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I understand if you're upset... AJ was never in any danger. I was just... going to try and talk you into coming with me. I just thought if you saw Kenny like that... you’d know we’d have to leave him. Look, Clem, I’m sorry. I didn’t think Kenny would go that far... But it’s over now. We’re all safe. We’re going to be okay. I had to do it, Clem. You saw how he reacted. I had to show you what he was capable of.
―Jane to Clementine about her plan regarding Kenny (Determinant)[src]

Jane is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in Telltale's The Walking Dead. Jane works with Howe's Hardware and she escapes with the Cabin Group. She is a resourceful, opportunistic and cunning person who has managed to adapt very well to the harsh and unforgiving lifestyle of a survivor. Jane appears in flashbacks alongside AJ and Clementine if you went with her at the end of "No Going Back".


Jane can at first easily be described as an aloof and antisocial woman who prefers to stick to herself. Beneath the rugged surface, there is a somewhat more humble and softer persona. She is a resourceful, opportunistic and cunning person who has managed to adapt very well to the harsh and unforgiving lifestyle of a survivor, having developed a rather logical and cynical point of view on life. She has learned very well how to avoid and take down walkers and is an expert at using the walker guts trick to move around, having even developed an added "cowcatcher" maneuver for when she needs to physically push through walkers while traveling with a herd. Jane is brutally honest about her opinions of people and situations, which sometimes gets her into feuds with others.

She believes the best chance to survive is to be alone, because groups of survivors tend to eventually crack and fall apart, leading to people getting killed, which she apparently has witnessed more than once before. Jane is quick to notice group members who are a liability to herself and others, such as Rebecca's pregnancy, or Sarah's timid attitude. She believes that if people can't or don't want to be saved, they should be left behind rather than drag everyone else down with them. Because of this, people tend to see Jane as a cold hearted woman who only cares about herself.

Although she usually remains composed and rarely talks about herself, the presence of Clementine and Sarah, the latter of whom reminds Jane of her dead younger sister, Jaime, softens and opens Jane up a bit, sometimes bringing back painful memories. Jane and her morals appear to be self-conflicted, as noted when she encourages Clementine to steal the medicine from Arvo so that it may benefit the group, only to show regret immediately afterwards for robbing and threatening a kid like she is some lowly bandit (if Clementine does indeed take the medicine).


Location Unknown

Jane admits to Clementine that she was "stupid" as a kid. During "Amid The Ruins", it is revealed that Jane had a younger sister, Jaime, with whom she had typical sibling squabbles. She and her sister used to visit an amusement park in Virginia every summer, where Jane liked to pretend that they weren't sisters, instead merely friends. Jane also liked to tease her sister, in ways such as hiding her toys or putting gum in her hair and then cutting it out to give Jaime a silly haircut.

In "No Going Back", Jane tells Clementine about an incident in which she drank a bottle of alcohol belonging to her parents, when she was not too much older than Clementine. After drinking it and believing there were sugar crystals at the bottom of the bottle, she smashed the bottle on the floor to get to them, not being able to realize they were chunks of glass. Her sister, Jaime, found her drunk and bleeding from her mouth and had to call for an ambulance. Jane's stomach was pumped and she was grounded for six months. Jane also admits to Clementine that people spent the next year periodically stepping on a piece of glass that hadn't been cleaned up from the bottle.


Location Unknown

Jane had to drag her sister wherever she went, as she refused to get up in the mornings, sometimes even having to physically carry her around. Jane took her across four states in order to survive, at one point joining a group near Washington, D.C. Jane noted that she did not like a particular member of the group who died, though his death and a few deaths he caused taught her a lesson about how groups were dangerous to all who were a part of it.

Jaime began telling Jane how her only wish was to die, though Jane refused to listen to her. Eventually, when the two sisters were forced up to a rooftop by walkers, Jane ordered her sister to jump to a nearby rooftop. She refused, demanding for Jane to just let her die there. When Jane realized that there was no way that she could force Jaime to the other rooftop and that there was little time to argue before the walkers would get them, she jumped for safety and did not turn back.

Jane was found by Carver's Group, walking around outside the safe perimeter of Howe's Hardware, with walkers' guts smeared all over her body. It was later revealed that she often used it to walk amongst herds undetected. Other than that, it is implied that possibly she, and Troy had made an agreement that the two would help each other to escape from the 'pen' of the community, through some sexual deals that she offered.

Season Two

"In Harm's Way"

Jane is first seen sitting at a table when the cabin survivors are taken out to the yard by Troy. She walks past the group and Clementine and the others stare at her, prompting Reggie to mention that she was found covered in walker guts. When Kenny asks Clementine to find a way out, Clementine can choose to look at Jane, but she will glare at Clementine, causing her to back away slowly.

Later on, Jane is seen hoisting soil to the roof with the rope system, but the rope system fails, causing the soil to smack onto the floor. After this, when the others are talking about an escape plan she mentions that they could get through the herd of walkers by covering themselves in walker guts. Clementine can side with her on this, having previously used this same trick to escape from the Marsh House and Savannah with Lee Everett's help. Jane then takes an active role in the planning, helping Clementine reach the roof in order to steal two walkie-talkies and urging the others to kill a subdued William Carver.

When the group is escaping, Troy tries to confront them. She approaches him seductively as she convinces him to let them go. After lowering Troy's guard, she shoots him in the groin and walks away, leaving him to be killed by walkers. She is then seen making her way through the herd with the rest. She is briefly seen killing a walker to try and assist Clementine and Sarah after Sarah's screaming breaks her undead disguise.

