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John Dorie's Cabin is a location in Season 4 and Season 6 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a cabin owned by John Dorie and is located somewhere in Texas.


Before the outbreak began, the cabin was owned by John Dorie and his family. John spent summers fishing at the cabin as a kid and he and his father had an old truck that they intended to fix up together which John Sr. intended to be his son's first car. Filled with guilt after framing Teddy in order to send him to prison, John Sr. eventually decides to leave his family behind to protect them and drops his guns off at the cabin for his son before leaving and never looking back. After killing a man during a robbery and being seen as a hero for it, John retreated to the cabin to get away from other people.


After the outbreak began, John continued to live in the cabin which proved to be isolated and relatively safe. John fished for food in the creek in front of the cabin and set up trenches to catch any walkers that came by so he could safely dispose of them.

One day, John finds June, who he takes to calling Laura when she won't give up her real name, face down in the creek but alive. John takes care of Laura who tries to steal his truck and leave, but can't get it started. The two live together in the cabin for awhile, forming a romantic relationship and investigating the source of the constant stream of walkers which are coming down the creek, finding a gap in a bridge upstream that they try to patch. However, the patch doesn't hold and more walkers keep coming until the two block it with a Jeep. Eventually, a herd pushes the Jeep away and the walkers fall through the hole and are washed downstream to the cabin, forcing John and June to fight them off, aided by the trenches John dug around the cabin. After June gets overwhelmed by walkers, John finally grabs his guns and shoots the rest dead. The next morning, June takes off, leaving John a message that she loves him and is sorry.

After June's departure, John abandons his cabin to search for her, although he states that he locked the door first. After finally being reunited, John discusses the idea of returning to his cabin once he recovers with June and Charlie which frightens June as she worries that John still sees her as Laura, not as who she really is. Privately, John tells Morgan that he only plans to go back there if he can make the cabin safer, but he thinks "that idea is chuckleheaded" as the cabin is far away from the area around Chateau Lafite although it's not "Virginia far" like Morgan plans on traveling. The plan is interrupted when a massive hurricane hits the area and separates Morgan's group. After being reunited, John comments to June that he doesn't think that they will be getting back to the cabin anytime soon due to the damage that the hurricane had caused "making that a near certainty." Instead, they plan to join the rest of the group in heading for Alexandria.

John later suggests to June fleeing the Pioneers and making their way back to his cabin which is only 100 miles from Paradise Ridge. John thinks that with the gas they've got, they can make it close enough to walk the last 10 or 15 miles. However, June refuses. After the events at Tank Town, John chooses to take off on his own and return to the cabin.

A couple of weeks later, John has resettled his cabin which remains intact, although the front door is gone, as are the trenches. Now depressed and suicidal, John spells out a goodbye message to June using the Scrabble tiles, but keeps getting interrupted by walkers washing up outside that he has to kill. Fed up, John returns to the bridge to find a herd held back in a barricade and Morgan Jones and Dakota taking refuge in McNeill's Bait & Beer. Morgan reveals that he has a safe place about 40 miles north of the cabin, but John refuses to join them, instead preferring to isolate himself in the cabin again. Marcus eventually finds it and attacks, forcing John to kill him in order to save Morgan from being dragged off. John buries Marcus outside and agrees to help Morgan and Dakota get past the bridge, but continues to refuse to come with them. Repairing the old truck that John and his father had intended to work on together when he was a kid, the two manage to push through and eliminate the herd, but Morgan calls Virginia and sets a meeting with her at the cabin in order to force John to come with him.

Virginia arrives at John's cabin with June, Hill and another Ranger, but Dakota shoots John and shoves him off the bridge. Desperate to save his friend, Morgan contacts Virginia who sends Hill and her Rangers to search for him. John washes up on the shore outside of his cabin and June rushes to his aid only to discover that he has already died and reanimated. Devastated, June puts her husband down. June subsequently buries John in front of his cabin.

After the fall of Virginia, Hill begins hiding out at the cabin where no one thinks to look for him. While discussing the cabin with John Dorie Sr., June realizes that it's where Hill is and convinces John to return to it with her in order to find out what Hill knows about the Doomsday Cult and to retrieve John's second gun. Unwilling to risk June's life, John locks her in the bathroom at McNeill's and continues on to the cabin alone. As John looks wistfully around the cabin's interior, he hears a noise outside and puts down a walker before being confronted by Hill, armed with the gun he'd stolen from June. With a second walker approaching, John disarms Hill, puts down the walker and demands answers, but Hill knows very little about the cult. The two men engage in a fight with John becoming distracted by the sight of his son's grave. Hill shoots John in the back with John's own rifle, but June arrives to help, having been rescued by Dwight and Sherry. June kills Hill and carries John inside where she treats his wounds with the medical supplies that she had never gotten the chance to use to save his son.

After John regains consciousness, he returns outside where he examines the truck that Morgan had repaired which had been intended to be his son's first car. John discusses his running off on the younger John as a child while Dwight and Sherry rekindle their relationship. The four stand over John's grave to say a final goodbye to him with June finally reading John's goodbye letter to her. The four then depart in the truck and on Dwight's horse with June taking one last look at the cabin as she goes. As they leave, a single walker emerges from the nearby woods and growls at them.





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  • The cabin is located about 40 miles south of Valley Town and around 100 miles from Paradise Ridge.
  • There's at least one other cabin in the surrounding area.
  • The cabin is where John and June started their relationship and Dwight and Sherry restarted theirs.