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Jiafeng's Son is a minor character in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. He is described as being "a rail-thin young man, missing an arm below the elbow".


Nothing is known about Jiafeng's son before or as the outbreak began. It's possible that he lost one of his arms before the outbreak.


It's possible that he lost his arm somehow after the outbreak. This could possibly be from a jiāngshī bite or some other accident.


Wenzhu approaches the Smoker's Silo with intent to bring them all back to the Beacon. Jiafeng's son chops firewood by the squat building, he goes to reach for a rifle before he realises it's Zhu and warmly greets him. Zhu asks the boy for his mother so he runs to grab Jiafeng right away. Zhu informs Jiafeng of secretary Guo's orders and that's refusal to join the Beacon is not an option. Zhu's team of ten windrunners appear from around the corner of the building and head inside, marching all thirty-one survivors, including this boy out in single file. Zhu has trouble meeting their gazes.

While Jiafeng argues with Zhu, her son headbutts the windrunner holding him and sprints for the trees. Jiafeng yells for him to run. The boy bumps into Elena as the walks out the silo, she hesitates to raise her bow and deliberately misses the shot. Taijian raises his hunting rifle but is stopped by Zhu who goes after the boy himself, not for the Beacon's quota, but to stop him from getting himself killed. The boy stops in the forest as a jiāngshī approaches him, he tries to change path but gets his clothes caught on a low branch. Zhu throws his machete at the jiāngshī's head which bounces off and knocks the thing off balance, giving the boy enough time to roll away. Zhu kills the jiāngshī and approaches the kid who kicks at him and prepares to scream before Zhu puts his hand over his mouth and pins him down. He hisses into his ear that he could stay here and get killed by jiāngshī, or come with him to serve the Beacon but at least he'll be alive and with his family. He agrees to come with Zhu and asks why they can't just leave them alone. Zhu explains that they need to work together to survive the typhoon and gets through to the boy. They both return to the others and Zhu hands the young man to a windrunner with specific instructions to treat him well.

After Zhu, Elena and Bo break out the Fongyuan village survivors, Zhu briefly stops outside the Smokers' container between the north wall and the purification plant. Elena tells him that they can't rescue everyone or else nobody will make it out alive. They continue moving, leaving this boy and the Smokers imprisoned. It is unknown whether he was able to escape the typhoon breaching the Beacon or if he was one of the many countless deaths.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jiafeng's Son has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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