"Amid The Ruins"

After Clementine loses Kenny and Mike as they ran with a wounded Sarita (Determinant), she attempts to ford through the herd alone before she was intercepted by Rebecca. After ducking behind an overturned table, the pair spots Jane. The player can either plead with Jane to stay together when Jane recommends splitting up because it's safer or to agree with her. Either way, Rebecca's panicking will cause Jane to stay with them. Using a certain tactic, Jane cuts a walker's jaw off and uses it as a cowcatcher to push through a thick part of the herd and they make it out successfully. Walking to Parker's Run, Jane will have a conversation with Clementine about Rebecca.

After making to their destination of Parker's Run and after talking to Kenny, Clementine and Jane will go look for Luke, Sarah and/or Nick. During their search, Jane will reveal parts of her backstory: she had a sister, Jaime, and they traveled together during the apocalypse. Jane further implies that her sister was killed, but she also talks about how they used to travel to a certain amusement park in Virginia (which is also the area that they are walking to).

The two stumble across a mobile home park, Jane teaches Clementine skills, such as looting walkers. Seeing two fresh corpses, Jane stabs them to make sure they are dead, because "you can never be too sure with these things". Because they were fresh, Jane says they usually have good things on them instead of old corpses, which usually have belongings such as driver's licenses. Clementine was able to scrounge up bullets while Jane had discovered a sharpened nail file. Clementine then turns over another walker corpse to find Sarah's shattered red glasses, followed by hearing Luke and Sarah's screaming. They then turn the corner to get in, seeing Nick's reanimated corpse if he was saved in "A House Divided". Jane then teaches Clementine that she must put him down because he was her friend. If he wasn't saved, then the conversation didn't happen. Either way, Jane will give Clementine one of her screwdrivers, saying that her hatchet gets stuck often.

Further in the park, the two see two lone walkers. Jane teaches Clementine another skill, where she kicks the knee of the walker, causing them to fall on the stomach or back then killing them by stabbing them in the head. They follow the screams of Sarah and Luke to see that the trailer they're held up in is currently being pounded on by walkers. Distracting the walkers by placing a corpse on the horn of the truck, they were to go past the barricade, but not before the horn stopped and the walkers went to flood the same trailer Luke and Sarah were at. Jane and Clementine safely got into the trailer before the walkers returned.

In the trailer, Sarah is catatonic, still traumatized by her father's death. Luke cannot move Sarah because she screams when moved. Her screaming then caused walkers to surround the trailer, causing Jane to urge them to move. Seeing the only way out is the skylight because of Luke's wound from Carver and walkers are bursting through the door, they must use the barricade to jump through the skylight. Walkers flood the trailer after moving the barricade to the room, Jane boosts Luke up and Luke is pulled up by Jane. Sarah still refuses to move, and Jane will once again urge Clementine to abandon Sarah. If Clementine does abandon Sarah, the door will open, and walkers will devour Sarah as Clementine is pulled up. If Clementine chooses to convince Sarah to move, she will slap Sarah and she will grab Luke's hand so that all four of them return safely to Parker's Run.

Back at Parker's Run, Rebecca's baby is coming and they must find a place and supplies for her to deliver the baby. Jane will go look for a safe area at a nearby observation deck while Mike and Bonnie go look for supplies at a museum. Clementine will be either given a choice to follow Jane or follow Mike and Bonnie.

Clementine follows Jane either way finding her at the picnic table near the observation deck and gift shop. After asking if Jane is fine, she says that she is and they attempt to get the gift shop open. After unsuccessfully looking around, the two see a man limping towards them and they hide. The man is dumping trash, and Clementine will attempt to talk to him. He pulls out his gun and points at Clementine as she talks to him, but his shakiness instills nervousness in Clementine, causing Jane to disarm him. Clementine looks in his other bag to see a vast trove of medical supplies, including painkillers which will help Rebecca deliver her baby. Clementine is then either given the choice to rob or return the supplies to the man, whose name is Arvo. After robbing or returning the supplies, Jane will once again disarm him and aim a gun to his head, threatening him to never come back and also keeping his gun. Clementine will then leave back to the group to Mike and Bonnie.

After Mike and Bonnie return, they see a herd of walkers and hear Rebecca's screams. Clementine rushes up to the opened gift shop to see Luke and Jane together as Jane had offered him sexual intercourse. During the arguing between Luke and Kenny, walkers attempt to climb up into the deck. They were too many of them, and half of the deck falls, bringing Jane and if saved, Sarah with them. Sarah is trapped under the rubble while Jane is hanging on by the edge. Luke will try to save Jane while Clementine can either help Jane or tell her to rescue Sarah. However, if told to rescue Sarah, Jane drops down and attempts to lift the rubble off of Sarah to allow her to escape. However, in either option, Sarah is unable to be rescued. After pulling Jane up, Sarah is then devoured by walkers.

After delivering the baby, Jane will leave the group, citing Sarah's death in the trailer park or under the rubble reminding her too much of her sister Jaime, who she then reveals she had to abandon in a similar situation of Sarah in the trailer park. Jane will then offer Clementine the nail file they found as a parting gift and she leaves. Her fate is unknown afterwards.

