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"You're a good person, Hope. (...) I know you are. The necklace proves it. You took it as a reminder, something you wear every day to remember the bad you've done, a reminder to keep living to do good, 'cause that's the only way to make the bad mean something. You're gonna be okay, Hope."
—Huck to Hope.[src]

Jennifer Mallick, more commonly referred to as "Huck", is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She was a security guard for the Campus Colony of Omaha, one of three cities part of the Alliance of the Three. She is a member of the Endlings, but secretly worked for the Civic Republic Military as a spy. However, she later defected back to the side of her friends and became their informant inside of the CRM instead after learning of the genocide of Omaha and the Campus Colony. She is also Elizabeth Kublek's daughter and the wife of Dennis Graham. She served as the secondary antagonist of Season 1.


Jennifer is a friendly but tough-as-nails community security officer with a warrior's spirit and a dry sense of humor. Despite experiencing some horrible things out in the world, she's managed to keep her faith in people, and it's paid off. She firmly believes that if people work together, they can accomplish great things… including the possibility that one day, generations from now, they can bring the world back to what it was.[1]


Queens, New York

Not much is known about Jennifer's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except she spent a lot of time in the wilderness and was a lance corporal in the U.S. Marines. During her childhood, she grew up in Queens, New York where she lived with her uncle. She also had a mother and a father whom she didn't see very often due to their high-ranking statuses in the U.S. Military.[2]


Civic Republic

At some point, Huck was reunited with her mother and joined the Civic Republic Military. At some point, she married Dennis Graham, a Master Sergeant in the CRM on the fast track and a golden boy. After Anne joined the CRM about four years in, Jennifer was her mentor.

Around eight years into the outbreak, while Dennis and Jennifer were leading their team through some training maneuvers with walkers, things went wrong and Dennis made a tough call, causing people to get hurt, although Jennifer believes that his call actually saved lives. However, Dennis had been drinking at the time and faced an investigation. He promised to clean up his act if Jennifer would just take some of the heat off of him and Jennifer lied and said that the call was hers and destroyed evidence that proved otherwise, but she got caught after forgetting to erase the keycard logs. As a result, Jennifer took a two year undercover assignment in Omaha to redeem herself in the eyes of the CRM while Dennis ended up taking over the Civic Republic Cull Facility 1.

Season 1


As Felix and Jennifer prepare to escort representatives from the Campus Colony to meet up with representatives from the CRM, Iris approaches them and admires their weapons. As Felix and Jennifer lead the way in their jeep, they encounter a few walkers with Jennifer running one over. After the CRM helicopter lands, Felix and Jennifer introduce themselves to Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek with Jennifer awkwardly telling Kublek to call her Huck, stating that her nickname is a long story. Kublek has her men take care of a few walkers drawn by her helicopter and assures them that they will take precautions to ensure that they don't draw any more. After the initial meeting, Felix and Huck drive Kublek and a few of her men back to the university while the rest ride in the bus.

Hope later trains with Jennifer and, sitting in the stands as Elton teaches a karate class, discusses her arrest and how Jennifer never talks about her life in Omaha. Jennifer insists that there's not much to tell, but Hope admits that she's thinking of going to visit despite there being "over a hundred miles of crap" between the Campus Colony and Omaha. Hope is convinced that the world's gonna end again and that building everything back up is pointless. As a result, Omaha will be gone if she keeps waiting for her chance to see it. Hope believes that it's not because of the threat of the walkers, but rather the destructive nature of people themselves. Jennifer tells Hope that "it's not it is what it is" before departing as Hope continues watching Elton's class.

Later, Felix and Jennifer tag walkers with blue paint so that Dr. Bavolar can study their migration patterns. Jennifer reassures Felix that she's happy to help him and she accuses Felix of thriving on the unglamorous because he's still trying to prove himself due to what went down with his parents. Jennifer tells Felix that he's the only one that doesn't think that he's great and points out that Felix is still wearing Will's jacket who probably thinks so too. Jennifer gets Felix to admit that he misses Will and insists that while Felix's parents dealt him a bad hand, she just wants him to be happy and wishes him a happy birthday. Their conversation is interrupted by a radio call stating that Hope is looking for Felix and that it's urgent.

That night, while talking with Hope and Iris, Kublek mentions her daughter and how it is to be seperated from her, although they are unaware that she is talking about Jennifer.

The next morning, Jennifer sits with Felix during Iris' Monument Day speech. Later, Felix reads his birthday card in which Hope reveals that they have taken his and Will's jackets, Felix's S-Pole and some food while Huck tells him that Marco Voci has reported his nephew missing. Felix recognizes that she's talking about Silas and tells Huck that Elton Ortiz from the Independent Dorm is gone as well. Sighing, Huck reveals that she had been training Hope to fight the dead and she guesses that if the group left together, they must be headed for Omaha which is where Hope had said that she wanted to go. However, Felix knows where they are actually going and he is convinced that they will die trying.

The following morning, Felix and Jennifer leave the Campus Colony together in search of Hope, Iris, Elton and Silas.

"The Blaze of Gory"

Felix and Huck discuss Elizabeth ublek giving Hope and Iris a map of New York State where she claims that Leo is. Felix is shocked by Leo secretly sending messages to his daughters as it's not like Leo to take such risks. Huck states that everyone's acting out of love for each other and that Huck might've given Hope the reasons to believe that she can pull this off. As they cross through a rope fence, Felix states that Leo was risking the whole Alliance by sending his messages and Huck wonders if Felix really thinks that Leo and Will are in trouble. Felix brainstorms about what could possibly be the threat that Leo is talking about and expresses his dislike and distrust for the CRM and their absolute secrecy. Huck wonders if Felix is sure that they're on the right road, but Felix knows that they're heading east and what's to the east. Huck is sure that once they see it, the group will turn around and be happy that they have a home to go back to.

Felix and Huck locate the impaled walker that Iris had fought and unsuccessfully tried to put down. The two recognize that the others were responsible for this and Felix angrily tells Huck that Hope will be composting mulch for a year when he finds her. Huck questions Felix about why he only intends to punish Hope and not Iris and the others and Felix is incredulous at the idea that Iris may have been responsible for the group's actions but Huck suggests that she might be. Huck notices that something is bothering Felix, but he brushes her concerns off.

The next day, as he and Huck walk down a street, Felix is haunted by memories of running through the streets on the Night the Sky Fell. Huck notices his distress and Felix admits that he used to live in the area. Felix finds an empty sliced peaches can that Hope had left behind which he recognizes as something that she had stolen from his apartment. Both acknowledge that it's surprising that the group didn't do a better job of covering up their tracks and continue on.

At night, Huck complains about how the air tastes which Felix explains is from the tire fire which means that both they and the others are close and should hit the Blaze sometime the next day. Huck argues for them to take a rest as they are going on 48 hours and Felix isn't even thinking right. Huck warns that if they don't rest, they'll "get whopped by the janitor kid when we find them." Ignoring Felix's protests, Huck heads for a nearby house and pounds on the garage door in order to see if there are any walkers inside. While she knows that Felix is worried for the others, Huck warns him that if he doesn't clear his head and start thinking about the big picture, he'll end up with a scar like hers or worse.

Sitting inside the house, Felix messes with his gun while Huck lies down on the couch. Huck confronts Felix about his refusal to either sleep or tell her about what's bothering him and he points out that she's barely told him anything about her past either. Huck jokes that she has her reputation as the strong silent type to think about and states that the past is the past. Felix finally explains that he was at the University the Night the Sky Fell and as soon as it started to get bad, Felix took off in an attempt to get back to his parents to see if they were okay and if he could be with them at the end which took him two days, mostly by foot. Huck gets that no matter how bad Felix's parents are, they are still his parents and she asks Felix if he ever reached them. Felix sniffs back tears and claims that it doesn't matter as the past is the past. Huck agrees and Felix tells her to get some sleep which she is happy to do while Felix sets a timer on his watch. When Huck wakes up to her watch alarm, Felix has returned after taking off and admits that he couldn't sleep even if he had wanted to. Huck spots dirt on the bottom of Felix's hand, but she doesn't comment on it as they leave.

That night, Felix and Huck find Hope's "WE WERE HERE - THE ENDLINGS" sign. Felix is surprised by the Endlings part and Huck quips that the group now has a nickname. Felix realizes that one of the girls wants them to find the group, but he isn't sure which one, although Felix takes it as a sign that one of them doesn't want to do this and wants their help. As Huck starts to leave, refusing to let Felix sneak off like the night before, Felix spots a walker nearby and draws his S-Pole, moving towards it. Felix puts the walker down with his S-Pole, the same one that Hope had earlier trapped inside of a swimming pool. Huck asks if he is ever going to tell her where he went the previous night and Felix reveals that he had gone to kill his parents.

"The Tyger and the Lamb"

Having trouble opening a door, Elton calls out to Silas for help and when he gets it open, to everyone's shock, Felix and Huck appear on the other side. Felix and Huck demand to know where Hope is and the group tells them the story, although Iris claims that she had talked her sister into going. Felix asks if it was Silas and Elton then who had left the breadcrumbs and when they are confused, Huck explains that they had found an empty can of peaches on the street and graffiti sign - the trail one of them had left behind to get Felix and Huck there. Iris denies the fact that Hope would've left those clues behind for the two as Hope wants to find Leo as much as Iris does. Felix pressures Iris to tell him where Hope has gone and where the siren is, but she refuses, believing that if they go after her, Felix and Huck will only get themselves killed. Iris defiantly states that they have a plan and that this part of it is Hope's. While Iris hates it, right now it is their best chance of getting out of the Blaze alive and Felix will just have to trust Hope like the rest of them. Looking out the window, Huck agrees as there is a herd incoming and without some kind of distraction, they will never get out alive. As Felix and Huck talk to each other quietly, Elton reassures Silas that they can still get out of this and that it's not over, but Silas states that he knows that it will now go the same way that it always goes.

