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Issue 36 is the thirty-sixth issue of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead and the sixth and final part of Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life. It was originally published on March 21, 2007. The deluxe colored version was released on April 6, 2022.

Plot Synopsis

Rick has realized that Martínez is going back to Woodbury. He wants Tyreese to watch Carl as Rick takes Dale's RV and goes after Martinez. Carl thinks that his father doesn't care about him, but Tyreese says Rick does anything to save his people. Tyreese asks Carl if he understands, and Carl agrees.

Martinez is running back to Woodbury, across the forest. Rick catches him and rams the RV into Martinez. He's still alive, barely, and he drops his gun. Rick asks what was he thinking, and Martinez responds that his people deserve to live, too. The Prison is secure, Martinez notes, and that he isn't going to bring The Governor, but Rick doesn't believe him. Rick reminds him of what The Governor did to him and Michonne. Rick tells him that his people are a "poison! A plague worse than the dead! People DIE for your amusement!" He then asks Martinez if he knows what people are capable of. Martinez responds with "I think I'm getting...the idea..." implying that Rick is no different from The Governor. Rick strangles him to death, and leaves him to reanimate.

Meanwhile in The Prison, Hershel asks Lori if she is worried. She says that she's not, and she got to stop worrying for the sake of her new baby. Carl and Sophia are playing and Sophia asks if Rick's hand could grow back. Carl responds that it's impossible. They have a little fight, but Carl apologizes to her. Meanwhile, Glenn has found what he was looking for, and shows the ring to Hershel. Glenn gets Hershel's approval for marriage, and both of them are happy, but Hershel doesn't want Maggie to get pregnant.

Rick arrives back, and Dale wants him to clean up the "zombie juice" off the front of the RV. Rick doesn't talk much about what he did, and wants to close the gates before dark. He calls a meeting. Glenn and Maggie are getting married.

Billy is watching the children, while the others are at the meeting. Before the meeting, Rick talks to Lori about how he killed a man today. Rick tells her he had discovered how he had changed, his job was keep people safe before zombie apocalypse. Rick asks her if he is evil, but both of them can say nothing. At the meeting, Rick says that all of the group should be ready for the fight with the Woodbury survivors.




Cutting Room Floor



  • In the panel when Rick drives out the prison, Tyreese and Axel are colored in regular clothes as if they are zombies, even though Carl who is still being carried by Tyreese is colored normally. In the panel underneath they're wearing orange jumpsuits again.
  • While Martínez is running away from the RV, the roses in the grass are given a dirt color as if they're mud that's being kicked up from running.
  • When Glenn says "hey" to Hershel, Hershel's hair is given the same color as Rick's.
  • On the last page Tyreese's shirt collar is colored blue instead of orange.