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"J.D." is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the eighty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on May 16, 2021. It was written by Nick Bernardone & Jacob Pinion and directed by Aisha Tyler.


June splits off from the group in an effort to gather any information to help stop an oncoming threat.


June approaches Valley Town to check on Grace's health. Morgan bars her from entering and says Grace's baby would still be alive if June hadn't teamed up with Virginia to build a remote hospital.

June checks abandoned cars for supplies. "The End is the Beginning," is spray-painted on the road. June marks the location on a map of locations that the enemy group has been to. She looks at the letter that John wrote her but does not read it. Dwight finds June and assures her that Morgan didn't mean what he said. June wonders if John would still be alive if she'd left Virginia when he asked her to. Sherry joins them and searches the cars for fuel. June suggests they look for Ranger Hill to find out more about the group behind the spray-painted messages. Someone shoots at them. June looks for the sniper while Dwight and Sherry kill walkers.

June finds an RV on the road and climbs in through a window. She sees a map marked with photos of places that the enemy group has been to. The sniper corners her at gunpoint and asks why she's here. June says they're on the same team and proposes they share information about the enemy group. The man says he's been searching for the group longer than she has. June says his map is missing a location – the orchard. The man orders her to drive him there.

June drives at gunpoint. She swerves to a stop and aims her gun at the man. He recognizes her revolver and says the "J.D." initials engraved on the handle are his: He is John's father.

Sherry rides her horse down the road at a furious pace. Dwight tries to keep up and worries they are working the horses too hard. He asks Sherry why she's out here. Sherry just keeps riding.

June asks Dorie Sr. if he has any questions about John. Dorie Sr. deduces that John is dead. June realizes she lost her jacket with John's letter and says they need to backtrack. Dorie Sr. instead orders her to drive to the orchard. June turns the engine but the RV doesn't start.

Dorie Sr. finds a zombified ranger stuck on the underside of the RV. The RV smokes up when June tries to start it again. Dorie Sr. says the RV is busted.

Dwight and Sherry race down the road. Dwight later finds Sherry on the ground, the horse dying near her. Sherry shoots the horse dead and finally reveals she is looking for fuel so that she can drive back to Virginia and kill Negan. Dwight agrees to help her find fuel if she helps him find June.

Dwight and Sherry ride together and find June's jacket hanging off a tree.

June reads a newspaper clipping about Dorie Sr. putting Teddy away for life. Dorie Sr. says Teddy is responsible for the spray-painted messages and admits he had to frame Teddy to land him in prison. He says that his lie drove him to drink and that he left his family because John was better off without him. June realizes that Hill is probably hiding at John's cabin and says they must go there. Dorie Sr. refuses, but June says Hill has John's other pistol.

June and Dorie Sr. walks through the woods. June offers to dress a wound on Dorie Sr.'s hand. Dorie Sr. suggests they stop at the local bait shop — the same one where June and John used to rent movies.

Dwight and Sherry search the RV and find a note from June that she's heading to the cabin. They guess that Hill will have a truck that Sherry can drive to Virginia.

June patches up Dorie Sr.'s hand at the bait shop. Dorie Sr. locks her inside a room to keep her safe while he goes to the cabin.

Dwight and Sherry reminisce about their relationship, then hear June thumping in the bait shop nearby.

Dorie Sr. arrives at the cabin but finds it empty. He goes outside and gets ambushed by Hill. Dorie Sr. overtakes Hill and demands to know more about Teddy. Hill says Teddy is planning to kill everyone. Dorie Sr. tells Hill to leave, but Hill fights back and shoots Dorie Sr. June, Dwight and Sherry kill Hill and help Dorie Sr. up.

Dorie Sr. wakes up in the cabin and goes outside. He sees June thanking Dwight and Sherry for finding her jacket.

June finds Dorie Sr. outside and urges him to get more rest. Dorie Sr. laments that he never said good-bye to John. June says it's not too late.

June, Dwight, Sherry and Dorie Sr. stand by John's grave. June reads John's letter out loud. In his letter, John hopes June will forgive him for leaving her to save Janis, just like he forgave his father. He says his father was a good man who left him out of love. John says June helped him realize his life was worth living. June cries.

