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Joe & Joe Jr.'s BBQ Shack is a location seen in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


All that is known about this place is that it is a restaurant that was started by Joe Sr. and Joe Jr..


During the onset of the apocalypse, Joe Sr. somehow died. Joe Jr. couldn't bring himself to put him down so thus he barricaded a portion of the restaurant and left a note asking for someone to put down his father.

Season 4


Carl and Rick walk on a country road with Carl walking ahead of Rick who struggles to keep up due to his injuries from the previous battle. At first, they stop by in a barbecue restaurant which seems to be looted already. A single walker is barricaded by some pieces of furniture. Rick wants to put it down with his ax, saving their bullets, but is too weak to make a killing blow forcing Carl to shoot it in the head despite Rick's pleas not to. On the floor, Carl notices a note left by the walker's son, who couldn't bring himself to kill his father. They scour the building for supplies and find a small haul. Carl was able to obtain more stuff and jokingly tells his father "I win".

Later on in the day, Michonne reaches the barbecue shack that Rick and Carl found earlier. She finds the note that Carl had discovered and she sits up against the door frame. She says "Mike... I miss you" and starts sobbing, but then states that she missed him even when she was with him. She goes on to reminisce about the camp, and losing her son. She explains how it wasn't Mike's fault, and he could be alive if things had gone differently than they had. She then states that she knows the answer to her problems, which is to allow people into her life rather than shutting them out.





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