As the group waits to hear from Hope, Felix looks out the window at the large herd milling about and questions why Hope, who had wanted Felix and Huck to find them, would suddenly go on an apparent suicide mission into the Blaze. Iris explains that it's to spare Iris the responsibility of having to do it herself and she admits that while she doesn't know what's going on with Hope, it's not just about their father. To the interest of everyone, Silas admits that he thinks that he knows why: at the treehouse, the walker hadn't gone away by itself but rather Hope had led it away and then she had told Silas not to tell anyone else as well as the fact that their mistakes shouldn't have to follow them. When Felix wonders the point of this, Silas quickly states that it's because sometimes their mistakes do follow them and he thinks that Hope has done something that she feels badly about. Huck asks if Silas is out there because he's trying to get away from the things that he's done, but Felix admonishes Huck for her harsh words while Silas walks away followed by Iris.

Silas angrily bangs his fist on the table, making a dent and startling Elton and Iris. Suddenly, Hope contacts the others and informs them that she found the siren, but the crank was broken so she took the whole thing apart and now she can't figure out how to put it back together again. Iris gives the radio to Felix who demands to know where she is. Hope is surprised to hear from Felix who tells her that Huck is with him too. However, Hope refuses to tell Felix where to find him which would put him in even more danger. Hope resumes work on the siren and tells Felix that the second that she sounds the siren, it'll clear a path for them, but they need to haul ass. Elton is confused by Hope's terminology and, annoyed, Hope orders him to just run to the exit and she promises to meet them there. Hope has Felix give the radio back to Iris and Iris reassures her that she can do this, just like when they were kids. Hope asks Iris to promise not to come back for her if she doesn't make it to the exit in time and Iris makes that promises because she's sure that Hope is going to make it. Hope states that she wishes that she hadn't had a stupid fight with Leo before he left and that while she still wants to find him and see him, she didn't think that they'd be any good to him dead. Iris knows and promises that they will talk about it and make it out of the Blaze and she orders Hope to haul ass to the exit or Iris will kill Hope herself. Agreeing to no goodbyes, Iris flips Hope off again through the radio which Hope appreciates while Elton finally understands what she had meant by haul ass.

Felix orders everybody to get ready to move while Huck provides Silas and Elton with some extra masks that she and Felix had brought along. A distressed Silas tells Elton that he doesn't think that he can do it, but Elton and Iris express confidence in him. Elton hands Silas his bag and as Hope begins sounding the tornado siren, the group heads for an exit at the rear of the office. With the siren drawing most of the herd to the wall of the factory, the group runs through the mostly cleared path, Felix and Huck putting down a few walkers that get in their way with their S-Poles. When Hope struggles to make it due to injuring her leg, Iris rushes to her sister's rescue and they put down a pair of walkers together. Elton runs to support Hope's other side, helping her to run to the exit. However, while putting down a walker, Huck knocks into a wall of tires, causing it to collapse. Silas holds it up while the others rush through the gap between it and the wall next to it. Elton suddenly runs back through for his bag and gets back just in time before the wall collapses, the tires forming a blockade that prevents the herd from following the Endlings any further.

After escaping from the Blaze, the Endlings relax on a dock while laying most of their clothes out. Huck approaches Huck and tells the girl that she should've come to her and Hope asks if it's so that Huck could've tried to stop her. With a laugh, Huck asks if that wasn't what Hope had wanted and tells her to think about what she wants as Hope's sister and her friends are all counting on her. Huck takes her coat and walks away as Hope plays with her bead necklace.

Later, as the Endlings eat, Felix approaches and tells them that they should pack up and leave. Iris questions where he wants to go and Felix informs them that they aren't going back through the Blaze and with the other options on foot not being much better, they head up to Omaha and resupply. The group can then return to the Campus Colony with the next transfer in about two weeks. However, Iris refuses to go back and Silas backs her up, telling Felix that this is the fresh start that he had promised him. Felix tells Silas that his uncle is worried sick about him, but while Silas misses his uncle, Silas believes that he's supposed to be out there and his uncle would want him to be where Silas is supposed to be. Elton declares that he's where he's supposed to be too and Hope agrees with the others. Hope tells Felix that if he really wants to keep his promise to their father, he will help the Endlings find him. Leo is in New York and Kublek has given them the map. Felix already knows this, but he's convinced that the Endlings are only going to get themselves killed trying like they nearly did back at the Blaze. Hope implores both Felix and Huck to come with them then, telling Felix that while he keeps saying that there's nothing that he can do to help their dad, he can help the Endlings help him. However, they are going with or without Felix's help or approval. Huck agrees that Hope has a point, telling Felix that they can't turn them around at least for the moment and that all they can do right now is to keep them safe "till there's something more we can do." While he's not happy, Felix reluctantly agrees and walks away.

Later, Felix leads the Endlings, now including Felix and Huck, in continuing their journey.

"The Wrong End of a Telescope"

Walking down a path, Elton tells Iris that based on the coded map that she was given, the Civic Republic Research Facility is somewhere in New York, but she points out that they don't know where exactly it is yet. Felix calls out that it's all the more reason to turn around, but Hope simply calls it a nice try. Iris states that they might've taken a wrong turn, but this path should still lead to the interstate. Felix states that the bad news is that they are almost out of supplies and rain is coming. Huck states that it would've been one thing if the waystation that Will mentioned had panned out, but it didn't. Silas reassures the others that they will figure something out, surprising her with his smiling even in this situation.

Elton wonders where the Civic Republic itself is, but Iris points out that it's called the Hidden City for a reason and states that she had always pictured it as being underground. Elton agrees with her, but he points out that they refine their own fuel, fly helicopters and grow their own crops which can't all be done underground. Iris points out their research facility where Leo is located isn't actually where they are and that maybe the Civic Republic does all of that other stuff elsewhere too. Elton states that regardless, the Civic Republic's high resource output suggests that they have a large population, which causes their security approach of not saying where they are is understandable. Hope calls it shady which Elton agrees with along with the fact that the messages from Leo are certainly a cause for concern. However, if the Civic Republic has technology and agriculture and sophisticated governmental systems, it would be smart to stay hidden even if it makes others question their motives. Elton concludes that they should feel lucky that the Civic Republic hasn't taken over or taken things. Hope states that they don't know that, but Felix insists that they do since they trade with the Civic Republic as does Portland and Huck reminds the group of their joint protection agreements. Iris simply states that the CRM has their father and Felix acknowledges that they don't know anything about them at all. "Ergo the long walk, Champ," Hope sarcastically quips to Felix.

As the others walk ahead, Felix privately tells Huck that they have just enough food and water to get them to Omaha, but Huck points out that Omaha is to the north while the Endlings are heading to the east and from the looks of it, the group isn't changing their minds. However, while Iris and Silas aren't changing their minds for sure, Felix and Huck wonder about Elton and why he had decided to tag along with the others. Felix comments that he didn't think that Elton knew the girls that well and Huck tells Felix that Elton might be the wedge that they need to get the others to change their minds. Felix agrees to work on talking to Elton about changing his mind while Huck talks to Hope. Iris calls out to the others as she finds and breaks the chain on a gate leading into a high school. Felix suggests that a place like this which is hidden from the world could be a good place to find supplies while Huck points out that it could also be a good place to ride out the rain and Iris is excited about the idea of being inside of a real high school for the first time.

Entering the auditorium after a brief scouting mission, Felix tells the others that the school is huge with no sign of any walkers, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any around. Huck states that their priorities are food, clothes for Hope and anything that they can use to collect water as they can take advantage of the downpour outside for that. Huck agrees that the trophy that Elton and Silas have found is a good idea for catching rain and Iris suggests that they should split up in order to cover more ground. When Felix and Huck hesitate, Iris states that they can handle themselves and she quotes Felix's own words in class right back at him. Amused, Felix agrees and orders Silas to keep his radio on and takes Elton with him to collect water. Hope tries to talk to Iris as they haven't really spoken since the docks and she promises that they can talk later and states that she and Silas will take the first floor. Felix orders the others to keep their eyes open and their weapons drawn and to run if they see any walkers and to be careful. The Endlings split up with Hope pairing off with Huck, although she's not happy that her sister is avoiding her.

Walking through the school's ruined hallways with Huck, Hope rummages through some of the lockers and is amused by a pair of sunglasses that she finds, asking if people had actually worn them. Hope realizes from Huck's grimace that she had worn sunglasses like that too, which Huck refuses to confirm or deny. Hope tosses the sunglasses to Huck who puts them on, puts on a funny face and flashes a peace sign before Hope tells her to stop, embarrassed for her friend, but too hungry to laugh. The two resume walking and Hope begins collecting things from people's lockers while Huck wonders what has changed since the time that they had talked where Hope had believed that the world is ending and that people are shit, but she is now walking through a thousand miles of walkers on just a hunch. Hope ignores the question and plays with some of the clothes that she's found, asking if it's too late to reinvent herself. Huck points out that Hope had left Huck and Felix straight to them and asks if she got roped into the mission or if she had second thoughts. Hope admits to having had second thoughts before having second thoughts about her second thoughts. Huck presses Hope to be straight with her, but Hope refuses to do so until "cool Huck" returns since Huck sounds like her dad right now. Hope stares at a sign for a fallout shelter and Huck notes that she's seen several outlines like the one around the sign around the school, but that this is the first one with an actual sign attached. Hope wonders if someone had taken down all of the others and Huck suggests that if somebody did, there might be something in the fallout shelter worth hiding and they have a chance at resupplying after all. Huck is excited by the idea while Hope points out that they just have to find it now.