"No Going Back"

Jane reappears when Kenny is almost killed by Vitali whom she stabs in the back of the neck, saving Kenny's life. Visibly shocked at what she had done, she then says to Clementine that she had never killed somebody who had never hurt herself before. She then rejoins the group along with Arvo, who claims he knows a place with food and supplies. Jane agrees that they should not kill Arvo and follow him to the house. Along the way, Jane talks to Clementine about her concerns over Kenny's behavior, and intervenes when Mike and Kenny argue in the woods.

Later on, when the group discovers an abandoned power station, Jane and Kenny scout the place out before ushering the rest over. That night, Jane keeps watch while the rest of the group sits around a campfire. Clementine can attempt to invite Jane to join them by offering her some rum.

The next day, Arvo leads the group to the house, which is located on the other side of a frozen lake. Jane agrees to the idea of walking across it, but suggests the group spread out to even the weight. When Clementine and Luke fall through the ice, Jane manages to pull Clementine out and carry her the rest of the way to the house. After Kenny beats Arvo, Jane discovers one of two bags of supplies in the next room, and criticizes Kenny over his actions. If Clementine refused to take Jane's nail file, Jane will use it to light a fire with some flint; if Clementine took the nail file, she will give it back to Jane after she realizes she doesn't have any matches.

On the second night, after Clementine wakes up, Jane tells her that Kenny is currently working on a truck parked outside. She then laments about the loss of Luke, where Clementine can either comfort her, or tell her to move on. Jane and Clementine then watch on as Mike tends to Arvo's injuries, before declaring that he is unable to cope with Kenny any longer. When Kenny asks Clementine for her help with the truck, Jane offers to watch Alvin Jr. When Clementine returns, Jane elaborates on Kenny's behavior, and tells her to prepare for the worst. When Alvin Jr. stirs, Clementine can offer him to Jane to comfort, to which he will puke on her.

When Kenny manages to get the truck working, Jane suggests the group head back south to Howe's, in order to get more food for the baby, but is hesitant to travel anywhere in the middle of the night, and decides to turn in for the night after the group argue over their next decision. However, after Mike, Bonnie (determinately) and Arvo wound Clementine during their escape attempt, Jane and Kenny drive off in the truck with her and Alvin Jr. Jane and Kenny then begin arguing about where to go, and still suggests returning to Howe's on the grounds that they know where it is and know that it is well-stocked with supplies for the baby. The argument soon turns sour, with Kenny criticizing Jane about her reputation to take off on her own with little-to-no regard about anyone else, and Jane telling him about his lack of priorities in regards to his family.

They are soon forced to stop due to a block in the road. When Kenny decides to check the surrounding cars for gas, Jane proposes to Clementine about leaving him behind. However, Walkers soon surround then, forcing Jane to tell Clementine how to drive in order for them to escape, but are forced to continue on foot when one of them crashes through the windshield. Jane walks off into the snow with Alvin Jr., leaving Clementine behind. Jane later manages to rendezvous with Clementine and Kenny at a rest stop a mile away, but arrives without Alvin Jr, telling them that he is dead. As Kenny goes to investigate, Jane warns Clementine to "stay out of it" and to trust her, telling her that she is about to see Kenny for what he really is.

When Kenny returns, he tries to attack Jane, accusing her of killing the baby. Jane draws her knife to defend herself, but then decides to sheathe it, daring Kenny to try attacking her again. He does, the two of them each shedding Clementine's efforts to separate them. (Determinant) Jane redraws her knife when Kenny gains the upper hand and slashes him across his gut, chasing him out of the rest stop. Jane orders Kenny to leave, but he refuses, blaming her for all of their troubles. Clementine tries to intervene again, (Determinant) but Jane ends up attacking Kenny again regardless. Kenny smashes her through a wooden road sign to disarm her, but she responds by gouging her fingers in his damaged eye. After Clementine tries to break them apart a third time, (Determinant) Kenny recovers Jane's knife and quickly stabs her in her thigh, a move that ends up knocking Clementine down with her pistol sliding out onto the snow. Clementine sits up to find the two of wrestling over the knife, with Kenny on top of Jane declaring his intention to kill her. Desperately trying to resist Kenny's efforts, Jane responds that she "knew [he] would" want to kill her.

In-Game Decision

Clementine will have to choose to either shoot Kenny or let Jane die.

Let Jane Die (Dead): If Clementine chooses to look away or takes too long to pick up the gun or fire it, Kenny kills Jane with her own knife, plunging it deep into her heart. Clementine can then choose to vengefully shoot Kenny in the head afterward, which he somberly tells her to do if she does. Upon hearing Alvin Jr. crying, Clementine races to find him in an abandoned vehicle. If Kenny is still alive, he calls Jane "a disturbed person" for putting them through this and says that he hadn't wanted to kill her, pointing out how Jane could have stopped him at any time by revealing that the baby was still alive. Otherwise, Clementine leaves their dead bodies behind in favor of taking the baby off by herself.

Shoot Kenny: If Clementine chooses to shoot Kenny and save Jane, Jane sits and watches as Clementine says her goodbyes to Kenny. Clementine hears Alvin Jr. crying from within an abandoned vehicle nearby, racing to rescue him from it. Jane apologizes to Clementine for lying to her about Alvin Jr., regretting how she had thought it was the only way to show Clementine what Kenny was really capable of, begging for forgiveness. Clementine can then choose whether or not to forgive Jane for her plot.