Sherry tells Dwight that she's been using Negan as an excuse for breaking up, when in fact she's just afraid that she won't be able to change back to who she used to be. Dwight says that she doesn't have to be the same person as before. They hug and agree to start over.

June gives her wedding rings back to Dwight and thanks him for letting her and John borrow them. Dwight and Sherry get on their horse. June starts the truck.

June and Dorie Sr. arrive in Valley Town. Morgan and June reconcile. Dorie Sr. says they need to start strategizing, because Teddy won't stop until they're all dead.

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  • First appearance of John Dorie Sr. (Physically)
  • First (and last) appearance of Estelle During. (Photograph)
  • Last appearance of Hill.
  • Last appearance of Tank Town.
  • Last appearance of McNeill's Bait & Beer.
  • Last appearance of the Route 185 Bridge.
  • Last appearance of John Dorie's Cabin.
  • The title of the episode, "J.D.", refers to the initials on the antique guns owned by the Dorie family and are possibly a reference to John himself and his father who is introduced in this episode, both of whom have the initials J.D.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on May 13, 2021.
  • This episode was directed by Aisha Tyler who would go on to portray Mickey in Season 7.
  • Starting with this episode, Keith Carradine (John Dorie Sr.) has been added to the opening credits.
  • This episode is the first to have an episode of Talking Dead since "The Door".
  • It's revealed that Grace has been cured of her terminal radiation poisoning as Athena had absorbed all of the deadly radiation into herself in utero, causing her death.
  • As revealed in John Dorie Sr.'s RV, other locations tagged by the doomsday cult include in Madisonville, Johnson City, Halletsville, Huntsville, Chapel Hill, Cypress, Friendswood, a barn, a drive-in, east of Route 35 in Austin, and a rail road yard in Rusk, Texas. Additionally, the area north of Houston is labeled as "bad".
    • There are two identical photographs labeled as "Rusk - RR Yard" and "RR Yard - Rusk", likely a production error regarding set design.
  • It's revealed that Teddy's full name is Theodore Maddox, the serial killer that John Dorie had told Jacob Kessner about in "The Key". In addition, the Doomsday Cult is a present-day continuation of the cult that John had briefly mentioned to Jacob in the same episode.
    • John Dorie tells Jacob Kessner a story about his father's actions to take down a serial killer, foreshadowed the appearance of both John Sr. and the serial killer later in the season.
  • John Dorie Sr. confirms that there have been six generations of John Dories with himself being the fifth one and John Dorie being the sixth one.
  • Hill is revealed to have been on the run and hiding out at John's cabin ever since Virginia's death.
  • The gun that Hill took from June in "Things Left to Do" is recovered following his death. It's shown that Hill had kept the weapon for himself.
  • References to the events of several other episodes are made:
    • The events at Tank Town in "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg" are mentioned.
    • John Dorie Sr. mentions the fire at the Holding in "The Holding".
    • June mentions the medical supplies that she had intended to use to treat John at the cabin in "The Door" which are still there on the table. She uses them to treat John Sr. instead.
    • June mentions her and John's engagement with a candy wrapper in "Is Anybody Out There?".
    • John's letter as well as June herself mention the events of "Laura". She also talks about her wedding in "End of the Line".
    • Dwight mentions the events of "Humbug's Gulch" to Sherry.
    • Outside of McNeill's Bait & Beer are the bodies of the walkers that John had killed in "The Door". In addition, June uses the medical supplies that she had rearranged in "Laura" while John Dorie Sr. looks at John's movie reviews from that same episode.
    • On the bridge, the jeep that John and June had used to block the gap in the bridge in "Laura" is visible in the background. In addition, the bodies of the herd that Morgan, John and Dakota had fought in "The Door" can be seen and the truck that they had used is still parked where Dakota had crashed it.
    • While talking with Sherry about the truck, Dwight comments that someone had done a good job of fixing it, a task that Morgan had undertaken in "The Door".
  • Sherry mentions Negan whom she desires revenge upon. However, Dwight talks her out of it and they restart their relationship instead.
  • June returns Dwight and Sherry's wedding rings which had been given to her and John in "End of the Line".

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