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"Can't you people shut up for a minute?"
—PFC Jackson about the noise Marla and Felipe are making.[src]

Private First Class Jackson (first name unknown) is an original character to The Walking Dead Social Game. He is a Military soldier and is also a mission giver.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Jackson's life before or as the outbreak began.


"City Limits"

PFC Jackson is seen running a small Military camp in Atlanta somewhere. When players first meet him, he is injured by friendly fire. When he went out to find survivors he was left unknown as the player did not find them. Later after the Atlanta bombing Kara thought she saw him go into a building so Greg and Hero Player check it out. On the mission they find Jackson as a walker and one of the two put him down. Then you talk to the survivor who he was helping who reveals herself as Eva who works at Vatos. She explains when they entered the building a walker came and bit Jackson in the shoulder causing him to reanimate.


Killed By

PFC Jackson and his soldiers go missing while recovering a survivor, it is later revealed when he and a survivor went into a building he got bit on the shoulder and later while on a mission Hero Player sees that and he/she or Greg put him down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jackson has killed:


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Social Game


  • Chapter 2 Mission 3: Find The Missing Soldiers.
  • Chapter 2 Mission 6: Outpost Delta-5.
  • Chapter 2 Mission 7: Restock Outpost Ammo.


  • PFC Jackson is the first character to die in "End of Days", since renamed "City Limits".
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