  • Forgive Jane (Alive): Clementine realizes that Jane was right about Kenny and forgives her. Jane is relieved by her compassion, leading the two of them to depart the area with the baby in tow and head back south to Howe's.
They return to Howe's nine days later, finding it to be abandoned by the community and devoid of the herd that had attacked it when they had last been there. They discover Carver's corpse, Jane either commenting that she was glad that they hadn't witnessed Kenny beat him to death or stating that she did not know how Clementine had managed to watch his demise. Jane finds a box of food containing baby formula, proposing that they stay for a while since there was a fair amount of supplies left behind and the greenhouse on the roof was still in good condition.
Moments later, Jane and Clementine discover a group of three people approaching the warehouse. Heading down to the gate, Jane notes that they did not appear to be armed. She allows the man leading the group to converse with Clementine, questioning what was wrong with the boy after he claims that he was not well. The man explains that they had run out of food a few days earlier. Jane is mistrustful of the newcomers, reminding Clementine that they did not have a lot of food left for themselves when they beg to be let inside. After hearing their story, Jane cautions Clementine that they could be anybody, and asks whether she wants to go through it all again.
If Clementine tells them to leave, Jane expresses some level of shock when Clementine casually raises her gun on them and responds to the man's threats with threats of her own. Jane thanks her for making the decision, (Determinant) mentioning that she had begun to doubt herself after seeing the boy up close. (Determinant) After the two of them notice the man's gun as he walks away, (Determinant) Jane wonders whether they will come back, (Determinant) leading Clementine to state that they would be ready. (Determinant)
Alternatively, if Clementine invites them in, Jane asks if she is sure, but goes along with Clementine's decision. If Clementine does not make a decision, Jane looks at the boy, visibly takes pity on him and invites the family inside. If the family is invited inside, Jane advises Clementine to be watchful of these newcomers right before they enter, exchanging names with Patricia before being surprised by an enthusiastic hug. Jane ultimately hugs her back after Clementine smiles at her and she accepts Patricia's thanks. (Determinant) Clementine then notices the gun in the man's possession, (Determinant) silently pointing it out to Jane. (Determinant) Jane keeps a close watch on the new adults as they wander about the warehouse. (Determinant)
  • Don't Forgive Jane (Unknown): Angered by Jane's deception and Kenny's needless death, Clementine refuses to go anywhere with Jane. She turns around and walks away with the baby in her arms as Jane helplessly calls out apologies to Clementine. Jane admits that she can't bring herself to survive on her own again, but does not follow when Clementine ignores her. Jane is not seen again after this, leaving her fate unknown.

A New Frontier

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

If Clementine stayed with Jane, the two along with AJ are still living at Howe's Hardware some weeks later. Jane comments that the family they let in/scared away made off with half of their food/returned and stole most of their supplies (Determinant), and told her to secure the place from now on to avoid bandits.

Jane returns inside after telling Clem she wasn't feeling good, leaving Clem outside with AJ. Later when Clem heads to Carver's office, she sees that Jane had hanged herself and is now a walker. Clementine is devastated, confused as to why she'd kill herself; she soon finds a pregnancy test on the floor, the result confirming Jane was pregnant after having sex with Luke at the observation deck. Clem can either shoot Jane or leave her behind as a walker before leaving with AJ.

"Thicker Than Water"

Jane appears in this episode in a flashback if Clementine stayed with Jane, clearing out the walkers, Clementine and Jane have a heart to heart discussion about life and AJ. Jane can save Clementine if the player fails to select the quick time events. Jane states that Carver and Kenny are just the same, dark past and nasty. Jane states to Clementine that she doesn't need her anymore, Clementine can say that she is family or does not need her. The trio walk off to the sunset, set thirteen months before the events of "Ties That Bind".

Death (Determinant)

No Going Back

Killed By
  • Herself (Indirectly Caused)

By hiding Alvin Jr. and pretending the baby was dead, Jane provokes Kenny and a fight breaks out between them.

Kenny ultimately gains the upper hand in their battle and attempts to stab Jane with her own knife. Clementine either fails to pick up her gun or fails to use it to protect Jane, allowing Kenny to stab her deeply in the chest, killing her instantly.

Ties That Bind - Part 1

Killed By
  • Herself (Alive, Suicide)

After sending Clementine out to check the perimeter of Howe's and claiming that she is going to sleep amid some illness, Jane hangs herself in the warehouse office, presumably immediately after taking a pregnancy test and finding herself to be pregnant.

Clementine returns to check on her after securing the perimeter, walking into the office to find Jane's zombified corpse grasping at her from afar. Shocked, confused and outraged by her friend's abrupt suicide, Clementine discovers the pregnancy test and steps up closer to Jane. Breaking down in sobs, Clementine raises her gun on Jane and apologizes to her. If Clementine decides to shoot her, she angrily levels the gun on Jane again and shoots her in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jane has killed:

  • Jaime (Indirectly Caused)
  • Troy (Caused)
  • Jon Sandusky (Before Reanimation)
  • Sarah (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Vitali (Caused)
  • Kenny (Caused, Determinant)
  • Herself (Indirectly Caused, in "No Going Back", Determinant) or (Suicide, Alive, Determinant in "Ties That Bind - Part 1", Determinant)
  • Her unborn child (Caused, Determinant)
  • 1 unnamed man (Before Reanimation)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people

Non-Canon Deaths

If Clementine fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Jane to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Jane can be killed.

"Amid The Ruins"


For a more in-depth look at Jane's relationships, read here:: Jane (Telltale)/Relationships




The following is a list of some of Jane's most memorable quotes.