Hope and Huck enter a stairwell where Huck bangs on the railing in order to draw out any nearby walkers. With no sign of any, the two begin making their way down the stairs and Hope presses Huck for information on her past, particularly on her dad's reaction to Huck's military service. Huck admits that her father was proud of her, but tells Hope that it's complicated with fathers sometimes as "they have a funny way of showing that they give a shit sometimes" which Hope agrees with.

Hope and Huck emerge on the first floor and Huck tells Hope that the basement steps should be just up ahead. However, the two spot a snarling wolf nearby and Huck orders Hope to get back. Huck goes for her gun, but Hope stops her and the two quickly duck into a nearby classroom. The two observe the wolf through the window and Huck notes that it's standing in a doorway like it's standing guard. Hope wonders if the wolf is defending its young and Huck says that if she's right, she thinks that she knows how they can get around it and to go slow. Emerging from the classroom, Hope and Huck slowly inch their way along the wall and through a grate that Huck closes behind them, seperating the two from the wolf. With a last look back, Hope follows Huck down the hallway.

As they continue searching for the fallout shelter, Hope asks Huck about the whole defending its young thing that she had recognized with the wolf. Huck explains that it was something that she had picked up while being out in the wild for as long as she was and that while it's easy to think that you're reading a situation the right way, sometimes there is something else going on that you have no idea about. Hope knows that this is about Huck trying to get her turn back with all of her earlier questions and Huck states that she should. However, while Hope would've done it a few days before, she now knows that she can't. Hope echoes what Huck had said about dads having a weird way of showing that they give a shit and she suggests that she might've had her dad all wrong. Leo had told her before he left that it wasn't her fault that she was so frustrated and while she had thought at the time that he was just trying to make her feel better, Hope now thinks that Leo might've just been trying to protect her like the wolf was doing with its young. Hope admits that she doesn't know what Leo was trying to protect her from, but she intends to find out when they find him.

Crouching under a half raised sliding door, the two find a door leading into the fallout shelter's pantry which is full of food. However, Huck spots a walker that is missing a leg on the floor and orders Hope to start packing up supplies while she uses her S-Pole to put the walker down. Hope is disgusted when Huck loads up on cans of sardines before they heard Iris calling for help and banging on the locked door leading into the rest of the fallout shelter. Huck begins working on getting the door open while Iris calls out to her sister that they need to get the door open as there are walkers in the shelter and it's about to get bad. Huck promises that they are going to get the two out of there and orders her to hang on. With the help of Felix and Elton, the two get into the fallout shelter just in time to witness Silas beating a walker to death with his bare hands, throwing Elton to the ground in his rage. Felix puts down the other walkers and manages to snap Silas out of his rage. Everyone stares at Silas in shock while Silas, staring at his own shaking hands, apologizes to his friends.

Later, Elton plays with his flashlight while holding an ice pack to his injured shoulder while Felix and Huck prepare their supplies nearby, including all of the water that they have collected. Huck compliments Elton's toughness and Elton thanks her, but he admits that he's more worried about Silas. Huck leaves the room moments later, giving Elton and Felix the privacy to talk alone.

In the auditorium, Felix checks that Silas, now cleaned up, is good which he confirms. Patting Silas on the shoulder, Elton reassures his best friend that he is before having the Endlings line up for a group picture together, much to the surprise and teasing of Iris due to Elton only ever using his camera to document things.

"Madman Across the Water"

Elton smiles at a sign for Daiquiritown on the side of the road. As the others walk by him, Iris and Silas, talking and laughing, Elton turns and follows his friends, smiling at Iris and Silas' jovial mood. Elton looks back at Felix who gives him a nod as they continue their journey.

That night, as the Endlings camp out and Felix and Huck set up protective netting, Elton works on continuing his mother's manuscript. Iris informs Hope that, according to Huck, the U.S. Military had blown up all of the bridge crossings over the Mississippi River when things went bad, meaning that the group will need a boat in order to get across. Huck warns the others that the crossing is going to be tough and the terrain on the other side of the river will be worse than anything that they've encountered so far and asks if they are ready to do this. Recognizing that Huck is once again trying to get them to turn back, Iris and Hope sarcastically agree with her that they aren't ready and that they should turn back. As Huck walks off, the two girls exchange fist bumps in victory while Elton chuckles.

The next day, as the group continues their journey, Elton takes a picture of a decomposing walker that has plants growing out of it. Walking past a destroyed bridge and half-sunk boats, Hope sarcastically comments on their many options. Huck privately asks Felix for an update and he reveals to her that they might have Elton on their side, although in a perfect world they would have at least one more with them. Felix tells Huck that this is the only plan that they've got which she acknowledges and states that she is thus thinking ahead to Plan B. Huck suggests that it doesn't have to be all or nothing and that if Elton can get Silas to see the light, the best way to protect the group might be to have one of them keep going with the girls while the other one goes back with the boys. Obviously unhappy with this idea, Felix instead tells Huck that they might still have time to change some hearts and minds.

Reaching the end of the wharf, Elton suggests that the locals had used the boats kept there to evacuate when things got bad and that they are likely looking at the last of them. Iris decides that they will get creative and build their own boat which Hope supports. Felix is incredulous at the idea, but Iris suggests remodeling an old trailer nearby into a boat. While Elton tries to downplay the suggestion, Silas thinks that it could work if they fix it up and add stuff to it while Hope suggests that they can look for parts at a warehouse further north. With everyone else agreeing, the Endlings head for the warehouse, although Felix is visibly unhappy at the idea.

Arriving at the warehouse, the group taps on the outside in order to confirm that it's empty of walkers before entering. Hope is discouraged by the state of the warehouse, but Iris isn't quite so pessimistic about their chances of finding anything there. Iris and Hope find a few boxes of nail polish and Iris has the Endlings split up and keep looking for anything that might be useful to them. As Elton searches, he comes across the dead body of a walker against one of the shelves.

After completing their search, the group starts going over what they have found: barrels for flotation, straps for binding and fastening, a fan blade that could make a good propellor and a lot of pallets outside that can be broken up for wood as well as a tool box full of tools. Felix points out that they don't have an engine and that without that, they have nothing to fight the river's current. Elton states that there's not much left in the warehouse other than some long-dead batteries, a huge broken air conditioner and a couple of bags of sand. Iris comes up with the idea of using the air conditioner's parts to make some kind of steam boiler like how Hope had created a still back at the Campus Colony. Silas states that the steam boiler would be like the dorm furnaces that he had to fix and Hope figures that it's worth a shot. While Felix remains visibly unhappy, Huck agrees to try out their plan.

On the banks of the river, the Endlings work together on building their boat using the parts that they have gathered, even Felix despite his reluctance to go along with the plan. Felix eventually pulls Huck aside and tells her that the closer they get to finishing the boat, the harder it's going to be to sway the others to turning around and going home. Felix wants to make the pitch now while Huck and Elton will come in and back him up. While Huck knows that Felix is only trying to protect the group, she thinks that maybe it's time to let this plan go. As Felix and Huck argue, they fail to notice the fact that Hope has overheard their conversation.

After overhearing Felix and Huck discuss Felix's plan and Elton's part in it, Hope angrily confronts Elton about it. Elton admits that he has been working with Felix kind of and Hope flatly rejects to hear Felix out and accuses him of planning to sabotage the boat if he can't change their minds. Elton tells Hope that he's been listening to Felix and a lot of what he's saying about going back makes sense, but Hope angrily reminds him of how Elton had wanted to see the world from start to finish. Felix reveals that he had wanted them to take the boat downriver and then back up the banks of the Missouri River until they reached the Campus Colony. Felix calls this plan safer than cutting through the Blaze and the smartest thing for them right now, reminding Hope that they don't know where they're going, what they're going to do if and when they get there and they don't even know that Leo is really in trouble. Getting heated, Felix suggests that Leo could've sent them ten messages that he's fine since their departure. However, Hope knows that Felix doesn't really believe that last statement. Felix angrily tells Hope that it doesn't matter what he believes as Felix had made a promise to Leo to keep her and Hope safe and that is exactly what he intends to do. Hope accuses Felix of caring more about his promise than Leo's life, leading to an increasingly-heated exchange before Iris breaks it up, telling the two that they don't have time for this as there is still so much left to do. Iris orders them to "leave your shit at the door, because without each and every one of us giving 100%... we're not making it across that river." The argument ends and the Endlings go back to work.

Walking along the banks of the river with Huck looking for a possible source of fuel, Hope sees only driftwood which Huck calls better than nothing and decides to have them grab it all. Hope expresses her anger over the way that Felix messed with Elton's head in order to get them to turn around, but Huck defends Felix and Elton, telling Hope that they were only doing what they thought was best for everybody and that it's not really something that Hope can fault them for. However, Hope isn't willing to let it go, stating that she can fault them for being shady and for what Huck just said too. Hope questions which side Huck is on since she had also overheard Huck talk about calling the plan off. Huck admits that for a long while, she was all for bringing the Endlings back home, but now she's not so sure. "This thing we're doing right now going across country, is big, maybe the biggest thing we'll ever do" and it's things like this that makes people stronger and better.

When Hope is still unconvinced, Huck brings up how the story that everyone knows of how she got to Omaha in the first place: she was found floating down the Missouri River in a raft with a broken arm, in a messed-up state and not sure if she's coming or going. The next thing that she knows, people are calling her Huck which she doesn't mind, calling her nickname kind of cool. Huck admits that she leaves a lot out of that story such as the days when she didn't know if she was going to live or die and how close Huck came to giving up and letting the water just take her away. However, if she had given up and didn't keep pushing every single moment, she never would've lived long enough to have been found by Omaha Security. Hope apologizes, but Huck waves it off and tells Hope that her experiences have pushed her to be stronger and better and she suggests that this mission might do the same thing for Hope and her friends and maybe even Felix. Hope suggests that Huck should tell him that and Huck reveals that she was about to when Hope interrupted them. Huck thinks that it might not be her place to tell him that, however and he might need to figure it out for himself in his own way. Felix approaches the two, asking for a word alone with Hope and Huck leaves the two alone.

