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Jake's is a bar in Survival Instinct, it is the hideout of Merle's Savage Sons Motorcycle Club.


Location History

Jake's was a local bar in the town of Barksdale, It was the hangout for Merle Dixon's Savage Sons Motorcycle Gang where they also used to store their drug stashes that they were selling. Merle also had his brother's crossbow there for some reason. The gang eventually sold Merle out to the police for unknown reasons.


Barksdale, Georgia

When the outbreak started the Savage Sons took shelter in the bar. The clubhouse looked to be attacked at some point due to walkers laying dead in the bar. Merle later showed up to get his drug stash and to get revenge on his former gang members. Merle arrives and confronts his fellow gang member Ash, more gang members show up and a shootout between Merle and the gang occurs. Daryl arrives, is knocked out  and gets his supplies stolen by a gang member. He wakes up and escapes the bar, before walkers close in, retrieving his crossbow in the process.



  • Ash
  • Four or more unnamed bikers


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