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"Put it to you this way; More of THEM come every day. We help each other survive or we DON'T."
—Jimmy explaining to Daryl that they have to work together (Determinant).[src]

Jimmy Blake is an original character appearing in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.



Jimmy was born in 1982. He transferred recently to Sedalia from his native Gainesville, and had barely been introduced to the department or town before both were destroyed. Blake is dedicated, quiet, and a crack shot. He has not yet resigned himself to the fate of his family, who haven't moved yet from Florida.


Lone Wolf

After Daryl and Jess leave their cabin and get to town, Jimmy who is on the rooftop of the local supermarket tells Daryl to come and speak to him. Daryl climbs up and compliments him on his setup on the roof. They talk about the walkers and tell each other their stories. Jimmy tells Daryl about the other two survivors Warren Bedford and Deputy Kessler. Daryl offers Jimmy a ride and he accepts, but he wants to make one last radio call before bugging out. He tells Daryl if he could get some batteries for him to do so. Daryl asks about gas and Jimmy says Warren would know.

Daryl leaves the roof and heads off to talk to Warren. If Daryl gives Jimmy the batteries he starts his broadcast in hope of directing survivors to safety before going to Jess' truck and waits. Jimmy then notices a large herd of walkers being attracted by the gas station's generator and opens fire; this opens a 10 second window for Daryl to run to safety and escape.

Firesign Stadium

If Jimmy reaches Firesign Stadium, he and another survivor will board the last evacuation helicopter. When Merle informs Daryl that the helicopter pilot has been bitten, Daryl tries to tell Jimmy but the helicopter takes off, leaving Jimmy's fate unknown.


Killed By
  • Zombies (Determinant)
  • Helicopter Crash (Assumed, Determinant)

Jimmy along with any other survivor that may survive till the Evac in Georgia, most likely died in a Helicopter Crash. As Merle notices that the "Whirlybird Pilot" had been bitten, and said he was already looking like he was going to turn. So the pilot might have turned mid-flight causing a crash, possibly killing Jimmy and the other passengers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jimmy has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


  • Prefers Pistols
  • Prefers Rifles


  • Keeping Jimmy alive until the end of the game rewards the player with the "Silenced Weapons" relic.
  • It is impossible to save both Warren and Jimmy in the same playthrough, as the player only has access to a single-cab pickup truck at that point and therefore can only take one survivor with them.
  • Jimmy shares his surname with a notorious The Walking Dead character, The Governor aka Brian/Philip Blake, although they are not related.
    • He also, uses The Governor's signature word for the undead, that being "Biters".
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