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This article is about James' Barn. You may be looking for his campsite.

This barn is a building that appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four.


It was most likely used just like any other barn would be before the outbreak began. It is implied it was used to hold horses.


Sometime after the outbreak James came across it and began storing zombies inside. Between the time James first came to the barn and when "Broken Toys" takes place, he had stored enough zombies within to make a small horde.

"Broken Toys"

The barn was visited by James, Clementine, and AJ. The horde kept inside played an integral part in the plan as the distraction so the Ericson Boarding School survivors could sneak into the Delta camp to rescue Aasim, Omar, and either Violet or Louis, depending on who Clementine saved from abduction in the previous episode.

"Take Us Back"

As Clementine and AJ are walking back to the Boarding school, walkers begin to surround them and they are forced to retreat inside the barn. Clementine desperately holds the door against several walkers while AJ tries to barricade it with a pitchfork. He succeeds after killing a walker that almost gets in. Soon, with Clementine unable to close all the stable doors due to her giant axe wound caused by Minerva and her infected bite by a walker from earlier, AJ decides to close all the doors, killing a couple walkers in the process. Soon, AJ succeeds in closing all of the doors. Then AJ and Clementine exchange a sad conversation as they both believe that Clementine may die soon as her bite infection has reached it’s final stages. After that, Clementine can choose whether to tell AJ to kill her using the axe or to leave. Regardless, AJ raises the axe and swings down at Clementine’s direction, either with Clementine’s eyes closed to accept her apparent fate, or with her having a surprised face when AJ swings. It is later revealed at the Boarding school that AJ chopped off Clementine’s leg saving her life although Clementine is forced to walk with crutches now.



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  • James' barn was originally intended to be another small community nearby the boarding school, however this was later scrapped. Ruby was originally going to be from this community before the idea was scrapped. [1]