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"You're worse than the jiāngshī, Wenzhu. They're monsters, but you, you're the devil. You have a choice."
—Jiafeng to Chen Wenzhu after he relucantly leads a group to kidnap the Smokers.[src]

Jiafeng is a character who appears in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. She is described as "a squat, midle-aged woman with her hair pulled tightly back. There was a fair amount of gray in her hair, and her skin was a deep sunburnt brown. She was wearing an apron." Jiafeng is the leader of the Smokers.



Nothing is known about Jiafeng's life prior to or as the outbreak began except that the fact she lived in China, was a butcher, and had a son.



Wenzhu approaches the Smokers' Silo with intent to bring them all back to the Beacon. Jiafeng's son brings her out to speak with Zhu and she warmly greets the windrunner, asking him how he's been and how's life in the big city. She invites him in for food but Zhu states he's here on official Beacon business. He quickly spouts secretary Guo's orders to Jianping as her smile slowly turns to a frown. She cuts him off and asks if they refuse. Zhu states that's not an option and Jianping attempts to retreat back into the entrance building when Zhu's team of ten windrunners appear from around the corner and block her escape, they head inside the building and march all thirty-one survivors out in single file. Zhu has trouble meeting their gazes.

Zhu asks about their food stores and Taijian points out their six carts of smoked meats. Jiafeng begins to yell when she realises the wind team are confiscating their food too, she breaks free from the windrunner trying to bind her hands and rushes to Zhu, claiming hundreds of others will starve if the food they paid to have preserved is stolen. The windrunner catches up and puts her in a headlock before dragging her back into line. Zhu tries to assure her that hopefully after the typhoon passes, she and her people can return to find these silos exactly as they left them, even though that's probably not the case. Jiafeng insults Zhu as being worse than the jiāngshī before the windrunner smacks her round the head. Zhu scolds him for mistreating a sister of the Living Revolution. Meanwhile Jiafeng's son headbutts the windrunner holding him and sprints for the trees. Jiafeng yells for him to run. After Zhu returns with her son, she looks both appalled and relieved.

After Zhu, Elena and Bo break out the Fongyuan village survivors, Zhu briefly stops outside the Smokers' container between the north wall and the purification plant. Elena tells him that they can't rescue everyone or else nobody will make it out alive. They continue moving, leaving Jiafeng and the Smokers imprisoned. It is unknown whether Jiafeng was able to escape the typhoon breaching the Beacon or if she was one of the many countless deaths.

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