Later, Hope, Elton and Silas watch as Huck loads driftwood into their makeshift steam boiler. However, Huck warns them that the fire's not hot enough and the driftwood isn't cutting it. Hope objects that it's the best that they could find and that there must be something else. Silas remembers that the boxes containing the nail polish back at the warehouse said that it was flamable and Huck sends Elton and Silas to take care of getting that while she, Felix, Iris and Hope remain behind to finish work on the boat. With a storm coming in, Hope suggests that the two boys double time it.

As Hope continues to work on the boat, Huck warns that the storm is getting closer and Hope demands to know where Silas and Elton are. Suddenly, smoke pours from the boiler and Hope climbs up on top of the boat to tend to it with Huck. Felix and Iris arrive and begin to tell them something, but Huck tells them that they already know about the lightning storm heading their way real fast. Iris reveals that there's a herd of a couple of dozen walkers heading their way and that they are maybe only fifteen minutes out. Felix tells them that they don't have enough time and that they need to take cover, but Iris warns them that the rising water will wash the boat away and they can't risk that. Hope states that they'll launch before the shit hits, but Iris realizes that Silas and Elton are still missing.

Hope, Felix and Huck frantically rush to finish the boat, causing Hope to accidentally cut her hand in the process. Felix gives her something to wrap it up with as Silas and Elton finally arrive with the buckets of nail polish. Iris pours the nail polish into the steam boiler, causing the drive belt to begin spinning before fire comes out of the boiler and the drive belt stops moving. Spotting the herd approaching, Felix borrows Elton's fisherman and uses it to string up a makeshift net between two trees, holding back the herd temporarily. Looking under the boat, Iris discovers that the drive belt has come loose and it can only be fixed if someone can fit under the boat and reattach it. Iris turns to Elton, the only one small enough to fit, but he refuses as Elton is claustrophobic. Iris pleads with Elton to do it anyways as it is their only chance. Closing his eyes, Elton remembers cowering, scared, in the box ten years before. Finally, Elton agrees and begins to crawl under the boat with a screwdriver. As Elton fixes the boat, Iris, Hope and Huck briefly join Felix in holding back the herd before Iris and Hope pull Elton free after he gets stuck fixing the boat.

Running out of time with the herd approaching and their limited fuel, Iris, Hope, Huck, Elton and Silas work together and attempt to push the boat into the river. However, they are unable to move it at all. Feeling that they have no other choice, Hope decides that they need to abandon the boat and make a run for it against Iris' objections, but Felix appears with a plank of wood to use as a lever. As the herd closes in on them, the Endlings successfully launch the boat and set sail across the Mississippi River to Illinois.

That night, as the Endlings camp, Felix approaches Huck and confirms with her that she's alright with their change of plans. Huck promises that they'll keep the group safe and when they find Leo and Will, they'll keep them safe too. Huck proposes that for now, they divide and conquer and she explains to the group that she's going to spend the next day or two scouting ahead. Their intel is weak for this side of the river and they are only as solid as their intel. Hope is surprised that Huck is going off on her own, but she promises to be back within 48 hours at the most and until then, they are in good hands with Felix. With a pat on the shoulder to Felix, Huck ducks under the netting strung around the camp and leaves on her scouting mission.

"Truth or Dare"

In a dream, Huck approaches a friend of hers in a bar intercut with thermal images of people running around. Huck awakens in an abandoned office, gathers her belongings, cleans her gun and takes a watch lying on a nearby table. Later, hiding beneath a bridge, Huck watches a herd pass by and puts down Dawson, taking his boots, but seeming to become upset after finding a pin with the Marine insignia on him. Continuing her journey along a stream, Huck hides when a truck approaches her, only to have Felix whistle and wave to her from the passenger's seat. Felix jokes about Huck being blown away by his haircut and she fondly calls him a jackass.

Hopping out of the truck after they arrive at their destination, Huck tosses the boots that she took from Dawson to Silas who is surprised that she managed to find him 13 and a half sized boots. Huck notices Hope sitting on some nearby stairs holding Amelia's manuscript and watching Tony teach Elton a magic trick. Huck smiles as she watches Tony and Elton, but her smile drops as she turns and looks at where Hope is watching them.

Huck approaches Felix who is eating alone and offers him a Mountain Dew that she found in some crates behind an old gas station. Noticing Huck's watch, Felix asks what else found besides the watch and Huck reveals that she spotted a big herd moving south and a lot of blocked roads along the main route. However, as long as they keep to side streets, they should be good. Huck notes that Felix had found a couple of conmen in a stolen CRM truck, but Felix reassures Huck that Tony and Percy are alright and with their truck, the Endlings can reach New York in days instead of weeks. Although Huck points out that they don't have enough fuel to get to New York, Felix reveals that Tony has a lead on where they can get some more.

That night, Tony dramatically presents a CRM map to the Endlings which has no landmarks designated or points of interest labeled. While the map, to all appearances, looks to be useless, looks can be deceiving. Percy brings his uncle a wooden box with a few plastic squares and Tony holds one up, explaining that when Percy first discovered them in the truck, they had reminded Tony of the colored lenses that he used in his Prism of Light illusion. As a result, Tony has discovered that you set the squares up at proper distances, shine a beam of light through them and symbols appear on the map, in this case, oil drops, which Tony identifies as hidden CRM fuel caches and all of the gas that they need. Percy adds that the ones that he and Tony have hit so far have mostly just been shacks with landing pads and they were all unmanned and unguarded where helicopters touch down, refuel and take off again. Huck is excited, stating that she can't believe it, while Iris becomes intrigued.

Left alone by the kids, Tony asks Felix and Huck where they are going exactly, but Felix admits that they don't know yet, much to the confusion of Tony. Felix levels with Tony, explaining that Hope and Iris' father is at a Civic Republic Research Facility somewhere in New York. If the CRM even knew that they were even trying to find one of their facilities, everyone in the group could be in danger. While Tony and Percy aren't averse to danger, he is dubious about their plan since they are flying blind, but Huck promises that they will figure it out even if that mean flying blind until they do.

In a flashback, Huck and her fellow Marines are at a bar where a blindfolded Huck is spun around several times. Huck asks her designated spotter Drake for a target and trajectory report and Drake gives her directions. On Drake's command, Huck throws a dart, hitting a bullseye next to two other darts already in the bullseye. Everyone cheers and Huck later brings Drake a beer near the jukebox, touching his facial scar as they stand together. The two joke a moment about Drake's scar, before Huck becomes serious and asks if he ever thinks about "that morning in the Devil's Pass," but Drake counters by asking if she ever stops thinking about it. As Huck becomes upset, Drake tells her that all that Huck needs to remember about that morning is that they had each other's backs. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted by a breaking news report about six local hospitals closing their doors to patients and going into lockdown within the last 24 hours with reports of chaos and confusion being received by the news station.

Later, the Endlings gather around the table where Iris shows them the CRM map that Kublek had given to her and Hope before they left the Campus Colony. While some of the markings on the decoder overlays didn't form symbols on Tony's map, when she tries them on this map, they do. Iris points to a symbol on the map that Elton recognizes as a DNA strand. Felix realizes that Iris thinks that it's the research facility and she asks him what else it could be. Hope is excited that they now know where to find their father and while Silas smiles at first, he gets upset and jealous when he sees Iris and Percy smiling at each other.

Walking by as Tony tells Felix to leave the kids be to be teenagers as they deserve some celebration, as does Felix after his exciting discovery, Huck agrees with Tony and tells the two men that she's going on a perimeter check and she will be back. Noticing how downtrodden Huck seems to be, Felix asks if she's alright, but she just claims to be tired. After Felix gives her a look, Huck admits that she took out a walker that morning that was wearing the EGA which has brought back some memories for her that are both good and bad. Felix realizes that he was a Marine, but Huck corrects that the man still is, as is she. As Huck leaves, Tony dramatically presents a flask to Felix and suggests that they have a drink of their own which Felix accepts. Sitting on the roof outside, Huck studies the Marine pin that she took from Dawson's body.

In a flashback, Sergeant Wilkins informs the unit that their current strategy is containment, separating the well from the sick, while the source and nature of the current crisis can't be confirmed. However, with reports of widespread rioting violence, the Marines are being deployed into the city's service tunnels to find civilians and escort them to safety. If they are under any kind of threat, they are to eliminate any and all hostile targets that they encounter.

Making their way through the tunnels, some of the Marines discuss theories about where the outbreak came from. Suddenly, they hear the screams of civilians the growls of walkers ahead. The Marines open fire on two walkers to no avail until Huck finally takes them down with headshots. Huck tells the others that "they were people. Sure as hell ain't now" and orders them to go for the heads if they see any more of them as headshots had put them down. Hearing screams nearby, Huck tells the others that they have civilian friendlies alive close by and that's their mission. The unit spreads out in search of the civilian survivors. Suddenly, all of the lights go out except for emergency lighting and Huck and Drake activate their night vision. Huck reports to Drake that she sees a lot of activity ahead and orders him to stay close. As walkers close in on the civilians, Drake strongly suggests that they start shooting something, but Huck is worried that they can't tell the friendlies from the hostiles. Drake suggests that she try switching to thermal vision which reveals that the walkers have a lower body temperature than regular people. Using this, Huck and Drake are able to eliminate all of the walkers and Huck reassures a group of huddled civilians that they are safe and that the Marines will be getting them out of there.

