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"Watch yourself. Everywhere. I lost a man right here in the station. Can't be too careful."
—John to Daryl Dixon[src]

John Ed Turner is an original character in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. He is the sheriff of Pemberton and the father of Anna Turner.


Pemberton, Georgia

Hardly anything is known about John's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he is the sheriff of the town and has a daughter named Anna.


Pemberton Police Station

Sheriff Turner kept order in Pemberton long after surrounding counties had collapsed. After Daryl Dixon and Jess Collins's truck breaks down outside the town of Pemberton, they are forced to find an alternate form of transportation. Daryl finds Sheriff Turner inside of a Police station, commanding the surviving county police force via radio. After Daryl explains their situation, John offers to give Daryl a police cruiser in exchange for locating a police squad that went missing. However, their conversation is cut short when John has to respond to a police squad's emergency call on the radio.

After informing John of the fate of the police squad, he laments their death stating that "they were all good men." He then gives Daryl the keys to a police cruiser, telling him he should head to the Palmetto Estates, where an evacuation is still in progress, and where he sent his daughter.

Palmetto Estates

Later on, he reunites with his daughter at Palmetto Estates and the two drive off. His fate is currently unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims John has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Anna Turner

"When I was seven... I wanted a dog in the worst way. But uhh, my dad has always had allergies real bad. One day he came home with a brand new puppy and a grin ear-to-ear. Even though my dad hates needles, he got a shot every week for fourteen years and never said one word... Daryl, I'm half the person he is he loves me twice as much as I deserve."
—Anna to Daryl about how her dad got her a dog.[src]

Anna and her father have a very good relationship. John deeply cares for his daughter and her safety as he sent her to Palmetto Estates where the Military were evacuating survivors. Anna revealed that when she was seven years old, she wanted a puppy. Despite her fathers bad allergies towards dogs, he brought home a new puppy for his daughter and had to get shots every week for fourteen years, never mentioning it to Anna until later on.


  • When he picks up Anna, he appears to look pale. He was also coughing on the radio, and a reason behind that could be his allergies. It could also mean that he was bitten since Daryl last talked to him seeing as he also had a deep scar on the side of his face and his clothing was blood-stained.