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Issue 80 is the eightieth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the first part of Volume 14: No Way Out. It was originally published on January 5, 2011.

Plot Synopsis

The issue begins with the retreat of the party meant to clear the zombies outside of the perimeter, as they discover a massive herd converging towards them. Bruce is bitten as the party makes its way inside the gate, and is killed out of mercy by Abraham. Holly is upset by the quick manner of Abraham's actions and slaps him. Abraham consoles Holly and hints at their romantic involvement while they embrace.

Rick assembles the community and increases security by having more lookouts, constant patrols during the night and around the perimeter, and inspections to secure the community walls. He also suggests consolidating people inside fewer houses to conserve the solar grid during the winter. Rick also opens the armory for anybody who wishes to arm themselves in defense. Jessie voices concern about food since the survivors can no longer scavenge outside, but, Glenn suggests rationing will allow them to survive for at least a month. After the meeting, Abraham talks with Rosita in front of a brooding Holly, further implicating that he is having a tryst with Holly without Rosita's knowledge.

Douglas is mentally and emotionally distant during the meeting, and later breaks down in his house, grieving to Regina about his failure and the failure of the community.

After the meeting, Michonne invites Morgan to join her on night patrol. Morgan shows up that night at her door and calmly apologizes about still being in mourning while wanting to be with someone, to which Michonne understands. Michonne invites Morgan in. Morgan heads upstairs to the bedroom, but, Michonne lingers behind and says to her katana, "I hope you're not too comfortable up there."

Rick gives Carl a gun with a new holster while reminding him that he is only to unholster it when he needs to. Jessie and Ron show up at Rick's door, asking to move in accordance with Rick's earlier suggestion. Ron confronts Carl in his bedroom about Rick killing his father, but, Carl is unapologetic and unsympathetic. Meanwhile, Jessie expresses her admiration for Rick downstairs. Rick goes on patrol and retires to bed after. While he is in bed, Jessie enters his bedroom and passionately kisses him, to which Rick is both surprised and hesitant.




  • First appearance of Julia.
  • First appearance of Vincent.
  • Last appearance of Bruce.
  • Like the issue before, the events seen on the cover (Alexandria being breached by the herd) does not happen in this Issue but in the following ones instead.

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