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"Don't be. It's better this way."
—Janis to Logan on the radio before her attempted suicide.[src]

Janis is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is a defector from Virginia's Pioneers. After being rescued from a trap of walkers by Wes, Alicia, and Strand, she became a member of Morgan's group until the caravan was forcibly split up and resettled into Virginia's various settlements with her living in the town of Lawton. Janis was later framed and executed for the murder of her boyfriend, Cameron.


Reagan, Texas

Nothing is known about Janis' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a brother named Tom, and presumably also lived at the Paradise Ridge apartment complex. She also had an uncle who owned a cattle ranch.


Janis survived at the Paradise Ridge apartment complex with her brother, until he was ousted from his leadership and forced to flee when Virginia's pioneers decided to eliminate him. The pioneers then elected to kill Janis as well, but she was able to kill her assailant before fleeing the community.

Season 5

"Leave What You Don't"

Janis somehow finds herself trapped inside a supply stop store surrounded by walkers outside. She radios asking for help and is told by Alicia and Strand that they will go rescue her. Janis gives them her location but refuses to say her name, claiming it isn't safe.

At night, Janis radios again saying she's trapped at mile marker 65. Logan answers this time and tells her to grab the gun with one bullet on the floor and kill herself. Janis is left in silence, but before she can kill herself, a man named Wes arrives and saves her.

The next morning, Janis and Wes reunite with Alicia and Strand at the station. She then warns them they have to leave before the people she ran away from find her. Alicia assures her she's safe with them now.

"Channel 5"

Janis arrives at the caravan and reunites with Tom. At night, a walker from a Humbug's Gulch theme park 15 miles away wanders into camp. Dwight kills it and John suggests to head to Humbug's Gulch in search of a home. The next day, the caravan come across a bridge in danger of collapsing.

After several tense moments with Virginia and an oncoming herd, Janis and the others are forced to abandon the rest of their vehicles and flee across the bridge. She then watches in horror as Tom is killed when the bridge finally does collapse. A while later, Tom's corpse is recovered and he is buried near the road. Janis mourns in silent and tells Jacob that he can say some words once they arrive at their settlement.

Sometime later, the group arrives at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. With no other options, Morgan apologizes to Janis and radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Janis and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After the theme park is cleared of walkers, Janis attends John and June's wedding in the chapel.

That night, Janis and the caravan survivors are split up by Virginia into different groups as they are taken for re-settlement among her communities.

Season 6

"Welcome to the Club"

Janis is first seen reunited with Victor and Alicia at the Tumbleweed Sugar Producing Factory. When asked who's in charge, Janis replies that the rangers are, but they keep their distance after what happened to the night team. She also reveals that there are 9 rangers guarding them. Victor then inquires about the trustworthiness of the other prisoners, before putting forth his plan: killing the rangers and escaping. They construct a makeshift corridor to corral the walkers. After Janis reassures him the structure is sound, he asks Sanjay if he is sure he is ready, but Sanjay claims he wants to escape as much as they do.

The workers are able to close the gate. Just then, two rangers arrive and discover Dakota. They alert Hill to her location, and order the workers to drop their weapons. Victor and the others comply after some hesitation. As the rangers try to apprehend Dakota, Janis yells that the barricade they're holding up is about to break. Alicia quietly tells Victor they need to finish this, and he agrees, ordering the others to pick up their weapons and Janis and her group to let go of the barricade.

As the rangers attempt to contain the breach, Janis and the others open the gate once more and start killing the walkers, using the pellets as makeshift shields. The rangers try to drag Dakota away, but she wriggles out of their grasp and escapes. While trying to apprehend her, the rangers are grabbed and devoured by the walkers. Alicia signals Strand that there are too many walkers, and that they need guns. Victor yells that he thinks he can get them, before running with Dakota to the a nearby RV. Victor then stabs Sanjay in the leg while covering his mouth, before shoving him towards the walkers and onto the floor. Both Victor's and Sanjay's yells get the walkers' attention, as they creep their way towards the helpless Sanjay writhing in pain. The distraction allows Alicia and Janis to grab the deceased ranger's guns and mow down the rest of the walkers, as Victor watches Sanjay get devoured. The group then hears Virginia radio one of the rangers, and note that they don't have much time. Victor thinks they have enough, and invites the others to come retrieve what they came for.

After they return to Lawton, Alicia walks Charlie to the truck, but is surprised Janis isn't coming, as Strand has her staying in Lawton.

"The Key"

At some point, Janis entered into a secret relationship with Cameron.

Janis is first seen on laundry duty, being greeted by John during his daily routine. When John finds Cameron dead in barbed wire, he investigates and finds an earring in the gravel near his body, questioning Janis about it in the morning. Janis instantly denies it being hers, showing concern over the situation. She also states she didn't know Cameron very well, other than doing his laundry.

Later, Janis tries to escape Lawton with food and supplies but is stopped by Virginia and her rangers, discovering a matching earring in her bag. Janis is then put in jail under the assumption that she is responsible for murdering Cameron. John meets her several times, to which she assures him she did not kill Cameron. When Virginia arrives for a confession, she willingly states she killed him and is scheduled to be executed in the morning. Afterwards, when asked why she would falsely admit to it, she tells John that she simply has nobody left to live for. John, in an effort to save Janis, plans to help release her overnight, telling Victor about his plan. However, Victor reveals the plan to Virginia before it can be carried out and Janis' execution is done prematurely. She is chained to the ground with music to attract walkers over, swiftly being devoured.

In the middle of the night, after realizing Janis was not in her cell, John finds her body on the outside of the walls, now reanimated. He shoots her in the head, putting her down. In the morning, after burying Janis. John attacks Victor after realizing he was responsible for pushing ahead her execution. John emotionally backs off Victor, stating that Janis was right about Lawton, and that it "destroys everything".

"The Door"

After seeing Dakota's knife, John Dorie discovers that she was actually the one who killed Cameron and whom Virginia was covering up for, thus leading to Janis' death. Dakota confesses, but admits that she didn't expect Virginia to kill Janis and had never wanted Janis to get hurt.


Killed By

After Virginia framed Janis for Cameron's murder, who was really killed by Dakota, Janis falsely confessed to it, resulting in Virginia sentencing her to death. To prevent John from intervening and getting himself in trouble, Victor moved up the execution earlier than it was scheduled. Janis was tied to a tree outside with a radio blaring loud music, attracting nearby walkers that swiftly dismembered and devoured her.

John finds Janis' zombified remains and shoots her in the head, putting her down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Janis has killed:


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  • Janis and Cameron are mentioned several times in "The Door" as their murders are discussed by John, Morgan, and Dakota.
  • Janis is mentioned several times in "Things Left to Do".

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