on his face, Rick proclaims, "It's perfect. We're home."



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Cutting Room Floor

  • Allen was going to be dismissive when Rick asked him if he was okay.
  • Maggie and Hershel were originally going to talk about being out of food, giving Hershel another reason to kick the Survivors out.
  • The argument between Rick and Hershel was originally going to be longer and more drawn out.
    • The scene with Hershel talking to Otis originally didn't exist.
  • Glenn wasn't originally going to stay on the farm.