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Issue 131 is the one-hundred and thirty-first issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fifth part of Volume 22: A New Beginning. It was published on September 10, 2014.


Marco yells to everyone that the dead were talking and they have to find Ken. Maggie, along with Harlan Carson, manage to calm him down. Although she and the others don't believe the dead were talking, she still sends a group to find the missing survivor. 

Meanwhile, Carl runs into Sophia who is standing up for a boy, Brian who is being beaten by two bullies. Sophia accidentally hits Carl in the face and apologizes. After a friendly reunion, Carl asks Sophia where Alex lives, as he needs to deliver a letter to him from Jesus.

Elsewhere, Larry and Louie are showcasing what seems to be some sort of alcoholic drink, and a man named Dante, the one who found Marco earlier, tastes it, remarking that it is very good. Maggie arrives and orders him to go find Ken with a small search party.

Later during the community meal, Earl invites Carl to sit and eat with him and the other apprentice, an invite which he denies, starting to talk about how he moved to Hilltop hoping to become his apprentice, just to find someone else already apprenticing. Earl then smiles, asking "who said I can only have one apprentice?"

Elsewhere, Dante, Doug and another Hilltop guard ride through the countryside searching for the barn, and Dante talks about his feelings for Maggie, and the small chance he has with her. Eventually, they find a barn and discover Ken's clothes, but before they can properly search for him, they are ambushed by a group of roamers.

After eating, Rick and Maggie have a talk about the past and how everything has changed, and how the world is much more peaceful, and that things are almost better than they were before the apocalypse. Rick remarks that he still misses some of it, also saying he misses Maggie and "even after all this time", he still misses Michonne.

Later, Carl is moving his bags to the Barrington House. When asked by Sophia why there are so many bags, Carl reveals that he's moving in, which makes her quite happy.

Back at Alexandria, after speaking to Eugene about Rosita, and how much she loves him, Andrea returns home and is ambushed by Magna and her group. Magna menacingly says she'll be the one answering their questions now.



  • None


  • First (and last) appearance of Brian. (Unknown)
  • First (and last) appearance of Wes. (Unknown)
  • First appearance of Larry.
  • First appearance of Dante.
  • First appearance of Louie.
  • First appearance of Doug.
  • First appearance of Brandon Rose.