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Issue 34 is the thirty-fourth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fourth part of Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life. It was originally published on January 28, 2007. The deluxe colored version is set to be released on March 2, 2022.

Plot Synopsis

Michonne has been walking all night and has found Rick, Martínez, Glenn, and Alice. She wants to continue moving. Rick asks her if The Governor is still alive. She replies saying that he might be, but, she doesn't know for certain. Noticing her odd behavior, Rick tells Glenn to keep an eye on her.

Alice is still upset about Dr. Stevens' death, but, she thinks she can carry on. Glenn asks what Martinez did for a living before the end of the world. Martinez reveals that he was a gym teacher. When the dead began to rise, Martinez huddled up in a school full of his students and their parents. The school got overrun by zombies and only Martinez got out alive. Alice also made it out of her dorm alive when that, too, was made a safe haven. It was easy for Martinez to run because he had no family or loved ones and nothing was holding him back.

Martinez stops talking. The zombies have caught up to them. They all start running, but, one of them gets Martinez's hand. He screams "Not today!" and rips it's jaw off. He kicks it off and Alice shoots it. Glenn is surrounded, but, Alice and Michonne save him. They all run to the car, Glenn goes to driving-seat, and the others push it out of the mud. They get in and they drive away. In the car, Alice asks if the prison is safe. Rick says that it has three gates and zombies haven't even been able to push the first one down. Alice says she was only in Woodbury because she knew she was safe from the zombies. All of the Woodbury people call the zombies "biters," but, Rick and Glenn call them "roamers" and "lurkers."

At the prison, they see that every gate is open letting the zombies in. The yard is overrun by hordes of zombies, with Dale's RV seemingly abandoned.

In a flashback of Rick's hometown, Morgan and Duane are having a Christmas celebration. Morgan gives Duane a Gameboy and gives a speech. Duane is so excited about the game, so he doesn't pay much attention. Morgan says lastly that he loves Duane.



  • Otis (Alive, Off-Panel)


  • Last appearance of Duane Jones. (Alive, Flashback)
  • The creator, Robert Kirkman, confirms that this issue is the "Christmas episode".[1]
  • This issue has one of the least appearances of characters.
  • The last scene with Morgan and Duane doesn't appear in the trade version.
  • This issue contains the Morgan Special.
  • This is the fifth issue to get a second printing.

Cutting Room Floor

  • There was supposed to be a speech related to sleep or a dream, but the context of it is unknown.
  • Alice's origin story was going to be further explored.


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