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Issue 171 is the one-hundred and seventy-first issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the third part of Volume 29: Lines We Cross. It was published on September 6, 2017.


Siddiq tells Eugene that he is sorry about Rosita, saying that he thought he was protecting him by not revealing that he had gotten her pregnant, though he now realizes he was protecting himself. He also reveals that she was planning on leaving Eugene to be with him. Eugene remembers when Rosita told him about the affair, specifically when she told him she didn't love her lover. Eugene is about to correct Siddiq, but opts to instead thank him for telling him. Eugene also offers his condolences to Siddiq, as Siddiq loved Rosita too, but couldn't tell anyone, which must have made things difficult. He reminisces about Rosita and jokes that she had a "questionable taste in men", causing Siddiq to laugh before breaking down in tears once more as Eugene comforts him.

The next morning, Yumiko wishes to be able to scavenge for supplies from the buildings, but Michonne reminds her that they are on a timetable; she says they will have time on the way back. Michonne tells the group she wants to try something before yelling out if anyone is there. Initially there is no response, but eventually a young woman emerges and greets them. After she introduces herself as Juanita Sanchez, 'The Princess of Pittsburgh,' she mentions that they are the first people she's seen in over a year. They are attacked by a few roamers, but Juanita guns them down. Juanita asks if she can come with them, but Michonne says no due to them not knowing what she's capable of and vice-versa. Juanita offers to bring them to her shelter nearby. After arriving, Juanita seemingly signals her group to attack by yelling out, but this is revealed to be a practical joke. She tells Michonne to keep the gun while she goes in to get some supplies. As she does so, Michonne eyes her suspiciously.



  • None


  • First appearance of Juanita Sanchez.
  • Last appearance of Rosita Espinosa. (Flashback)
    • Counting postmortem appearances, this issue also marks Rosita's 50th appearance.
  • This issue featured very few character appearances and scenes.
    • This is also one of a handful of issues in which Rick Grimes does not make an appearance.
  • In the letter hacks of this issue Robert Kirkman paid his respects to legendary filmmaker and writer George A. Romero.