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"I didn't run from my boy 'cause I didn't care. I did it 'cause I do. Just like you at Bill's. (...) You were right. I was punishing myself. But I was also punishing my wife, punishing my boy... I did come back that summer. Stopped at Bill's to fill up the tank and saw him there. Boy looked so content eating his butterscotch ice-cream... He looked so happy. John had this light about him... 'Course you know. I was afraid I'd snuff it out. Like the Teddy case did to me. So I decided then and there he's better off without me. I drove back here, left those pistols on the porch, never looked back. Never even said goodbye."
—John Sr. to June about his son.[src]

John Francis Dorie V, better known as John Dorie Sr., is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is the father of John Dorie.


Nacogdoches, Texas

John Dorie Sr. was a police officer during a time where young women were turning up brutally murdered around the Houston area, while he and the department tracked the murders down to a cult leader, Theodore "Teddy" Maddox living in the middle of a desert, they couldn't arrest him as they didn't have any solid evidence. Out of desperation, John planted a purse belonging to one of the victims on Teddy, which enabled the police to arrest and the courts to convict him to a life sentence.

Despite successfully putting the killer behind bars and that he was seen as a hero by his colleagues, the fact that he planted evidence on a suspect haunted John to the point where he started drinking heavily. Eventually, he and his wife got a divorce and he failed to show up at the cabin one summer when he and his son were supposed to start working on an old truck. All that young John ever found were the family's antique guns left for him by his father. Unknown to John, John Sr. did briefly return, but after seeing him happy outside of McNeill's Bait & Beer, John Sr. decided to abandon his son in order to protect him and left the guns behind as a final gift to his son.


After the world ended, John started seeing Teddy Maddox's "The End Is the Beginning" signs all over the place. Disturbed, John visited the prison where Teddy had been locked up for decades in the hopes of finding his rotting corpse. Instead, John found out that Teddy had somehow managed to escape after the world ended. John began hunting for Teddy and his cult in order to put a final end to his old enemy, eventually learning of the fire at the Holding and tracking the cult's movements all over Texas.

Season 6

"The Door"

As he works on the old truck at John Dorie's Cabin, Morgan Jones finds an old picture of John and his father and gives it to John. Later, John stares at the picture of the two of them together as he dies.


This man corners June at gunpoint and asks why she's here. June says they're on the same team and proposes they share information about the enemy group. The man says he's been searching for the group longer than she has. June says his map is missing a location – the orchard. The man orders her to drive him there. June drives at gunpoint. She swerves to a stop and aims her gun at the man. He recognizes her revolver and says the "J.D." initials engraved on the handle are his: He is John's father. June asks John Sr. if he has any questions about John. John Sr. deduces that John is dead. June realizes she lost her jacket with John's letter and says they need to backtrack. John Sr. instead orders her to drive to the orchard. June turns the engine but the RV doesn't start.

John Sr. finds a walker stuck on the underside of the RV. The RV smokes up when June tries to start it again. John Sr. says the RV is busted. June reads a newspaper clipping about John Sr. putting Teddy away for life. John Sr. says Teddy is responsible for the spray-painted messages and admits he had to frame Teddy to land him in prison. He says that his lie drove him to drink and that he left his family because John was better off without him. June realizes that Hill is probably hiding at John's cabin and says they must go there. John Sr. refuses, but June says Hill has John's other pistol.

John Sr. and June walks through the woods. June offers to dress a wound on John Sr.'s hand. John Sr. suggests they stop at the local bait shop — the same one where June and John used to rent movies. June patches up John Sr.'s hand at the bait shop. John Sr. locks her inside a room to keep her safe while he goes to the cabin. John Sr. arrives at the cabin but finds it empty. He goes outside and gets ambushed by Hill. John Sr. overtakes Hill and demands to know more about Teddy. Hill says Teddy is planning to kill everyone. John Sr. tells Hill to leave, but Hill fights back and shoots John Sr. June, Dwight and Sherry kill Hill and help John Sr. up.

John Sr. wakes up in the cabin and goes outside. He sees June thanking Dwight and Sherry for finding her jacket. June finds John Sr. outside and urges him to get more rest. John Sr. laments that he never said good-bye to John. June says it's not too late. John Sr., June, Dwight and Sherry stand by John's grave. June reads John's letter out loud. In his letter, John hopes June will forgive him for leaving her to save Janis, just like he forgave his father. He says his father was a good man who left him out of love. John says June helped him realize his life was worth living. June cries. John Sr. and June arrive in Valley Town. Morgan is introduced to John Sr., and he says they need to start strategizing, because Teddy won't stop until they're all dead.


John Sr. is seen in a photograph on the walls.

"USS Pennsylvania"

John Dorie Sr. will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"

At a lookout, Dakota discusses with Teddy how he'd encouraged her to be who she really is and Teddy embraces her. John Dorie Sr. arrives and reveals that he has come to forgive Dakota for his son's murder. Teddy insists that Dakota has nothing to feel sorry about, but she questions if John really means it, apparently pleased that she is being forgiven despite Dakota's claims that she feels no remorse. John drops his gun in a gesture of his honesty, but as Teddy goes to shoot him, June shoots Teddy in the arm, causing him to drop his gun which lands with a metallic clanking sound. June reveals that she also forgives Dakota and that her husband was right about it not being too late even if they only believe it for however long they have left. Dakota questions why June would've killed Virginia if she truly believes that and June explains that she lost what John believed when she lost her husband but she found it again and she encourages Dakota to do the same thing.

