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Issue 192 is the one-hundred and ninety-second issue of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead and the sixth part of Volume 32: Rest In Peace. It was released on June 5, 2019.


As Rick is still clutching his gunshot wound, Sebastian apologizes, clearly panicked. He then shoots Rick three more times, killing him, before dropping the gun and fleeing the scene. Rick lies dead on his bed until morning.

Carl wakes up and gets dressed. He is greeted by Aaron and Jesus, who are having coffee, as he exits the hotel. Jesus tells him about a restaurant that makes pancakes, so Carl decides to take his father to breakfast there. Having arrived at his father's hotel, Carl is alarmed when he notices the door to Rick's room is open. Immediately upon entering, he is confronted by a now reanimated Rick. Aghast, Carl shoots his father in the head, before slumping to the floor in tears. Carl remains motionless on the floor as guards discover Rick's body and fetch Mercer, who immediately recognizes the murder weapon as Sebastian's gun. Mercer sends for Michonne to get Carl.

At her office, Carl tells Michonne how shooting his undead father was simply a reaction on his part, but that he realized what he had done when Rick's body hit the ground. He recalls when he thought his father had died after they escaped the prison, and how Carl couldn't bring himself to shoot him, since he was scared of being alone and, even though this time was different, he is scared nonetheless. He goes on to say that he keeps thinking what would have been if he'd simply gone to breakfast without Rick, since Rick would have been "alive" a little longer, and that if he'd stayed at the Hilltop, he wouldn't even know.

Carl is summoned by Pamela, who informs him that his father's killer has been caught, and that it's her son, Sebastian. Pamela says that she wanted to hear Carl's thoughts on the matter and make sure he wouldn't take justice into his own hands. Carl stoically asks if Sebastian will be punished, prompting Pamela to burst into tears. She tells him that, even though Sebastian is her son and she loves him, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for his crime. Satisfied with this answer, Carl offers his condolences to Pamela before leaving. Michonne does the same, but warns Pamela against trying to take the reins once more, as Mercer looks on.

Next, Carl visits Sebastian in jail. In tears, Sebastian recognizes Carl and tells him that he doesn't even know what to say to him. Sebastian recounts how hard things were before he and his mother arrived at the Commonwealth and how once they were in charge he thought he could do whatever he wanted, so when Rick "fucked everything up" he thought that things would go back to normal without him. Sebastian goes on to admit that he never killed a person before and that, even though people say it's hard, it was actually very easy. He is abruptly told by Carl to shut up. Carl tells Sebastian that everyone is talking about him and that no one likes him and, in fact, never did. Carl can tell that Sebastian is not a good person and that he is not sorry for what he did, but rather that he got caught. Carl then reveals that Sebastian's mother was worried he would take matters into his own hands and kill him in revenge, but he thinks Sebastian being imprisoned is much better, since Carl gets to visit Sebastian whenever he wants and see his misery, while Sebastian will remember the life he once had with every visit, which Carl thinks is a much better punishment than death. Carl acknowledges that this is what his father would have wanted, but warns Sebastian that if he ever escapes, Carl will hurt him before dragging him back to his cell. With that, he tells Sebastian he'll be seeing him, before departing.

The next day, Carl prepares to take his father's body back to Alexandria, so he could be buried alongside Andrea. He is greeted by Michonne, who is also going. Carl tells her that she doesn't need to accompany him and that he can make it on his own, which Michonne acknowledges, but tells him that he shouldn't have to. Maggie then arrives and asks Carl to wait for an hour, since there are people from Alexandria who also wanted to pay their respects. Carl asks who wants to come. An hour later a large group of people gathers to escort Rick's body to Alexandria, consisting not only of Alexandrians and Hilltopers, but many Commonwealth residents as well.

As they are traveling, Carl suddenly falls off the wagon, as Michonne quickly rushes to his aid. In tears, Carl says that his father sacrificed so much to create a world where they could say goodbye, but he never got to. Carl wonders what it was all for, and recognizes that the world is much better and safer because of Rick, but now he died, just like that. Carl says that he can't go on without his father, and that he can't do this anymore.




  • Last appearance of Rick Grimes.
    • As of Rick's death:
      • No characters from Issue 1 are still alive.
      • Carl was the last known surviving member of the Grimes family, until his marriage to Sophia and birth of his daughter Andrea.
      • Carl and Sophia are now the longest surviving characters in the Comic Series.
      • Carl and Sophia are the last remaining characters that appeared in Volume 1: Days Gone Bye.
  • Last appearance of Eduardo. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Annie. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Siddiq. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Dante. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Vincent. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Lance Hornsby. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Maxwell Hawkins. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Jerome. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Nancy. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Heath.
  • Last appearance of Brianna.
  • Last appearance of Stephanie.
  • This issue marks Maggie Greene's 125th appearance.
  • When Carl shoots the zombified Rick, the sound effect used is "BLAM!", the same sound effect used for when Carl shot Shane in Issue 6.
  • Carl walking away from Sebastian and saying "Ta-ta" is somewhat similar to Negan walking away from Rick's group at the end of Issue 100 after killing Glenn and saying the same thing.
  • When Carl visits Sebastian in his cell, he tells him that his father taught him that imprisonment is a more civilized punishment than death. That was a callback to Rick imprisoning Negan rather than killing him after the end of All Out War.
  • Rick lying dead in his bed is an homage to him waking up in a hospital bed in Issue 1.
  • This issue is 30 pages long[1], making it one of several extended issues along with Issue 100, Issue 127, Issue 150, Issue 163, Issue 167, Issue 191, and Issue 193.
  • This is one of the few issues that has a blank cover variant[2]. Other blank cover variant issues include Issue 100, Issue 109, Issue 115, and Issue 150.


  • Sean states in the Letter Hacks that The Walking Dead: The Final Season took place before this issue but given Clementine's and AJ's respective ages, that would be impossible. This is likely an oversight.
  • As Sebastian leaves, it can be seen that Rick's eyes are closed. On the next page, however, they are mysteriously open, even though Rick is dead by this point. His eyes are then closed again in the following panels.