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"Sorry, Ma'am. This is Commonwealth protocol. We can't allow people of your stature to be traveling between communities unprotected."
—Jerome to Michonne.[src]

Jerome is a character first encountered in in Issue 183 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a Commonwealth soldier.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Jerome's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is possible that he had some military or police experience.


At some point, Jerome made his way to the Commonwealth and joined the Commonwealth Army.

The Rotten Core

Jerome escorts Michonne and Elodie to Greenville. On the way, they run into some roamers and Jerome goes to dispatch them. As more emerge from the woods, however, he is quickly overwhelmed but is saved by Michonne. From there, they make it to Greenville with no further incident.

Jerome later participates in the beating of Anthony Keith and seems to be stunned when Michonne recognizes him.

When rioters break into Michonne's apartment, Jerome holds them off while she and her daughter flee. The rioters start beating Jerome viciously, when Michonne comes back and tries to break up the fight. The rioters attack her instead, but Jerome throws himself on her to shield her from the blows. He is put in critical condition.

Rest In Peace

He appears alongside his fellow soldiers as Mercer plots against Pamela and her friends.

Jerome is not seen or mentioned in the 25 year time-skip, leaving his fate unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jerome has killed:

  • Anthony Keith (Alongside his fellow Commonwealth soldiers)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Michonne Hawthorne

"Let go of her!"
—Jerome to a resident[src]

Jerome and Michonne have a positive relationship. Michonne saved his life from a group of roamers, for which Jerome was very grateful. Michonne was shocked to see him as one of the perpetrators responsible for brutally beating Anthony Keith. Jerome later saves Michonne's life by protecting her from an angry mob, going as far as shielding her from their blows with his own body.

Elodie Hawthorne

"It's crazy. Jerome seemed so nice and ..."
—Elodie to Michonne[src]

Elodie had a positive relationship with Jerome at first, but was shocked to learn Jerome beat up Anthony Keith with the other officers. Jerome later saves Elodie by helping her escape from an angry mob.

Anthony Keith

"The man ...is he okay?"
—Jerome to Lance[src]

After Anthony Keith attacks one of his fellow officers, Jerome retaliates by beating him to a pulp with the other officers, ultimately killing him. Despite this, Jerome regrets his actions and even asks Lance about Anthony's well-being.

Lance Hornsby



Jerome works under Mercer. It is assumed they have a positive relationship. He is present when Mercer talks about overthrowing Pamela. However he doesn't respond.


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