Jake Kearney is an American actor who portrayed Nelson, a member of the saviors on AMC's The Walking Dead.


Jake Kearney grew up in Cleveland, OH and moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue a career in the film industry. From there his career developed in front of the camera. He also appeared on Amazon's Lore, and Halt & Catch Fire.

He has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 7

Season 8

  • "Mercy" - Carol and Ezekiel lead a group toward a Savior outpost. They see Nelson guarding the outpost and shoot at him. However, they all miss and Nelson ducks behind a car for cover. He then throws a smoke grenade at the group which explodes, creating a big cloud of smoke.
  • "The Damned" - We find out that Nelson has been shot, is bleeding, and slow. Nelson flees from the Kingdommers and they hunt him down and have their guns drawn, but Ezekiel tells them to hold their fire. Shiva tackles and mauls Nelson to death.

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