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Issue 32 is the thirty-second issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the second part of Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life. It was originally published on November 26, 2006. The deluxe colored version was released on February 2, 2022.

Plot Synopsis

Martínez tells Rick that they are escaping. Rick ignores him, and tells him to let go of him. Martínez says they have to hurry before any of The Governor's henchmen discover they are gone. Rick asks what they are going to do about the guards outside his room. Martínez reveals that "we" took care of the guards. Rick asks what Martínez means by "we". Martínez has released Glenn from his cell, and he is happy to see Rick.

Glenn thought that Rick was dead. Rick says he thought they released Glenn and were following him to the prison. Glenn says that he didn't tell them anything and he wasn't even questioned. To keep Maggie safe, Glenn says that he would have never said anything. However, he might have after hearing Michonne's screaming and suffering at the hands of the Governor. Martínez says the Governor has been acting strangely for a while and didn't know that the Governor was keeping any prisoners. Suddenly, Rick remembers the riot suit and prison uniform that he was wearing when they were captured and that the Governor might infer that they live in a prison. The three of them then make for their escape.

The Governor is angry that Michonne killed Eugene, and that he will have to find new biters and arena fighters. Bruce and Gabe are about to open the door, when suddenly the Governor stops and says that he wants to sleep on it first.

Alice catches up to Rick and others and tells them that she and Stevens would like to come with them. Rick would love to have them and they are going to find Michonne's cell. They find it, thanks to Glenn, and Martínez goes to take care of Gabe. Glenn introduces himself to Alice. Martínez goes around the corner, and talks to Gabe, then knocks him out when his guard is down. Martínez yells that it's clear, and they open Michonne's cell. Michonne is tied up and mistakes Rick for the Governor and spits on him. She then recognizes what's happening and they untie her. Rick asks if she needs help, but, she says that she is okay. Around the corner, someone is approaching. Martínez is ready to knock him out, but, it turns out to be Stevens. The group wants him to come with them. After thinking about it he agrees, but, he needs some supplies.

They run through Woodbury trying to avoid people when a woman named Marianne Williams wants Stevens to stop and look at her son, Matthew Williams, who is feeling ill and has a fever. Stevens tells her to bring him by his office later in the day. Alice asks him about Williams' boy, but, Stevens says he can't think about him, and they have to continue their escape. Martínez tells a fence guard he will take over the shift and that he can have a day off. Michonne informs them she isn't coming yet. She says she has to pay the Governor a visit. Alice tells her where he lives and Michonne says she will catch up if she can. She leaves, and so do the others. Martínez helps everyone over the wall and Stevens says he's relieved to be out of Woodburry. Suddenly, a lurker comes from behind him and bites him on the neck. Alice screams, grabs the gun from Martínez, and shoots the roamer. Alice cries, but, Stevens tells her not to. He says he's evolving to a worse life form. He also says that they have to continue escaping and she needs to take the supplies to help Rick and his people. All are upset, but, Martínez says they have to continue.

The Governor is feeding Penny someone's foot. A loud, pounding knock comes from his door. Suddenly, Michonne bursts in and the Governor exclaims, "...This should be interesting."




Cutting Room Floor

  • Martínez was originally going to be ordered by the Governor to kill Glenn, but refuse.
  • Michonne was originally going to attack Rick and the others when they try to free her, not recognizing them at first.
  • The group was going to have to fight more guards.
  • The group was going to originally retrieve Stevens from his house, instead of bumping into him in the hallway.
  • Michonne was originally going to talk to Bob Stookey before going to the Governor's apartment.
  • Michonne was originally going to discover the Governor's fish tanks at the end of the issue.


  • Martínez was mistakenly called "Rodriguez" on two separate occasions, first by Glenn and then by Stevens.