In the present, Huck is joined on the roof by Hope whom she chastises for being on the roof drunk and at all. Hope asks what Huck is doing up there and she returns the question, knowing that something has been bothering Hope ever since the Blaze. Hope tearfully reveals that she had killed someone on the Night the Sky Fell and that she didn't know who she was, that the woman was afraid that Hope's mom was going to take her truck. The woman freaked out and shot Kari before dropping the gun after which Hope picked it up and it went off, killing her and her unborn child. Hope reveals that the woman was Elton's mother and Huck tries to comfort Hope, telling Hope that she was just a kid and Amelia had killed her mom in front of her. Hope tells Huck that Elton doesn't know and that while Iris knows, she doesn't know that it was Elton's mom. Huck tells her that they shouldn't know and that they can't change the things that they've done, they can only carry the truth for everybody else so that they don't have to. Hope asks Huck how to do this, but Huck doesn't know, telling her that some nights it can get "so damn dark" and then somehow, it can get even darker. However, Huck promises her that the light will eventually come.

The next day, the Endlings drive to the CRM Fuel Depot where Hope, Iris, Felix, Huck, Percy and Tony stand outside of the entrance while Silas and Elton wait by the truck. Tony tells the others that there is a stash of refined CRM fuel just ripe for the taking somewhere inside and Huck notes that it's a big place, deciding that they will split up, start at the bottom and work their way up. Felix asks if these places are clear of walkers which Percy confirms as far as they can tell since the CRM keeps their things locked up pretty tight. However, this isn't a problem for them as Percy, Tony and Felix are good at lockpicking. Iris tells the others that they should still stay alert nevertheless and they head out with Hope taking a moment to look back at Silas and Elton.

Paired up together, Huck asks if Hope is still going to talk to Elton. Hope tells Huck that she's finished Amelia's book and Amelia was smart and kind and Hope thinks that she just got scared and did a bad thing. Hope suggests that if she can forgive Amelia, then maybe Elton can forgive Hope for what she did. However, Huck questions if this is about Elton or Hope herself, telling Hope that the truth can be a funny thing and that while people say that's what they want, it isn't. Hope asks if they are just stuck living a lie, but Huck states that if people don't know that they're living a lie, then they just live. They pay the cost, but the people they are lying to get to live because of them. Huck then continues walking, leaving Hope behind for a moment.

In a flashback, Huck asks a blood-spattered Owens where the others are, but he just shakes his head at her. Wilkins informs the Huck, Drake and Owens that they have received orders per Central Command: Sunset Protocols are in effect and, pending final authorization, units in the hot zone will be directed to kill all targets in their grid. Huck asks him what he means and Wilkins clarifies that it means that they put down anything still walking, friendly or unfriendly, civilian or hostile, living or dead, horrifying Huck.

In the present, Huck notices that Hope has disappeared and, with Hope not answering her calls, Huck draws her gun and begins looking for her friend. Huck finds Walter holding a terrified Hope hostage with a gun to her head and he demands that Huck drop her gun. Huck puts her gun away and advances on Walter, trying to calm him down, but he demands that she stop. Huck agrees and notices a wound on Walter's leg, asking what happened to it. However, Walter refuses to answer, stating that he asks the question and calling Huck one of the people with the helicopters, demanding to know how many more there are. Huck lies that it's just her and Hope and that they are just scavenging, but Walker accuses her of lying since both Hope and Huck have the CRM symbol on their jackets. Huck again asks what happened to Walter's leg and if the dead had taken a bite out of it.

Shaking a terrified and crying Hope, Walter tells her to shut up and that this place is "ours" and that the CRM had come and taken it and they took it back. Huck insists that they didn't take anything and that she's not a part of the CRM. Noting that Walter doesn't look too good, Huck tries to get him to talk about it and, calming down a little bit, Walter tells her that he doesn't know what happened: he woke up and his brother had somehow died and turned and bit him. Walter stabbed him and his brother is now dead in the next room. Huck tells Walter that he won't last much longer with his leg, but when Huck moves towards him again, Walter again threatens to shoot Hope. Huck introduces herself and Hope, stating that they are just passing through and asks for Walter's name. Walter finally introduces himself and Huck promises that she can help him, but first he has to let Hope go. Walter refuses and Huck tells him that Walter didn't let her finish: once Hope is free, he can train his sights on her. Hope protests, but Huck tells Walter that Hope is just a kid and harmless and he should focus on her. Walter finally releases Hope and trains his gun on Huck who tells him that they now need to talk about how they are going to save him, but Walter believes it to be impossible. However, Huck tells Walter that they can do it and to trust her.

In a flashback, Wilkins is on the phone with Central Command. Huck protests that they can't do this, but Owens tells her that an order from Central Command is like an order from God and they have to. Owens suggests that the civilians might be infected and that shooting them might be the only way to stop this thing from spreading.

In the present, Huck tells Walter that she's going to have to take his leg before his infection spreads any further. However, Walter tells Huck that it's been too long and that she shouldn't be there and maybe none of them should be. Walter apologizes, telling Huck that it's not personal, but Huck tells him that if he shoots her, Walter will take his life with that bullet too. Hesitating, Walter asks if Huck can really help him and Huck states that she's seen people survive amputations hours after infection. Walter again accuses Huck of lying, but she insists that she's not.

In a flashback, Wilkins tells the unit that he has just received final authorization for Sunset Protocols and they all know him and that he doesn't like this anymore than they do. However, they are being trusted with these orders because they are absolutely necessary. Any Marine, including Wilkins himself, who fails to follow these orders will be taken into custody and brought up on charges. Seeing Huck's expression of horror, Drake insists that they don't have a choice.

In the present, Huck notices just how much Walter is swaying and soothingly tells him that his gun is getting heavy and that no one would blame him for dropping it. Walter tells Huck that it wasn't supposed to go this way and, having slowly made her way closer to Walter while they were talking, Huck grabs him and disarms Walter, holding him from behind. Huck soothes a crying Walter who asks if she can save him and Huck says that she can save him.

In a flashback, all of the Marines except for Huck prepare to execute the civilians on Wilkins' orders. Staring at the frightened people that they are supposed to protect, Huck snaps and kicks the off button on the generator, turning out the lights. Turning on her night vision, Huck spins and shoots all of her fellow Marines in the head, killing them. Drake yells for Huck to stop and, turning around, she and Drake point their guns at each other from point-blank range. Huck orders her friend to drop his gun, but he refuses, stating that he's a Marine and he doesn't know what the hell she is. With no other choice, Huck shoots and kills her best friend.

In the present, Huck shoots Walter in the head, killing him. Horrified, Hope tells Huck that she said that she could save him, but Huck tells Hope that it's time for Hope to forgive herself. Hope has a future and she has to see that now. Iris, Felix, Percy and Tony rush in and ask what happened, but Hope simply tells them that Huck saved her. Huck tells the others that Walter had radios and supplies while Felix reveals that they found the fuel. Flipping through some notebooks, Tony states that they found something else too locked in a cabinet. Percy asks what they are and Tony calls them something to potentially work with.

After the Endlings stop at a recreation center for the night, Iris stops Silas in the hallway, telling him that Tony has something that he wants to say to the group. Tony announces that after talking it over with Felix, he and Percy have decided to extend the terms of their agreement with the others. Percy states that instead of just dropping them off, he and Tony want to stick around and do what they can to help them find Leo. Felix orders everyone to get some sleep as they leave first thing in the morning and Tony heads off to charge up the radios and top off the tank while Hope and Iris hold each other's hands for a moment. Percy asks Iris to see her by the truck in an hour, telling her that it's just gonna be him there and that he needs to get his gloves back. Iris tries to give Percy back his gloves immediately, but he claims that his hands aren't cold now but that they will be in about an hour. Iris agrees and she walks off while Silas watches jealously and eyes Percy's liquor.

In a flashback, Huck leads the civilians out of the tunnels to safety.

In the present, Hope approaches Huck outside and tells Huck that she was right and that telling Elton the truth would be for Hope's benefit, not his and the truth would just crush him. Huck calls Hope a good person and Hope shows Huck her bead necklace, revealing that she took from Elton's mother after killing her and she asks if Huck still thinks that she's a good person. Huck tells Hope that she knows that Hope is and that her necklace proves it. Remembering scarring her own face in the same way that Drake's face was scared, Huck knows that Hope took it as a reminder, something that she wears every day, to remember the bad that she's done, a reminder to keep living to do good as that's the only way to make the bad mean something. Huck promises Hope that she's going to be okay and they hug.

Awhile later, looking for Percy, Iris finds Tony with his head bashed in in one of the bathrooms. Calling for help, Iris notices Silas' Wrench lying bloody next to Tony's dead body and a trail of blood leading to a broken window that she realizes must've come from Percy. Felix runs in and stares at Tony's body in shock while Hope, Elton and Huck run in and join them. Drawing his gun and having Huck cover him, Felix makes his way to where somebody is visible in a stall. Opening the door, Felix is shocked to find Silas passed out with a bottle of liquor next to him and covered in blood. Silas wakes up and looks silently at Felix.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

As Silas sits tied up outside, Hope, Iris, Elton, Felix and Huck argue about Silas' culpability in Tony's murder and Percy's disappearance. Iris insists that someone else must've been responsible and that Silas isn't a murderer, but Huck points out that they've seen Silas lose control before and that Silas was drunk, blacked out and woke up covered in Tony and Percy's blood. Iris argues that Silas could've stumbled on Tony and Percy just like them, but Felix states that Silas has told them that he doesn't remember. While Felix believes Silas, they have to look at the hard facts: Silas was angry and he didn't like Percy. Iris points out that Tony and Percy were grifters who must've had enemies and she suggests that someone that they had ripped off came back for revenge. However, Huck informs Iris that they have turned the recreation center upside down and found no sign that anyone else was ever there and if someone was, they would've taken Tony and Percy's things. In contrast, Silas was found passed out at the scene, his wrench covered in Tony's blood. While Hope doesn't want to believe it either, she reminds Iris that Huck is right and they've seen Silas lose it before and they've all heard the stories about Silas' dad. Elton sides with Iris, telling the others that Silas is their friend and he has earned their trust. Elton believes that there must be another explanation of some kind such as wild animals or marauders even. Iris states that they never found Percy's body and he may still be alive and need their help and Elton hopes that Percy could tell them what actually happened. However, Felix states that they had searched for Percy for hours and only found a trail of blood that had stopped at the river. Even if Percy had survived his injuries, Felix doesn't think that Percy could fight the current and has most likely drowned. Elton questions why Silas would attack the people that were trying to help them and Huck states that she has an idea of why and leaves the room.

