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Issue 49 is the forty-ninth issue of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead and the first part of Volume 9: Here We Remain. It was originally published on May 14, 2008.

Plot Synopsis

Michonne returns to the prison, and upon finding Tyreese's undead decapitated head, she drives her sword through it with tears in her eyes, thus putting down the reanimated Tyreese. She investigates the wreckage of Dale's RV, but, finds nothing except a set of footprints leading away from the battle, which she then follows.

Rick and Carl Grimes are resting in a forest. Rick asks Carl to open a can. Carl isn't hungry, but obliges. After Rick finishes eating, they start to leave in search of shelter, when Rick feels a strong pain in his abdomen. He assures Carl that he's fine as they exit the forest.

Rick leads Carl into an abandoned town for supplies and a place to rest. He tells Carl to only use his gun if he has to, due to noise drawing in zombies. They investigate a local store, with Carl finding a box of cereal, when Rick is attacked by a zombie. Rick tries to drive his hatchet through its head but is unable to penetrate its skull. Rick lures the zombie outside so he could knock it down and kill it, but before he is able to deliver another blow, Carl shoots the roamer in the head. Rick is mad at Carl but asks him for his gun to dispose of another zombie.

Later in the evening, they hide in a nearby house. Rick begins to feel sick, and he tries to hide this from Carl initially. He goes into the bathroom and takes a huge dose of antibiotics. Rick observes his stitched gunshot wound from before and pours alcohol on it, chasing this with a large dose of antibiotics. Rick and Carl decide to sleep next to the fireplace. Rick laments his decision making and they discuss staying in the house for a while instead of searching for survivors. Crying, Carl says he misses his mother Lori. When he gets no response, he turns to see Rick unconscious, with his eyes glazed over.





  • Even though Rick had his right hand amputated by The Governor in #28, he is seen with both of his hands when he closes the door of the bathroom, as well as when he states that he did not get the axe deep enough in a zombie.

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