Season Two

IHW First Words

"When you cover yourself in their smell, rub the walker guts all over you. They can't tell you from one of them."

"Actually... I do it all the time. (…) When you cover yourself in their smell, rub the walker guts all over you. They can't tell you from one of them. (…) Trust me, I've walked through herds before. It works. You just have to keep calm, and make sure you're good and covered."
- Jane to the group about walking through walker herds (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"I told you you probably wouldn't die. Nice job. (…) Nothing wrong with being scared. It's how you handle it that matters."
- Jane to Clementine after she gets the radio (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"Troy. Troy, we talked about this. (…) I told you I wanted to get out. You said you'd help, then I'd help. (…) I did, but now we can leave. Troy, you can come with us. (…) Away from here... together."
- Jane getting Troy to lower his guard before shooting him, "In Harm's Way"

"Come on. Don't make any noise, got it? They might hear something they don't like. And for fuck's sake, 'walk. Act like you belong and you will belong."
- Jane to the group before they walk through the herd, "In Harm's Way"

"We'll make a cow-catcher. Just... we need... There. (points to walker) That one looks light enough to carry. I'm gonna get on the far side of her. I need you to get her attention."
- Jane to Clementine and Rebecca as she makes a "cow-catcher", "Amid The Ruins"

"I'm just saying that if people hadn't panicked, things might've turned out better. (…) The plan was good! The execution was the messy part. (…) What? No! No, that's not what I'm saying. Just..."
- Jane to Clementine and Rebecca about their plan's execution, "Amid The Ruins"

"What are you going to do with it? (…) Uh, sorry. Just making conversation. It was nothing. (…) I'm just looking at the worst case scenario. You and Clem won't be able to raise a baby by yourselves. Not out here. I just mean, it's going to need food. And, y'know, other stuff. (…) Hey, whoa! I never said you should abandon it. I just mean that sometimes you can't protect everyone you want to."
- Jane poorly phrased question about Rebecca's baby (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Hey, I've seen it before. Back when it started, me and my sister, we were-- (Rebecca: "What, she died? I don't need your pity!") You don't... You don't have the right..."
- Jane about to tell Rebecca about her sister before being cut off, "Amid The Ruins"

"How much help is Kenny gonna be? What he's going through, he's more of a liability than anything. And Rebecca's "situation" is not making things better back there. You get enough broken people together... And all you're gonna get are broken decisions. (…) I wouldn't bring a kid into this world. And like you said, it's her baby. Not mine. Or yours."
- Jane to Clementine about the group (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"I'm just trying to give you the tools you need to make it. Like your jacket... it looks warm, but a walker will bite right through that. My sister Jaime had a good leather one... wish I still had it. You coulda... You know, being a big sister is... well, it's funny. It's really easy to be mean. (…) You know, hide her toys. Make fun of her bad haircut. Give her the bad haircut. On purpose. I mean, I did put the gum there. I figured I should get it out. I don't even know why. (…) What could I do? She thought I was her best friend. That couldn't go... unpunished. Every summer we'd go to this amusement park in Virginia. But the best part wasn't the rides... It was that nobody knew us there, and I'd... I'd pretend we weren't sisters. Just... friends."
- Jane to Clementine about being mean to her sister (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Take a look. Old walkers are a waste of time. They're holding credit cards and busted old pagers. But these ones weren't walkers all that long ago. They were survivors. They might have useful stuff."
- Jane to Clementine as they look at two walker corpses (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Stuff? Just...stuff? Well, you already sound like a teenager."
- Jane after Clementine says she found "stuff" (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"So... has your crew always been so dysfunctional? You fit in there. But you aren't like them. It makes me wonder..."
- Jane asking Clementine about the group (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Looks like your friend didn't make it. Sorry. I don't know what to tell ya. Sorry, Clem. (Clementine yells for Sarah) Are you crazy? Walkers... bandits... You just announced our position to any of 'em out there. That's no way to find your friends. Look, Clem. I know what you want me to say, but..."
- Jane to Clementine after they find Sarah's glasses (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Look, he's your friend. You should do this. (…) It's alright. It's done. If it comes to it... if Luke, or Sarah, or anybody needs to be put down, you gotta be ready for it. No hesitation. You know that, right?"
- Jane to Clementine after she puts down Nick (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Now watch this... Got a nice little addition to your arsenal. (kicks walker's knees and kills it) (…) Take out the knees first. Then put a knife in the back of its head when it's down."
- Jane teaching Clementine an easier way to kill walkers (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Not out of this. Not if she doesn't want to go. It's just too... It wouldn't work, okay? It'd get us all killed. Listen, I, uh... They're gonna tear this place open pretty soon. We can't stay. So we gotta get her up, or we gotta..."
- Jane to Clementine and Luke about Sarah (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Now, Clementine! If she doesn't want to go, you can't make her! Don't let her take you down, too! Not again. Look, I know what you're trying to do, and it's not going to work."
- Jane telling Clementine to leave Sarah behind (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"It may be hard to hear, but you weren't gonna be able to save her. She was never going to make it in this world. (…) Look, I'd just... I'd seen that kind of thing before. I just didn't want to stick around for the bitter end. Sorry, I... I don't mean to sound harsh. It's just the way things are."
- Jane to Clementine about Sarah being left behind (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Trust me... I tried to save Jaime too. But she... gave up. I dragged my sister across four states. And every morning, she'd say she wasn't getting up. So I'd convince her. Or push her. Or goddamn carry her, if I had to. Until this time, walkers cornered us. Forced us to the roof. And then when they kept coming, I... I couldn't make her jump. Couldn't throw her. So I tried something else. I told her she could have what she wanted. And I left her there. Jumped to the next building over by myself. When she didn't follow me over, I didn't have the guts to go back and see for myself. It killed me for a long time. But I finally realized that I'd put her on a forced march through hell, when all she really wanted was for me to let her go. Sarah was that way too... No regard for her own safety. Or ours."
- Jane to Clementine and Luke comparing what happened to Sarah to what happened with her sister (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Versatility is not overrated."
- Jane to Clementine about her nail file, "Amid The Ruins"