Huck goes outside and, after apologizing to Silas, takes Silas' duffle bag off of the ground. Returning inside, Huck starts going through Silas' belongings against Elton's protests. Huck pulls out several drawings, telling the others that she had seen them when they were camped out a few nights before and that it wasn't her business until now. While Elton is confused by the significance of the drawings, Iris recognizes them as her own.

Later, as Felix looks out the window at Silas, Huck reminds him that the rules state that they need to take Silas to Omaha where he can be arrested and tried for murder. Huck asks if he intends to turn the group back, but Felix suggests that Huck take him alone instead, knowing that now that they know where the research facility is, there is no getting Hope and Iris to turn back. Huck points out that Silas is twice her size and she couldn't stop Silas if he simply chose to refuse to go anywhere with her. The two know that the decision falls upon them, but Felix isn't sure if they should take Silas with them or leave him behind.

Huck digs a grave for Tony's body outside and is approached by Hope. Huck warns Hope that Felix will be pissed if he knows that she's out there, but she doesn't care, stating that she was looking for Elton. Hope then joins Huck in digging Tony's grave, giving a brief look at the wrapped corpse. Hope grows frustrated digging into the frozen ground, recalling how she barely knew Tony, he'd tried to steal all of their stuff and was "kind of a dick, actually," but acknowledges that Tony was alright. Huck states that Tony was a mixed bag like everybody else, including Silas and tells Hope to feel how she wants to feel about it, but to keep asking herself how to serve the greater good which is how you stay focused. Hope refutes this, telling Huck that she's got the wrong sister as Iris has always been the good one. However, Huck corrects Hope that she's talking about the greater good which isn't always about right or wrong but about doing what's best for everybody even when you know it's gonna hurt. With everyone wanting to reach the research facility and help Leo, every choice has to be about making it there. "Sometimes what's painful in the moment... is what gets you where you need to go." Dropping her shovel, Huck goes to get Tony's body, stating that the grave is now deep enough. The two women then finish burying Tony's body.

Iris and Elton later observe Felix and Huck arguing with each other as they hold their own conversation.

The next day, after Silas chooses to exile himself from the group, Huck asks if Felix thinks that Silas will come back for them. However, Felix doesn't think that Silas will be back, suggesting that Silas might now finally get the fresh start that he'd wanted.

In a flashback, Huck is let in to the abandoned office where Elizabeth Kublek is waiting to debrief her on Huck's mission. Huck tells Elizabeth that she was only able to get away for about 48 hours and if she isn't back soon, the Endlings will come looking. Huck reassures Elizabeth that "the asset" is safe and Elizabeth asks after Huck's safety. Huck promises that she's fine too and Elizabeth orders her daughter to clean up before they debrief. Elizabeth gives her daughter her father's watch so that next time she won't be late.

"The Deepest Cut"

At night, Huck drives the truck down a dark road.

In a flashback, Elizabeth provides her daughter with a sandwich in the abandoned office, impressing Huck that Elizabeth had remembered not to put lettuce on it. Huck reveals that while things are going good with "the asset", she is not yet ready for integration. Elizabeth warns Huck that the timeline can't and shouldn't drag on and that the longer that she takes, the more Huck is exposed to potential scrutiny, however minor the expenditure it entails. Huck orders her mother to remind anyone that doubts her about what she did to her own face and arm and the days that she had spent on the raft to earn trust in Omaha. Huck insists that she can make it work and that she just needs more time with "the girl."

In the present, Huck watches as Iris falls asleep in the passenger seat and she looks into the back where Hope and Felix are sleeping against each other. Huck spots a road sign revealing that Ithaca is only 113 miles away.

In a flashback, Huck tells Elizabeth that they have others with them and that it was unavoidable. Elizabeth states that nothing is unavoidable and that getting the asset alone and isolating her from the others is critical which Huck is annoyed by as she already knows this. Elizabeth orders Huck to do whatever it takes to make that happen and warns her that if Huck can't, the CRM will. Huck is surprised by this as Elizabeth had told her that the CRM hadn't wanted to put any more resources into this, but Elizabeth tells her that while the CRM and Elizabeth doesn't, she wants this and Huck to succeed. To this end, Elizabeth had given Hope and Iris the map so as to "keep things on course."

Fed up, Huck promises that they are and turns away from her mother. Elizabeth accepts this and asks her daughter to get a good night's rest and to take her father's watch before she goes. Huck questions this, stating that Mr. Mallick had left them and Elizabeth, getting slightly emotional, tells Huck that he had left the watch for them and it had brought the two women back together safe and sound despite everything. Elizabeth suggests that it might again in the future.

In the present, seeing a fallen sign in the middle of the road, Huck purposefully swerves to hit it, damaging a tire and drives the truck off of the road, waking up the others. Huck begins backtracking the group to a location a mile or two back that she claims can act as shelter for them and which maybe has something that they can patch the tire with. Felix accepts this due to how cold it is. As they walk, Felix suggests to Huck that the group moving on without Silas and Elton might be karma. Huck is annoyed and asks Felix when he started believing in karma, but Felix doesn't respond.

In a flashback, Felix performs an intake interrogation on Huck soon after her arrival at the Campus Colony. Felix questions Huck about how she had ended up in Omaha, but she claims not to remember much. Felix asks her about the name "Huck" and she explains that it's a nickname, joking that "Scarface was taken." The interrogation is interrupted by Will Campbell who explains that he's there to do a security intake, but Felix states that that's what he's doing. Confused, Will tells Felix that he can stop and explains that he was assigned by Dr. Bavolar because Omaha Police had submitted Huck due to her being former military. Pouring a cup of coffee, Felix tells Will that he knows who she is as Felix has read Huck's file. Felix has been doing security clearances for four years now unassisted, but Will tells him that he doesn't have a doctorate in criminal psychology and a master's in behavioral psychology.

Admitting that he doesn't, Felix apologizes, recognizing why security would want a psych specialist. Will states that Dr. Bavolar thought that he and Felix could conduct the interview together and that it will help to have someone with Felix's experience in the room. Will and Huck introduce themselves to each other and Will states that Huck will be undergoing a battery of psychological tests. Huck asks if she can't "just blame everything on my mother and be done with it?"

In the present, Huck brings the group to a stop, spotting a small herd in the fog. Ordering Felix to hold his light steady, Huck shoots one of the walkers with a silenced pistol before Iris realizes that they are all caught in something. Looking around with her own flashlight, Iris sees that it's barbed wire as walkers surround them. Huck realizes that they will have to fight their way past and she orders the others to watch themselves as she and Felix deploy their S-Poles. Huck saves Felix when he falls into trouble while Hope and Iris are cornered by three walkers, one of which Hope stabs in the throat with her flashlight. Seeing them in trouble, Huck gets in close and takes out all of the walkers with one silenced shot. Felix then manages to clear the Endlings a path out of the herd and to safety.

The next morning, as they continue down the road, Felix wraps a cut on the back of his leg up in gauze. Although Huck expresses concern, Felix assures her that it's just a little slice from the barbed wire that the herd was caught up in. The Endlings reach the Red Maple where Huck breaks the door down and tells the others that the sooner that they can find something rubber and waterproof, the sooner they can get back on the road. Looking at a brochure, Hope comments that the place looks haunted while Felix guesses that it must've been evacuated, but he warns them that they still need to be careful.

The group splits up with Huck and Iris going to look upstairs and Hope and Felix downstairs. Iris hesitates, but follows Huck who notes that it sometimes feels like Iris is avoiding her. Iris admits that she's lucky that Hope found Huck and Huck suggests that Iris could've trained with them too, but Iris points out that she wasn't invited. Huck tells Iris that Hope had needed the structure and the discipline of their training, but that Hope was only ever into it because she wanted to sneak off to Omaha. Iris is surprised and hurt by this revelation, but quickly tries to cover it up. Huck notes how different the two girls are with Iris taking only weeks to get what took Hope months to get in training. Huck compares Hope to herself at 16, but states that Iris is who she had wanted to be: disciplined and principled. Huck claims to get what Iris was talking about during her speech on Monument Day about not trusting the Civic Republic, but she suggests that maybe Leo's situation isn't as bad as they think it is. Iris wonders why Huck thinks that and she claims that it might simply be easy to overthink things, especially for someone as smart as Iris. The two split up to keep looking, but Huck suddenly closes a door right after looking inside and quickly tells Iris that the room isn't for them and that the people who had lived there are dead inside of suicide. Huck then continues her search with Iris following after a moment.

After everyone finishes their search, Huck tells Felix that the Red Maple is a bust and they'll have to ditch the truck and go the rest of the way on foot. Huck insists that she's sure and, looking at a map, tells Felix that there's some mountainous terrain 90 miles northeast and asks if he's up for some climbing with his injured leg. With Felix stating that he is, Huck leaves to round up Hope and Iris and she tells Felix to meet them outside in five minutes.