Kicking away Teddy's gun, John uncovers a hidden trapdoor leading to a secret bunker. John confronts Teddy on his claims that he intends to die at the end and suggests that it was "just a bunch of hot air to get your lambs to march to their slaughter" and June insists to Dakota that they aren't lying to her and are only doing what they believe. Dakota demands answers from Teddy who states that as they didn't shoot off all of the missiles, they will go back to the sub to finish the job once the dust clears. Dakota demands to know if Teddy even meant it when he said that he understood her and demands to know why he didn't reveal the existence of the bunker. Teddy claims that he couldn't take the risk of anyone else finding out and that he wants it to be about the two of them. However, John reveals that Teddy is only keeping Dakota alive as he needs two people to launch the remaining missiles, the two launch keys needing to be turned simultaneously. Shaken, Dakota insists that she and Teddy are family and he doesn't want Dakota to be something that she's not, but John attempts to convince her that Teddy will Dakota once he's done with her. June tries to get Dakota to see the bunker as a sign that she can have a second chance, but they are interrupted by the missile's warheads breaking apart in the sky. Teddy pushes Dakota to make a choice: die with him bringing about the end or go with John and June into the bunker and pretend to be someone that she's not, leaving Dakota conflicted over what to do and suffering an emotional breakdown. Asking if his son had ever told June about the St. Louis Barn Raiser, John distracts Dakota by firing his gun into the air and as she shoots John in the arm, June shoots Dakota's gun out of her hand. Entering the bunker, June tries one last time to convince Dakota to come with them, but she insists upon seeing the end. John follows and locks the bunker door behind them.

When one of the nukes hits nearby, the shockwave rocks the bunker, sending debris flying and forcing John and June to take cover deeper inside.

Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

John Dorie Sr. will appear in this episode.

"The Portrait"

John Dorie Sr. will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims John Dorie Sr. has killed:

  • Theodore Maddox (Indirectly Caused)
  • Dakota (Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed cult captive (Zombified)
  • 3 unnamed Stalkers (1 Alive)
  • Possibly numerous unnamed criminals (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Possibly numerous unnamed Texas Prison officers and prisoners (Zombified)
  • Possibly numerous unnamed cultists (Pre- and Post-Apocalypse)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


John Dorie

While John Sr., June, Dwight, and Sherry stood by John's grave. June read a letter by him out loud. In his letter, John said, he hoped June would forgive him for leaving her to save Janis, just like he forgave his father for leaving him when he was younger. He says his father was a good man who left him out of love, and that he forgave him.

June Dorie


Morgan Jones


Theodore Maddox

John is shown to have had an obsession with Teddy going back to when he first hunted the insane serial killer over forty years ago in the 1970s. John went so far as to plant Cindy Hawkins' purse on Teddy in order to be able to arrest him, but even when they got a confession and a conviction, John was unable to let it go with his guilt over his actions causing John to abandon both his job and his family. John would also be haunted by his inability to find the body of Cindy Hawkins, something that he had promised her mother that he would do for her.

After the world ended and Teddy escaped from prison, John resumed obsessively hunting for his old nemesis, his knowledge of Teddy and his MO proving invaluable in the effort to stop the Doomsday Cult's plans. When John finally gets to speak to Teddy over the comms system on the USS Pennsylvania, Teddy is at first amused until John identifies himself causing Teddy to become visibly startled and perhaps even a bit afraid before he quickly covers it up.

As Teddy's nuclear destruction nears, John finally confronts his old nemesis face to face for the first time in over forty years, but he largely ignores Teddy in favor of speaking to Dakota, using what could possibly be his last moments to extend his forgiveness to his son's killer rather than to finally kill the man that he's spent a great deal of his life trying to take down. John's ability to understand Teddy's motives and actions allows him to deduce that Teddy is just using Dakota to launch the rest of the Pennsylvania's nukes and finally break her devotion to Teddy. As a result of this, John is indirectly responsible for Teddy's death at Dakota's hands.

Even with Teddy dead, John is shown to still not be able to achieve peace, particularly when he discovers that Teddy's Secret Bunker is actually where Teddy had been killing his victims decades before, a location that John had always been unable to find. John resumes his obsession with trying to find Cindy's body without success. After emerging on the surface, John finds Teddy's decayed corpse and wryly quips "this the beginning you had in mind Teddy" before finding and putting down the zombified Dakota whom John sees as another girl that he'd failed to save from Teddy.

After finding Cindy's corpse buried in the bunker's walls and finally putting her to rest, John finally seems to gain peace with his obsession over Teddy.


Despite the fact that Dakota had murdered his only son, John Dorie Sr. forgave her for her actions. After finding her reanimated corpse, John is visibly saddened and puts her down, later telling June that he had put Dakota out of her torment. Despite her murder of his son, John is shown to see Dakota as yet another girl that he had failed to save from Teddy.


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  • In "The Key", John Dorie Sr. is mentioned by his son in his letter to June, and later in his conversation with Jacob where he discusses his father's hunt for Teddy Maddox.
  • In "The Door", John Dorie Sr. is mentioned several times as his son speaks about him to Morgan and Dakota. John also has a picture of his father.
  • He is the fifth of six generations of John Dories.
  • Although John states that the looks his father were given during his story in "The Key" were distrustful and that John Sr.'s friends on the police force knew what he had done, John Sr. corrects this when he tells June in "J.D." that no one had ever actually found out about what he did and that he was regarded as a hero. Instead, it was John Sr.'s own guilt over his actions and being treated like a hero that had left to his departure, not distrust from his friends and fellow police officers.
    • John was likely unaware of the truth or he had simply interpreted what had happened this way.
  • According to John Sr., his son did not get his shooting skills from him.
  • Stuntman Kirk Riley, who portrayed a runaway worker in "Welcome to the Club", portrayed a young John Dorie Sr. in the newspaper clippings seen in Teddy's cell in "Mother".[1]

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