"Shit, shit, shit. He's coming this way. And who knows if he has friends nearby? I wish we could just make a break for it... But we should scope him out and see what he's up to. I don't like having some stranger sneaking around so close to the others. We've got enough on our plates with a baby coming... Last thing we need is someone telling their friends about the new, easy targets in the neighborhood..."
- Jane to Clementine as Arvo approaches (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Whoa. That's a serious stash of meds. (…) Sister or not, we could really use that stuff. (…) Hey! We've got people who are suffering. Who need this medicine. Luke's still a wreck after Carver's, Kenny's a mess, Rebecca's in pain... Look at all of it. Clementine, we need that stuff. (…) We don't believe a fucking word about your "sick sister". (…) Oh, yeah? Well, I think you're just some junkie. You know what that word means, huh? (…) I don't believe any of this. Medicine, Clementine."
- Jane to Clementine about taking Arvo's medicine (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Okay, I'm sick of this. You can go. That's relief to Rebecca's suffering walking out that door 'cause you couldn't make a choice. That's on you."
- Jane if Clementine doesn't make a choice whether to steal Arvo's medicine (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Don't you ever come around here again. I don't care if you do have some sick sister. The next time I see you... you won't just be walking away. Go."
- Jane threatening Arvo before letting him go (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"I can't believe I've gotten into this mess. Taking some stupid kid's stuff... Like a bandit."
- Jane after she and Clementine take Arvo's medicine (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Are you crazy? There's no way she's getting out of that! Pull me up! It's suicide! Just pull me up! Please, Clementine."
- Jane to Clementine about saving Sarah (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Listen, I'm sorry. I've gotta go. Come on, the longer I stay, the harder it'll be. Yeah... it is what it is. Save the puppy-dog eyes. You knew this was coming. You know... Jaime, Sarah... I'm not gonna stick around and... and watch it happen to you, too. You know the score. You're a smart kid. But give it enough time, and everyone's luck runs out. Listen, when the shit hits the fan, 'cause it always does, remember that you can make it on your own. It's not an option for everyone... If things start heading south, don't let them drag you down with them. You don't owe them anything. They'll make you feel like you do. Like it's all one happy family. But when push comes to shove, you'll see."
- Jane telling Clementine she is leaving the group (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"Well, they can't keep you safe forever. (…) You take care of yourself. I mean that. Here. (offers nail file) Versatility is not overrated."
- Jane to Clementine before leaving (Determinant), "Amid The Ruins"

"I didn't know this man. I've never killed someone that didn't wrong me in some way, that didn't deserve it. Tried to pretend he was a walker, but it's different. I didn't think it would be, but it is."
- Jane to Clementine after she kills Vitali (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Look, I know you're probably pissed about me leaving. When I heard the gunshots, I... I knew it was a mistake. If it helps, the thing I'd normally do is walk away for good, but I didn't. Despite what my instincts are telling me. Despite everything I've seen. Everything I've been through... I'm here... I'm here to try and make this work. All I can do is promise you I won't abandon you again. Which, to be fair, I've never done before... even though I promise should have... a few times now."
- Jane promising Clementine she won't abandon her again (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"If you have one, I'll take it. What I'm saying is, I'm here to try to make this work. If I get a cookie for that, then, awesome."
- Jane after Clementine mockingly asks her if she wants a cookie for doing the right thing (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I'm worried about Kenny. He's... he's in a dark place. We gotta keep an eye on him. Everything he's been through... that he's lost... it's changing him. (…) Well, it's all starting to pile up. It's weighing on him. Everyone has a breaking point. (…) You're the only one that he trusts. That he really trusts. That means you're the one that's gonna have to pull him back. He's counting on you. If we're really going to make this work. We're all counting on you."
- Jane to Clementine about Kenny (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"They expect you to lure me over there with alcohol? I wouldn't have expected a bottle to last this long. It's probably been a while for everyone. ("I just want to talk.") Alright. I'll pretend I believe you."
- Jane as Clementine tries to get her to join the group by the fire (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I don't know. It might be awkward. I wasn't expecting to... you know... be around. Why does this feel like I'm signing a contract or something?"
- Jane as Clementine tries to get her to join the group by the fire (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"What does that even mean? What's the "it"? (…) Yeah... 'cause I "made it" with Luke."
- Jane after Clementine says it'll be awkward because she "made it" with Luke (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"That's really good. Have you had any? You want a sip? It's okay. It just might burn a little. You'll feel it in your nose. (No thanks.") You can be the designated driver, then. (…) It's easier now, there aren't any cops."
- Jane offering Clementine to drink alcohol (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I wasn't much older than you when I had my first drink... God, I was so stupid back then. There was this time I broke into my parents' liquor cabinet and drank a whole bottle of this really spicy, sweet liquor... what was it's name? It was dumb... Earthquake or something. (…) I guess I was. At the bottom of the bottle there were these sugar crystals, and I got it in my head that I really wanted to eat a couple. So, I got the bright idea to smash it on my parents' dining room floor to get at 'em. And it shattered into a thousand pieces... all over the dining room. And I proceeded to eat what I thought was sugar candy. It was not sugar candy. (…) Yeah, it was. Every couple years someone would step on a piece of glass that didn't get swept up and get mad at me all over again. The problem with glass is it looks a lot like sugar crystals. (…) Keep it that way. My sister found me... drunk... blood pouring out of my mouth. Jaime thought I was dying, so she called 911. They pumped my stomach. Got grounded for 6 months."
- Jane telling Clementine about the first time she drank alcohol (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Well, that's fine. But I can confirm there was no time for kissing."
- Jane to the group about her sexual encounter with Luke (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"What did you do to him? There's another just like it. He wasn't lying. (…) How is beating a kid to death gonna help anyone?!"
- Jane to Kenny after he nearly beats Arvo to death, "No Going Back"