Continuing their journey, the Endlings encounter a blockade made out of shipping containers and a bus. Seeing another one past it, Felix tells the others that they should go around through an alley on the other side. However, Hope simply climbs over the front of the bus followed by the others. When Felix climbs over after them, Felix falls backwards due to his leg injury bothering him.

The group carries Felix back to the Red Maple where Hope is surprised by how bad Felix's leg was injured in the fall. Felix explains that it didn't and he'd nicked his leg on some barbed wire while fighting the herd while Huck adds that he rolled it when he jumped. Felix apologizes for hiding the extent of his injury, promising that it's not that bad and that he'd started on some antibiotics before they left just in case and he can handle the pain. Iris assures the others that it will heal and Huck suggests that the girls try to find something to keep it stable and keep some of the pressure off of it. Once Hope and Iris are gone, Huck takes a closer look and tells Felix that they both know that he isn't going anywhere for awhile.

Felix hobbles into the living room where Iris is looking at a map. Although Iris thinks that highways will be easier, Felix is intent on sticking with the original plan even though Felix knows that it's impossible for him to hike. Iris insists that Felix is still coming with them, but Felix tells her that they don't need him anymore and that Iris is more than capable of getting the Endlings the rest of the way without him. Felix believes in Iris and who she is becoming and the two start crying. Hope and Huck enter and Huck announces that they will leave first thing in the morning and that once they find out what's up with Leo, they'll be back for Felix. Felix and Huck hug and Huck tells him not to worry about this as they've got it. Felix knows that they do and he expresses his love for Huck, leading to a laugh between the two.

In a flashback, it's revealed that during the fight with the herd, Huck had secretly injured Felix's leg with her S-Pole in order to slow the group down.

As Felix says his goodbyes, Iris angrily storms out, calling it bullshit. Huck follows Iris, telling her that sometimes hard decisions have to be made, but Iris shouts that not only shouldn't this be a decision, they shouldn't even be discussing it. Huck orders Iris to take a hard look, stating that she'll see that her purpose is to find Leo. Huck insists that Felix is a danger to himself in the wild, but if he stays behind, he'll live. Iris leaves without a word.

That night, Hope wakes up a sleeping Huck and tells her that they have to leave right now. Iris won't leave without Felix who will only just slow them down. After a moment, Huck agrees and goes to grab her things.

The next day, Hope and Huck travel together towards the research facility and Huck offers to carry Hope's bag but she declines. Hope thanks Huck for believing in her, stating that she's stronger than she's ever been before thanks to Huck. Huck thanks her and asks for a second, walking away. Moving out of sight, Huck secretly pulls out a radio to check in with the CRM, but she instead makes contact with Elton. Elton tells Huck that he's with Percy who's hurt. Huck asks Elton to tell her where they are, but as he starts, Percy wakes up and stops Elton, revealing that Huck was the one who shot him.

Huck rejoins Hope and asks if she has any regrets about this. Hope promises Huck that she doesn't, but she looks less than certain.

In a flashback, after Iris wishes that she sometimes had a map to figure her sister out, Hope has an epiphany. By comparing the codes from the CRM codebook to longitude and latitude on a map, Hope is able to crack one of the messages and is alarmed to learn that it says "RAFT EMBED AGENT EN ROUTE TO NY WITH ASSET + FOUR. ALL FOUR EXPENDABLE." As a result, Hope realizes that Huck is actually a double agent for the CRM.

In the present, Hope reaches for Felix's gun which she has stolen.

"In This Life"

Hope and Huck walk down the road together and Hope raises Felix's gun as Huck tries to unjam her S-Pole. Hope demands to know who the hell Huck really is. Huck tries to talk Hope down, but Hope decoded the CRM codebooks and she now knows that Huck is actually a CRM agent. Although Huck calls this crazy, Hope continues to demand answers, asking if Huck is some kind of spy and if the story of how Huck was found "all messed up on that raft" was just a plan to get her into Omaha and pretend that she was somebody else. Huck insists that she's the same person that she's always been and promises that if Hope puts the gun away, she can explain. Huck states that Hope doesn't actually want to shoot her and hurt anybody else, not like the Night the Sky Fell when Hope's mother had died. In response, Hope shoots the ground next to Huck who puts down her S-Pole and tells Hope that even if Hope kills her, the CRM will still come looking for Hope.

Hope realizes that Huck has just admitted that she really is a part of the CRM which Huck confirms, but she points out that Hope knew that and she still came with Huck anyways. Huck suggests that it's because part of Hope knows that Huck is on her side, but Hope is unmoved, stating that she'd only come with Huck in order to keep Felix and Iris safe. The second that Huck agreed to come with her, Hope knew that she was "the asset, whatever the hell that is" and that Felix and Iris are expendable. With a grimace, Hope asks what the others know, but Hope tells her that they don't know anything so Huck and the rest of the CRM can leave them alone.

The argument is interrupted by the approach of a herd and Huck reminds Hope that in their training, she had told Hope that to survive outside of the safety of places like the Campus Colony, you have to make big choices quick and asks her what she's going to do. Looking around, at the approaching walkers, Hope hesitates as Huck insists that she needs to get her S-Pole and that she won't hurt Hope. After a moment, Hope shoots one of the walkers, but only succeeds in blowing off its jaw. Grabbing her S-Pole, Huck orders Hope to put the gun down as the sound will only draw more and to watch her back. With walkers closing in on her, Hope drops the gun into a ditch after a walker grabs her and draws her own S-Pole as Huck instructs her to use her training against the herd. Fighting back-to-back, Hope and Huck are able to eliminate the entire herd together.

In the aftermath, Huck expresses pride and admiration in Hope's skill before telling her that the gun is gone and they should keep moving. Hope angrily tells Huck that she'd thought that Huck had come to her as a friend and Huck insists that she did and that she cares about all of the group. Hope demands to know why the rest of them are expendable if that's true and Huck states that it was never supposed to be this complicated. Huck admits that Leo isn't in danger and he never was: Leo's last two messages saying that he was in trouble were actually from Huck. Hope is shocked by this revelation and Huck explains that she had thought that it was the easiest way to get Hope to leave the Campus Colony. The CRM had found out about Leo's secret messages and intercepted the rest so they took advantage of that.

Huck had wanted Hope to want to go, to see if she would, figuring that she was strong enough. Huck is confident that she was right about that and tells Hope that she had thought that Iris would try to talk Hope out of it so Hope would come to her and the two of them would go alone. Since Hope was convinced that the world was going to end, Huck taught her how to fight and she needed Hope to see what was worth fighting for: civilization and the future, the same future that the Civic Republic is fighting for. While they could've easily gotten Hope to the research facility, getting her to see the world right and that what Leo was working for was important was going to take a lot more. While it would've been easier if it was just the two of them, Hope has come to see why it is always about the big picture, the greater good. The CRM takes this stuff seriously because the world's future is at stake and having other people try to find out where they are, getting in the way of Hope seeing what they have to do to save it, wasn't going to work which is why the others were expendable. Getting emotional, Huck promises that she did everything that she could to split up the group without hurting anybody and Hope realizes that Huck was responsible for what happened to Tony and Percy. Huck explains that with Tony and Percy's truck and the maps, the Endlings were "two days away from knocking on the CR's door" and that with their location compromised, the CRM would've killed everyone. Huck insists that it was for the greater good and that killing Tony and Percy was the only way to save everyone else. Hope demands to know why the CRM cares so much about her, but Huck states "kid, you have no idea who you are" and continues on.

Huck tells Hope that they have to pick up the pace and Hope demands to know where they're going and why the CRM wants her. Huck states that Hope cracked a CRM cipher and it takes a special kind of smarts to pull that off. Hope states that the CRM are idiots and that she's not worth all of this, but Huck tells Hope that it's not just about her, it's about people like Hope and making sure that their gifts aren't being wasted. It will take a lot to bring the world back and people like Hope need to be a big part of that. Huck radioed the CRM that morning just after they left and they are sending a helicopter to meet them 15 miles away to take Hope to Leo. Hope asks what would've happened if things hadn't gone the way they did and they had just made it to the research facility. Huck states that it would've been easier, that Hope would've been happy that her dad's ok, the CRM would've asked her to stay and Hope would've stayed. Hope asks what would've happened if she didn't want to stay and if she doesn't now, but Huck is confident that she will and tells Hope that it will be dark soon and they need to find shelter. Huck warns Hope not to run and that while the CRM won't do anything to her, "but they'll find you. They always find you."

At night, Hope and Huck sit in an abandoned house and Huck offers Hope a birthday gift that she'd picked up while she was scouting ahead, but Hope isn't interested. Huck admits that while the mission is about Hope, it's also about Huck too and that there's a lot more going on than Hope knows, maybe more than Huck knows too. Huck reminds Hope of how she'd once told Hope that it was complicated with dads and adds that it's complicated with moms too. Hearing a vehicle outside, Huck blows out the lantern, but the truck stops and Felix and Iris emerge, having apparently seen the light from the road. Huck tells Hope that if she wants them to safe, Felix and Iris can't know they're there and that this is life and death and Hope needs to make another big choice.

