Issue 55 is the fifty-fifth issue of Image ComicsThe Walking Dead and the first part of Volume 10: What We Become. It was originally published on January 27, 2009.

Plot Synopsis

The survivors travel and set up camp along their way to Washington, D.C., but, Rick still feels guilty for his decisions that led to so many deaths, but, mainly his wife Lori and daughter Judith. This starts to take a toll on his mind, he has a dream about being back at home and saving Carl from almost being hit by a car. Lori then comes up to him telling him Carl is safe, Rick says he can't protect anyone, Lori kisses him, however she turns into an undead version of herself and blames Rick for what happened to her. She proceeds to bite him in the neck and starts to devour him.

Ricks wakes up in a panic, however he calms down before he wakes Carl up. He heads outside his tent and relieves Abraham of his shift. He starts talking to Lori on the phone and he tells her about his dream, she tells him to stop blaming himself and to move on. Rick tells her that he thinks he should stop talking to her, however a tired Glenn almost catches him, when he comes out for his shift, Rick tells him to go back to bed and he does so immediately.

Meanwhile, Maggie Greene is going through a very serious stage of depression, due to the loss of her entire family and the fact that Glenn is unable to comfort her. The group scavenges a small town for supplies, and discovers a zombie that is too weak to attempt to eat anyone. The group wonders if the zombies can be malnourished or even starve to death.

At nightfall, the group has set up camp and talk about the malnourished zombie, they talk about what they have tended to calling them, Eugene says "zombies", while Rick and his group call them "roamers" and "lurkers". Glenn decides to go and check on Maggie, he asks Dale and Andrea to watch Sophia while he goes and investigates her disappearance. As Glenn calls out for Maggie, it is shown in a silhouette that Maggie has hung herself up in a tree.



  • None


  • Survivors learn that zombies get weaker over time.
  • Creator Robert Kirkman wrote:
"The zombie in Issue 55 was just a small hint as to the nature of the zombies existence and will lead to more eventually. Stay tuned."[1]

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  1. Issue 58, page 26.
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