"I can't believe he's gone. I've lost people before, but... it just hasn't felt this... this shitty in a while. (…) Goddamn it. I shouldn't have come back. I knew this would happen. I knew it. Always does."
- Jane to Clementine about Luke's death (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I've seen that look before. (…) Clem, he beat that boy within an inch of his life. We are way past fine. I know Kenny's a nice guy, Clem. I bet Carver was a nice guy too, once. Probably had a nice job and a nice, pretty wife. Then all this happened. And one day, he caved some kid's face in and realized he could sleep at night. All I'm saying is, start thinking about what happens if you're wrong. You two have known each other a long time. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to decide how much that's worth."
- Jane to Clementine about Kenny's deteriorating mental state (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Hey. Hi. My name's Jane. I think it's gonna puke. (AJ pukes) It puked. It puked!"
- Jane to Clementine as she holds AJ (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I was running with some people a long time ago, down near DC. Some guy got trapped in the middle of a crosswalk. Can't remember his name. He used to call me Mary Jane. He was a douchebag. Anyway, the dick got stuck under a car hiding from a dozen walkers. One after another, they went down there trying to save him. Lost four people before we got him out. Didn't find out 'til later he was already bit. Turned and ripped the neck right outta this old lady. The look on her face was... She was just staring up at the sky. Like she was watching a bird."
- Jane telling Clementine a story about how her group lost their lives to save one person (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Now that Clem's awake, we should talk about where we're going. (…) What, to find "Wellington"? (…) We head south, back to Howe's. (…) I think Bonnie said there was more formula back there. And we actually know where it is. (…) The walkers should be gone by now. Look, even if there is someplace up here, it could take us weeks to find it. We could get back to Howe's in a day."
- Jane arguing with Kenny on where to go (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Let's play a game, Clem. I spy with my little eye, an asshole. Your turn."
- Jane insulting Kenny, "No Going Back"

"Bet you're having trouble seeing a lot of things these days."
- Jane insulting Kenny about his damaged eye (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Fuck you. You don't know a damn thing about me. (…) What is it with you? It's your family, right? (…) It is, isn't it? (…) You're just another Type-A asshole tryin' to save a bunch of dead people! (…) Jesus Christ, I am so sick of this wounded warrior crap! Just pull over! I can't take this! (…) And where were you when Sarita died, Kenny?! Huh?! Where were you?! (…) Who could love you?! Look at you! You can't raise this kid, it's scared to death of you! (…) Of course he did! He loves having anyone around that does what he says! That's why he loves this kid so much, it can't talk back yet! (…) You know the thing about people like you, Kenny? You're just a bomb waitin' to go off. Everyone talks about you behind your back because they're afraid of you! Mike, Bonnie, Sarita... Everyone around you knows that sooner or later, they're gonna end up dead! Sarita knew it, I know it, and so does Clementine!"
- Jane insulting Kenny about everyone being afraid of him (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"That fucking asshole. God. I can't do this anymore. I'm serious, Clem. I tried, but I just can't. (…) Everything makes him mad. How are you not seeing that? (…) You're just like him. (…) Clem, we could leave. Right now. Look, I know you're close to him, but... Kenny would never let him go. This is our chance, Clem. Don't you ever want to know what it's like to live your own life?"
- Jane telling Clementine they should leave Kenny (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Clem, look at me. No matter what happens, just stay out of it. Okay? Just trust me, Clem. You have to trust me. You're gonna see what he really is."
- Jane telling Clementine to stay out of whatever happens with Kenny, "No Going Back"

