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Jianping is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. He's a guard for the Beacon of Light.



Nothing is known about Jianping from before the outbreak began.


At some point after the outbreak, Jianping starts living at the Beacon of Light and becomes a guard.


Jianping is assigned as the only guard to watch over the Beacon's prisoners.

While Wenzhu is imprisoned, his container door opens up and he expects Jianping to be letting him out to urinate when Bo greets him. Elena shows Zhu his cell door key and tells him she wants to fix her mistake and help set the villagers free. Zhu asks how she got the key and what happened to Jianping before he notices the bloodied knife in her other hand.

Killed Victims


Killed By

Elena kills Jianping with a knife while he's guarding the prisoners so her and Bo can break out Zhu.


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