Hope and Huck hide as Felix and Iris search the house before the two reveal themselves. As Iris checks on Hope, Huck feigns surprise at the two getting the truck working again. Iris confronts Huck, revealing that they had checked the room that Huck had tried to hide from them, the one that she had told them not to go into because there were bodies. Iris demands to know why Huck had lied and Huck tries to claim that it must've been a crossed-wires thing and that she'd never said that there were bodies in the room. Hope backs Huck up, claiming that Huck had meant the basement instead of the storage room and Iris must've heard her wrong. Felix points out that Hope and Huck had still left without even saying goodbye, but Huck claims that they had thought that it would just be easier with Hope adding that Felix and Iris are there now and they have the truck fixed which is great. They are all there, together and safe which are all good things, but Felix doesn't seem to be fully convinced. Huck suggests that they get some sleep and hit the road in the morning, offering to get Felix and Iris' stuff from the truck so that Felix can get off of his leg. Felix refuses until Huck tells Felix that he needs to trust other people to take care of him for a change and Felix lets Huck go move the truck around the corner.

As Huck calls Hope to give her a hand, Felix grabs Huck's gun and demands that she drop the key and tell him what she's doing with Hope. Dropping the key and putting down the lantern, Huck tells Felix to grab Iris, take the truck and go. Felix refuses, but Huck tells him that it's how he lives and she doesn't want to hurt him. Hope tells Felix to listen and that Huck is CRM, she wants Hope, he can't save her and walking away is the only way that he'll live, shocking Iris. Huck states that she doesn't want to hurt Felix and she just wants to him be happy, she really did. Felix demands to know if it's true and Huck admits it before attacking Felix, throwing him down the stairs, shattering the lantern and setting the house on fire.

Huck races downstairs and kicks away Felix's S-Pole, ordering him not to make this any worse. As the two fight and the fire spread, Felix orders Hope and Iris to take the truck and flee, but they refuse to leave him behind. As the girls make their way out, looking for Huck's gun, Felix retrieves his S-Pole and he and Huck duel with them. Felix refuses to walk away and continues the fight, wounding Huck in the arm. As the fight continues and moves outside, Hope finds and retrieves Huck's gun. Struggling with Huck, Felix urges Hope to shoot her and that it's okay, Hope doesn't need Felix to protect her. With a few walkers approaching, Hope shoots one of them while Iris puts the other two down.

Huck finally overpowers Felix and, after a moment of hesitation, prepares to kill him with her S-Pole, apologizing. Hope removes the silencer from Huck's gun and fires it into the air, catching everyone's attention. Hope holds the gun to her own head and threatens to kill herself if Huck doesn't get away from Felix. Huck backs off and Hope orders Felix and Iris to take the truck and get back to the Campus Colony as fast as they can, knowing that nothing is going to happen to her because the CRM needs Hope to help Leo with his research because of who and what she is. Huck's mission was to get Hope to the research facility and "I decoded the message. I'm the asset. Turns out I'm smarter than I thought."

As they prepare to leave, Felix tells Hope that it's not too late to change her mind and she can just give him the gun and Hope, Iris and Felix can just leave. However, Hope knows that the CRM will just come after Felix and Iris looking for her and that this is the only way. Seeing that he can't change her mind, Felix hugs Hope goodbye. As they watch Hope and Iris say goodbye, Huck tells Felix that he and Iris will find safety five miles north. Felix angrily tells Huck that Hope is just a kid, but Huck states that Hope isn't anymore and that sometimes in this life you've gotta do bad in order to do good. Holding each other, Felix and Iris watch as Hope and Huck drive away in the truck.

Hope and Huck walk into a nearby field where a CRM helicopter lands with Elizabeth Kublek and two soldiers emerging. Hope realizes from Elizabeth's presence and Huck's earlier comment about how mothers can be complicated too that Elizabeth is Huck's mother. Elizabeth greets Hope warmly and has her men take Hope's belongings from her.

Elizabeth privately congratulates Huck, noting that although they will need a bit more work with Hope, she's not fighting it at least. Huck reassures her mother that Hope won't as she knows what's at stake. Elizabeth asks about the loose ends, specifically the CRM truck and the others still out there. Having heard Elton's transmission, Elizabeth wonders what the Endlings know. Huck reassures her mother that the others that are still out there are not a threat, but Elizabeth states that she's taking care of them and the CRM has caught one of them and they'll get the rest. Huck is less than pleased, having wanted to ensure that the rest of her friends get back to the Campus Colony. Elizabeth tells her daughter that she didn't want to step in, but the incident back home before Huck left for Omaha has put her judgment into question, at least in the eyes of others. Elizabeth had to see that Huck bringing the asset to them was an unmitigated success with no loose ends, so she did and she is. Elizabeth states that they'll have to talk about the Campus Colony because a lot's happened since Huck left. Elizabeth leads Hope and Huck into the helicopter and they fly off together.

Season 2


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Jennifer will appear in this episode.

"Exit Wounds"

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"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

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Jennifer will appear in this episode.

"Who Are You?"

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"Blood and Lies"

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"Returning Point"

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"Death and the Dead"

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"The Last Light"

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Killed By

During a fight between the two women, Anne stabs Jennifer in the side. Later, Jennifer bleeds out from the wound, with her body likely being destroyed by the explosion she planned.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jennifer has killed:


Felix Carlucci

Jennifer and Felix have good relationship and have great trust in each other as they go out on scouting together. Felix also told Jennifer about Leopold sending secret faxes which is strictly against the Civil Republic rules, showing that he trusts her to keep the secrets.

After Hope and Iris disappeared, Jennifer was the only person he trusted to take with him.

However, Jennifer's relationship with Felix is mostly a façade, as she is revealed to be a spy for the CRM. She has no problem cutting his leg when he is fighting an empty and Jennifer's notebook reveals she considers the rest of the group, Felix included, to be expendable. Despite this, Jennifer does care about Felix to a degree, as she opted to injure rather than kill him in order to separate him from Hope. Later, when Felix confronts her about her spying, Jennifer urges him to leave with Iris in the truck so he wouldn't get hurt. In their subsequent fight, Jennifer gains the upper hand and is prepared to kill Felix, although admittedly after some hesitation.

In the second season, after Jennifer defects back to the side of the Endlings, she and Felix often work together once again. Although Felix is initially hesitant to trust her, after Jennifer proves her allegiance, the two work together as seamlessly as before.

Hope Bennett

During the decade of the apocalypse and her time in the Campus Colony, Hope spent most of her time training with Jennifer how to fight. Hope seems to trust Jennifer, as she talks to her about her feelings about her father being gone. After Hope went out to look for her father, Jennifer quickly agreed to go out to look for her. It is later revealed that Jennifer built up a relationship with Hope in order to get her to defect to the Civic Republic and assist her father in his research. Jennifer, however, claims that her friendship with Hope was genuine.

Silas Plaskett

Because of Silas' past, Jennifer has a mistrust of Silas and doesn't feel comfortable around him or let the kids around him. She quickly assumed he left to hide from his past. She later framed Silas for Tony's murder in order to separate him from the rest of the group.

Despite her antagonistic actions towards Silas, she has shown some care for him. In "Returning Point", it's revealed that Jennifer was responsible for sending him to the Civic Republic Cull Facility 1 where her husband Dennis could look out for him. According to Jennifer, she sent Silas there not because Dennis was her husband, but because she knew that he was a good man that could take care of Silas, something that Silas himself acknowledges. Despite any hatred that Silas bears towards Jennifer for her actions, both acknowledge that they have to at least trust each other and work together in the fight against the CRM.

Elizabeth Kublek

Elizabeth is Jennifer's mother. Elizabeth and Jennifer have a mostly positive relationship.

Dennis Graham

Dennis is Jennifer's husband who, as revealed in "Who Are You?", she took the fall for in order to save him from an investigation due to Dennis' drinking. However, this puts a strain on their marriage and causes Jennifer to take a two year assignment to redeem herself in the CRM's eyes.

After Jennifer's return, she and Dennis somewhat strained relationship as Jennifer has a hard time getting over what Dennis did and the impact that it had on her life. However, Jennifer still deeply loves him and vice versa, going so far as to send Silas Plaskett to him because above all else, Dennis is a good man.

While planning to fight against the CRM with the Endlings, Dennis is the only person outside of the group whom Jennifer trusts with the truth about the genocides that the CRM has committed. This proves to be a well-founded trust as Dennis becomes an important ally in the fight, providing the growing resistance force with supplies, weapons and explosives. While discussing her plans for the future after the fight, Jennifer expresses hope that Dennis will be involved in it alongside her. Jennifer later sends Dennis and Silas away under a pretext to ensure that they don't die in the explosion that she is going to rig, although Dennis privately admits that he and Jennifer had already known that Dennis was mortally wounded and that he wasn't going to make it.


When Anne first joined the CRM, Jennifer was the older woman's mentor, resulting in a friendship that allows Jennifer to call Anne by her first name rather than her title. Anne even opened up to Jennifer about her past when they were reunited at the Civic Republic Research Facility.

However, Jennifer's opposition to the CRM puts her at odds with her old friend, leading her to become increasingly disturbed by Anne's methods and actions as Jennifer acts in secret to oppose them. After Jennifer proves herself by killing Lyla Belshaw, she earns Anne's full trust with Anne promising her a full briefing about the CRM's genocidal attack plan for Portland and going so far as to keep her up to date on the fight with the Endlings, even seeking her advice a bit.


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  • She is the first member of the Endlings to kill a living person.
  • Jennifer possesses the largest kill count out of any character on World Beyond and the entire Walking Dead franchise, with a total of at least 107,087 victims.
    • However, Daniel Salazar currently possesses the highest direct kill count in The Walking Dead franchise with a total of 112 living people killed directly.
    • Jennifer also currently possesses the highest kill count of any antagonist or former encountered on World Beyond.
    • Jennifer surpasses Lyla Belshaw due to the number of people that she has directly killed.
    • Jennifer has directly killed the most characters in World Beyond.
  • She has a scar on her cheek that was given to her by herself to honor her former comrade Drake.
  • It's implied that Daniel is the one who gave her the nickname "Huck".

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