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Tell him... Tell him his kid brother was sorry... He never got to pay him back... For all the times he stood up for me... Tell Rick... I'm sorry I never got to be... The knight in shining armor... But at least I got to meet one.
―Jeff's message for Rick he tells Claudia to deliver.[src]

Jeffrey Grimes, better known as Jeff, is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Image Comics' The Walking Dead: The Alien. He is the younger brother of Rick Grimes, and is also the same age as his brother's wife, Lori Grimes. Before the outbreak, he and Lori were good friends, and he indirectly caused Rick and Lori to meet.


Jeffrey appeared to be a friendly and caring man who was often down on his luck. He seemed to have looked up to his brother, Rick, as he often stood up for him. Jeffrey always wanted to pay him back for all the times Rick was there for him but never got the chance.

Seeing as it is still early in the outbreak, Jeffrey is very inexperienced with dealing with the undead. However, he still tries to remain brave and help Claudia to the dock to get to America. Later he saves Claudia's life from a walker, but at the cost of his own. Despite this, he states that it was the best day of his life as he got to meet Claudia, who she sees as a hero and tells her to go find Rick.


Location Unknown[]

Not much is known about Jeffrey's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born in 1971. He apparently broke an ankle while in elementary school. This event caused Rick to be beaten up by his peers, for attempting to stick up for Jeff. It was also revealed that he was Lori's best friend in high school, and was indirectly responsible for Lori meeting Rick. Feeling out of place at home, he began working some construction gigs after finishing college in an effort to save up money to begin traveling. He decided to travel to Barcelona first, due to his love for the book Homage to Catalonia, but was informed soon after arriving that Rick had been shot while on duty and fallen into a coma. Jeff tried to return home, but was unable to leave due to a quarantine that had recently been instated.


Barcelona, Spain[]

While sleeping atop an abandoned building, Jeff is awakened by the sound of a young boy trying to escape a horde of zombies. After failing to reach the boy in time to save him, Jeff is attacked by one of the zombies, and is saved by a woman dressed in a suit of armor. Introducing herself as Claudia, the woman explains to Jeff that he has something she wants, and invites him back to her apartment.

After arriving at her apartment, Claudia explains to Jeff that she wants to accompany him back to the United States, as there have been rumors that the U.S. government had found a way to contain the zombie outbreak. She explains that she intends to sail to Ibiza, where an acquaintance of hers will fly them to the United States. Jeff points out that there are hundreds of zombies between them and the harbor, but Claudia reveals her intention to use the sewers to navigate, and tells Jeff that he will have until the following morning to decide if he wants to accompany her.

The next morning, Jeff, armed with a mace for protection, accompanies Claudia through the sewers. After emerging at the harbor, the two board a boat and begin to depart. However, a zombie concealed on the boat takes them by surprise and knocks Claudia into the water. An alarmed Jeff jumps in after them, and distracts the zombie as Claudia takes off the armor that is weighing her down. After returning to the boat, it is revealed that Jeff has been bitten. Expecting to die soon, Jeff gives Claudia a message to give to Rick, but dies before he is able to give her any information that might actually help her find Rick.


Killed By
  • Himself (Sacrifice)
  • Zombies (Alive)

After departing in a boat, a walker concealed on it takes them by surprise and knocks Claudia into the water. An alarmed Jeff jumps in after them, and distracts the walker as Claudia takes off the armor that is weighing her down. However, Jeff is bitten on his left leg.

It can be assumed that Claudia made sure he didn't reanimate.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Jeffrey has killed:


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Comic Series[]


  • Jeffrey is 32 years old, and was born in 1971.
  • Robert Kirkman revealed in Letter Hacks that Jeffrey will never be shown in the main series. This is addressed in The Alien, revealing that he is already dead by the time the main series takes place.[1]
  • Jeffrey is the first overall member of the Grimes family to die chronologically.
    • He is also one of two male members of the Grimes family to be deceased, the other being his brother Rick Grimes.