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Issue 130 is the one-hundred and thirtieth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fourth part of Volume 22: A New Beginning. It was published on August 13, 2014.


The issue begins with Magna and her group speaking with Negan for the first time. He tells the group that he's being tortured by Rick and claims that he's been in jail for so long that he doesn't even remember what he did wrong in the first place. Magna instantly tells Negan that she knows he's lying, having seen what someone being tortured looks like, pointing out his appearance. Negan nonchalantly confesses that he was lying and introduces himself. He tells the group that he's been lonely lately and asks if they want to talk. Magna and her group ignore him and leave the jail immediately.

Elsewhere, Marco and Ken are struggling to get away from a herd of zombies. Ken is having trouble keeping up due to his injury. Marco, refusing to leave Ken behind, pulls him into a ditch, so the herd won't find them. As they are hiding, they hear strange voices whispering among the herd.

Rick and Carl are still making their way to the Hilltop and eventually arrive. As soon as they get there, Rick is swarmed by admirers, much to his annoyance. Carl meets with Earl Sutton, and delivers a carved boar figure, which Earl remarks that looks more like a pig. Earl then introduces Carl to Rolland, another boy apprenticing with Earl. Carl becomes slightly upset and walks off.

At the house, Maggie takes Rick to see her and Glenn's child, Hershel. While they look at the baby sleeping peacefully in the crib, Maggie remarks that Hershel Jr.'s peaceful rest was made only possible because of the sacrifices Rick made in the past; namely the events of "All Out War". Rick protests though that Maggie did just as much and deserves more of the credit.

Meanwhile, Marco is found in the woods nearby and is rescued by the guards. Taken to the infirmary, Maggie, accompanied by Rick and Carl, asks what happened to him. Harlan Carson explains that he has been out on his own for days and is likely starving and dehydrated.

Suddenly, an extremely distraught and disturbed Marco wakes up, explaining how he had to leave Ken behind and begs the group to send men out to get him. He then exclaims, "there were whispers and I was afraid". In the end, making the assumption that what he heard was actually the zombies, he claims that the zombies were speaking.



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