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Issue 52 is the fifty-second issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the fourth part of Volume 9: Here We Remain. It was originally published on September 17, 2008.

Plot Synopsis

Continuing their journey, Rick tries to teach Carl as much as he can, including driving - albeit unsuccessfully - to help him survive if Rick was ever killed. When Rick leaves Carl alone, in order to scavenge for some gas, a zombie attacks Carl, but, he is saved by Michonne. Carl and Rick are happy to see her, and Carl gives her a big hug. Rick begins to tell Michonne about what happened to Tyreese, until she cuts him off, saying she already knows. Rick then offer his condolences to her.

Rick explains their situation and plans to return to Hershel's farm. Michonne explains to Rick that she has been following trails and Rick realizes that Andrea might have survived the crash. Michonne rejoins the group, revealing that an unknown survivor from the prison also escaped. A zombie nearly attacks Rick, but, Michonne quickly decapitates the zombie. Michonne asks if she could join them, and Rick tells her she doesn't even need to ask.

On the road, Carl needs to go and pee. Rick tells him not to go far. Michonne asks if Axel, Hershel, or Lori had some kind of chance to survive, and Rick says no. Michonne apologizes. Carl returns to Rick and Michonne. When darkness falls, Rick and the group become lost. Rick swears loudly, and Michonne tells him to calm down, lest they wake Carl. Rick shows regret about his plans to find Hershel's farm and their situation for the night, to which Michonne responds by saying they're safe for the time being and he's making the right call. Michonne berates Rick for his lack of confidence and suggests they stay in the car for the night. Rick agrees.

In the morning, Michonne asks what happened to rest of their group. Rick says the Woodbury tank drove over the fence, and The Governor decapitated Tyreese. Rick blames himself for the deaths of Lori and the rest. Suddenly, they hear the sound of horse hooves, and Rick points a gun at the source of the sound. The horses are being ridden by Glenn and Maggie, and Glenn asks if Rick is really going to shoot him.



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