Jake's mother is an unseen character whose voice is heard in Part 1 of Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462.


Phoenix, Arizona

Nothing is known about Jake's mother's life from before the outbreak, except that Jake had booked Flight 462 to fly out and see his parents in Phoenix, Arizona.

Post Apocalypse

Part 1

Jake receives a text from his mother regarding travel arrangements. She then calls him, to further discuss the flight, as well as rumors that flights are being grounded, to which she insists that she'll drive if need be. Jake then hears a woman scream from over the phone, which his mother explains is a neighbor who is just "upset". She hurriedly tells him that she loves him before hanging up, while Jake observes the beginning of unrest among the other passengers.

Part 15

As the plane begins to crash land, it is revealed by Alex that Jake's mother could have been on the flight, except for the fact that Alex took the last seat.


Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462

  • "Part 1" (Voice Only)
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