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"I am a firm believer in the greatness of humankind. Our ingenuity. Our art. Our towering scientific achievements. This Reserve nonsense, even if the rumors about what may be inside it exceed our wildest dreams, the bounty will only prolong our addiction to survivalism as the only path in life. It will stifle our creativity. It will eventually lead to our withering doom. Now, this is the proposal that I have for you. Continue your search for the Reserve, and when you unearth it, which I have the utmost confidence you will, destroy it."
—Jean-Baptiste to the Tourist about the Reserve.[src]

Jean-Baptiste, most often referred to as "JB", is an original character in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. He is the leader of the Reclaimed.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Jean-Baptiste's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Jean-Baptiste joined the Tower as a guard, but was exiled. After this, he took to raiding the Tower's supply lines. Many Tower exiles joined his cause. After the Tower started sending assassins after him, Jean-Baptiste formed a group known as the Reclaimed, and started preaching his philosophy on the radio.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jean-Baptiste has killed:


  • If you side with JB and help him kill Georgia and her soldiers, it is possible for him to be attacked by walkers in the courtyard after the fight, particularly by the recently deceased and now reanimated Tower soldiers. Unlike some NPC's, JB doesn't have a shiv and won't be able to kill any walker that grabs him, resulting in his death.
    • This is a somewhat humorous outcome, as during the fight JB has an extraordinarily high amount of health, leading to a situation where JB (with the player's help) defeats an entire squad of heavily armed and armored soldiers, only to get killed by a single walker.
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