"No, Clem. It's time to put this crusty piece of shit out of his misery."
- Jane as Clementine tries to get them to stop fighting (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I knew you would... Fuck you! Crazy fuck... Clem, help..."
- Jane begging Clementine to help her, also determinately her last words (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I understand if you're upset... AJ was never in any danger. I was just... going to try and talk you into coming with me. I just thought if you saw Kenny like that... you’d know we’d have to leave him. Look, Clem, I’m sorry. I didn’t think Kenny would go that far... But it’s over now. We’re all safe. We’re going to be okay. Kenny was dangerous. And I needed you to see that. One way or another. (…) I had to do it, Clem. You saw how he reacted. I had to show you what he was capable of.I had to do it, Clem. You saw how he reacted. I had to show you what he was capable of. It was a stupid plan. I should never have lied to you. But I thought it was the only way you’d see. You have to forgive me. Please. We can just leave all this behind us. Please. I did it for you, Clem. For us. We’re free now."
- Jane to Clementine about her plan regarding Kenny (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Clem... please. I did this for you! I can’t do this alone... okay? Is that what you want to hear? Clem...?"
- Jane's reaction to being abandoned by Clementine (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Thank you. Thank you, Clem. (…) It's over now, Clem. Let's just... put all this behind us."
- Jane after Clementine forgives her for what she did (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"I don't... I don't know how you were able to watch that."
- Jane to Clementine after seeing Carver's corpse if Clementine watched Kenny kill him (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Alright, come on in. But just for the night."
- Jane allowing Randy's family to come in if Clementine doesn't make a choice (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"You sure about this? This place is a mess. And I don't know how long that food will last. It'll take a lot of work. And we don't know these people. (…) Just keep your eyes on 'em. We'll be fine."
- Jane to Clementine after she lets Randy's family in (Determinant), "No Going Back"

"Thanks for doing that. After looking at that kid, I wasn't sure if I could. But we had to."
- Jane to Clementine after she turns Randy's family away (Determinant), "No Going Back"

The New Frontier

"I'm sorry. I know it sucks. I'm... I haven't been sleeping well lately."
- Jane to Clementine about the tattoo she gave her (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"So many people died here. So many ghosts. Sometimes they're all I think about. Especially during the night."
- Jane to Clementine about Howe's Hardware (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"You know, he does need a middle name. His parents... they never got a chance. [...] Go on. Pick one. No time like the present."
- Jane to Clementine about giving AJ a middle name (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"I was just thinking "Jaime" was pretty cool. For a boy or a girl."
- Jane's middle name idea, a memoir to her sister (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"We're on our own here, Clem. And after that asshole family we let in made off with half our food, we can't take any more chances."
- Jane reminding Clementine about their encounter with Randy and his family (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"Nice people get hungry too. And then suddenly... they're not so nice anymore."
- Jane to Clementine if she says "They seemed nice" (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"So get to it. I want you to be prepared... for anything. [...] I'm gonna go take a little nap. I'm, uh... not feeling that great."
- Jane instructing Clementine, also her last words (Determinant), "Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"Ugh. This is the kind of shit Kenny was capable of. Carver deserved what was coming to him, of course, but that's just... brutal. I don't know how you could even watch that. It must have been brutal. And the sounds he must've made... Ugh!"
- Jane to Clementine about Kenny killing Carver if she chose to watch (Determinant), "Thicker Than Water"

"Carver got what was coming, but...just look at him. It takes a fucking monster to do that. Kenny and Carver deserved each other. Both crazy pieces of shit. No good to anyone. The world is better without them."
- Jane to Clementine about Kenny killing Carver if she chose to leave (Determinant), "Thicker Than Water"

"Let's get out of here. I never want to look at that sick fuck's body again. Here, take a load off. I've got the little goofball. Hope he hasn't eaten too recently. [...] Good. The last thing I need is to be covered in puke again. Don't puke on me, kid. You hear me?"
- Jane to Clementine about holding AJ (Determinant), "Thicker Than Water"

"If only Rebecca could see you two together. You guys don't even need me. I just get in the way. You're more than capable on your own. You proved that back there."
- Jane being proud of Clementine (Determinant), "Thicker Than Water"

"Listen, whatever happens to me, it'll always be your job to look out for the two of you. Nobody else. Got it? Let's make sure we keep a close eye on the perimeter. And we've still got cleanup to do when we get back inside."
- Jane advising Clementine to only look out for herself and AJ (Determinant), "Thicker Than Water"


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Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
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Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream


For more images of Jane, please visit Jane (Telltale)/Gallery.


  • Jane is the last character to be killed by Kenny. (Determinant)
  • There is an unused audio clip where Jane tells Clementine an inappropriate joke about sheep.[1]
  • If Clementine keeps silent in the choice of whether to invite the family in or make them leave, Jane will show compassion towards the family and let them inside.
  • In "Amid The Ruins", Jane defends Clementine from the walkers outside of the trailer in a reused fighting pattern that Molly used in the Crawford school in "Around Every Corner".
  • Jane is one of four confirmed pregnant women seen in the game. The other three being Anna Correa, Rebecca, and Christa.
  • Jane is the first character to determinately commit a direct suicide in the series, the second being Gabe. She is one of eleven people who can commit suicide in the game, the others being: Irene, Jenny Pitcher, Katjaa, Chuck, Sophia Fairbanks, Gabriel García (Determinant), the unnamed husband and wife laying on their bed in "No Time Left", and an unnamed couple who lived in a train station.
  • An unused file shows Jane's grave, which is presumed to be part of her flashback in "Ties That Bind - Part 1".[2]
  • It is visibly seen in the remastered collection that Jane's model in "Ties That Bind - Part 1" has been changed to look more like her model in "Thicker Than Water".
  • In close up shots, Jane's knife has the same skull pattern on the blade as Matthew's knife. It's possible that the knife was recovered by Carver's Group and it was then taken by Jane when the Cabin Group escaped from Howe's Hardware.
  • Although unconfirmed, it's possible that Jane still ends up dead even if you choose to go alone after shooting Kenny due to the fact, she kills herself after finding out she's pregnant in "Ties That Bind - Part 1" which is unavoidable since she obviously became pregnant before "No Going Back".